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Which Presidents Were Democrats And Republicans

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Many More Criminal Indictments Under Trump Reagan And Nixon Than Under Obama Clinton And Carter

Senate Democrats Outmaneuvered Republicans With Climate And Budget Bill

A Facebook post claimed that there have been 317 criminal indictments in the administrations of three recent Republican presidents Donald Trump, Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon and only three indictments under three recent Democratic presidents Barack Obama, Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter.

Heres what the post said about those presidents, whose terms date back to 1969 when Nixon was in office:

âRecent administrations with the MOST criminal indictments:

Trump 215

âRecent administrations with the LEAST criminal indictments:

Obama 0

Clinton 2

âNotice a pattern?â

Unless an administration official is charged with a crime for acts while in office, its not always easy to identify which indictments can be connected to a presidential administration some administration officials have been indicted for acts in the private sector, some indicted people were involved in presidential campaigns but didnt work in the administration, etc.

This claim exaggerates the number of indictments under Trump, in particular, by counting the number of criminal charges filed, rather than the number of people indicted and it includes the indictments of people who are not part of his administration, such as 25 Russians.

On the whole, however, the indictments under the three GOP presidents do dwarf those under the three Democrats.

An indictment is essentially a two-step process in the federal system:

Featured Fact-check

Only six of the 34 indicated are in Trumps orbit:

Obama: None.

George W Bush Vs John Kerry

Total voter turnout for the 2004 presidential election numbered at about 120 million, an impressive 15 million increase from the 2000 vote.

After the bitterly contested election of 2000, many were poised for a similar election battle in 2004. Although there were reported irregularities in Ohio, a recount confirmed the original vote counts with nominal differences that did not affect the final outcome.

Former Vermont governor Howard Dean was the expected Democratic candidate but lost support during the primaries. There was speculation that he sealed his fate when he let out a deep, guttural yell in front of a rally of supporters, which became known as the I Have a Scream speech, because it was delivered on Martin Luther King Day.

Popular Vote: 60,693,281 to 57,355,978 . Electoral College: 286 to 251

Martin Van Buren Vs Daniel Webster Vs Hugh White

The election of 1836 was largely a referendum on Andrew Jackson, but it also helped shape what is known as the second party system. The Democrats nominated Vice President Martin Van Buren to lead the ticket. His running mate, Col. Richard M. Johnson, claimed to have killed Indian chief .

Disdaining the organized politics of the Democrats, the new Whig Party ran three candidates, each strong in a different region: Hugh White of Tennessee, Senator Daniel Webster of Massachusetts and Gen. William Henry Harrison of . Besides endorsing internal improvements and a national bank, the Whigs tried to tie Democrats to abolitionism and sectional tension, and attacked Jackson for acts of aggression and usurpation of power. Democrats depended on Jacksons popularity, trying to maintain his coalition.

Van Buren won the election with 764,198 popular votes, only 50.9 percent of the total, and 170 electoral votes. Harrison led the Whigs with 73 electoral votes, White receiving 26 and Webster 14. Willie P. Mangum of South Carolina received his states 11 electoral votes. Johnson, who failed to win an electoral majority, was elected vice president by the Democratic Senate.

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What Was The Whig Party

The Whigs were an opposition party formed to challenge Jacksonian Democrats, thereby launching the second party system in America, but they were far from a single-issue party. Their ranks included members of the Anti-Masonic Party and Democrats who were disenchanted with the leadership of seventh President Andrew Jackson.

Their base combined unusual bedfellows: Evangelical Protestants interested in moral reform, abolitionists and those against the harsh treatment of Native Americans under Andrew Jackson in his rush to expand the countrys borders. In 1830, Jackson had signed the Indian Removal Act, but then ignored its tenets when he forced thousands of Choctaw to journey to Indian Territory on foot in what became known as the Trail of Tears.

Some Whig leaders used anti-party rhetoric, though they were very much a political party on par with the Democrats they opposed. Their diverse base meant the Whigs had to be many things to many votersa delicate balancing act.

The Founding Fathers Disagree

US Elections: November 8th and Beyond

Differing political views among U.S. Founding Fathers eventually sparked the forming of two factions. George Washington, Alexander Hamilton and John Adams thus formed The Federalists. They sought to ensure a strong government and central banking system with a national bank. Thomas Jefferson and James Madison instead advocated for a smaller and more decentralized government, and formed the Democratic-Republicans. Both the Democratic and the Republican Parties as we know them today are rooted in this early faction.

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Bill Clinton: Impeached In 1998

President Clinton walking to the podium to deliver a short statement on the impeachment inquiry, apologizing to the country for his conduct in the Monica Lewinsky affair and that he would accept a congressional censure or rebuke.

J. Scott Applewhite/AP Photo

Clinton was plagued by legal troubles and scandals from the moment he entered the White House. In 1993, Clinton and his First Lady, Hillary, were the subject of a Justice Department investigation into the so-called Whitewater controversy, a botched business deal from their days in Arkansas. And in 1994, Clinton was sued for sexual harassment by Paula Jones, who claimed Clinton exposed himself to her in a hotel room in 1991.

Interestingly, it was a combination of both legal cases that would ultimately lead to Clintons impeachment. Independent counsel Kenneth Starr was appointed by the Justice Department to investigate the Whitewater affair, but he couldnt find any impeachable evidence. Meanwhile, lawyers for Jones got a tip that Clinton had an affair with a 21-year-old White House intern named Monica Lewinsky, a claim that both Lewinsky and Clinton denied under oath.

When the story went public, Clinton was forced to address the accusations on national television.

I want you to listen to me, Clinton famously said. I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky. I never told anybody to lie, not a single time, never.

List Of Republican Presidents

The Republican Party is one of the two most successful political parties in the United States . Since 1868 to date, the presidency has been shared between the two major political parties. There have been 19 Republican presidents in the United States. Here are some of the Republican presidents in the history of the United States.

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Lyndon B Johnson Vs Barry Goldwater

The Democrats nominated Lyndon B. Johnson who had succeeded to the presidency upon the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Johnson, the first president from the South since Andrew Johnson, had been Democratic leader of the Senate. Senator Hubert H. Humphrey of Minnesota, a longtime liberal, was nominated as Johnsons running mate. The Republicans chose Senator Barry Goldwater of for president and Congressman William E. Miller of New York for vice president.

In the campaign, conducted in the midst of the escalating Vietnam War, Goldwater, an ultraconservative, called for the bombing of North Vietnam and implied that the Social Security system should be dismantled. President Johnson campaigned on a platform of social reform that would incorporate Kennedys New Frontier proposals. Despite the countrys deepening involvement in Vietnam, the president also campaigned as the candidate of peace against the militaristic Goldwater.

Johnson won a decisive victory, polling 43,128,958 popular votes to 27,176,873 for Goldwater. In the Electoral College, he received 486 votes to Goldwaters 52.

The Big List Of Alleged Malefactors

Stuart Varney: Manchin, Republicans pull out a win for President Biden

Each person identified as indicted, from 56 years of Executive branch investigations, is listed in Figure 4. Figure 5 provides the numbers, thus far, for the Trump administration. Two years into his term, President Trump has already proved greater than all but one of the previous 10 Presidents in number of indictments the Administration has scored. Congratulations Mr. Trump, you are the Greatest! Of course, the information in Figure 5 that is accurate in the morning may be out of date by the afternoon.

The Final Reports of the 28 Special Prosecution, Special Prosecutor, and Independent Counsel investigations between 1973 and 1999 are the go-to source for who was indicted for what. Before an investigation closes down it will be clear if the indictment itself survives legal challenge cases will go to trial there will be decisions. But the independent investigation may well close down before appeals are heard and decided. Therefore, the final reports are not, in some cases, the last word on total convictions and jail time. That still required further research of court records, news stories, and obituaries.

It is not necessary to read the many hundreds of pages of most of these documents for the raw numbers. There are, though, many engrossing distractions in the tales of greed for power or money, ambition, obstruction, arrogance, loyalty, ideological zealotry, duplicity, error and incompetence the reports lay out in generally careful legal language.

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Calvin Coolidge Republican Candidate For Vice

Governor Calvin Coolidge of Massachusetts first achieved national prominence during the Boston police strike of 1919, when he sent a telegram to Samuel Gompers, President of the American Federation of Labor, saying: There is no right to strike against the public safety by anyone, anywhere, any time.

Coolidge was a reserved, uncommunicative New Englander writer and wit Dorothy Parker once remarked he looked as though he had been weaned on a pickle. Even so, his obvious integrity and the simple American values he espoused soon made Silent Cal a popular figure. He succeeded to the presidency upon Hardings death in 1923, and was elected to the White House in his own right in 1924.

Brief Audio Selection:Law and Order. Calvin Coolidge .

Political Parties Of The Presidents


Note: The Republican party was renamed the Union party for the 1864 election. Therefore, Lincoln also served under the Union party label. For Washingtonâs initial election, political parties were not in existence. He became associated with the Federalist party after he was in office.

The purpose of this site is to provide researchers, students, teachers, politicians, journalists, and citizens a complete resource guide to the US Presidents. You may link to this or any other page on

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Presidential Election Of 1920

The giants who had dominated the political scene for a generation were gone — Theodore Roosevelt died in 1919 and Woodrow Wilson was a broken invalid living in seclusion. Even so, the presidential election of 1920 continued the debate between the nationalistic activism of Roosevelt’s presidency and the global idealism of Wilson’s administration.

On June 8, 1920, the Republicans nominated Warren G. Harding, an Ohio newspaper editor and United States Senator, to run for president with Calvin Coolidge, governor of Massachusetts, as his running mate. The Democrats nominated another newspaper editor from Ohio, Governor James M. Cox, as their presidential candidate, and thirty-seven-year-old Franklin Delano Roosevelt for vice president.

The presidential election of 1920 was the last election campaign made accessible to the public solely through the use of record albums. By election night — November 2, 1920 — the “election campaign by phonograph” was a thing of the past, superseded by the first commercial radio broadcast coverage of election returns.

Income Growth And Inequality

The Democratic Party

Analysis conducted by Vanderbilt University political science professor Larry Bartels in 2004 and 2015 found income growth is faster and more equal under Democratic presidents. From 1982 through 2013, he found real incomes increased in the 20th and 40th percentiles of incomes under Democrats, while they fell under Republicans. Real incomes grew across all higher percentiles at a greater rate under Democrats, even when including the Great Recession and its recovery in Barack Obama’s first term. Bartels calculated in 2008 that the real value of the minimum wage in the United States over the preceding sixty years had increased 16 cents per year under Democratic presidents but declined by 6 cents per year under Republican presidents.

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Acting President Of The United States

An acting president of the United States is an individual who legitimately exercises the powers and duties of the president of the United States even though that person does not hold the office in their own right. There is an established presidential line of succession in which officials of the United States federal government may be called upon to take on presidential responsibilities if the president becomes , dies, resigns, is removed from office during their four-year term of office or if a has not been chosen before Inauguration Day or has failed to qualify by that date.

If the president dies, resigns, or is removed from office, the vice president automatically becomes president. Likewise, were a president-elect to die during the transition period, or decline to serve, the vice president-elect would become president on Inauguration Day. A vice president can also become the acting president if the president becomes incapacitated. However, should the presidency and vice presidency both become vacant, the statutory successor called upon would not become president, but would only be acting as president. To date, two vice presidentsGeorge H. W. Bush and have served as acting president. No one lower in the presidential line of succession has so acted.

The Philosophy Behind Democratic Economic Policy

Democrats gear their economic policies to benefit low-income and middle-income families. They argue that reducing income inequality is the best way to foster economic growth. Low-income families are more likely to spend any extra money on necessities instead of saving or investing it. That directly increases demand and spurs economic growth. Democrats also support a Keynesian economic theory, which says that the government should spend its way out of a recession.

One dollar spent on increased food stamp benefits generates $1.73 in economic output.

President Franklin D. Roosevelt first outlined the Economic Bill of Rights in his 1944 State of the Union address. It included taxes on war profiteering and price controls on food costs. President Harry Trumans 1949 Fair Deal proposed an increase in the minimum wage, civil rights legislation, and national health care. President Barack Obama expanded Medicaid with the 2010 Affordable Care Act.

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Jimmy Carter Vs Gerald Ford

In 1976 the Democratic Party nominated former governor Jimmy Carter of Georgia for president and Senator Walter Mondale of Minnesota for vice president. The Republicans chose President Gerald Ford and Senator Robert Dole of Kansas. Richard M. Nixon had appointed Ford, a congressman from Michigan, as vice president to replace Spiro Agnew, who had resigned amid charges of corruption. Ford became president when Nixon resigned after the House Judiciary Committee voted three articles of because of his involvement in an attempted cover-up of the politically inspired Watergate break-in.

In the campaign, Carter ran as an outsider, independent of Washington, which was now in disrepute. Ford tried to justify his pardoning Nixon for any crimes he might have committed during the cover-up, as well as to overcome the disgrace many thought the Republicans had brought to the presidency.

Carter and Mondale won a narrow victory, 40,828,587 popular votes to 39,147,613 and 297 electoral votes to 241. The Democratic victory ended eight years of divided government the party now controlled both the White House and Congress.

Are Democrats Or Republicans Better For The Stock Market

There’s a new political party forming. See who’s behind it

Opinions differ, and there are many reasons why the market goes up and down. The president doesn’t have as much influence over the economy as people think. It’s more important to look at what happens when Democrats and Republicans are in Congress and which party is in the White House at the same time.

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Presidents As Economic Managers

Brian Riedl

Spring 2022

It has become a regular theme of op-eds and news analysis: Democratic presidents create economic booms and job gains, while Republican presidents bring recessions and job losses.

In 2016, economists Alan Blinder and Mark Watson released a study indicating higher average economic-growth rates under Democratic presidents. More recently, David Leonhardt of the New York Times wrote a column that ranked the last 14 presidents by jobs and economic growth during their administrations, with Democrats generally ranking higher than Republicans. Political commentators frequently post colorful charts on social media showing that Democrats Bill Clinton and Barack Obama oversaw faster job and economic growth than did Republicans George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush, and Donald Trump. They are already pointing to the 5.7% economic-growth rate in 2021 under President Joe Bidencoming on the heels of the previous year’s 3.4% contraction under Trumpas yet more evidence that Democratic presidents have superior economic policies. Most succinctly, critics note that 10 of the 11 recessions since 1950 began during a Republican presidency.

So is the case closed? Are Democratic presidents really better managers of the economy than their Republican counterparts?



Why do Republican presidents typically inherit stronger economies while Democrats tend to inherit weaker ones?



/11 Terrorist Attack Bill Of Rights

Why did 9/11 occur? The search does not end until the truth is exposed and those that died are allowed to rest. We hold that the lies about Ground Zero are clearly evident and that all victims are created equal, even those forced to lie. Not every victim of September 11th, 2001 died during the collapsing of the twin towers there are more victims being created everyday.

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