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Did Donald Trump Say Republicans Were Dumb

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Trump Gets Slap On The Wrist For Rant On Stupid Iowa Voters

Trump: Putin Is Smart, Our Leaders Are Dumb

Not good to insult Iowa voters, one Iowa Republican says, but the fallout is far from dramatic.

Donald Trumps slam of Iowans as stupid would usually be a breathtaking gaffe for a presidential candidate, but the billionaire businessman has proved time and again that this isnt any normal presidential race and that he isnt any normal candidate.

Top Republicans and Republican operatives in the state on Friday disparaged Trumps comments from his Thursday evening rally at Iowa Central Community College in which he questioned the intelligence of voters who believe rival Ben Carsons claims of a violent past and subsequent redemption. How stupid are the people of Iowa? How stupid are the people of the country to believe this crap? Trump yelled.

Not good to insult Iowa voters, Doug Gross, the former chief of staff to Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad, told POLITICO on Friday.

Steve Grubbs, the chief Iowa strategist for rival Rand Paul, was happy to pounce on the comment. Trumps meltdown last night makes me worry what would happen in a stressful situation in the White House, Grubbs said.

But many Iowa Republicans also dont see lasting damage. They see the comments as unfortunate but not nearly enough to send Trump packing.


I heard audible gasps from those I was sitting by, yet that had no effect in his standing in the caucuses. And Im not trying to dodge or be cute, but we dont know. We dont know what impact this will have,Strawn said.

Fact Check: Did Trump Say In ’98 Republicans Are Dumb Sorry Beternnun

  • Fact Check: Did Trump say in ’98 Republicans are dumb? Sorry Beternnun-No
  • Did Donald Trump tell People magazine in 1998 that if he ever ran for president, hed do it as a Republican because theyre the dumbest group of voters in the country and that he could lie and theyd still eat it up?A: No, thats a bogus meme.


    The meme purports to be a quote from Trump in People magazine in 1998 saying, If I were to run, Id run as a Republican. Theyre the dumbest group of voters in the country. They believe anything on Fox News. I could lie and theyd still eat it up. I bet my numbers would be terrific.

    We were alerted to the meme by a reader, A. Douglas Thomas of Freeport, N.Y., among others, who saw it in his Facebook feed, along with a message from someone who said, I just fact-checked this. Google Donald Trump, People magazine and 1998. This is an actual quote by Trump.

    Well save you the effort. It is not an actual quote by Trump.

    We scoured the Peoplemagazine archives and found nothing like this quote in 1998 or any other year.

    And a public relations representative with People told us that the magazine couldnt find anything like that quote in its archives, either. Peoples Julie Farin said in an email: Peoplelooked into this exhaustively when it first surfaced back in Oct. We combed through every Trump story in our archive. We couldnt find anything remotely like this quote and no interview at all in 1998.


    Ben Carson: March 4 2016

    You would be forgiven for forgetting that at one point last fall, Dr. Ben Carson was tied with Trump for first place in national Republican presidential preference polls. They were two different versions of the outsider candidate Trump, the brash billionaire and reality TV star and Carson the quiet doctor propelled by faith. In November, Trump went on the attack. He turned to Carsons own autobiography for ammunition, noting with skepticism Carsons story of how his religious conversion began when he attempted to stab a friend only to have the knife blade break on the friends belt buckle. How stupid are the people of Iowa? Trump asked. How stupid are the people of the country to believe this crap? At the time it seemed a direct challenge to evangelicals that could only hurt Trump, but it was Carson who began to slip in the polls. The doctor did poorly in the early primaries and dropped out after Super Tuesday. A week later he endorsed Trump, saying the two had buried the hatchet and that he believed there are two Donald Trumps the bombastic public figure and the private man who is cerebral and willing to consider other views.

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    Top 10 Actual Things Donald Trump Said At His 2016 Presidential Campaign Kickoff

    Top 10 Actual Things Donald Trump Said At His 2016 Presidential Campaign Announcement

    ? On Tuesday, real estate mogul-turned reality show star, Donald Trump, became the latest Republican to jump into the 2016 presidential race.

    If hes elected in 2016, the GOP hopeful predicated that he would be the most successful president for U.S. jobs that God ever created, used the recent sale of a multi-million dollar apartment he owned to someone from China as an example of his friendly ties with the country, voiced concern that people from the Middle East are probably sneaking into the country through the border, and revealed that rich Islamic terrorists are his competition within the hotel market in Syria.

    This is all real, and its trademark Trump. Here are the quotes from Trumps presidential announcement that you will never hear another presidential candidate say ever.

    Wait A Minute Bamboo Fibre

    Donald Trump Republicans are dumb: The fake People magazine quote ...

    Yes. According to one volunteer, John Brakey, theyre investigating whether fake ballots may have been snuck in from overseas.

    They use bamboo in their paper processing, people in southeast Asia, he told a local CBS television station.

    Brakey is quick to say he doubts such fraud is real, but the investigators apparently want to leave no stone unturned, untested and unsubjected to ultraviolet light.

    As mail-in Arizona ballots are matched against registered voters, multiple votes cast by the same individual would have been flagged.

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    Trump Did Not Disparage Gop In 1998 People Magazine Interview

    CLAIM: If I were to run, Id run as a Republican. Theyre the dumbest group of voters in the country. They believe anything on Fox News. I could lie and theyd still eat it up. I bet my numbers would be terrific. Donald Trump in 1998 People magazine interview.

    APS ASSESSMENT: False. The president did not make such a comment to People magazine.

    THE FACTS: Singer and actress Bette Midler, who often speaks out against Trump, shared the false quote attributed to Trump on her Twitter account Sunday, with the comment that Trump certainly knew his crowd. Julie Farin, a People magazine spokeswoman, told The Associated Press that the magazine looked into the claim exhaustively when it first surfaced years ago but did not find anything remotely like it made by the president.

    The image used with the false quote shows Trump during a 1988 appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show where he discussed running for president, but made no reference to Republicans being the dumbest group of voters. The quote first began circulating in 2015 and has been widely shared across social media platforms, including Facebook. It has been widely debunked since that time.

    Heres more information on Facebooks fact-checking program:

    This is part of The Associated Press ongoing effort to fact-check misinformation that is shared widely online, including work with Facebook to identify and reduce the circulation of false stories on the platform.

    Bu Today: Is There Any Fascist Analog On The American Left

    Jonathan Zatlin:Thats one of those rhetorical questions thats easily disposed of. There is no such thing as fascism on the American left. There might be violence on the American left, although theres far less than there is on the right. This is a tactical move on the right to deny its own responsibility.

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    Obstruction Now A Major Focus In Trump Documents Probe

    The FBI investigation into top-secret government information discovered at Mar-a-Lago is zeroing in on the question of whether former President Donald Trump’s team criminally obstructed the probe. A new document alleges that government records had been concealed and removed and that law enforcement officials were misled about what was still there.

    The allegation does not necessarily mean that Trump or anyone else will ultimately face charges. But it could pose the most direct legal threat to Trump and those in his orbit, in part because the Justice Department has historically regarded obstruction as an aggravating factor that tilts in favor of bringing criminal charges involving the mishandling of classified information.

    It goes to the heart of trying to suborn the very integrity of our criminal justice system, said David Laufman, who once oversaw the same Justice Department counterintelligence section now responsible for the Mar-a-Lago investigation.

    The latest Justice Department motion in the case is focused less on the removal last year of classified information from the White House to Mar-a-Lago and more on the events of this past spring and summer. That’s when law enforcement officials tried unsuccessfully to get all documents back and were assured, falsely, that everything had been accounted for after a diligent search.

    But the FBI came to doubt the truth of those statements and obtained a search warrant to return on Aug. 8.

    Kanye West: Im Running For President In 2020

    Donald Trump compilation: The 90 most shocking things he’s said during election campaign

    Bush has responded to the attacks by presenting himself as a true conservative who has the ability to survive a long-haul presidential race.

    In the video Bushs campaign released on Tuesday, Trump is also shown in a 2007 interview with CNNs Wolf Blitzer in which he mentions Hillary Clinton as someone who would do a good job negotiating a deal with Iran. Later in the video, Trump is shown in the same interview saying that he identifies more as a Democrat.

    The video also shows Trump having warm words for the Clintons. He has donated generous sums to the familys charitable foundation over the years, in addition to Hillary Clintons Senate campaigns.

    A chyron on the screen notes that Trump was a registered Democratic voter in 2001, though Trump has also defended his donations to Democratic candidates in the past, remarking that in New York, everyones Democratic.

    In a 2011 interview with Fox News Sean Hannity, Trump mused: So, what am I going to do, contribute to Republicans? Am I going to contribute to, I mean, one thing Im not stupid. Am I going to contribute to a Republican for my whole life when they get, they run against some Democrat. And the most they can get is one percent of the vote.

    Bushs Twitter account shared the ad, tweeting, Why are you a The answer is, youre not.

    Within a minute, Trump fired back with three tweets lambasting what he called a weak hit by a candidate with a failing campaign.

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    Doj Indicates Trumps Demand For Special Master May Be Too Late

    In the weeks since the search of Mar-a-Lago, the former president has been off the airwaves, even eschewing appearances on friendly shows. Instead, hes blasted out self-defenses on his social media site Truth Social and through his Save America super PAC.

    The more he speaks for himself, however, the more political headaches he creates for Republicans. On Monday, he bluntly proposed that he be crowned the rightful winner of a 2020 election fairly won by Biden, or that a determination be made that the ballot was irreparably compromised. He suggested a do-over of the election in the case of the latter.

    Trump is expected to address the FBI search at his first public appearance for a Saturday Save America rally in support of endorsed candidates in Scranton, Pa. this coming weekend.

    I think people would expect him to go on Fox, go on radio shows, go on primetime shows, Newsmax, OAN, one on one interviews, and do a media blitz, said one person close to the Trump operation. Hes not doing media, but the surrogates are out there, the lawyers are out there, which is smart from a legal standpoint.

    When news first broke that the FBI had gone into Trumps Mar-a-Lago home, many Republicans called it a politically motivated witch hunt. But on Capitol Hill, at least, Trumps backers are starting to climb down from their initial anti-FBI clamor and offering a hodgepodge of potential explanations as more details of the investigation emerge.

    Sam Stein contributed to this report.

    Is Trumps Hold On The Republican Party Getting Weaker

    For the past year it has been assumed that Donald Trump is the undisputed leader of the Republican Party. And with good reason. He has held onto the loyalties of Republican voters, he has managed to spread the Big Lie to many of his followers and to many Republican politicians who initially were against him, and he has raised enormous sums of money, most of it from small donors.

    But in recent weeks it is possible to see three cracks in what Trump would like to believe is monolithic control over the Republican Party.

    • The hard-core Trump base appears to be shrinking.
    • In many Republican primaries Trump does not appear able to crown winners simply with his endorsementhis candidates are often in for a fight with other Republicans.
    • Heavy hitters are stepping up to challenge Trumps version of the election, which has become his dominant message.

    Secondly, Trumps ability to call the shots in the upcoming Republican primaries is being tested. Many of the primaries will feature an internal fight between Trump endorsed candidates and more mainstream Republicans. For example, Trump has endorsed 12 candidates running in Republican gubernatorial primaries. If his word was as powerful as he thinks it is, opposition to his candidates should melt away. But thats not happening. Very few of these races are cake walks for the Trump endorsed candidate.

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    Shades Of 201: Republicans Stay Silent On Trump Hoping He Fades Away

    Just like when Donald J. Trump was a candidate in 2016, rival Republicans are trying to avoid becoming the target of his attacks ordirectly confronting him, while hoping someone else will.

    By Maggie Haberman

    It was a familiar scene on Sunday when Senator John Thune, Republican of South Dakota, tried to avoid giving a direct answer about the caustic behavior of former President Donald J. Trump.

    Mr. Trump had called Senator Mitch McConnell, the minority leader, dumb and used a coarse phrase to underscore it while speaking to hundreds of Republican National Committee donors on Saturday night. When Mr. Thune was asked by Chris Wallace, the host of Fox News Sunday, to comment, he chuckled and tried to sidestep the question.

    I think a lot of that rhetoric is you know, its part of the style and tone that comes with the former president, Mr. Thune said, before moving on to say Mr. Trump and Mr. McConnell shared the goal of reclaiming congressional majorities in 2022.

    Mr. Thune was not the only Republican straining to stay on the right side of the former president. The day before Mr. Trump delivered his broadsides against Mr. McConnell, Senator Rick Scott of Florida, the chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, presented Mr. Trump with a newly created award for his leadership.

    Trump did self-destruct eventually, after four years in office, Mr. DuHaime said. But he can still make or break others, and that makes him powerful and relevant.

    What Does Donald Trump Think About All This

    Republicans look the other way from Trump

    He loves it, of course. Hes been cheering the auditors in press releases.

    I wouldnt be surprised if they found thousands and thousands and thousands of votes, he told a group of guests two weeks ago at his Mar-a-Lago club. This was a rigged election, everybody knows it, and were going to be watching it very closely.

    Trump has also been demanding that the states Republican governor, Doug Ducey, provide large-scale security, such as the police or national guard, for the auditors.

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    What Are The Auditors Looking For

    Unspecified evidence of fraud in the states presidential and senate races .

    Theyre tabulating the ballots something that was done after the election and then again during a routine partial recount that all Arizona counties are legally required to perform .

    Theyre also looking for somewhat more, shall we say, unusual evidence of malfeasance. Theyve been holding ballots up to ultraviolet light, photographing them with high-resolution cameras, analysing folding patterns on the paper as well as its thickness and colour, and looking for traces of bamboo fibre.

    Trumps 10 Most Hilariously Stupid Things He Said In 2019

    President Donald Trump has a long history of saying some of the most bizarre things in politics. This year was one for the books as the president flailed, searching for excuses for his July 25 phone call with Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky.

    Here are some of the most hilariously stupid things the president has said this year:

    1. Windmills cause ear cancer

    If you have a windmill anywhere near your house, congratulations, your house just went down 75 percent in value, Trump told Republicans in April. And they say the noise causes cancer. You tell me that one. He then made a whirring noise mimicking a turbine.

    2. He wants to buy Greenland

    In meetings, at dinners and in passing conversations, Mr. Trump has asked advisers whether the U.S. can acquire Greenland, listened with interest when they discuss its abundant resources and geopolitical importance and, according to two of the people, has asked his White House counsel to look into the idea,the Wall Street Journal reported in August.

    Denmark essentially owns it, Trump told reporters in the days that followed. Were very good allies with Denmark. We protect Denmark like we protect large portions of the world. Strategically its interesting.

    Trump then got into a fight with Danish leaders and had to cancel a trip hed planned to the country.

    3. Trump is the chosen one.

    4. Why dont they go back and help fix the totally broken and crime-infested places from which they came.

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