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Patriot Health Alliance Ultimate Male

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Contacting Patriot Health Alliance

Patriot Power Greens Superfood Review –

Patriot Health Alliance is open Monday-Friday from 8am-7pm. It is also open on Saturday from 10am-4pm. During these hours, they can be reached by phone number at 1-800-230-8956. They are more than happy to answer questions or give more information on all their products.

Patriot Health Alliance can also be reached by email at:

For mail correspondence or mail orders, the mailing address is:

For product returns, the address is:

Gnc And Patriot Health Alliance Latest Reviews

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Have heard back from Patriots. Working to resolve problem. Will pick up broken one and send new one. Thanks

On July 10th 2022 the sales associate was talking and dosed off in mid sentence. And after that it was all down hill

Order with shipment confirmation was not received. Whats the delay and where is the order!!! Order #294****For Portland

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How Does It Work

If you are a man above 35 years of age or close to it, you might face some hormonal changes in your body. There is a tendency of having low testosterone in the body. You will start feeling weak and low. These problems are common at some point in time. These hormonal changes have negative impact on the overall health of the body. Ultimate Male is developed naturally to cater all the deficiency. It has the ability to detoxify the body from the unwanted fat and other hormones. It works as the antioxidant and maintains the blood circulation to all parts of the body.

Patriot Power Greens Pricing

Ultimate Male Reviews

That pricing isnt a typo, by the way: the 5 bottle package is currently priced the same as the 3 bottle package. So if youre buying multiple canisters of Patriot Power Greens, you should definitely not buy the 3 canister option because its the exact same price as the 5 canister option.

Patriot Power Greens is Not currently sold on Amazon or in any health food store.

All purchases come with a 100% money back guarantee. If youre not happy with Patriot Power Greens for any reason, then you can return your empty and unused bottles to the company and youll receive a full refund . You can view address information for the companys return department on their website.

Theres also a secret trial offer for Patriot Power Greens. If you visit the ordering form, then click the Back button on your browser, then youll be asked if you want to try a 7 day trial package of Patriot Power Greens for free. That trial isnt actually Free Trial: youll need to pay $2.95. However, it doesnt appear to subscribe you in an autoship program, so its a genuine risk-free trial.

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Ultimate Male Review Final Verdict

Ultimate Male focuses on one of the main elements that cause sexual problems among older men a drop in testosterone levels.

The product uses a combination of natural ingredients to help the body release more of this sex hormone. Users should be wary of the fact that Yohimbe has been added to this formula.

Overall, the product seems to be in an affordable price range and the ingredients may be effective in improving overall sexual health. You can check out some best male enhancement pills review here before making decision.

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Expectation From Ultimate Male Supplement

The Ultimate Male supplement has many benefits apart from increasing testosterone level. It increases the energy level and balances the hormones. It enhances the immunity. Restores the protein and other nutrients in the body. Its taken by many body builders for maintaining stamina and mass body. It does not have any artificial or chemical components so it is safe to consume. One of the best parts is that it helps in getting a lean muscle mass with fewer workout efforts. It restores t-level in the body naturally.

Ultimate male supplement is authentic and gone through the legal testing before the launch. The packaging is done with all the relevant information on the label. The product claims no fake promises to their customer. It takes a few weeks time to show the results. The natural process of the product takes the little time to give optimum results. It works to make the muscles strong and increase their strength. It combats overall effects of the aging process. The person gets more energy for work out and gives healthy life style. It also strengthens the physical body. It fights against free radicals. Releases the extra stress. It naturally produces testosterone and builds body muscles. No prescription is needed to buy the product.

Purchasing Patriot Health Alliance Products

Alliance Health and The Steve Smith Family Foundation

Currently, the products that Patriot Health Alliance sells are sold online through their website. Currently, orders can only be made with credit or debit cards.

It should be noted that the Patriot Health Alliance is very safe and protects the information of every user. It uses several layers of encryptions to create a secure connection with customers computers, so that none of the information shared with the company is compromised.

Because Patriot Health Alliance uses a secure credit card processor, one that meets all the strictest standards, it does not keep, store, or have access to the credit card information shared by its users.

In most cases, all orders made within the United States are shipped out immediately. This means the products usually arrive in 2-5 business days. For orders made from Canada, the wait time is usually 10 or more days.

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Patriot Health Alliance Is The Focus Of Recent Review By Morning Health News

The Review Offers an Unbiased and Helpful Review of the Dietary Supplement Company and Some of its Most Popular Products

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / December 28, 2015 / The founders of Patriot Health Alliance, an American company that specializes in top quality natural dietary supplements, are pleased to announce that the company was recently the focus of a review by Morning Health News. The Patriot Health Alliance review, which is subtitled “Who Are They and Why You Should Check Them Out,” offers readers a thorough and interesting look at the company and some of its most popular products.

In the review of the company–which was also recently the subject of an article on–the author noted that it can be challenging to find reputable supplement companies that offer effective products and are worthy of customers’ trust and money.

Fortunately, notes the new review, Patriot Health Alliance is a reputable company that is known for its top-quality dietary supplements and educational information.

For instance, noted the review, one of the company’s most popular products is called Patriot Power Greens. This product, which was also featured in another press release about Patriot Health Alliance, is especially popular with older people who appreciate its great taste and huge variety of nutrients.

For men who wish to boost their energy, the review has praise for Peak Performance for Men.

About Patriot Health Alliance:


The Product Line Front Runner

Patriot Power Greens is by far the most popular product that Patriot Health Alliance carries. The green drink is loaded with 38 fruits and veggies , 10 probiotics, and 7 digestive enzymes in one serving. This unique cocktail boosts energy, reduces inflammation, heals the gut, and improves digestion of other foods. It is also completely void of gluten, GMOs, artificial sweeteners, and caffeine.

Highly regarded by its many customers, Patriot Power Greens is accompanied by several success stories. A Nashville, TN, couple reported reduced pain, stiffness, and swelling in their joints and less fatigue after just two weeks of taking the delicious supplement. Even skeptics quickly become believers in the same short time frame, a multiple sclerosis patient replaced her heavy medication with Patriot Power Greens. In addition to the relief of getting off of prescriptions, she also enjoys greater energy.

Many elderly customers enjoy this product because of the energy boost that it provides however, Patriot Power Greens is great for younger people, as well. Most Americans could benefit from more produce in their diets, especially sea vegetables that we do not consume often. Additionally, probiotics and digestive enzymes are not on the menu of the standard American diet, and questionable items on that menu gluten, GMOs, and artificial sweeteners are never found in Patriot Power Greens.

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Where Is The Patriot Health Alliance Power Greens Blend Produced

Patriot Health Alliance Power Greens are produced in the USA. So this power green elixir is truly patriotic since product is at home. The quality of this product depends on a broader market. That is, the individual raw ingredients come from around the world. South America is one example. But these ingredients then ship to the Patriot Health Alliance Flex Manufacturing Facility. This is located just outside of Salt Lake City. So your All American power greens drinks comes from ingredients we have scavenged abroad. And then they come home for you to enjoy and fuel your All American lifestyle.

Labor Education Health And Human Services And Related Agencies Projects Requested

Patriot Health Alliance Reviews â Give Yourself the Peak Performance ...

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Project Name: Berkshire Community College -Berkshire Culinary InstituteAmount Requested: $150,000Intended Recipient and Address: Berkshire Community College, 1350West St, Pittsfield, MA 01201

Amount Requested: $350,000

Dorchester, MA 02121

Location: Boston, MA

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Patriot Health Alliance: A Dependable Brand Of Powerful Dietary Supplements

General Health609 Views

With so many ineffective, dangerous, and overpriced supplements on the market, it is important to know which brands have good reputations. Patriot Health Alliance is one such brand. Its line of all-natural products and its loyalty to valued customers make this health company a safe choice for effective dietary supplements.

What Are The Advantages Of Ultimate Male

  • The ingredients found in this product are all-natural. There are no chemical ingredients included, such as the ones found in steroids and erectile dysfunction drugs.
  • Ultimate Male includes an adequate dose of zinc, which is an essential mineral that plays an important part in the bodys natural ability to produce testosterone.

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Patriot Health Alliance High Quality & Effective Products

Trusted Health SupplementsIt can be challenging to find companies that provide supplements worthy of customer money and trust, but Patriot Health Alliance is one brand that stands by its reputation. Patriot Power Greens, one product that is particularly popular among health enthusiasts, is the companys chief product. A delicious drink, 100% green, Patriot Power Greens provides healing and energy to the body. It is all natural, containing over 38 vegetables and fruits, as well as 7 key digestive enzymes and ten important probiotics all in one serving. Power Greens do not contain gluten, GMOs, artificial sweeteners, or caffeine, either. You can read our Patriot Power Greens review for more information.

Men wishing to boost their energy will enjoy Ultimate Male, another popular product from Patriot Health Alliance. Created with the goal of supporting natural, healthy testosterone levels, this is one of the best natural supplements for men. If you feel as though your energy levels have dipped or your bedroom performance isnt quite what it used to be, Peak Performance is the ideal supplement as it is both effective and safe.

Recognized in Major News PublicationsA health company dedicated to men and women in their senior years, patriot health alliance is committed to helping customers live more vibrant, healthier lives. The company strives to move away from secrets that Big Pharma and the government try to hide.

Patriot Health Alliance Specials

Patriot Pure Ultimate Water Filtration System

While the supplements offered by Patriot Health Alliance are very competitively priced, the company is offering a special at the moment that adds more savings on top of their already low prices.

At the moment, Patriot Health Alliance is selling its canisters of Patriot Power Greens for $49.95, plus $8.89 shipping and handling. This deal includes a monthly auto-refill, which means the company will send another canister every month, so users dont have to worry about the hassle of reordering.

For those who are looking to buy in bulk, Patriot Health Alliance is also offer a special for those purchasing 3 canisters. For $149, customers can get 3 canisters of Patriot Power Greens, plus a free shaker bottle, which is the best way to make the green drink. This deal also includes 2 free reports, as well as free shipping.

And finally, for the most savings, customers can purchase 5 canisters for $149, which also includes a free shaker bottle, 2 free reports, and free shipping.

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Patriot Power Greens Ingredients

Each serving of Patriot Power Greens comes with 38 different fruits and vegetables, 10 strains of probiotics, and 7 digestive enzymes. Each serving of the beverage contains 10 calories per serving with no added sugar and no artificial sweeteners.

The proprietary formulation is naturally sweetened with goji, apple and acai juice for a pleasant berry flavor.

The drink is also free from genetically-modified ingredients and contains no gluten, soy, dairy, wheat, nuts, eggs, fish, or shellfish. It promises to contain no allergens.

Another feature that patriot power greens free sample seems proud to explain is its use of organic fruits and vegetables:

We recently switched the fruits and vegetables in Patriot Power Greens from conventional fruits & vegetables to organic fruits and vegetables. Which means youre getting a healthier, more natural product just like God intended.You can view the full ingredients list at the bottom of the Patriot Power Greens page. Its not quite as detailed as we would have liked. We dont get the breakdown of all ingredients. We dont know how much of any fruit or vegetable is included in the supplement because all of those ingredients are hidden inside the Organic Fruits and Vegetables proprietary formula:

What Products Does Patriot Health Alliance Offer

Patriot Health Alliance has created five specific health supplements for their product line. These products are designed around the needs of 50-80 year olds.

Below is a list of the five products Patriot Health Alliance provides.

Patriot Power Greens

Patriot Power Greens is a green drinks that provides the body with all the nutrients and vitamins it needs, all within one serving. The drink is made with a combination of 38 non-GMO fruits and vegetables. In addition to the powdered fruits and vegetables in the drink, it also has 10 probiotics to help the digestive system. To aid the probiotics, Patriot Power Greens also has 7 separate digestive enzymes. Together, these powerful health supplements will help the body reach its optimum health.

The best part about Patriot Power Greens is that it actually tastes good, unlike many other green juices on the market. Its naturally sweetened with acai, apple, and goji berry juice, so it tastes like berry juice.

Patriot Power Greens only has 10 calories per serving and it also doesnt contain any major allergens. For those with diabetes, theres no worry because the drink does not have any added sugar or artificial sweeteners.

Ultimate Male

While there are several options on the market that target male health, very few are designed around the changing body of a 50-80 year old. Ultimate Male is a dietary supplement that was created to support healthy testosterone in males.

Peak Performance for Men

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