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What Have Republicans Done For Blacks

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Yes We Wrote And Signed The Violent Control And Law Enforement Act In 1994

ESPN host: Black people should vote for GOP
Essentially creating the prison industrial complex we have today. Joe Biden wrote the bill in the Senate, and a Democrat from Texas wrote it for the house, Jack Brooks. This bill included some good things, like the Violence against Women Act, but it eliminated education for inmates, added 60 new death penalty statutes, codified a three strikes policy, and put millions of more people in jail.

Why Republicans Do Better Than Democrats For Black Americans

Over the past month, our country has taken extra time to honor the many contributions of heroic black Americans who, through their patriotism and perseverance over the years have triumphed over injustice and enriched every aspect of our lives. But while the commemoration of Black History Month might be winding down, Republicans will continue our efforts to engage with black voters and communities of color across the country.

We are taking the old aphorism of you will not win votes you do not ask for to heart. Under the strong leadership of President TrumpDonald TrumpUN meeting with US, France canceled over scheduling issueTrump sues NYT, Mary Trump over story on tax historyMcConnell, Shelby offer government funding bill without debt ceilingMORE, our party is fighting for every single vote just like he fights for all Americans with his policies. Just this week, the Republican National Committee has opened more than a dozen new Trump Victory Committee field offices within the heart of historically Democratic and predominantly black neighborhoods.

Spread across seven key battleground states all over the country, in such cities from Cleveland to Charlotte and Milwaukee to Miami, the new field offices will help the Republican Party outreach in these communities and build on the growing support that this president now has among many black Americans by highlighting how his policies are uplifting the black community and making a positive difference in the lives of all Americans.

Younger And Older Republicans Diverge

On both perceptions of discrimination and favorability measures, Americans views seem to be shaped more by partisanship than age, race or gender. So, Republicans men and women generally see discrimination in similar ways and view the same groups favorably or unfavorably. So do black and white Democrats. A helpful illustration of the partisan dynamics is that a greater share of Democratic men than Republican women thought that women in the U.S. face high levels of discrimination.

But there is a big GOP split on age. Republicans under the age of 45 were more likely to say that they saw high levels of discrimination than those over 45. And that cuts across the traditional divisions younger Republicans saw more discrimination than older Republicans against blacks and against whites . In the wake of Floyds death, a clear majority of Republicans under 45 thought there was a lot of discrimination in America against black people. The over-45 GOP cohort did not share that view.8

Older Republicans were much more likely than younger Republicans to say that they had negative views of undocumented immigrants and Muslims.9

More of the younger Republicans see discrimination

Percentage of respondents who said each group experiences a great deal or a lot of discrimination, by age category


Survey conducted from May 28 to June 3.

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Brainwashed Blacks Racist White Republicans Are Primary Enemies Of Black People

Were in the midst of a horrific pandemic and a toxic political season that seems to have uncovered old racial wounds. One problem in particular is Black people who are brainwashed into misusing facts to trick other Blacks to believe that todays Republican Party is more favorable. I beg to differ.

Once upon a time, Black lives really mattered to white slaveholders regardless of political party. Nowadays, we Black people must absolutely align ourselves with those who clearly demonstrate that our lives, our votes and our issues matter. To do otherwise would be akin to being enslaved again.

The article written by Mr. Tyrone Jones a few weeks ago necessitated this very serious response. Young blacks need to know the real facts as they pertain to the current time much more so than the past. That is the goal of my response . Thank you for giving me the opportunity to set the record straight.

Political Opinions Versus Honest Facts

A recent opinion article entitled Young Blacks need the facts exposed how some brainwashed Black people try to cleverly brainwash other Black people for political gain. The article tries to glorify the Republican Party and demonize the Democratic Party.

Nevertheless, when it comes to looking out for the best interest of Black people, the history of both political parties is questionable. Overall, it is a well-established fact that Black people have no permanent enemies and no permanent friends; just permanent interests.

John E. Jones

What Is Happening To The Republicans

Democrats versus Republicans: What Have Either Done for ...

In becoming the party of Trump, the G.O.P. confronts the kind of existential crisis that has destroyed American parties in;the past.

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But, for all the anxiety among Republican leaders, Goldwater prevailed, securing the nomination at the Partys convention, in San Francisco. In his speech to the delegates, he made no pretense of his ideological intent. Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice, he said. Moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue. Goldwaters crusade failed in November of 1964, when the incumbent, Lyndon Johnson, who had become President a year earlier, after Kennedys assassination, won in a landslide: four hundred and eighty-six to fifty-two votes in the Electoral College. Nevertheless, Goldwaters ascent was a harbinger of the future shape of the Republican Party. He represented an emerging nexus between white conservatives in the West and in the South, where five states voted for him over Johnson.

agitates the community with ill-founded jealousies and false alarms, kindles the animosity of one part against another, foments occasionally riot and insurrection. It opens the door to foreign influence and corruption, which find a facilitated access to the government itself through the channels of party passions.

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Us Election : Why Trump Gained Support Among Minorities

Despite his election defeat, President Donald Trump can boast a success that has intrigued pollsters – he was more popular with ethnic minority voters than in 2016.

Some might find this surprising given that his critics so accused him of racism and Islamophobia. Trump denies the charges and has accused Democrats of taking African Americans voters for granted.

The Republican president gained six percentage points among black men, and five percentage points among Hispanic women. It means some voters changed their minds, after either not voting or voting for another candidate in 2016.

But it tells us something about Trump’s unique appeal.

“I was definitely more liberal growing up – my grandmother was big in the civil rights movement here in Texas during the 60s, and I grew up with that ideology.”

Mateo Mokarzel, 40, is a graduate student from Houston, Texas and is of mixed heritage, Mexican and Lebanese. He didn’t vote in 2016, and he isn’t loyal to either major party – but this time around he decided to cast his vote for the Republicans.

“The first time Trump ran I really wasn’t convinced. I just thought, here’s this celebrity talk-show host guy that wants to run for president, I didn’t take him seriously – so I was not a Trump supporter the first time he ran. To be honest, I thought he was a ringer for Hillary, so I just wasn’t interested,” he tells BBC News.

But Mokarzel says his upbringing in Texas influenced his view of both political parties.

No Trump Didnt Win The Largest Share Of Non

President George W. Bush.

At his;post-election press conference, President Trump said of his presidential campaign, I won the largest share of non-white voters of any Republican in 60 years. While Trump did improve on his performance with minorities in 2020 vs. 2016, according to exit polls, the previous Republican presidentGeorge W. Bushdid significantly better in 2004.

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What Republicans Have Done For Blacks And Women A Quick History Lesson

Are looking for a quick roundupof all the things Republicans have done for Blacks and Women? How about something that also includes a look at all the things Democrats;have done to blacks and women?

How about what Democrats have done to prevent them from having the same rights and liberties as the rest of us?

Carol Swain from the James Madison Society at Princeton University and a;former Vanderbilt Professor of Political Science has what you need. It is a quick synopsis of how the Republican Party was responsible for every advancement for minorities and women in U.S. historyand remains the champion of equality to this day.

This is good stuff. Useful ammunition when confronted by ignorant Democrats who call you a racist bigot. Make time to watch or listen.

What Its Like To Be A Black Republican In 2020

GOP lawmaker has message for Congressional Black Caucus shutting him out

by Corey D. Fields, author of Black Elephants in the Room: The Unexpected Politics of African American Republicans

The 2020 Republican National Convention featured a diverse line-up of speakers, including many Black speakers who trumpeted the Republican Party and its presidential nominee Donald Trump. Unsurprisingly, these speakers received a mixed response. Some questioned whether this outreach would be effective with black voters. Others thought the efforts were thinly veiled attempts to convince white voters that the party wasnt racist. Either way, the convention was yet another reflection of how the face of Black conservatives has shifted under the Trump administration. Diamond and Silk have replaced Mia Love. Sheriff David Clarke is more relevant than General Colin Powell. Candace Owens has supplanted Condoleezza Rice. Internet celebrities have taken the place of the legislators, military leaders, and judges who used to stand in as the face of Black Republicans.

The selection of these speakers and the response to them reflects many of the themes I found in my own research on Black Republicans for my book, Black Elephants in the Room. In particular, two related phenomena frequently mentioned by the people I studied help make sense of the reaction to this years convention speakers: the sellout critique and the skeptical embrace.

This, of course, only heightens the intensity of the sellout critique.

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Nah Southern Strategy Is More Recent And Is Part Of The Reason Its Ok For Benedict Donald

… to say what he’s been saying in the M$M’s eyes seeing the gop has been saying a lighter version of it for since RayGun .
Here’s what I’ve read.Don’t know if it’s right or wrong.Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation because he and his generals thought this would spark a massive slave rebellion.From Lincoln’s Speech, Sept. 18, 1858. “While I was at the hotel to-day, an elderly gentleman called upon me to know whether I was really in favor of producing a perfect equality between the negroes and white people. While I had not proposed to myself on this occasion to say much on that subject, yet as the question was asked me I thought I would occupy perhaps five minutes in saying something in regard to it. I will say then that I am not, nor ever have been, in favor of bringing about in any way the social and political equality of the black and white races — that I am not nor ever have been in favor of making VOTERS or jurors of negroes, NOR OF QUALIFYING THEM HOLD OFFICE, nor to intermarry with white people; and I will say in addition to this that there is a physical difference between the white and black races which I believe will forever forbid the two races living together on terms of social and political equality. And inasmuch as they cannot so live, while they do remain together there must be the position of superior and inferior, and I as much as any of her man am in favor of having the superior position assigned to the white race.”

After The Civil War Democrats Continued To Fight Against Equality For Blacks

For 100 years the democrats staged a rear guard action seeking to keep blacks subservient and doing their bidding.

They passed laws to limit black peoples ability to vote, to sit on the front of the bus, to own land, to rent apartments, to go to the same schools and many other things.

If anyone owes black people reparations it is these democrats.

Given this history of democrats it is stunning that the Democratic Party continues to exist. Shouldnt it be disbanded? We are tearing down statues, removing names of historically racist people and institutions so why not destroy the Democratic Party? It is slavery and was the principal advocate of slavery. They also were heavily involved in passing racist laws, hanging blacks and many republicans who opposed the democrats.

Why would anyone want to be part of a party that was historically so critical and central to the whole effort to enslave and repress blacks?

People have a tendency not to be partisan and to label this as white Americans that did this but it was the Democrats. Republicans were the ones fighting it. If not for those republicans the black people in America would never have been freed or gotten voting rights or many other things that had to be fought. Many white republicans were killed by democrats even after the end of the civil war who were called sympathizers.

Again, why doesnt this basic fact that is indisputable matter?

Those blacks who could vote between 1860 and 1969 voted for republicans.

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What Happened In 1969

The war in Vietnam came to a head. The democrats under Kennedy had gotten us into the war and then after Kennedy was killed President Johnson continued and grew our presence in Vietnam.

Peoples opposition to the war became the focus of the democrat party and the emotional democrats became the protagonists for eliminating the policies that kept blacks in the back of the bus as well as free love and marijuana.

I was young at the time and this is the Democratic Party i remember which were opposed to real things. There was a war in vietnam. People were dying. There was segregation.

Republicans didnt resist outlawing segregation. The resistance was focused on the remaining segregationists in the Democratic Party. Strom Thurmond a democrat from the south fillibustered the passage of the civil rights act.

In 1968 the democrats held a national convention. This convention devolved into riots and was the watershed for racism and the Democratic Party. The racists were ejected from the Democratic Party ostensibly.

Democrats today claim that in 1969 what happened is that the racists in the Democratic Party moved to the Republican Party.

There is no evidence of this. Storm Thurmond, Robert Byrd never switched parties. Robert Byrd a former KKK leader stayed a democrat until he retired from the senate in 2010. Biden called Byrd a mentor.

Biden was one of the most outspoken opponents of busing.

None of that is true.

If you arent a democrat then they dont want you in the identity group.

Numerous Republicans Outperformed Trump With Hispanics & Asians

This Is A Short List Of Things Democrats Seem To Support ...

Now, lets turn to Hispanics and Asians. As you can see below, both Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush bested Trumps share of the Latino vote in 2016 and 2020 .;

George H.W. Bush won the Asian vote in 1992, 55%31%.

Trumps performance with Asians in 2020, at 32%, is actually the third-worst ever recorded, only ahead of his own showing in 2016 and Mitt Romneys in 2012 . Indeed, George H.W. Bush actually won the Asian vote in 1992,;55-31, as did Bob Dole in 1996 . The Bush-Dole margins might have been higher, had Ross Perot not ran as an independent in 1992 and 1996.

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Rick Woodoctober 01 2015

John: I noticed that too, and I agree. So Kelvin’s argument in that respect isn’t persuasive. But Sherri is on to something, isn’t she? And I have a feeling Kelvin starts from the same point. White men in this country enjoy privileges we didn’t earn. We’re not giving them back or turning them down, and no one is asking for that. But a little empathy towards others is in order. On the empathy scale, I’d say Democrats beat Republicans, hence blacks and women do tend to be and vote Democratic. A good question is why that empathy difference among while make Democrats and white male Republicans exist. There are certainly more white males in the Republican Party, but that doesn’t explain why.

Bob Livesayoctober 04 2015

Simple. Districts are broken down by population. Democratric districts in and around big cities are over whelmingly Dems. They skew the vote total big time in favor of Democrats. Republican districts are bigger in area size but do not have an overwhelimingly Rep vote. So you get a skewed imbalance on vote total but not districts. My advise is have the Dems move to rural area. Oh, I forgot they then would vote Republican.

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Political Parties And A Complicated History With Race

Black people who could vote tended to support the Republican Party from the 1860s to about the mid-1930s. There were push-and-pull aspects to this. Republicans pledged to protect voting rights.;African Americans viewed the party as the only vessel for their goals: Frederick Douglass said, The Republican Party is the ship; all else is the sea.

And the sea was perilous. The Democratic Party for most of the 19th century was a white supremacist organization that gave no welcome to Black Americans. A conservative group of politicians known as the Bourbons controlled Southern Democratic parties. For instance, well into the 20th century, the official name of Alabamas dominant organization was the Democratic and Conservative Party of Alabama.

Fact check:U.S. didn’t reject an earlier version of Statue of Liberty that honored slaves

The Bourbons called their Republican opponents radicals, whether they warranted the label or not, Masur said.

The Democrats were often called conservative and embraced that label, she said. Many of them were conservative in the sense that they wanted things to be like they were in the past, especially as far as race was concerned.

In consequence of this intolerance, colored men are forced to vote for the candidate of the Republican Party, however objectionable to them some of these candidates may be, unless they are prevented from doing so by violence and intimidation, he said.

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