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Patriot Solar Charger 4 Pack

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How To Recharge Your Patriot Power Cell:

Patriot Power Cell One Year Later – Solar Powered Battery Charger

Recharge your Patriot Power Cells using the AC cord that comes with your units. The cord is short — perfect for wall-charging. It plugs into any USB adapter most people have a bunch of these at home. Or plug it into your car or computer.

Once plugged in, charging should begin automatically. If it doesnt, press the power button.

  • Use the cord that came with your Patriot Power Cell
  • Plug the small end into the small center slot on your Patriot Power Cell
  • Plug the other end into any USB adapter, such as a wall block or computer port
  • Your Patriot Power Cell charges fastest via the AC charging cord that comes with each unit. A Patriot Power Cell can go from zero to fully charged in about 6 hours or less* using the AC cord. Thats pretty quick for such a big battery.

    As a backup, you can also charge your Patriot Power Cell phone charger with the sun, it simply takes longer. Charging via solar takes up to 40 hours.* Charge time will vary depending on lighting conditions. We recommend leaving it in direct sunlight on a window sill or outside in the light.

    When youre charging your 4Patriots power cell via sunlight, youll see indicator lights on the front panel:

    • One green light indicates your unit sees sunlight.
    • One green light and blue lights indicates the 4Patriots solar charger sees sunlight and is charging.

    Once its fully charged, your 4Patriots solar charger is ready to use.

    No 3 Sungzu 300w Portable Solar Generator 350wh Portable Power Station 93600mah With 110v/273a Ac 12v/8a Dc 5v/3a Usb Outlet For Outdoors Camping Fishing Emergency

    Sungzu 300W Portable Solar Generator, 350Wh Portable Power Station 93600mAh


  • Perfect Crisis Power: This is an ideal portable power station that makes you out of power blackout uneasiness. Perfect power supply for home and outdoor battery backup or crisis, which works for practically all the electric gadgets under 1000W, for example, cell phone, workstation, Camera, light, television, fan, ramble, CPAP, power bank, mini-fridge, and so forth. No stress over the power blackout once you get this portable power station.
  • High capacity power station: 350Wh , high capacity to give more and longer power supply. Furnished with 2*AC outlets , 2* DC ports , 4*USB ports , OLED screen with showcase charging/releasing and battery life status. Ideal for home and shop battery backup, outdoor activities, restorative hardware, and construction site, and so on.
  • Simple to revive through the solar and divider attachment: This portable generator can be energized straightforwardly, however, the divider attachment or a solar panel . Full charged just takes 5.5~7hrs by a divider attachment takes around 8hrs-14hrs by a solar panel at ordinary sun illumination. Quiet generator, clean power, Eco-accommodating, sans fuel and Gas free, No smoke, No commotion.
  • What you get: Package included 1*300-watt portable power station, 1*adapter, 1*power link, 1* 5521 cigarette lighter turn-rope, 1* Miniaturized scale USB link, 4* Wire cylinder, 1* Instructions, 1* Speedy Beginning Aide.
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    Top 4 Best Patriot Solar Charger Reviews

    Each solar charger addresses various issues. Their utilization might be multiple. Everything relies upon the gadget you use and its highlights. That is the reason there is two solar charger arrangement to suit all circumstances. Each brand has its points of interest, however, numerous distinctions are relying upon the model of the gadget. That is the reason you should completely comprehend your needs before settling on a decision. To enable you to comprehend the solar charger all the more plainly, these are the principle criteria to think about when picking.

    We have prepared a listing of the Best Patriot Solar Charger that include more capacity, and the laptop-compatible Solar Phone case. Never drop to 0 percent battery life repeatedly.

    Lets have a look at the list of the Patriot Power Cell that my team made for you.

    Editors Note: We will update this list as more Patriot Chargers hit the market.


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    Why Do We Request Using Patriot Solar Generator

    Why do we request using Patriot Solar Generator

    Notwithstanding the extremely environmental side because it doesnt require any vitality to run while charging the gadget takes into account boundless and free power age! In late decades, with the tremendous jump in Patriot solar and battery innovation. Solar chargers are profoundly dependable and naturally amicable.

    The solar chargers power age standard is equivalent to the customary solar panel on the top of the structure. Photovoltaic cells incorporate the catch of daylight. They are in charge of changing over light vitality into electrical vitality. The outcome: regardless of whether you go hiking, camping or picnicking. Your electronic gadgets will get a constant flow of vitality supplements. In particular, when your home digital media player is out of power, the solar charger can likewise enable you to tackle this humiliating circumstance.

    In this way, there are 2 sorts of external solar chargers: folded and flat Solar Chargers. The folding solar charger comprises of multiple panels. It tends to be folded without anyone else for simple transportation. Once sent, they can be effectively appended anyplace, . To catch each beam of daylight. They are generally furnished with a USB port. You can charge multiple gadgets simultaneously. Little and flawless is likewise their element. It doesnt occupy more room.

    What Is 4patriotss Shipping Policy

    Patriot Power Cell 4 Pack in 2021

    This 4Patriots review is happy to report that the brand offers free shipping on orders that total $97 or more. To help monitor the status of your purchase, the company will issue a tracking number alongside your confirmation email. Unfortunately, it doesnt provide international deliveries to countries outside of Canada and the United States.

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    What Is The Best Solar Cell Phone Charger

    With so many different devices out there designed to charge your phone, many with solar panels built-in, it can be a bit of a minefield knowing where to start.

    Reviews can be a great way to know how people genuinely find the product after some time using it.

    Generally, the best solar charger phone devices are those that will withstand a lot of use, have extra features, and are reliable.

    Knowing you are going to buy something that will last for several years is always good. The fact that 4Patriots states how many charges this power cell is capable of is reassuring to many, I’m sure.

    Based on reviews we can see that the Patriots power cell fits those needs perfectly!

    There Are Some Miscellaneous Disadvantages That Might Matter To Certain People

    The Patriot 1800 solar-powered generator provides a few disadvantages that may not matter to a lot of people but that could be huge to others. For instance, the battery:

    • Has no RV connection
    • Weighs 40 pounds, which is heavy considering the power that it offers
    • Doesnt have a lot of plugs
    • Has no car charger option

    Indeed, in many ways, 1800 are not that much better than 1500. This isnt to say that the Patriot 1500 is not worth the money in many ways, it is well worth the price that you pay for it.

    But the important thing to remember when researching either of these generators is to compare them not only with each other but with other brands of generators as well.

    That, in addition to knowing beforehand which features are most important to you, is the best way to determine if the Patriot 1800 is right for you.

    This also doesnt mean that the above considerations are a big deal in and of themselves. Once again, you have to determine which features you truly want in a generator and which ones you consider unimportant.

    This way, you are guaranteed to get a generator that meets your needs in the end.

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    How To Store The Patriot Power Cell

    To get the best out of the Patriot Power Cell and ensure that you get the longest life. Here are some tips to ensure that your unit will be working at its best and last for a long time.

    Dont expose the unit to extreme temperatures. That means no extreme heat or cold. Store the unit in temperatures between 14°F and 122°F

    If you need to use the Power Cell in temperatures colder than 14°F, try to insulate it by using it in your pocket.

    The Ultimate Patriot Power Cell Review

    Patriot Power Cell Solar Powered Rugged USB Battery Pack Unboxing

    The following article is a comprehensive guide on the 4Patriots Power Cell. First, we will take an in-depth look at the patriot power cell solar technology and the company behind the product.

    After that, we will fully analyze the Patriot Power Cell’s pros and cons and we wrap things up by comparing the Patriot Power Cell to some other portable solar powered chargers on the market.

    If youre here to explore your options, feel free to scroll down to the Best 3 alternatives to the Patriot Power Cell section below.

    As experts in portable solar power, we have an extensive history sourcing and selling the best solar energy products on the market. In case you are new to this, we will begin by providing some background on portable solar power chargers / cells.

    If youre ready to dive into the review, you can scroll down to the Patriot Power Cell Solar Review – Full In Depth Look section.

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    What Is The Patriot Power Cell

    Patriot Power Cell is designed to make sure your smart devices are never without power. The company, 4Patriots is known for developing powerful pocket-sized batteries that can go anywhere with you.

    Recognised to be a breakthrough back up power solution. It uses solar power to charge so providing you are somewhere that will see daylight, you ought to never be without power.

    A real bonus is that this power bank is water-resistant, rated IP67. This means that while you cannot submerge the charger, you subject it to a bit of water – such as rain – and it will be more than ok to carry on performing.

    This Patriot charger holds enough power in the compact unit to charge your device 3 – 6 times. Obviously, this depends on the model of phone you have – phones with larger batteries will take more power and therefore the power cell will more likely charge it 3 times, rather than 6.

    However, the fact it can charge a large battery 3 times is incredible. Especially when you consider it’s compact size and it’s lightweight. 6 times is fantastic!

    Built into the Patriot power cell are 2 USB ports so you can charge two devices at once. This means that you can be confident that all of your devices will remain powered, no matter how long your adventure is!

    Power & Light You Can Depend On

    This solid wireless solar charger is rugged and dependable. It’s perfect for emergencies, natural disasters, and power outages.

    And with three chargers in one pack you’ll have light and power wherever you go.

    Keep one in your home for power outages and shelter in place emergencies. You can even bring it along on vacationsit powers up phones and cameras in a flash!

    Keep one in the car for grab-and-go emergencies or breakdowns.

    Keep another in your RV or cabin for camping and wilderness adventures…you’ll want a powerful device like this whenever you’re outdoors. You can even take it fishing the water/drop-proof casing keeps it safe and dry.

    You’ll be thrilled at how it fits in your hand and how fast it charges your devices. Make sure your cell phone has a constant supply of power for emergencies!

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    The Companys Customer Service Is Sometimes Lacking

    This isnt to say that Patriot Generators customer service department is terrible. In fact, many customers give them very high ratings. What it does mean, however, is that some customers have been dissatisfied with the results theyve received when contacting customer service at Patriot.

    For example, one customer complained that even though hed already been charged for the product, it had been two weeks since he ordered it and he hadnt even received a confirmation email from the company.

    Another man called the company to get the additional information and found out that the phones were being operated by sales reps. He asked the same questions numerous times and received no clear-cut answer to any of them.

    In other words, it seems that the staff they have answering the phone do not know the answers to technical questions but are instead just there to sell the product to the callers.

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    Patriots Promotions & Discounts

    Patriot Power Cell 4 Pack in 2020

    This 4Patriots review found a few ways for you to save money on the brands website:

    • BOGO sale on the survival food collection
    • Military and senior discount for $5 off shipping

    From time to time, the brand hosts a monthly promotion, so its best to follow its social media handles for updates.

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    The Lion Cub Go Solo Kit

    One of the most popular alternatives to the Patriot Power Cell, is the Lion Cub Go Solo Kit. The Lion Cub Go is a bit different than the Patriot Power Cell in that the solar panels are not built right in. With that said, it is also different because the solar charging actually works. Thats right, the Lion Cub Go can fully charge with a 20W solar panel in just three to six hours.

    In addition to the mini solar panel charging, the Lion Cub GO can also be recharged via a regular wall outlet. Once it is full, the variety of power options is way beyond that of the Patriot.

    The tiny little 3 pound Lion Cub Go actually has an AC outlet . Plus it has a 12V DC plug-in, and 2 USB ports built right into the system.

    The Lion Cub Go battery also has an output rating of 150W, which means that you can actually power a small fridge with this thing!

    Emergency Food Kits & Survival Meals

    The emergency food kits and survival meals offered by 4Patriots are the best fail-safes for anyone stuck in the middle of nowhere without any food supplies. The products can last you up to 25 years and are packaged in a way that makes them resistant to disasters, making them the perfect backup option for any trip into the wild.

    On top of this, the food kits and meals are perfectly healthy and do not pose any health risks. You get the right amount of nutrition to keep you going even when you have nothing else to eat. The range of items included in the kit consists of freeze-dried meats, vegetables, fruits, and other edible things. Below, we have mentioned the products that you can get at 4Patriots.

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    Patriot Power Cell Review

    The Patriot Power Cell is an ultra-portable, solar powered charger. The device is designed to fit into your pocket and can recharge any USB device. 4Patriot’s is most well known for their Patriot Power Generator which they launched back in 2014. For more information on this, read our in-depth Patriot Power Generator review here.

    The fastest way to recharge your 4 Patriot Power Cell is to plug it into a wall outlet . Alternatively, the Patriot Power Cell will charge itself with its eye-catching built in solar panel. However, the solar panel may be extremely inefficient, to the point where it’s almost just for show .

    Who makes the 4 Patriot Power Cell?

    The Patriot Power Cell is made by 4Patriots, an American company that sells survival gear such as dehydrated meals, flashlights, and water filtration systems. We have previously reviewed the companys Patriot Power Generator in-depth, which is sort of like a larger, more capable Patriot Power.

    4Patriots is based in Nashville, Tennessee and cites freedom and self-reliance as their core purpose and mission. You can learn more about the company and see all of their products on their website.

    What can the Patriot Power Cell Actually Do?

    The 4 Patriot Power Cell is designed to provide a backup source of power for any USB powered device. This means that it can power cell phones, tablets, eReaders, cameras, laptops, and more.

    How Much Does The Patriot Power Cell Cost

    Patriot Power Cell | The Ultimate Solar Gadget

    On the 4Patriots website, a single Patriot Power Cell costs $29.95 so about $40 all-in. With that said, you can save some money if you are buying for the whole family. The company also has a Patriot Power Cell 4 Pack which costs $99 . A lifetime access pass to the company’s Preparedness Digital Guidebooks is also included in the purchase of the 4 Pack of patriot power cells.

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    No 4 Lit Wireless Solar Power Bank 20000 Mah Battery

    Lit Wireless Solar Power Bank 20,000 mAh Battery


    Lit Solar PowerBank Powerful Battery 20,000 mAh Lithium-ion Battery Charge in a hurry 3 USB Link Outputs Quick Charging Micro-USB input to charge + Solar Panel Extreme Shell Silicone defensive spread Drove Light Hang on/off catch to turn on the powerful Driven light Battery


    • Output: 5V 1A/2.1A Input DC 5V/1A Cheat and Wise
    • Protection: Charging and releasing more than multiple times Following 72 hours of the maturing test execution is steady.
    • Incorporated into the crate: Solar PowerBank, Micro-USB string, Manual


    Top 4 Best Patriot Solar Charger

    In this article, we will discuss the Best Patriot Solar Charger Reviews. Here we at, we give the answers to all the questions about Patriot Power Generator. Which is the Best Patriot Solar Charger for you? Get out there. Hold a few moments & easily compare different top-rated Patriot Solar Chargers. See how any stacks up using a side-by-side point comparison chart.

    We consumed over 22 hours of testing & researching Patriot Solar Chargers to discover the best route to check the energy of the sun to fill your gadgets. After experimenting on both cloudy & sunny days, we found that the Patriot Power Cell or Patriot Power Generator collected and saved the most rays. Its 4-panel design & large capacity give it ideal for backpacking plus camping journeys without passage to a power socket. For a few less money, the Patriot solar power bank has the same battery capacity & good solar charging speeds.

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