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Patriot Solar Powered Portable Generator 1500

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Patriot Portable Solar Generator 1500w With 2 Panels

Patriot Portable Solar Generator 1500W with 2 Panels

Power outages are very frequent occurrences in the present day world due to overloading of power sources, natural calamities and attack by offenders. Its very frustrating to stay in an area without power especially if you were used to it. Hence you need to be prepared by having a power backup.

But the surprising thing is that most of the power sources that can be used as power backup at home are of low quality and arent reliable as expected. Thats why we need a reliable power backup like Patriot Power Generator 1500

You can get your Patriot Power Generator 1500 in just a moment, but first

Its 8:47 AM and the you know what has just hit the fan. People are panicking in the streetsits all over the radio and TV.

A news anchor comes on screen and says in a shaky voice, We have reports of widespread power failures sweeping the area. If youre watching this, your power could go out at any moment. We are now in a state of emergency. I repeat, we are now in a state of

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It will be an amazing thing for people to know that you and your loved ones had Patriot Power Generator, no matter any widespread power failure or crisis that is lurking around the corner? Thunder storms or man-made events can cripple our crumbling power grid in an instant.

What Are The Pros Of The Patriot Power 1500 Generator

For one thing, this generator can be charged either with the sun or through a standard electrical cord, although most people choose the former.

It takes only 3.5 hours to fully charge the device, after which you can enjoy many hours of use. The battery is a high-quality lithium particle phosphate battery, and this type of battery is much more secure and reliable than a standard lead corrosive battery.

For people who like to reduce their carbon footprint and utilize renewable clean energy sources, this is a great generator to own. There does not have to be any more purchasing gas every time that you need to recharge your generator and no more contributing to the destruction of Mother Earth.

The company also claims that once the generator is fully charged, you can utilize it for up to one year although to be honest, some customers have claimed that this isnt true.

The generator also contains two 120-volt outlets, four USB outlets in case you wish to use it to charge any of your electronic devices, one 12-volt emergency Anderson control post outlet, and one 12-volt DC outlet so you have a lot of options when it comes to using the generator.

In addition, you can order extra sun-powered plates if you like so this is truly a very versatile generator.

And if youre wondering what the cost of the Patriot solar generator is, it is roughly $2000. Is this a lot to pay for a generator? Not necessarily, especially if you want a solar-powered generator.

How Does It Work

According to their website, the United States is in serious danger of a terrorist attack on their power grid that could shut down the entire country.

In fact, they quote someone who claims that if the power grid was destroyed and stayed shut down for more than a year, 90% of Americans would probably die.

Most people understand that having a backup generator is a good way to keep access to power when traditional energy sources go out, but it can take up to 18 gallons of gasoline per day to keep one running and that can add up to $210 per week.

The goal of the Patriot Power Generator is to give people a generator that cant be shut down and isnt cost prohibitive to keep running, which is why they have created a solar generator.

This generator is whisper quiet, fume free, discrete, and safe to use. It offers up to 1,500 continuous watts of clean, renewable power. Its only 38 pounds and is small enough to easily to transport with you wherever you need to go.

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Ultimate Patriot Power Generator Gift Package

We appreciate customers like you who are taking the necessary steps to protect themselves & their families. So in addition to the FREE Solar Panel that comes with your Patriot Power Generator, you get 12 FREE gifts WOW!

  • FREE Patriot Power Cell – $29.95 Value: Like a Patriot Power Generator… for your phones! Critical power and light to keep you safe & connected to loved ones.
  • FREE Sun Kettle Personal Water Heater – $67.00 Value: Boil water without fuel or flames! This solar cooker heats your food & drinks with the power of the sun.
  • FREE HaloXT Tactical Flashlight – $29.95 Value: Youll never need to buy batteries again your FREE HaloXT Flashlight runs on solar power. Nine functions in a single flashlight!
  • FREE Solar Air Lantern – $19.95 Value: This lightweight and handy travel light charges in the sun.
  • FREE USB-Rechargeable Battery Kit – $29.95 Value: Run any device that takes AA batteries. Over and over again!
  • FREE 72-Hour Survival Food Kit – $27.00 Value: Delicious food designed to last for 25 years.* 16 servings of tasty meals: America’s Finest Mac & Cheese, Creamy Rice & Vegetable Dinner and Grammys Sweet Oatmeal.
  • FREE 25-Foot Solar Panel Extension Cord – $49.99 Value: Use your generator INSIDE while charging your solar panel OUTSIDE.
  • FREE Blackout Survival Library – $20.00 Value: Critical information and tips to help Patriot Power Generator owners & their families can survive in an emergency.
  • FREE Shipping and Handlingto USA 48

The 10 Best Solar Powered Generators To Sustainably Keep The Lights On

Patriot Solar Generator 1500

Going camping or looking for backups in case of a power outage? Solar powered generators are the way to go. Unlike their gas-powered counterparts, theyre quiet, smell-free, and dont contribute to climate change.

Solar generators create power through solar panels , converting it into electrical power, then storing it in a battery for later use.

Some of the links in this post are affiliate links for more information please see my disclosure policy.

Before investing in a solar powered generator, make sure to estimate how much power youll need to run appliances, tools and tech in case of a power outage or whatever youll need in the wilderness.

Once you know how many watts youll need, be sure to look for a generator that has the right weight, dimensions and outlets. Here are the best 10 solar powered generators on the market.

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What Are The Pros And Cons Of A Solar Generator

For your convenience, Ive made a list of the pros and cons of a solar generator.


  • Limited power supply
  • Slow recharge

Just remember every solar generator is different, so this is a generic list. For example, there are several solar generators that wont break the bank its really just a matter of what you need. Be mindful of the fact the more watts a generator can dish out, the generally pricier it will be.

Best Overall: Goal Zero Yeti 1500x Portable Power Station

Output: 2000 watts | Weight: 43 pounds | Dimensions: 19 x 14 x 14 inches | Output Ports: 2 USB-A ports, 1 18 watt USB-C, 1 60 watt USB-C PP, 1 6mm port, 1 12 Volt , 1 12 volt HPP, 2 120 Volt AC inverters

Need to power your laptop, phone, power drill, coffee maker, and refrigerator all at once? The Goal Zero Yeti 1500x is a high-capacity power station that supplies electricity with the touch of a button or the Yeti 3.0 app. Weighing in at 43 pounds, its a solar option for those living the van life.

The lithium battery supplies 1500-watt hours, so you can charge your phone a hundred times or run a refrigerator for up to a day. Its industry-leading 2000-watt AC inverter is one of the most powerful on the market. The integrated MPPT charge controller increases efficiency by 30% when recharged with a compatible Goal Zero solar panel. Everything is backed by a two year warranty.

Output: 500 Watts | Weight: 13.3 pounds | Dimensions: 11.8 x 7.6 x 9.5 inches | Output Ports: 1 AC outlet , 3 USB ports, 2 DC ports, 1 car port

Weighing in at a relatively light 13.3 pounds, the compact, durable, and affordable Jackery Explorer 500 lets you take solar-powered electricity along on every adventure. The 500-watt inverter provides enough juice for charging multiple devices in any either of the AC or DC ports or one of the three USB ports.

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Patriot Power Generator 1800 Amazon

PowerOak BLUETTI EB180 Portable Power Station 1800 Wh Lithium Battery Solar Generator with a thousand W Inverter AC/DC/USB.


Results 1 sixteen of 112.

Amazon.Com: patriot sun generator.

FREE Shipping by means of Amazon.

6 X 1800W AC Outlets, Portable Power Station for.

Results 1 16 of 117.

Amazon.Com: patriot energy solar generator.

1500 and SolarSaga 100W with 3x110V/1800W AC Outlets, Solar Mobile Lithium Battery Pack.

The Patriot Power Generator 1800 is a power generator that is regularly used for power outages inside the domestic. It comes with 2 charging options solar panel charging.

Patriot Power Generator 1800.

“Worth its Weight in Gold!” This fine-promoting sun generator is your Magic Bullet to defend you from blackouts, electricity.

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CTECHi Tragbare Powerstation 518Wh/500W, Solar Generator mit LiFe PO4 Batterie,

W-1800 Benzin Stromerzeuger Silent Stromaggregat Generator Inverter.

The Patriot Power Generator 1800 gets its namesake from its inverter capable of running 1800 watts constantly. Paired collectively with its kind of three,000 watt.

What About For Camping

Patriot Power Generator 1500 Review | Best Portable Solar Generator

For camping, a Jackery Explorer 500 is ideal because its portable and lightweight with an easy to use handle. It can also be charged multiple ways via solar panel, wall socket, vehicles 12V output and an electric generator, making it very versatile.

You can charge up without having to worry about wall outlets or long extension cords. That makes this generator perfect for the great outdoors you can use it to power your blender, tools, pellet smoker, heated blankets, etc.

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How Do Solar Generators Work

Solar generators have four major components:

The solar panels convert sunlight into direct current electricity that is then passed through the charge controller. The charge controller regulates the voltage of the electricity into the battery, where the solar energy is then stored for use later. Most solar generators sold today are lithium ion batteries.

When you need to use the energy stored in the battery, the inverter converts the electricity into alternating current energy, or AC power, which is what most appliances and devices use.

Solar generators typically have USB ports, AC outlets, and 12 volt carports to allow you to charge multiple devices.

How much can you save with solar?

The Benefits Of A Solar Powered Generator Over Gas Powered Generators:

One of the key features of The Patriot Power Generator 1500 is the fact that it is solar powered, meaning that its powered by sunlight which as we all know is a free resource!

Now you may be wondering whats so great about the fact that its solar powered well, this is actually a huge advantage because it means that it is a much safer and than gasoline powered generator which apparently have a history of harming and even leading to the deaths of their owners in due to the toxicity of gasoline. Sure most people who own gas powered generators dont die as a result of their purchase but my feeling is why risk it!

That being said I think the true benefit of it being solar powered is that it means you dont need to worry about procuring the gasoline necessary to run it.

Sure, if you just need to use it temporarily, due to a bad storm or something, then buying gas isnt much of an issue but during a serious disaster situation where we lose power for a long period of time this is a crucial consideration.

We have to recognize that when the shit really hits the fan, we cant count on gasoline being readily available!

Once I realized that you cant rely on a source of gas being available then I stopped considering a gas powered generator to be an option for use in a true disaster situation.

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It Holds Charge For 6

Most solar generators and portable power stations will lose their charge at around the 6 month mark, but the Patriot can hold its charge for anywhere up to 12 months.This makes it ideal if you just get power outages every so often you only need to recharge the product on an annual basis to make sure that its still holding charge.

What Is A Solar Generator

Patriot Solar Generator 1500

A solar generator is a device that works alongside solar panels to provide essential automatic backup power to your home when you need it. This comes in handy during power outages, but it can also be used for off the grid living and camping. There are many different types of generators that range in style, size, function and brand.

For more information on how solar energy works, check out my blog Is Solar Power Worth It?

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About The Patriot Power Generator

The Patriot Power Generator 1500. The Patriot Power Generator is a revolutionary device that derive its unlimited fuel supply right from the sun through Portable Solar Panels. This best portable solar generator on the market which is is an innovative portable power generator created by a team at 4Patriots, LLC.

Patriot Power Generator is completely portable, consists of a compact generator which run on a safe, lithium-iron-phosphate battery and folding solar panel which is of commercial grade. Many people are scrambling to change their smelly, noisy, gas-guzzling generators with this quiet and discreet Patriot Power Generator.

You’re Protected By A Risk

You should be 100% happy with your purchase or you shouldnt pay a penny

Youll get an iron-clad money-back guarantee with your purchase. That way, theres absolutely no risk to you for trying out this solar generator for yourself today. Because youre protected for an entire year.

If youre not sure the smartest thing is to claim your Patriot Power Generator today. Try it out, and if any problems come up in the next year, just send it back. You literally cant lose.

And if you act now, youll get something FREE that most companies charge an arm and a leg for. Simply to prove how much confidence you can have in this product. Youll get FREE reliable and knowledgeable technical support for the life of your Patriot Power Generator.

Our customer service team is made up of real people Americans. We truly care about you and your purchase, and we are willing to stand behind that promise. In our view, thats part of doing business the ethical way. The American way.

Add the Patriot Power Generator to your cart now.

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The Patriot Power Generator 1800

The Patriot Power Generator 1800 gives you 52% more peak power and 28% more storage capacity so you get more power for longer. And it charges faster than ever.

You get all the customer-favorite features of our existing solar generator model with MORE of the convenience you love.

Advanced-Engineered Battery TechnologyInside your solar generator theres a powerful lithium-iron-phosphate battery famous for its stability. Youll love the reliability and power of this advanced engineering.

52% More Peak PowerDont let its compact size fool you. The Patriot Power Generator 1800 can handle up to 3,048 watts of peak power. That means your solar generator can handle a wider variety of appliances than ever.

20% More Continuous Power – to Run More AppliancesAnd the Patriot Power Generator 1800 now has a continuous output of 1,800 watts. If an appliance uses 1,800 watts of power or less, your Patriot Power Generator can run it. Most small appliances including your fridge and freezer fall into this group.

28% More Capacity so You Can Use it LongerWith the Patriot Power Generator 1800, you get up to 768 Wh of stored power. Each unit includes 8 convenient outlets, including two AC outlets, one DC outlet, 4 USB outlets and one 12 VDC extension cable outlet.

Longer LifespanYou can fully drain and recharge your Patriot Power Generator 1800 over 2,500 times. Thats like having 6.8 years of daily use about 4 times the shelf life of most generator products!

Disadvantages Of Solar Generators

Patriot Power Generator 1500 Review | The Amazing Solar Power Generator

High upfront costs

Solar generators require a much higher initial investment than traditional gas generators. The average cost of a gas generator is around $1,000. Solar generators will usually cost about $2,000.

However, solar generators have much lower operating costs. So, youll spend less over the lifetime of a solar generator.

Slow recharging

Solar generator batteries can only be recharged when the sun is out. And even then, it takes time for the solar panels to charge the battery. A solar panel with a power output of 100 watts would take over 9 hours to charge most mid-sized solar generator batteries.

Generators that run on fossil fuels can be refueled at any time, so you can get more power right when you need it without having to worry about the weather conditions or the time of day.

Limited power supply

The size of the solar generator battery will limit how much the generator can power, as well. A solar generator probably wont be able to power your entire home. However, it can charge phones and laptops, and keep small appliances running for a short period of time.

Gas generators arent as limited in what they can power and for how long, since they can be refilled at any time.

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