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Jeep Patriot Transmission Overheating Fix

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Is The Jeep Patriot A Reliable Car


Reliability is an essential factor when it comes to choosing a vehicle for yourself. Your vehicles reliability will reveal a lot about its performance and how well it can hold up. So before you decide to get one, you need to determine the Jeep Patriots reliability ratings. RepairPal.com gives the Jeep Patriot a 4-star rating out of 5. Their reliability rating is based on the maintenances cost, severity, and frequency. According to them, the maintenance and repair cost of the vehicle is inexpensive and a lot more affordable when compared to other compact SUVs, meaning that you will likely not have to spend a lot of money repairing it. The chances of going to the mechanic to fix severe or significant issues are not as expected. The frequency of repair visits is also average.

The NHTSA also rates the reliability of the Jeep Patriot a 3 out of 5 based on its crash safety.

Jeep Patriot Transmission Service Cost

We work to keep the average cost for Jeep Patriot transmission fluid changes and repairs affordable. Visit your local Firestone Complete Auto Care and weâll give your car a free Courtesy Check. Weâll give your Patriot a check-up so you can make informed service and repair decisions. Whether your vehicle needs a fluid exchange or routine maintenance, you can trust our Triple Promise: Fixed Right. Priced Right. Right on Time.

How To Avoid Transmission Overheating

A transmission is an engine component that transfers the car’s power to the driveshaft and wheels, allowing the car to move. It controls the gear ratios, enabling the vehicle to accelerate and slow as needed.

Needless to say, transmissions are vital parts of engines, and if overworked , they can overheat. While regular transmission servicing should always be left to professionals, you can take steps to prevent transmission overheating.

Below is everything you need to know about transmission overheating problems, diagnosis, and how we at Automatic Transmissions R Us can help.

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What To Do When Your Transmission Is Overheating:

  • Stop driving immediately and let your transmission cool down.
  • Make a note of what you were doing, where you are, whats happening
  • After cooling down, start back up & gingerly continue on your way.
  • If the temperature rises again try reducing the load on your vehicle or have a tow truck take you to a local transmission repair shop. Towing may prevent catastrophic damage and save you hundreds of dollars.

    Can I Take My Car To A Mechanic Or Do I Need To See A Transmission Specialist

    2011 Jeep Patriot transmission overheating problem

    When a shop services transmissions day after day, they get to know how to service them and how to repair them because they replace them many times a day. Most general shops may only see one or two transmissions a month. General shops just cant be experts because of their lack of experience. Its like going to see a doctor for an eye examsure, they can do it but doesnt it make more sense to see an eye doctor?

    Sometimes, too, general shops may misdiagnose something as catastrophic, when a much smaller repair or service was all that was needed. Dont chance itand why would you? The technicians at Lake City Auto Care have the expertise to repair your transmission and get you back on the road.

    If youre having transmission troubles, the friendly & helpful specialists at our can help put your mind at ease. Give us a call or send us a quick message so we can help you navigate your transmission concerns before they become a crisis.

    North Idaho’s Best Warranty

    We stand behind our work 100%. That’s why we offer a five-year, 50,000-mile warranty on all services and repairs. You can rest assured that when you bring your vehicle to us, we’ve got you covered no matter what happens down the road.

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    Whats Involved In A Transmission Repair For My Jeep

    Tough question. It depends on what needs to be repaired on your jeep, because there are a number of things that can go wrong. The following is a list of typical repairs:

    • Transmission Leak: Common causes include cracked fluid lines, leaky seals, a bad gasket, a broken drain plug, damaged torque converter pump or faulty transmission pan.
    • Transmission Fluid Flush: Replaces old transmission fluid with new fluid. If youre handy, this is one repair you can do yourself.
    • Transmission Solenoid Replacement: Solenoids control the fluid in the transmission. They work through voltage supplied by your transmissions computer.
    • Transmission Linkage: Your linkage can loosen over time and might need to be tightened. Other times it may need to be replaced altogether.

    Sometimes a transmission is so damaged it cant be repaired. If thats the case, then youll need either a rebuilt or a remanufactured transmission. Both are expensive, running anywhere from

    Burnt Or Dirty Transmission Fluid

    If the transmission fluid looks dirty or burnt, it should be changed right away. This is an indication that the transmission may have overheated at some point. The fluid will no longer be able to do its job the way it could when it was new .

    Heres more on telling what is going on with your transmission based on the color.

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    Jeeps Transmission Over Temp

    An overheating transmission is the worst nightmare that any Jeep owner could ever face.

    The high temperatures can cause carbon deposits on vital car parts, which disrupts their operations.

    Also, when overheated, the transmission fluid wont cool your vehicle or lubricate the parts adequately, which can cause wear on multiple components.

    So do not drive your car in this state.

    Instead, seek professional inspection and repair services as soon as possible.

    With proper care and maintenance, you can avoid transmission heating issues.

    Install An External Cooling System

    2011 Jeep Patriot transmission overheating problem

    Most Jeep owners love to explore various terrains with their vehicles and towing extra loads.

    This increases the strain on the transmission system, especially while driving on hilly or sloped terrain.

    The radiator alone may not adequately cool the car.

    In this case, you need to install an external transmission cooler to provide extra cooling power.

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    Take Care Of The Transmission Fluid

    Taking care of your transmission fluid is the number one thing that you can do to keep your transmission from overheating.

    • Check the Fluid Check the transmission fluid often. If the color looks off go ahead and change it. If its low add fluid. This will keep most transmissions from overheating.
    • Follow the Maintenance Schedule Following Jeeps scheduled service times will keep your transmission operating like new and dissipating heat properly. If the fluid overstays its welcome, it can go bad and start to lose its efficacy, and the transmission will overheat.
    • Make Sure Its Full Transmission fluids primary job is to dissipate heat. Just like antifreeze, if there isnt enough of it your transmission will overheat. Check the level often. This is the most common reason that a transmission will overheat.

    Jeep Patriot Transmission Fluid Light

    My Patriot will randomly, after being on the highway for 45 minutes or so, have the Transmission Fluid Light come on. If I continue to drive it, the car will slow itself down to 30 miles per hour. When I take it to the dealer they can never find a code, even when I drove into the dealers lot with the light on . Help!!!

    You must be referring to the transmission temperature warning light, this indicates that the transmission is overheating, the owners manual states that you should stop driving and allow the transmission to cool or risk damage to the transmission. There may be a problem with the transmission cooler, hopefully the transmission hasnt been damaged by the overheating episodes.

    This is from the owners manual

    This light indicates that the transmission fluidtemperature is running hot. This may occurwith severe usage, such as trailer towing. If thislight turns on, safely pull over and stop themvehicle. Then, shift the transmission into NEUTRAL andrun the engine at idle or faster until the light turns off.

    Continuous driving with the Transmission TemperatureWarning Light illuminated will eventually causesevere transmission damage or transmission failure.

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    How Can You Prevent Transmission Overheating

    The transmission is vital to any car, and it requires proper care to keep it running at optimum efficiency.

    The best way to prevent Jeep overheating problems is by keeping up with regular maintenance.

    Here are easy tips that you can use to prevent the transmission from overheating no matter the weather.

    Whats Happening Inside Of My Car When My Transmission Is Overheating

    CVT Transmission Overheats, Whines, High RPM

    Push your palms together and twist your hands back and forth in in opposite directions while increasing the pressure. As you increase the pressure, friction creates heat and it becomes harder to twist. This is whats going on inside your cars transmission while youre driving along. The lubrication system in your transmission is intended towell, lubricate these areas of friction so that this is never a problem.

    When your transmission lubricating fluid is scarce temperatures start to rise. This breaks down the fluid inside your transmission even further creating more frictionbut instead of your palms , pieces of metal are scraping together, seals are breaking and many components are approaching devastation.

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    What Can You Do About All This

    Thus far, weve had a rundown of all the major Jeep Patriot problems that you should know. But now, you might be wondering whats next. Maybe youre an owner of an old Jeep Patriot. Or, you might be in the market to buy one. In that case, these faults and issues should certainly be noted whenever you have the chance to inspect them in person. If you own a Patriot, then be extra attentive to any of the symptoms that we mentioned from earlier. Things like the gearbox slipping, or engine stalling.

    Perhaps you noticed some moisture or leaking in your Patriot. In that case, do consider calling your local mechanic or Jeep dealer. Inquire, and have it checked out if its serious. Remember that the costs are nothing when compared to your safety. Based on the comments left on CarComplaints.com, some of the common issues have rightfully scared the owners of these cars. The car might stall or struggle to get up to speed while youre driving. The suspension woes too can be very hazardous to you.

    What Made The Jeep Patriot So Popular

    Before we talk about Jeep Patriot problems, we should understand more on why it became popular. Why is it that even four years after it ended production, some people still speak highly of it? The main reasons for this were its cost, and what you get for the money. It was a Jeep, after all, and one that was priced accessibly for consumers. Plus, getting insurance on it was quite cheap, too. Yet, youre still getting the full Jeep experience, with plenty of practicality, and decent off-road capabilities.

    There was plenty of luggage and cargo space, so the Patriot made a great family vehicle. Although not all models had 4WD, it was good enough for lighter use. However, its popularity also exposed some flaws in its inherent design. For one, Jeep made severe cost cutting measures to keep the price low. So much so, that technology and creature comforts were basic at most. This is despite the fact that similarly priced crossovers and mini-SUVs had better kit installed. Built quality was lacking, too.

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    Your Transmission Doesnt Respond As Quick As Usual

    With an overheating transmission, you may experience difficulty shifting gears. This is because overheating can be a sign of transmission failure and your cars transmission controls your cars gears and power. If you notice slipping or delays when your vehicle is switching gears, its time to get your car to a mechanic.

    How Your Patriots Cooling System Works

    Jeep Patriot CVT Transmission Fixed jf011e whine noise service

    Your Patriots cooling system works by cycling the engine coolant from the engine through the radiator. The water pump pushes the water through the entire system. The thermostat opens up once the engine reaches operating temperature and allows coolant in.

    If any part of this system fails, your Patriot will eventually overheat.

    Here are the most common symptoms of a vehicle overheating.

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    Do Jeep Patriots Have A Lot Of Problems

    Yes, the Jeep Patriot has a lot of problems. Although the Jeep Patriot is an affordable option for people who need to have a nice car, it has problems you should know about before you consider buying one. A common problem of the jeep Patriot is transmission issues which could cause your vehicle to have acceleration problems or suddenly stop moving while you drive. This could eventually cause severe damage.

    Another problem would have to be with the water leaks. There have been complaints by jeep Patriot owners that there were times water leaks entered into the cabin through either the dome light and sunroof or both. This could leave water puddles in the cabin and cause severe damage to the radio and other materials in the cabin. Other common potential problems of the Jeep Patriot are electrical system issues, overheating, wireless control module failure, ball joints/suspension problems, and airbag issues.

    Jeep Patriot Transmission Overheating: Symptoms + Causes

    Overheating is the worst thing that can happen to your Jeep Patriots transmission. An overheating transmission will drastically shorten its service life. If you suspect that your transmission is overheating, doing something about it now can keep you from an expensive transmission repair later. Low transmission fluid is the number one cause of an overheating transmission.

    Allowing your Patriots transmission to overheat for any period of time can damage it in the same way that driving with an overheating engine can hurt the engine. It is important to know the symptoms and causes of an overheating transmission.

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    Patriot Latitude X 24l V4

    • CVT transmission
    • 92,000 miles

    First issue happened Monday, September 10, 2018. Drove from South Portland, Maine to Auburn, Maine, which is about a 45 minute drive northbound on I95. Transmission started slipping, going anywhere between 1000RPM to 4000RPM very inconsistently and having issues downshifting. A few minutes before going to my exit, the dashboard lit up with a transmission overheat light and the vehicle became very sluggish and difficult to drive, forcing me to go from 70MPH to 40MPH. I pulled on the side of the road and got car towed to a transmission workshop only to have them return me the vehicle as they could not replicate code and transmission did not record an overheat.

    My second issue happened September 25, 2018 while driving from Brunswick, Maine to Van Buren, Maine. This is a 4 hour drive. The transmission overheat light went off again, and I was forced to pull on the side of the road. Due to the nature of my job which involves traveling, I let the trans cool off, and attempted to drive, only to have the transmission overheat numerous times. Eventually the car became extremely sluggish even without the transmission light going off. The car was then towed over 200 miles to the repair workshop where a month later, the transmission was replaced and two front axles replaced after being destroyed by the transmission damage.

    Ana B.,Brunswick, US

    Carlyn C.,Russell Springs, KY, US

    • 80,000 miles

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    Tips For Fixing Common Problems

    CVT Transmission Overheats, Whines, High RPM

    When you find out about the common problems of the Jeep Patriot, the best thing to do is find a means to fix the problem. If you are a Patriot owner or a person interested in owning a Jeep Patriot, it is vital to know and pay attention to the problems mentioned earlier. Its also vital to keep an eye on any check engine light warnings regularly to spot issues sooner rather than later.

    Water leaks can get into your cabin either through the dome light, sunroof, or even both. The water leaks can cause a lot of damage, meaning you must find a way to repair the sunroof and the dome light. In a situation like this, youll need to meet with a car mechanic or a jeep dealer. They will offer you a solution to the water leaks problem you may be having. The Jeep Patriot would always risk having electrical system issues, just like every other car. The first thing you must do is be able to identify the signs of an electrical system issue before it causes permanent damage. Once you figure out these signs, they will be easy for you to fix. Instead of trying to fix the fault yourself, it is advisable to let a professional handle it.

    The ball joints are supposed to moderate how the car moves and affect how it steers. For example, there would be a problem if the Jeep Patriot could move left and right without the driver moving it that way. Failure of the ball joints can be fatal. This is why you need to speak to a mechanic to help replace the ball joints with quality ones.

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    Signs Your Manual Transmission Clutch Is Failing

    If you have noticed that your car is acting strangely whenever you try to shift gears, you may wonder if your manual transmission has an issue. A common cause of manual transmission problems is when the clutch is not working the way it should. Look for the following signs that the clutch is failing and in danger of going out altogether if it is not replaced soon.

    1. Clutch Pedal Depresses Too Easy

    Normally, when you apply the clutch pedal, you should get some resistance. You should only be able to push the pedal about halfway before needing to apply hard pressure to depress the pedal further.

    However, if the gears in the clutch are bad, the pedal will depress easily. The pedal will hit the floor without much pressure. This ability to fully depress the pedal with little effort is a sign that the teeth on the gears are worn down. When paired with other indicators of a clutch problem, the pedal depressing too easily is almost a sure sign that you need a replacement.

    2. Pedal Vibrates While Shifting Gears

    Another sign that your cars clutch is about to go out is when you start feeling vibrations on the pedal. Whenever you depress the pedal to shift gears, you will feel the pedal start to vibrate because the gears have either slipped or the teeth are worn.

    This vibration of the clutch is called chattering. When the clutch first starts exhibiting this sign, you may feel only slight vibrations. You may not even notice them and think they are part of the cars normal sensation.

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