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Atlas Patriot Trap Thrower For Sale

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Best Automatic Skeet Thrower For Practicing

Atlas Trap Company ATA Patriot

One of the greatest obstacles to effective shooting practice is having to constantly reload clays. We found that the Champion EasyBird 6 Packer offers a novel solution to this perennial problem. The EasyBird weighs a heavy 125 pounds and comes equipped with a removable two wheel taxi base with a handle that facilitates mobility. The weight is definitely a downside, but comes with the territory of having such a large capacity and is, therefore, to be expected.

It can fire clays at an adjustable distances between 45 and 70 yards for a variety of shots. Where the EarlyBird really stands out is the capacity it can carry up to 150 clay pigeons thanks to the six removable magazines that sit safely on the top of the trap. This is a huge amount of clays and easily covers even the most arduous training session. It accepts international as well as standard sized clays. The fact the magazines can be removed is ideal for storage when not in use and for stowing away in the back of a truck.

The cycle time sits at a more than respectable one second for multiple in air clay shots. The trap has a three setting toggle with on, off and a safe release function to disarm the thrower without risk of it misfiring. The pedal cord is a generous 50 feet in length, enough to keep even the most experimental shooter occupied for hours.

Atlas Automatic Clay Pigeon Throwers

Atlas manufactures a wide range of traps, Lets look at some types of traps by Atlas Trap Co.

  • Sporter Standard, these machines throw to a fixed location and horizontal and vertical adjustments are done manually
  • ATA/Oscillating Trap, which oscillates side to side
  • Wobble Trap, automatically move side-to-side and up and down
  • Skeet, which simulates the game of skeet
  • Trio and Archery

Best Automatic Skeet Thrower For Small Spaces

Storage is always a prime consideration when it comes to sporting equipment. The same applies to skeet throwers given that they are not in use all of the time. It is, therefore, important, especially if you have limited storage space or a small home, to find a model that caters for this. Weve settled on the Champion Workhorse as the most compact and storage-friendly thrower on the market today.

Here have a fairly standard thrower with a small design with a pin locked prop up base that is stable and doesnt shake too much when the launcher is activated. The rear leg is adjustable so you can find the ideal position on the ground. It can also be removed for storage. The front works on a pivot and folds away when not in use.

It can reach an impressive distance of up to 75 yards when set to maximum and carries up to 50 clay pigeons in its detachable magazine, enough to last a reasonable shooting practice session. The Workhorse accepts both standard and international clay measurements. These features match the specifications of larger, much heavier alternatives reinforcing the Workhorse as the go to option for that perfect balance of power and convenience with a weight of only 32 pounds.

The throwing arm also has a safety ring indicating the arms path. The arm also sports a replaceable flight rail in case of wear and tear. A warranted addition that can greatly extend the lifespan of the thrower.

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Atlas Automatic Clay Pigeon Thrower Safety Precautions

  • Always Stand at the rear side of the trap.
  • Always stay clear of the throwing arm path, which is 360°
  • Never touch or push on the throwing arm to avoid accidental firing or cause the crankshaft to crash into gearbox gear which will void the warranty.
  • Only Mount trap to a secure fixture.
  • Throw targets only in a safe direction away from people and residences
  • Wear safety glasses. Click Here for the Best Glasses
  • Children should never be allowed near the trap
  • Never allow persons to operate traps without experience or Reading the manual and instructions
  • Never leave the cocked trap or firing button unattended.
  • Do not allow the motor to overheat especially in continuous cycling
  • Never adjust, transport or tamper the trap while cocked or connected

Best Budget Automatic Skeet Thrower

Atlas Patriot

Finding the gem among the sea of low quality products that litter the budget market is always are arduous task, and we were relieved to find that the Champion WheelyBird is easily the best budget automatic skeet thrower on the market.

The WheelyBird is made of lightweight, yet robust aluminum and has a two wheel frame with a useful handle for pulling it along and easily loading it onto a car or truck. It is compact and powerful all at once with a launch range of around 55 yards and a total weight of only 48 pounds. The elevation angle is adjustable to up to 30 degrees and the removable magazine houses up to 50 standard and international sized clays. A generous mix for such a small device.

The two second cycle time is more than adequate for fast successive shots. The 25 foot pedal cord is attached to a responsive pedal that offers versatility in terms of shooting positioning. You can expect to get around 3000 launches from a single charged 12 volt battery.

The WheelyBird is also safety conscious thanks to a switch that triggers operation and safe release disarm. Theres also an arm path ring guard for added peace of mind. It also ships with a useful instructional DVD which explains how to assemble and operate the thrower.

Overall, the price and power of the WheelyBird outshine any competitor models in the budget category. The strong build, light weight and generous capacity and launch power round things off nicely.

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Atlas Trap Company At 250 Clay Target Thrower

This Atlas Automatic Clay Pigeon Thrower is the best choice for small clubs or individuals. The AT-250 clay target thrower is a commercial-grade trap and is pocket-friendly.

This is an automatic, 250 target capacity launcher. It features a dual-articulating roller setup, this is very effective in feeding different brands of standard size clays.

The thrower being lightweight makes it portable to different shooting locations. The AT-250 has a standard 75 push-button release cord. The control panel is integrated into the rear panel of the trap. Dimensions are 32 inches L *30inches W * 32 inches Height


  • Compatible with the Atlas Trap Company Wobble Base

Atlas Trap Company AT 250 Assembly / Set-Up

Video Review

How to Adjust the Target Roller

  • First things first make sure the trap is de-cocked, disconnected from battery and rollers pre-adjusted for white flyer targets
  • The bottom of the roller should be made sure that it doesnt come in contact with the clay t on the aluminum magazine plate
  • For rollers adjustment you require 2 ¾ end wrenches.
  • For up adjustment of the roller up, loosen top ¾ nut. Then using your hand, move bottom ¾ nut toward roller for desired height. With your desired retighten top nut down to the bottom ¾ nut.
  • To adjust roller down, loosen top ¾ nut to the desired position.
  • Target roller adjustment is very important for proper operation properly.

How to reload Magazines

Atlas Patriot Clay Pigeon Thrower Review

Justin Hook has over 25 years of trap and skeet shooting experience. Justin has had the opportunity to personally test and use thousands of trap and skeet shooting equipment over the years. 25+ years of using trap and skeet shooting gear gives Justin an advantage when testing & reviewing equipment.

Disclaimer: We may earn commission from links on this page, but we only recommend products we trust.

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Atlas Trap Company Patriot Clay Target Thrower

This 50 capacity Atlas Automatic Clay Pigeon Thrower is known to be the best personal-use and single-stack Atlas Thrower. Its construction is comprised of zinc-plated steel making it a lifetime thrower. The thrower has a 0.6 second cycle time and is able to launch 4-5 clay pigeons at once. The trap also has a 25 push-button release trigger and a 2-year warranty. You also get lifetime protection on the clutch and electronic switches.


  • Dimensions: 34 L 32 W 37 H
  • Not compatible with the Atlas Trap Company Wobble Base

Atlas Trap Company Patriot Assembly / Set-Up

Video Review

Reloading magazine

It is advisable to install new targets before the strap runs completely out of targets because it will become difficult to load while the trap is in a cocked position.

To reload: turn the toggle switch to the down position and press the firing button, the target plunger will move out of the way for loading.

Make sure the brake shoe is in the up position.

Stand behind the trap and turn the toggle switch to the up position for the arm to move to the cocked position.

What Are Other Applications For An Atlas Traps Clay Pigeon Thrower

Atlas trap At-250 walk through

Besides being a great way to practice your trap and skeet shooting skills, the atlas traps patriot clay pigeon thrower can also be used for other purposes. For example, it can be used as a training tool for bird dog trainers.

The machine can launch live birds which allows the trainer to observe how the dog is reacting and what type of commands they need to give to get the desired response. The atlas traps clay target throwers can also be used for pest control.

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Atlas Traps For Home Range

scshuey said:I have seen the ITB bases and they do look nice. I like the AT300. I’ve been back and forth about spending the extra money to step up to those. I think it might be worth while in the long run.

Best Top Of The Line Automatic Skeet Thrower

With a lot more money to spend, we chose the Do-All Outdoors White Wing. Designed for high quality solo practice, the White Wing is constructed with a reliable powder-coated steel frame and adjustable launching arm which can throw clays up to 60 yards.

Weighing only 55 pounds, it can fire clays at angles anywhere between five and thirty five degrees for a varied shooting session. It houses up to 25 clays in its magazine. Not the largest amount, yet enough to get some quality time with your gun before having to reload. The cycle time is a moderate two seconds and enough to get more than one clay flying at the same time. The throw quality is smooth and clean with only a reassuringly low motor hum.

It assembles very easily thanks to the provided tools and clear instructions. The DVD is also a great resource for operational information. On the thrower itself theres a three toggle switch to turn it on, off and disarm it. The cord is 25 feet long and the pedal works well.

We liked the fact that the White Wing is so versatile and robust. The adjustable angle means you can launch all manner of clays from fast flying low trajectories to arching deep flyovers. The safety ring is also an appreciated feature that clearly marks the danger zone around the arms swing.

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How The Product Will Help You In Your Everyday Life

The Atlas Patriot is an effective way to improve your shooting skills. Not only is it easy to use, but it also is very portable, making it perfect for on-the-go skeet and trap shooting.

Additionally, the Atlas clay pigeon thrower is a great way to practice your skeet and trap shooting skills. With its adjustable throwing angles, the atlas thrower can accommodate shooters of all levels. So, whether you are a beginner or a pro, the atlas clay pigeon thrower is sure to improve your skeet shooting skills.

Atlas Trap Company At 50 Clay Target Thrower

This Atlas Automatic Clay Pigeon Thrower is one of the finest personal-use clay target throwers on sale. This Atlas Trap Company AT 50 Clay Target Thrower has been manufactured for the last 30yrs in Benton, Kansas. Its made of stainless steel and aluminum for longevity. You get a 6 second cycle time, and an ability to launch 4-5 clay pigeons it once.

Other great features include a 25 push-button release trigger and a 5-year warranty. You also get lifetime protection on the clutch and electronic switches.

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Why Buy An Automatic Skeet Thrower

The purpose of buying a skeet thrower isnt so much to replicate the intricacies of specific disciplines of clay shooting, instead it allows the shooter to practice his aim with the intent of performing better in a competitive environment. As such, a skeet thrower only launches from one position at a chosen angle rather than the two stations found in skeet, for example.

Another reason to buy an automatic skeet thrower is for the sheer convenience it offers. No longer do you need someone to use a manual thrower or reload it regularly. You simply pick up your gun, trigger the thrower and the clay pigeon flies through the air seconds later.

In addition, shooters are shopping around for their own skeet throwers to save on range fees and find a convenient solution to get in some practice closer to home. In the long run, this saves gas, time and money. The cost of the thrower is, therefore, quickly retrieved from the multiple savings made from day one.

Finally, buying a skeet thrower also provides a level of privacy unattainable in a dedicated clay pigeon shooting range. If you are a beginner and want to improve your aim without having to weather the disapproving stares of more seasoned shooters, a skeet thrower is an incredible tool that grants privacy and a self-sufficient way to get in some quality practice.

Why It Is Important To Train On An Atlas Traps Skeet Clay Pigeon Thrower

If you are doing any kind of shotgun sports, especially if this is your profession then you needs to constantly train and practice to be successful. Training with the atlas traps clay pigeon throwers allows shooters to perfect their technique and speed. This is important when it comes to competitions as the slightest mistake can mean the difference between winning and losing.

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What Is Atlas Patriot Clay Pigeon Thrower

The Atlas patriot clay pigeon thrower is a versatile machine that can launch clays as single targets or as a cluster of targets. This allows shooters to train for both disciplines quite easily and efficiently. The machine has an arm that is powered by a gas or electric propulsion system allowing the shooter to practice different types of shots and work on their technique.

Atlas Automatic Clay Pigeon Thrower Trouble Shooting

Atlas Traps AT-150 Wobble Trap
  • PROBLEM: Trap not cocker blowing fuses.SOLUTION: Charge the battery or replace it. Also, check the wiring
  • PROBLEM: Trap not feeding targets or trap is breaking targets. SOLUTION: Check to make sure the targets are not moist
  • PROBLEM: Target having a short throwing distance. SOLUTION: Replace spring since the spring might be too loose and lost temper
  • PROBLEM: Excessive target breakage.SOLUTION: Allowing the throwing arm to completely stop before holding down on the firing button

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Re: Clay Target Thrower

on_one_wheel wrote:I’ve had a few throwers, its definitely one of those things where you get what you paid for.If your going to cheap out, some of the cheap hand crank jobs do ok , but in my experience the cheap electronic ones are problematic and throw poorly.Definitely aim to spend every part of your budget on an electric if you go down that road.I gave up on the cheap electronic one I had, no amount of adjustments made it throw well, the spring was light, probably because that’s all the motor could pull, and it was slow to wind up between throws.

Best Affordable Automatic Skeet Thrower

At a more affordable price, we found the Atlas Patriot to be the most cost effective option on the market. Put together using a US-made zinc-plated steel frame and a throwing arm made of aluminum with a polyurethane launching strip for maximum grip when loading the clays. The Patriot is a standalone thrower that is powered by a standard 12 volt battery.

It weighs a surprisingly low 55 pounds for the robustness of the build and though it doesnt have any transport wheels, it is fairly easy to handle and lift. The throw distance is very respectable, reaching between 40 to 65 yards depending on adjustments and the single stack magazine reaches a capacity of 50 clay pigeons. The direct drive launching mechanism uses no chains or sprockets limiting the chance of jamming or false throws.

The cycle time is astonishingly short at 0.6 seconds meaning you can easily have multiple clays up in the air simultaneously for a rapid fire practice session. The cord is 25 feet long and is hooked up to a pedal release with a lifetime guarantee. The release is effective and responds well to successive stamps to make use of the short cycle time.

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What Is An Automatic Skeet Thrower

It all starts with the shotgun. A firearm recognized and used the world over in a variety of different situations including law enforcement and recreational sports. The shotgun has a rich history dating back hundreds of years and has been the weapon of choice for many close combat situations, but also for hunters and game enthusiasts.

The sport of shooting game and specifically birds is as old as the shotgun itself, yet as the centuries past and societal mores as to the morality of shooting live birds shifted, the sport moved towards using clay-made replicates. In an effort to mimic the flight pattern of birds startled out of their hiding spots in a covered bush or meadow, enthusiast developed launchers or throwers capable of providing the lift and speed required. Today, clay pigeon shooting is an Olympic sport as well as the favorite pastime of many people the world over.

This is where the skeet thrower derives from. The automatic version is simply one that can launch itself with the help of a secondary person via the use of a pedal manned by the shooter. Put differently, a skeet thrower launches a specifically design clay disc into the air. In a competitive setting, the shooter must then take aim and destroy the disc, amassing a number of points over the course of a twenty five shot game.

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