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Patriot Wood Burning Fire Bowl

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Best For Assembly : Ohio Flame Patriot Fire Pit

Ohio Flame Patriot Wood Burning Fire Bowl Designer Edge

This Ohio Fire Pit is heavily structured, thick, and sturdy. You will get outstanding durability with no assembly required for using this Firepit.

If you want an easily fixed fire pit for an extended period rather than changing it every year, then the fire pit would be the best choice for you.

The Ohio Flame is a heavy steel gauge constructed. This fire pit is 30 inches in diameter and 68 pounds in weight. It is thick and robust. This type of sturdy construction makes this fire pit too durable to damage. It is a handmade two-piece welded design fire pit. No assembly is needed.


  • Construction: The fire pit is made of a heavy steel gauge. It is 30 inches in diameter and weighs 68 pounds. Very heavy and firm construction to serve you for years
  • Thickness: The bowl is 3/16 inches thick. You will have approximately 7 gauges of the steel structure on your patio.
  • Assemble: Its a simple two-piece welded design. You will require nothing to assemble it.
  • Durable: With its thick, sturdy steel construction, you get durability for decades.
  • Warranty: This product features a lifetime warranty.

Things you are going to enjoy

  • No wood grate is required.
  • The fire pit can be used roughly.
  • No setup is required to assemble.
  • You can showcase this fire pit as a piece of art.
  • Lifetime warrantied.

Things you need to consider

  • No covers included.
  • Too heavy to move single-handedly.

Final thought

Bad Idea The Blaze Tower

Now we get into the heavy hitters with this fire tower pit from Blaze Monolith. This pyramid-shaped monster stands over 6 feet tall and weighs over 430 pounds. However, the caster set comes with wheels, making it easy for one person to reposition once the tower is assembled. Another cool perk for this pit is its vertical stature, which includes a chimney that sends smoke from the fire straight up into the air rather than into the face of your company.

Best Look : Rust & Stainless Steel Patio Fire Pit

The patio fire pit will give your patio, deck, or backyard a unique look with its natural appearance. It is steel made hand-finished durable construction. You will require no assembly to use this.

If you want to present your space with impressive specs with the warmth of sturdy steel made natural-looking fire pit, then you can have the fire pit.

The fire pit has a sanded surface to acquire natural rust over time. That gives a hand made and natural look to this fire pit. It is a substantial steel made fire pit. The diameter is 25 inches and 14 inches in height with a stainless steel stand. Its dimension and constructional specificity make it durable. There are only two different parts of this fire pit. Place the bowl on the stainless steel stand it is ready to use.


  • Dimensions: The 25 inches dimensional fire bowl with a height of 14 inches comes with a stainless steel stand. You can use this very conveniently.
  • Modern looks: The fire pit is made of hand-finished steel construction. This is firm and durable yet unique. It will give your patio a modern look.
  • Natural rusting: The sand paint on it allows you to get a rusted looking fire pit faster.
  • Portable: The fire pit bowl and the stainless stand weigh 33 pounds to let you carry them easily anywhere.

Things you are going to enjoy

  • Its naturally rusted looks add up a rawness to your patio or backyard.
  • Nice blend of uniqueness and contemporary design.
  • Easy to set up.

Things you need to consider

Final thought

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Legal Disclaimers And Warnings

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Wood Fire Pits Buying Guide

The Patriot Wood Burning Fire Bowl

A fire pit is the best thing to have in your outdoor area. It is highly beneficial, especially during the winter season. During this time of the year, you can spend your evenings with your friends and family and organize barbecues and other such fun activities outside. Moreover, you do not have to worry about the cold when the fire in the fire pit constantly burns and will keep you all warm. But there is something more to it. You should buy the best fire pit for your backyard so that it lasts longer, matches the decor of inside and outside of the house, and should be unique and beautiful as well.

Following are specific points that you should keep a check on while looking for a fire pit. These will help you to choose better and get the best fire pit for your backyard.

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The Patriot Wood Burning Fire Bowl Designer Edge

We all want our evenings to be memorable, whether you spend some time outside with your family or your partner. We all want to create a good ambiance that will stay in our memories forever. Spend your precious evenings having hot dogs and cold drinks or roasting some marshmallows. Enjoy every bit of it with your family or friends.


  • It gradually darkens with time


If you have a small backyard but still want to enjoy around a beautiful fire pit, you should choose to get this fire bowl without much thinking. This would be perfect for your small backyard and will serve you with the best.

The Patriot Wood Burning Fire Bowl

Imagine an evening without screens, just you spending time outside with the people you want to make lasting memories with.

Life is short and flies by with no regard for how much work needs to be done. Well it’s time to take a break from that work.

Let’s spend an evening roasting marshmallows, having some hot dogs, drinking a cold one and enjoying the company of those that we love the most.

That’s what the Patriot fire bowl offers, even to the smallest of backyards.

No matter the size of your space the numerous sizes the Patriot Fire Bowl comes in provides a solution that will work for everyone.

The Patriot Fire Bowl combines sleek and modern styling with tough American quality and durability. With no parts to break or wear out over time, the Patriot Fire Bowl is built to last a lifetime.

  • Patriot Fire Bowl is crafted from thick carbon American steel sourced from local steel mills.
  • Patriot Fire Bowl is designed to withstand the elements year-round.
  • Patriot Fire Bowl features a substantial Rain Drain to allow for water drainage.
  • The Natural Steel Finish will develop a natural iron oxide patina and gradually darken over time.
  • Patriot Fire Bowl is 100% American Made and crafted by a local artisan.
  • It is backed by Ohio Flames Lifetime Warranty, guaranteeing that the Fire Pit will last a lifetime.
  • Patriot Fire Bowl comes in 5 different sizes
24 Patriot Fire Pit

What Makes Us The Best?

We don’t mean to brag but… here are 10 reasons for starters!

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Best For Cooking : Amagabeli Wood Burning Fire Bowl

Amagabeli Fire Bowls thick, sturdy construction will serve you for years. Its rustproof feature allows you to rough use. You will find it also easy to assemble.

Suppose you want a thick and sturdy fire pit for necessary and regular use. The extra-large bowl fire pit is for you.

This Amagabeli fire pit is 2.28mm thick. Cast iron made, which is less susceptible to rust. You can use this fire pit for camping, poolside or beachside parties and to everywhere you need. The only assembly required is to put the legs with the bowl.


  • Heavy structure: This extra-large 28 inches diameter fire pit is made of heavy cast iron, which is 2.28mm thick, and its weight is 19 pounds. Comes with three sturdy steel legs. You will find it strong enough for holding up any amount of weight you want to put on it.
  • Rustproof: Cast iron is rust rarely. However, you will get a black high-temperature paint finish in it that makes it more durable to heat and rust.
  • Easy to assemble: You can easily set up this fire pit. Join the legs screw with the bowl, and it is all ready to fire up.
  • Wide usages: You can use this fire pit for camping, outdoor firing on the beach, and any events in any season.
  • Service: This is a premium product. You will have dedicated and quick responding customer service whenever you need it.

Things you are going to enjoy

Things you need to consider

  • You will need an extra screen for protection.
  • The packaging is not up to mark.
  • No drain hole in it.

Final thought

Ohio Flame Patriot Fire Pit

Ohio Flame American-Made Fire Pits

Considering the price for a private backyard fire pit, you should be prioritizing quality construction. Ohio Flame makes all of its fire pits by hand with first-rate American steel, supplying both added longevity and a rustic attractiveness that ages like fine wine. The Patriot design pulls from all the Ohio Flame family genes while adding a drain in the bottom of the pit to resist pooling water during the wet season.

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Things To Consider Before Getting A Wood Burning Fire Pit

Anything before buying, you should clarify to yourself why you need that thing. How efficient the thing is going to meet your needs. Then the features, specification, appearance, and if the thing is for your money or not.

So if you come to the point that you will buy a wood-burning fire pit, these are the top things you should consider.

Best Overall : Oox Outdoor Wood

Bring comfort and convenience to your backyard, porch, patio, or any outdoor space with the OOX outdoor wood-burning fire pit. The OOX fire bowl stands out among its competitors for everything it has to offer you.

If you love the traditional vibe and smell of a wood-burning fire pit but are looking for a more convenient and affordable option, you should definitely consider this one.

The fire stove features a functional design to ensure a cleaner and longer burn producing minimal smoke and leftovers. Therefore, it leaves you with less work and more enjoyment after each session. The premium quality materials, spark screen, durable cover, fire poker as well as user-friendly features make it a reliable option for you to enjoy a warm, safe fire environment for many coming seasons.


  • Fire Pit Bowl with 4 sturdy legs and 1 outer ring.
  • Spark Screen
  • Cooking Grill
  • Handle
    • Cooking Compatibility: You can easily turn this wood-burning fire pit into your cooking station just by adding cooking grates/grills. With this one, you can enjoy cooking in an open place and make BBQ, campfire foods whenever you want.

    Things you are going to enjoy

    Things you need to consider

    • Assembly Required

    Final thought

    With the OOX outdoor fire bowl, you will get a satisfying performance, durability, functionality, portability, cooking compatibility, flexibility and much more- within your budget. You should definitely get this one if you want more than what you pay for.

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    Best Wood Burning Fire Pits In 2021 With Buying Guide

    Wood burning fire pits are classic, durable with maximum output, and cheaper than any other firepits.

    If you are fond of traditional things, you aim to get a highly efficient and long-lasting fire pit within budget. Then a wood-burning fire pit is a solution for your quest.

    We are using the wood-burning fire pit from eras. They are the oldest traditional way of producing heat. A wood-burning fire pit is easy to conduct, which allows them a more straightforward yet firm construction. Their popularity never gets pale because of their excellent heat efficiency. In the market, there are so many options, so many designs within a reasonable budget.

    Here we will serve you with a list of the ten best wood-burning fire pits of the current trend. Know about the features, the specialty, the shortcomings and choose the best fit for you. There will be additional information about the products along with a buying guide to make your experience even smoother.

    Fire Pit Art Third Rock Globe

    The Patriot Wood Burning Fire Bowl

    Oh what a metaphor for the world we live in. If you have a little money to burn, then you could opt to go for this awesome globe-shaped pit from Fire Pit Art. This particular piece was made by Rick Wittrig, a Mennonite from a farming village on the Illinois prairie. Its safe to say Wittrig knows a thing or two when it comes to metal. Now, it is technically a portable pit, but the sucker is about 275 pounds of pure stouthearted steel. We suggest having a spot picked out before you put in an order, and dont try maneuvering the pit alone. Orders are backed up at the moment, but Fire Pit Art will begin accepting new orders in mid-September just in time for fall.

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    Earth And Sky 53 Hand Crafted Steel Fire Pit

    If you want to enhance the atmosphere and ambiance of the outdoor space, choose to get this fire pit for your backyard without any delay. Install this custom fire pit. It will intensify the atmosphere of the backyard. Earth and Sky 53 Hand Crafted Steel Fire Pit is made using thick steel. This is to make sure that your visitors can see and enjoy fire displays even after years.

    This fire pit is handcrafted and is unique. The fire pit has a warranty of no rust. One does not have to suffer from any hassle during the installation process. It is easy to install and is cost-effective.


    • Earth and Sky handcrafted steel fire pit is not for small backyards
    • Custom made fire pits can be a bit expensive for some people


    People who have a larger budget and outside space should choose to get this fire pit for their use. These can be costly but are cost-effective as well. In addition, one fire pit lasts for a long time without degradation or rust.

    My readers get a discount at â Use code PBG8F5KHI9RJ at checkout.

    This fire pit is suitable for people seeking a combination of modern and sleek design made with good quality materials. Ohio Flame 24 inch Patriot Fire Pit is durable and has tough American quality. This will last for a lifetime as no parts will break down or get rust over time.


    • Available in only three sizes
    • There are not many options to choose from


    Bali Outdoors Fire Pit

    What good is a fire you cant cook on? Were firm believers in the traditional method of cooking your culinary favorites over an open flame, or at the very least, leaving open the option to do so. This decently sized pit from BALI OUTDOORS dons a heavy-duty cooking grate attached above the pit so you can grill your brats or kindle some hearty chili on a Sunday night. Or you can swivel the cooking grate away and simply enjoy the warmth of a smoldering fire.

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    Stellar Artisan Wood Burning Fire Pit

    This Wood Burning Fire fit is one of a kind. It is perfect for large to medium-sized backyards and made with heavy Gauge. This Burning Fire Pit is designed and constructed in such a way that it lasts for years without any problem. The iron oxide patina is unique, and it gets better with time. The bowl swiftly removes rainwater and also provides ventilation. The flames are impressive, and it is easy to maintain.


    • It is not for small backyards
    • It is constructed for modern style homes


    Stellar Artisan Wood Burning Fire Pit is the best choice if you are looking for a fire pit that suits your large backyard. The Rustic look makes it the center of attraction.

    Best Budget : Landmann Usa Bromley Fire Pit

    Decorating a Maple Bowl with Wood Burning

    The Bromley Fire Pit is perfect for fit in your beautiful backyard. Your fire will last longer to keep you and your family warm. Its sturdy construction will provide you hassle-free service with durability.

    If you are searching for a sturdy fire pit that is not so big or not so small and wants the warmth to stay for a long time, this Landmann Bromley is perfect for serving you.

    The fire pits diameter is 25.8 inches, and it is 7 inches deep. The size fits easily in any space, and it is pretty deep to put in an adequate amount of wood in it! It has an exclusive diamond cut-out on its surface. That helps in air circulation to keep the fire alive for a long time. And this fire pit has gained durability from its sturdy construction of steel legs with a support ring.


    Things you are going to enjoy

    • It will fit anywhere.

    Things you need to consider

    • Take a bit of extra time to assemble.
    • It can get rusted if not kept properly.

    Final thought

    This fire pit is an efficient and durable one with minimal space occupancy. It will fit into any yard or patio. A shortlisted one.

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    Mini Dune 24 Hand Crafted Steel Fire Pit

    If you are looking for different ways to enhance the atmosphere and ambiance of your backyard, you should choose to get Mini Dune 24 Hand Crafted Steel Fire Pit. This fire pit is beautiful and custom-made. This is crafted by the best artisans and will surely intensify the atmosphere of your outdoor space. Your guests will truly enjoy the beauty and uniqueness of this fire pit. This can last for years without getting rusted and will look amazing when installed in your background.

    It will impress all your visitors, and you can spend cost evenings with your partner, friends, and family outdoors near the fire pit. In addition, one doesnât have to go through any hassles while installing these fire pits as they are easy to install.


    These fire pits are best for people who have a small area outdoors.

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