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2010 Jeep Patriot Transmission Replacement Cost

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What Is Done During A Transmission Rebuild


Your transmission is most likely to need maintenance when it doesnt have enough transmission fluid. There are tons of small springs and tiny pieces inside this part of the car, and without enough fluid, they will grind against one another and wear out quickly. The friction will tear your transmission apart from the inside out.

This is the most common reason a transmission would need to be rebuilt. When the time comes, the mechanics will need to take the entire transmission apart and find out what is broken, worn down or missing.

It is a complex process that even car hobbyists avoid doing on their own. Thats partly because it takes some expensive and very large tools to ensure that the transmission is disassembled and reassembled properly.

Rebuilding the transmission is essential once it starts to have major problems. If your transmission isnt working right, then the rest of your 2010 Jeep Patriot 4wd isnt going to be doing much. It is simply a part your 2010 Jeep Patriot 4wd cant do without, and fixing it should be a priority.

How Can I Maintain My Jeep Patriot Transmission

The best way you can maintain your transmission is to be a careful driver. The harder you drive, the faster your transmission must work. Accelerating smoothly and at a slower rate can do wonders.

The only other thing you need to do is replace your transmission fluid on schedule. Maintaining your transmission fluid keeps everything lubricated, thus preventing friction damage.

Without fluid, various parts will become in danger of seizing. You can get a transmission fluid change for $300 to $400.

Jeep Patriot 4wd Transmission Rebuild Costs

There are few 2010 Jeep Patriot 4wd repairs that are as expensive as rebuilding the transmission. A transmission rebuild costs anywhere from $ 1,428 to $ 3,015 , depending on your model of car and where you get it fixed. That vast range comes from the fact that your transmission may contain parts that are hard to replace or it may have caused extensive damage to other parts of your2010 Jeep Patriot 4wd.

It is possible that your transmission will only need minor repairs, and you may not need a full rebuild. Many times what looks like a serious transmission problem is just a leak. Repairing a transmission leak should only cost you a couple hundred dollars.

Alternatively, your transmission may just need to be flushed which is much less expensive . Also, if your solenoids need to be replaced, it can cost quite a bit to repair. This depends on how many solenoids need to be replaced and what kind they are. The type of car you have and the kind of parts it contains greatly determine your overall transmission repair cost.

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Jeep Patriot Transmission Rebuild Estimate

It could be in your location or the type of shop you are using . Shouldnt you be concentrating on the entire invoice ? Or just get other estimates .

No, you wont get a transmission replaced for $500.

To have a rebuilt transmission installed would cost $3000 to $5000.

To have a rebuilt transmission installed would cost $3000 to $5000.

Correct , but Dee is asking about the labor charge as if anyone would know how that is in her unknown area .

The labor to replace the transmission is 8.6 hours, 6.2 hours for front wheel drive. The labor to rebuilt the transmission is 15.4 hours.

You guys are real JERKS!! I was asking a basic ?based on the bits of quoting I received, given I went with a used vs rebuilt W/O having any #s available on a rebuilt!!!

Thank you,

Tcms And Replacement Cost

JF011E RE0F10A REOF10A CVT Transmission kit Solenoids 4+2 Switches+1 ...

Some of the most common signs of transmission control module failure include trouble shifting gears, getting stuck in gear, and lower gas mileage. But there are so many other red flags to look out for. Any signs of a bad transmission control module warrant a trip to your local mechanic. Your vehicles transmission control module is like a tiny computer. It has the important job of interpreting electrical sensor output of components in an engine with an automatic transmission.

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When Should You Have Your Transmission Repaired

A transmission rebuild is a major undertaking. It not only takes a lot of expensive tools and time, but it is also very costly. Its not something that should be undertaken on a whim or by someone who is inexperienced with 2010 Jeep Patriot 4wd repairs.

If your transmission is severely damaged, then you definitely need to get it rebuilt as soon as possible. You probably cant drive your 2010 Jeep Patriot 4wd in that condition, and you should not attempt to. If your transmission is badly damaged, it can harm your engines and axles if you try to drive your 2010 Jeep Patriot 4wd in that condition. If you believe your transmission is the problem area for your 2010 Jeep Patriot 4wd, have it looked at by a professional. They can tell you if it is time to get the transmission rebuilt or not.

Make sure you are using a mechanic you trust, as this an expensive procedure that you want to be sure you need. You can always ask your mechanic if there is an alternative to rebuilding the transmission.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Cvts

While the CVT offers an unrivaled fuel economy, it comes with a cost that needs consideration. Replacing a CVT transmission costs roughly between $3,000 and $5,000 or higher. The CVTs wont last nearly as long as the standard automatic transmissions, and its not surprising if they fail to run for more than 100K miles or less.

Additionally, when they fail, nine times out of ten they will need replacing and not repair. The main reason being, replacement parts are very expensive and almost impossible to locate, and in the event, they fail, the damage is extensive, repairing is not an option.

Another disadvantage of the CVT is that they fail to withstand the kind of horsepower, manuals or automatic transmissions can hold. Its due to this reason that CVT systems are not ideal for performance situations.

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What Are The Benefits Of The Cvts

The main advantage of a CVT transmission is the unparalleled efficiency it offers. Vehicles that come with CVT transmissions are the most efficient offering economies reaching up to 38MPG on mid-sized sedans. Currently, most hybrids use the CVT to help them achieve optimum fuel economy.

On steep inclines, traditional automatic transmissions will struggle under heavy load the CVTs, on the other hand, will immediately find their exact ratios and provide power seamlessly without shifting. The seamless shifts are also advantageous when it comes to in-cabin ride experience offering smooth rides with hardly any noticeable shift changes.

Not All Jeep Patriot Years Are Created Equal

Transmission Removal 2009 Jeep Patriot CVT Automatic JF011e PT1

CoPilot Compare breaks down pricing and feature differences between Jeep Patriot years so you can find the sweet spot between value AND reliability.

Jeep Patriot by TuRbO_J CC-BY-SA-4.0

Jeep is a highly recognizable brand that produced some of the most iconic American vehicles like the classic Wrangler. However, not every model in Jeeps stable was a roaring success – take, for example, the discontinued Jeep Patriot.

While many people liked the Patriot SUV, it wasnt the best-seller Jeep wanted it to be. Therefore, Jeep had to cease the production of the Patriot. If youre looking to buy a Jeep Patriot, youll have to buy it used.

Today, we rounded up some of the worst Jeep Patriot years to avoid, along with the models you can safely buy.


The CoPilot app is the smartest way to buy a Jeep. Tell us what youre looking for and well send you a curated list of the best used Jeep listings in your area – no more scrolling through hundreds of listings looking for hidden gems.

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Benefits Of A Transmission Rebuild

It is quite possible that the damage to your transmission is so severe that your 2010 Jeep Patriot 4wd wont even drive until it is rebuilt, so fixing it gets you back on the road. Even if your transmission is not in critical condition, rebuilding it can replace a lot of parts that are going to give your problems later.

If you have the money and can afford the transmission repair cost, it can be a good idea to have your transmission rebuilt just to avoid problems down the road. Your 2010 Jeep Patriot 4wd may be working fine, but your transmission might start to give you problems because you have used your 2010 Jeep Patriot 4wd quite a bit already.

You can get a head start on those issues by having the whole thing rebuilt, and you may be able to source the transmission from a junkyard to save yourself some money.

Common Jeep Patriot Transmission Problems

Disclosure: We may get commissions for purchases made through links in this post.

The Jeep Patriot has always been highly regarded for its brand prestige and affordable price. However, one thing seems to be consistently associated with it Jeep Patriot transmission problems. Because these failures are so extensive and happen so frequently, it has almost become an expectation that undermines the cars reliability and overall performance. This guide aims to counter that perception by discussing the vehicles most common issues and how to fix them.

Common Jeep Patriot transmission problems include shuddering and whining noises. Generally, issues originate from a defective transmission but may also come from damaged brakes and tie rods or corroded sway arms. Inspecting transmission fluid levels is usually the first step to addressing them.

Here are the 7 most common Jeep Patriot transmission problems:

  • Loss of acceleration power
  • Grinding sounds
  • Transmission gear slippage
  • Unresolved transmission failures are an accident waiting to happen hence, they should be treated with the utmost urgency. That said, if transmission and differential fluid levels are up to spec, then it is time to look into other components that may require a more laborious troubleshooting process. Dont worry if you are new to all this, as this article has got you covered.

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    Average Cost For Cvt Trans Flush

    PTAaron said:I did a bunch of reading on here last night about transmission flushes – seems you can DIY for around $100-150 depending on where you by the fluid from, then you have to take it into the dealer to have them check the level with their magical thermometer dipstick .The prices I saw mentioned in older posts for having it done at the dealership ranged from $300 to around $450.I just got an email from my local dealership quoting me $275.00 – which seems reasonable for a job that would cost me $150 + my time + the cost to have the dealer check the level… I was just curious to find out what you guys have found as the average price for this job recently?

    Creation said:I paid $300 and change if I recall. No matter what you’ll need to take it to the dealer and they’ll probably charge you an hour of labor for checking the level because they’ll need to let the vehicle cool down. I say if they quote you 275 just take it there.

    the_jeep_now said:Buy a dipstick on Amazon for $20 that comes with a chart that tells you how much fluid you should have in it. Shop around for CVT fluid. No need to go to the dealer. I bought the dipstick last week and checked the fluid yesterday. All seemed to be normal. Griff posted some instructions on how to below.


    total of $310

    When To Get Transmission Control Module Replacement


    Because the transmission module is responsible for changing gears automatically, you will most likely experience gear shift issues when it starts to malfunction. Your 2010 Jeep Patriot 4wd may want to shift to neutral on its own and stay there, or it may lag between gear shifts. So, you may hear a whirring or grinding noise when you accelerate or decelerate. You may also see the check engine light come on or you may notice that your 2010 Jeep Patriot 4wd sputters or shuts down unexpectedly, especially when first starting it up or when accelerating. There may also be unexpected bursts of power, which can be very dangerous when you are near other 2010 Jeep Patriot 4wds and moving at high speeds.

    Its best to get this fixed as soon s you can, as allowing the problem to persist unattended and driving your 2010 Jeep Patriot 4wd in this condition can be very dangerous. If possible, your 2010 Jeep Patriot 4wd should be towed to the mechanic and not driven until it is repaired.

    The module should not break down very often, but it should be inspected from time to time to catch this kind of problem before it becomes serious.

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    Long Term Reliability And The Keep On Road Score Of The Jeep Patriot

    Although reliability encompasses many things, there is a score from Dashlight that seeks to give a good overall impression of an owners ability to keep on the road. This study looks at trade-in vehicles both in terms of overall mileage, and the number of reported red light issues for those trade-in and auction vehicles.

    A red-light issue is when there are major engine, transmission, or other powertrain issues that require substantial repairs. This index is good for a couple reasons shown in the 2 x 2 chart below:

    Cost / Frequency to Repair


    Low frequency of issues, and when they do occur they will likely be remedied so few cars will be traded in with issues

    Although repairs are low in frequency, because they are very high cost its likely many trade-in cars will show these major issues


    Although repairs are frequent, the low cost of repairs means few cars are traded in with issues

    Highly likely cars will be traded in with a high frequency of major issues

    So in essence this is a good estimate of how expensive it is to keep a car on the road reliably vs. getting a newer car. It’s also a good metric to balance out the superior reliability of some brands with the cheaper cost to repair some domestic brands .

    Overall the Jeep Patriot has a long term quality rating of 0 compared to an average of 43 across Makes and Models we examined. Please note this is not compared amongst cars from the same bodystyle or class or size but amongst all cars.

    Check If The Warranty Is Still Valid

    This might seem obvious to some, but if your vehicle is still relatively new/low mileage you should call the dealership or check the owners manual to see if your transmissions problem is still covered by your powertrain warranty before calling a mechanic.

    A typical powertrain warranty is for 5 years or 50K miles , but they vary widely depending on the manufacturer and can range anywhere from 4-10 years and 50,000-100,000 miles. The following components are typically covered: transmission case and all internal parts, torque converter, converter housing, automatic control module, transfer case and all internal parts, seals, gaskets.

    A warranty will cover the cost of repairs if the damage was caused by poor workmanship or a manufacturer defect. However, if the vehicles maintenance schedule was not followed then the warranty might be void and not be honored.

    Parts that experience significant wear-and-tear and are expected to be replaced at regular intervals such as CV joints and boots and clutches are excluded from most warranties. Certain components may or may not be covered depending upon the manufacturer of your vehicle. Refer to your owners manual for a complete list of what is and is not covered.

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    Buying Guide For Finding Complete Auto Transmissions For Your Jeep Patriot On Ebay

    For the Jeep Patriot, you have a compact crossover SUV that was manufactured from 2007 until 2017. If your 2017 Jeep Patriot transmission six-speed automatic model needs to be replaced, you should consider buying a complete automatic transmission as a replacement. You can find these and other Jeep Patriot transmissions online with a simple search on eBay, and this guide will help you with finding the right transmissions.

    How do you find compatible Jeep Patriot transmissions?

    You should consider some of these categories and features in your search for affordable Jeep Patriot transmissions:

    • Brand and brand type – For OEM brands, you will want to find ones made by Jeep. For aftermarket and unbranded options, there are companies such as McLaren, Lokar, and others that offer complete transmissions.
    • Model year and trim – Depending on the engine type and model year, the Patriot could be equipped with two different types of automatic transmissions including a six-speed and CVT automatic.
    • Fitment – For transmission fitments, the two main categories will be direct fitment and performance depending on the engine that the Patriot is equipped with.
    • Condition – You can choose between new, used, and rebuilt Jeep transmissions.
    • Drive system – The Patriot could be equipped with either a front-wheel or four-wheel-drive system. The drive system will impact the size and parts of the transmission in use.

    When is it a good idea to purchase used transmissions?

    Transmission Rebuild Vs Replace

    Jeep Patriot CVT Transmission Fixed jf011e whine noise service

    AAMCO Keller transmission rebuild is a great option in most cases. This means you are only replacing only the parts that have failed. Replacing a transmission involves..

    AAMCO Keller | 02/28/2019 | Transmission Advice

    Everyone knows having trouble with a cars transmission can be costly and stressful. When your vehicle stops functioning properly and you notice that something is wrong, the most frustrating part is figuring out what has happened and deciding if you need a transmission rebuild or a transmission replace. Knowing the difference can be confusing but it doesnt have to be.

    Once you have come to the conclusion that its actually the transmission that needs to be fixed, this can lead to an entirely new set of conclusions that may be drawn. Many of us make the mistake of bringing our vehicle to any transmission repair shop that may do it quickly or at a reasonable price. However, you need a reputable mechanic shop that knows how to correctly diagnose what has failed.

    Even though a transmission repair can cost a lot, it is worth doing it right the first time with someone you can trust. A repair shop that knows how to correctly diagnose what the problem really is and how to fix it the right way is ideal. There are actually three different options when it comes to getting your transmission back to a good working condition-make sure that the right option is chosen for your particular issue.

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