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Why Are The Republicans So Evil

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But What About Conservatives

The GOPâs Normalization Of Far-Right Fascism

I could say some very similar/but different things about conservatives. But a lot of that brings us back to the start and perceptions.

  • Liberals think that the only way to solve things is with government/taxes/regulations to try to fight injustice… thus not doing so, must be because they just don’t care. Which is where the left’s view of the right as being greedy and morally inferior comes from.
  • But not choosing the same solutions, isn’t the same as not caring. Some just know they can help more by NOT getting involved and letting them learn/work it out on their own. Or that short term economic benefits with long term economic costs aren’t always a good trade .
  • That doesn’t mean Republicans are never wrong, or don’t go too far. And of course Government CAN help with some problems, in the short term. Just long term, many of those solutions will make things worse . But either extreme: Always Government or Never Government – can be equally wrong. But the point is perceptions. Once you assume the other side is evil , they’re going to get back to assuming your stupid.

The majority of impassioned and frank discussions with the left, from my side , often gets them to claim I hate the poor, or am just greedy, self deluded and so on. And when I share what I’ve done in my past, to try to convince them otherwise, they get mad . Good people can disagree on how to solve things. Or even on priorities of what should be solved first.

Russia Was Once Enemy Number One In The Us So How Did Vladimir Putin Infiltrate The Republican Party

On the eve of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, conservative media commentator Tucker Carlson used his nightly Fox News platform to ask why the Democratic establishment was being hostile towards Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“Since the day that Donald Trump became president, Democrats in Washington have told you its your patriotic duty to hate Vladimir Putin,” Carlson said.

“Anything less than hatred for Putin is treason.”

He mused that hating Putin had become “the central purpose of Americas foreign policy”, which, he argued, could force the United States into a conflict in Eastern Europe something no one from either side of politics has called for.

Mr Carlson insisted his audience ask themselves: “Why do I hate Putin so much? Has Putin ever called me a racist?”

“How smart is that?” Mr Trump asked.

“There were more army tanks than I’ve ever seen. They’re going keep peace all right.”

Since the full-scale Russian assault began, the host of America’s most-watched cable news show and his long-time ally the former US president have scaled back their rhetoric concerning the Russian autocrat.

But their first instinct revealed Mr Putin’s creeping influence in right-wing American politics, which has gone well beyond what US intelligence agencies called an attempt by the Russian leader to meddle in the 2016 presidential election.

And even since 2012, when then-presidential nominee Mitt Romney

How Americas Political System Creates Space For Republicans To Undermine Democracy

9) Republicans havean unpopular policy agenda

Let Them Eat Tweets

The Republican policy agenda is extremely unpopular. The chart here, taken from Jacob Hacker and Paul Piersons recent book Let Them Eat Tweets, compares the relative popularity of the two major legislative efforts of Trumps first term tax cuts and Obamacare repeal to similar high-priority bills in years past. The contrast is striking: The GOPs modern economic agenda is widely disliked even compared to unpopular bills of the past, a finding consistent with a lot of recent polling data.

Hacker and Pierson argue that this drives Republicans emphasis on culture war and anti-Democratic identity politics. This strategy, which they term plutocratic populism, allows the partys super-wealthy backers to get their tax cuts while the base gets the partisan street fight they crave.

The GOP can do this because Americas political system is profoundly unrepresentative. The coalition it can assemble overwhelmingly white Christian, heavily rural, and increasingly less educated is a shrinking minority that has lost the popular vote in seven of the past eight presidential contests. But its voters are ideally positioned to give Republicans advantages in the Electoral College and the Senate, allowing the party to remain viable despite representing significantly fewer voters than the Democrats do.

10) Some of the most consequential Republican attacks on democracy happen at the state level

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Proof Democrats Are Evil

There is proof that the Democratic Party is evil and bad for America. Frighteningly, our research shows the Democrats are almost as evil as the Republicans.

To destroy what little credibility we have left. We at Lists of Evil are using our imaginations to manufacture proof that Democrats are evil.

Trump Supporters Think Theyre In A Fight To The Death

Republicans R Evil on Twitter: " And why republicans have worked so hard ...

Fear, hate, and grievances animate the new Republican Party.

About the author: Peter Wehner is a contributing writer at The Atlantic, a senior fellow at the Trinity Forum, and the author of The Death of Politics: How to Heal Our Frayed Republic After Trump.

For all the defects Donald Trump has as a politician, he does possess certain skills, among them an almost preternatural ability to tap into the sensibilitiesthe idof the American right. More than any other Republican candidate in 2016, Trump was in sync with the base of the party. He still is, as he prepares for what looks like another run for the presidency.

Returning to Washington, D.C., for the first time since he left the White House in the aftermath of the violent assault on the Capitol, Trump gave a speech last Tuesday to the America First Policy Institute . It was billed as a policy address on public safety. But everyone knows that policy doesnt interest Trump in the least. What he cares about is the performative part of politics, inflaming peoples passions, creating chaos and conflict. Politics is a stage on which his disordered personality plays itself out.

Like every Trump speech, it was undisciplined. The former president stayed on script and went off script, sometimes reading from his prepared text and other times riffing on topics including tent cities for homeless people, transgender athletes, and election lies.

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Opinion: Cruel Gop Rhetoric About Rape Survivors And Abortion Is Far More Than Words

Editors Note: Jill Filipovic is a journalist based in New York and author of the book OK Boomer, Lets Talk: How My Generation Got Left Behind. Follow her on . The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely her own. View more opinion on CNN.

The Republican Party has a rape problem.

The conservative moment scored a major victory on Friday when the Supreme Court issued its opinion in Dobbs v. Jackson Womens Health, overturning Roe v. Wade ending the era of federal protection for legal abortion in the United States and instituting one of the most significant rollbacks of civil rights in US history. But a number of Republican candidates and elected officials dont seem content with simply stripping women of our right to control our own reproductive organs. Theyre also taking aim at rape victims.

While rape and incest exceptions were once standard in anti-abortion laws, along with exceptions for a pregnant womans health or life, they are increasingly a thing of the past . This comes despite recent polling showing that the vast majority of Americans 85%, according to Monmouth support exceptions for rape, incest and to protect the life of the pregnant woman. As conservative states scramble to further criminalize abortion in the wake of Roe being overturned, many Republicans seem absolutely giddy with possibility, realizing that their control of a great many state legislatures gives them wide latitude to impose whatever restrictions they like.

The Corruption Of The Republican Party

The GOP is best understood as an insurgency that carried the seeds of its own corruption from the start.

About the author: George Packer is a staff writer at The Atlantic.

Why has the Republican Party become so thoroughly corrupt? The reason is historicalit goes back many decadesand, in a way, philosophical. The party is best understood as an insurgency that carried the seeds of its own corruption from the start.

I dont mean the kind of corruption that regularly sends lowlifes like Rod Blagojevich, the Democratic former governor of Illinois, to prison. Those abuses are nonpartisan and always with us. So is vote theft of the kind weve just seen in North Carolinaafter all, the alleged fraudster employed by the Republican candidate for Congress hired himself out to Democrats in 2010.

And I dont just mean that the Republican Party is led by the boss of a kleptocratic family business who presides over a scandal-ridden administration, that many of his closest advisers are facing prison time, that Donald Trump himself might have to stay in office just to avoid prosecution, that he could be exposed by the special counsel and the incoming House majority as the most corrupt president in American history. Richard Nixons administration was also riddled with criminalitybut in 1973, the Republican Party of Hugh Scott, the Senate minority leader, and John Rhodes, the House minority leader, was still a normal organization. It played by the rules.

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Full Coverage Of The Ukraine Crisis

Our colleagues Nabih Bulos and Marcus Yam are on the ground in Ukraine. Heres what theyve been seeing.

Other Los Angeles Times staff members in Washington, Los Angeles and elsewhere have been following a host of stories about the growing war.

To single out a few:

Don Lee in Washington and Stephanie Yang in Beijing looked at the difficult choices facing Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Tracy Wilkinson examined the reasons behind Putins obsession with Ukraine.

Stokols reported on Bidens latest round of sanctions.

U.S. diplomats have been in intense talks with counterparts from dozens of countries seeking votes for a tough United Nations resolution condemning Russias invasion of Ukraine, but some major countries, such as India, are not yet on board, Wilkinson reported.

Jon Healey, Lee, Suhauna Hussain and Kenan Draughorne examined the potential impact on the economy nationally and in California.

Lorraine Ali reported on Carlsons efforts to backpedal from his previous statements supporting Putin.

And Kate Linthicum, Henry Chu and David Pierson reported on the international reaction to the invasion a reminder of the kind of war that many Europeans thought the continent had left behind.

Exclusive Poll: Most Democrats See Republicans As Racist Sexist

Division Grows Within GOP Over Ukraine

Many Americans think people in the other party are ignorant, spiteful, evil and generally destroying the country, according to a new Axios poll by SurveyMonkey, aired on HBO on Sunday night. 61% of Democrats see Republicans as “racist/bigoted/sexist.” 31% of Republicans say they view Democrats in the same light.

Why it matters: If Americans are this convinced that the other side isn’t just wrong, but dumb and evil, they’ll never be able to find enough common ground to solve real problems. And they’re more likely to elect leaders who can’t do it, either.

The suspicion runs so deep that a third of all Americans say they’d be disappointed if a close family member married someone whose partisanship didn’t match their own, according to the poll for “Axios on HBO.”

  • The percentage saying they’d be at least somewhat bothered by this jumps to 50% among liberal Democrats it’s 32% among conservative Republicans.
  • For both parties, more moderate affiliates are about 20 percentage points less likely to say they’d be disappointed.

Where it stands: About half of Democrats think Republicans are ignorant and spiteful . Likewise, about half of Republicans think Democrats are ignorant and spiteful .

  • 21% of Democrats think Republicans are evil, and about the same share of Republicans think Democrats are evil.

How Democrats view Republicans:

How Republicans view Democrats:

Go deeper:

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Which Side Is Winning

That isolationist instinct can be traced back to the early 20th century, according to Michael Kazin, a history professor at Georgetown University who studies US politics and social movements.

After World War I, Senate Republicans voted down a bill to join the League of Nations in order to, as they saw it, protect American sovereignty.

In 1940, many joined the America First Committee, which opposed arming to fight the fascist movement, which was gaining momentum in Europe.

Even during the early Cold War, many anti-communist Republicans wanted the United States to depend on its nuclear superiority to counter Soviet power, rather than enlarging the military.

“There’s a tradition, which in some ways Reagan went against, actually, ironically, by wanting the US to be much more aggressive and really expand the defence budget tremendously, which he did during his presidency,” Professor Kazin said.

“So, in that sense, Trump is a reversion to a very strong tradition in the Republican Party, which really begins when the US is a victor in World War I or one of the victors in World War I and wants to help make the world more democratic.”

In recent weeks, the tug-of-war between the more hawkish traditionalists and Trump loyalists inside the Republican party has come to a head.

“On the other hand, I should say that most Republicans are now supporting a tough stance against Russia, because they understand that’s popular among most voters.”

Why The Democrats Are Evil

I saw a facebook post where someone said Democrats are evil. So I decided to have a think about it.

This post was inspired by a Facebook comment I saw once. The poster remarked that Democrats are evil. The idea that anything or anyone can be truly evil is an extreme idea. We throw the word casually around but the reality is that evil things are beyond normal and even beyond immoral. Evil denotes intent to do something so terrible and so awful that it harms others and is intended to do so. Its as far away from the grace of god as you can get.

So why do people think that democrats are evil?

Is it the embrace of diversity?

Is it the desire to use the power of government to ease human suffering?

Or is it something more sinister?

Ive pondered this question. What would motivate someone to call an entire political party and millions of people who vote for them evil? Im not quite sure why that word sticks out to me. But it does stick out to me. It speaks of something beyond a mere political disagree. It invokes the sacred to describe political ideas and opinions. This is particularly salient when you have an entire conspiracy around how democrats are trafficking children and using them for satanic rituals. It has no basis in truth but such an idea is truly evil.

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Do Democrats Hate America

An outraged Democrat complained that a Republican told her, “liberals don’t love our country”. And that was her justification for frustration on Republicans. How could they think that?

I explained,

Again, that’s not attacking any individual, but it is pointing out a problem with the group message .

I have weekly debates with folks. And while I know a handful of moderate liberals that can have sincere discussions and admit some of that. These are more the exception than the norm. Far more common is the person so impassioned by what they think is right, that they can rationalizing attacking others, not considering their points , exaggerating every problem, denying any successes by those people or means they don’t like. Then wonder why the other side sees them as “hating America” and traditions?

So I don’t think that Liberals hate the country… I just think they’re like the abusive Parent in the allegory above. They want to help, they just want to tell people what to do, even more. They are often blind to how they come across, or how the other side might internalize their actions . But I know most are honestly trying to improve the country and do the best they can. And Republicans propagating, “They hate America”, is one of those cases where they assume the moral high ground, and thus the other side , assumes the Republicans must be stupid.

Republican Partys Putin Paradox

Democrats are EVIL

When Donald Trump defeated Hilary Clinton in the 2016 presidential race, aided by a Russian hack-and-leak operation, it became more challenging for Mr Trump’s supporters to openly criticise the Kremlin, according to Mr Gertz.

“You might expect the idea of a foreign dictator attempting to alter US presidential elections would be something that would unite the country in some way,” he said.

“But what you saw was a fairly wide swathe of the Republican Party and the conservative media trying to find a way to make excuses for it because Donald Trump spoke so favourably about Vladimir Putin.”

As recently as this week, Mr Trump told Hannity that he “got along” with Mr Putin, Chinese President Xi Jinping and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

“I got along with them well,” he said.

“That doesnt mean they are good people. It doesn’t mean anything other than the fact that I understood them and perhaps they understood me maybe they understood me even better.”

Many Republicans including Congresswoman Liz Cheney, Senators Mitt Romney and Lindsey Graham and former vice-president Mike Pence have slammed Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

And a recent poll found 66 per cent of Republican voters placed the blame for the war entirely on Mr Putin’s shoulders.

But Mr Gertz said some right-wing media personalities see the war as a political opportunity.

“I think the cynicism is pretty extreme,” Mr Gertz said, of Carlson and his colleagues.

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