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Democratic Platform Vs Republican Platform

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Democrat & Republican Party Platform Comparison 2020

As all this was unfolding, so was the Covid-19 pandemic. Until June, Republicans were still hoping to hold a full-blown convention and to bring 50,000 people to Charlotte, North Carolina. The states Democratic governor, Roy Cooper, said this would not be acceptable due to public health concerns. But Trump badly wanted to give his convention speech to a full crowd, so he in June that hed skip Charlotte and have his speech in Jacksonville, Florida.

Republicans werent abandoning Charlotte entirely they still planned to hold some convention events there. But with the presidents change of venue, delegates who made the trip to Charlotte wouldnt even get to see Trump speak.

So Republican officials announced in late June that they would scale back convention proceedings after all and that part of this effort would involve ditching platform-drafting entirely. The party would just reuse its 2016 platform rather than write a new one.

Republican officials claimed to Epstein and Karni that the final decision was driven by logistics and not the controversy over Kushners proposed changes. Republican officials decided it did not make sense to ask about 5,000 delegates and alternates to pay to fly to Charlotte when the main convention speeches were happening elsewhere, they wrote.

Republican Party Members And Activists

  • Justin Clark, senior counsel for the Trump campaign: “President Trump won in 2016 with this platform and hell win again in 2020 with this platform.
  • Colleen Holcomb, president of the Eagle Forum: “Given the quarantine situation, we were concerned that decisions regarding the Platform not be made in proverbial smoke-filled rooms or through secret meetings in Washington, D.C.”
  • Terry Schilling, executive director of American Principles Project: “We cant go into 2020 with the same platform we had in 2016, and by limiting the ability to make changes you run the risk of having a stale platform. It will be tone deaf.”
  • Jennifer Williams, 2016 national delegate: “Anything positive that the Trump administration has achieved in the last three years cant be put into this document now because this document is frozen.”

Red States Outnumber Blue States

In February 2016, Gallup reported that for the first time since Gallup started tracking, red states now outnumber blue states.

In 2008, 35 states leaned Democratic and this number is down to only 14 now. In the same time, the number of Republican leaning states rose from 5 to 20. Gallup determined 16 states to be competitive, i.e., they leaned toward neither party. Wyoming, Idaho and Utah were the most Republican states, while states that leaned the most Democratic were Vermont, Hawaii and Rhode Island.

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Democratic Party And The Republican Party Platforms Address Affordable Housing

The recently adopted Democratic Party platform and Republican Party platform from 2016 both address housing-related policies, but the differences are stark. The Democratic platform promises robust investments in affordable housing production and rental assistance, strong efforts to address systemic racism and discrimination, and actions to address the coronavirus pandemic. The Republican platform seeks to advance responsible homeownership, reduce the role of the federal government in housing policy, and roll back the Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing Rule.

Democratic Platform

The 2020 Democratic platform includes language addressing the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on housing affordability and the eviction crisis efforts to address the systemic and historic racism in housing policy investments in the national Housing Trust Fund, Housing Choice Vouchers and Public Housing and strong and proactive non-discrimination protections. The following are selections from the Democratic party platform:

COVID-19 has laid bare deep fault lines in our economy, our society, and our health care system. Disparities in health care access, in access to paid sick leave, in environmental quality, in the employment market, and in housing have contributed to disproportionate rates of infection and death among Black Americans, Native Americans, Latinos, and certain Asian American and Pacific Islander communities.

Republican Platform

The Democratic Party General Policy And Political Values

Party Platform Comparisons

The Democratic Party generally represents left-leaning, liberal and progressive ideological values, thus advocating for a strong government to regulate business and support for the citizens of the United States. Thus, one of the key values emphasized by Democrats is social responsibility. Overall, Democrats believe that a prominent and powerful government can ensure welfare and equality for all. Much like the Republican Party, political opinions within the Democratic Party stretch across a wide spectrum, as both parties are, to a large degree, decentralized. However, from a general point of view, Democrats tend to support heavy taxation of high-income households. In comparison to Denmark, where taxes are generally high, the Democratic taxation policy may not seem excessive, but on a U.S. taxation scale these tax percentages are in the heavy end.

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Democratic And Republican Party Platforms: Side

The two major American political parties have released their 2016 party platforms in anticipation of their respective party conventions and the upcoming general election. Given the importance of health care in this upcoming election, the Center for Medicare Advocacy has done an initial analysis of the health-related positions of the two parties. Below we present a comparison of Medicare and health care related policies the two parties may pursue according to their platform statements, as well as links to those statements so those interested in more detail can read them in their entirety.

The following language was submitted by the Leadership Council on Aging with input from the Center for Medicare Advocacy

  • Health Care and Long-Term Services and Supports. We believe that access to affordable, high-quality health care and long-term services and supports is part of the American promise that no one should go broke because they get sick, develop a disability, or are at the end of life. We will defend Medicare, Medicaid, and the Affordable Care Act against harmful cutsand seek to expand these programs to better protect older adults, people with disabilities, and low-income Americans.
  • Internet Safety And Decency

    DemocraticThe platform supports a free and open internet at home and abroad. The party would seek to strengthen cybersecurity while protecting the privacy and civil liberties of the American people.

    RepublicanThe platform states: The internet must not become a safe haven for predators. Pornography, with its harmful effects, especially on children, has become a public health crisis that is destroying the lives of millions.

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    Political Views And Core Beliefs

    Political liberals believe that parties motivated by self-interest are willing to behave in ways that are harmful to society unless government is prepared and empowered to constrain them. They believe regulation is necessitated when individuals, corporations, and industries demonstrate a willingness to pursue financial gain at an intolerable cost to societyand grow too powerful to be constrained by other social institutions. Liberals believe in systematic protections against hazardous workplaces, unsafe consumer products, and environmental pollution. They remain wary of the corruption and historic abuses, particularly the oppression of political minorities that have taken place in the absence of oversight for state and local authorities. They believe the public welfare is promoted by cultivating a widely-tolerant and -permissive society.

    Liberals believe in universal access to health care they believe personal health should be in no way dependent upon one’s financial resources, and support government intervention to sever that link. Political conservatives prefer no government sponsorship of health care they prefer all industries to be private, favor deregulation of commerce, and advocate a reduced role for government in all aspects of society. They believe government should be in no way involved in one’s healthcare purchasing decisions.

    Donald Trump Vs Joe Biden

    Democrats’ 2020 platform: Does it include protections for the unborn? | EWTN News Nightly

    This is an unbiased comparison of the policy and political positions of Joe Biden and Donald Trump, candidates for president from the Democratic and Republican parties respectively.

    For the most part, the candidates’ views conform with the political platform of their party Biden is “pro-choice” on abortion rights, Trump is “pro-life” Biden supports the DREAM Act and a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants, while Trump wants to deport all undocumented immigrants and build a wall on the Mexican border Biden wants to expand gun control legislation, Trump does not Biden wants to raise taxes on companies and “high-income” households while the Trump administration cut taxes for individuals in all income brackets, as well as all corporations.

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    The 2020 Republican Party Platform: Letat Cest Moi

    As published on the partys official web site, the Resolution Regarding the Republican Party Platform states:

    RESOLVED, That the Republican National Convention will adjourn without adopting a new platform until the 2024 Republican National Convention.

    We all know that party platforms are traditionally about mom and apple piebut at least they tell us the party is in favor of apple pie rather than cherry pie. I was on the drafting committee for the 2012 Democratic platform the process is one of grappling with diverse interests and priorities. The diversity of those issues and interests reflect the challenges of governing.

    The Republican resolution cites COVID-19 as a reason for cutting back on platform development. Yes, strict restrictions on gatherings and meetings have changed the nature of the 2020 political conventions. Such restrictions, however, did not stop the development of the 2020 Democratic platform to address the issues of the day and let Americans know what the party stood for.

    There will be no grappling with the issues raised by our current national crisis by the Republican Party, however. There will be no forward-looking agenda to define what the party stands for.

    Political Positions Of The Republican Party

    The platform of the Republican Party of the United States is generally based on American conservatism, contrasting with the modern liberalism of the Democratic Party. The positions of the Republican Party have evolved over time. Currently, the party’s fiscal conservatism includes support for lower taxes, free marketcapitalism, deregulation of corporations, and restrictions on labor unions. The party’s social conservatism includes support for gun rights and other traditional values, often with a Christian foundation, including restrictions on abortion. In foreign policy, Republicans usually favor increased military spending and unilateral action. Other Republican positions include restrictions on immigration, opposition to drug legalization, and support for school choice.

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    The Republican Party Platform 2020

    2020 2016 2012 2008

    The Republican National Committee‘s Executive Committee voted on June 10, 2020, to adopt the same platform the party used in 2016. The decision accompanied a series of adjustments to the itinerary and location of the Republican National Convention due to the coronavirus pandemic, including reducing the number of in-person delegates attending the convention in Charlotte, North Carolina, from 2,500 to 336, and canceling the meeting of the Platform Committee.

    Politico reported that both conservative and moderate Republicans were dissatisfied with the decision: “Social conservatives wanted new language on gender identity and late-term abortions. Social moderates said the current platform could alienate suburbanites.”

    Responding to criticism, RNC national press secretary Mandi Merritt said, “It would not be right for a very small group to craft a new platform without all of the delegates present.” On June 12, 2020, President Donald Trump called for a new and updated platform.

    The Republican National Committee adopted a resolution regarding the platform on August 22, 2020, that reiterated that the party would not adopt a new platform because “it did not want a small contingent of delegates formulating a new platform without the breadth of perspectives within the ever-growing Republican movement.” The resolution also noted the party’s continued support for Trump’s America First agenda.

    How The Rnc Is Explaining The Decision

    Republican Vs Democrat Platform 2020 / 2020 Party ...

    Some Trump critics have found it amusing that the GOPs reused 2016 platform has language that now can be read as criticizing President Trump himself.

    The platform complains, for instance, that for the past 8 years America has been led in the wrong direction and that our standing in world affairs has declined significantly. It also declares that the President has been regulating to death a free market economy that he does not like and does not understand and that he defies the laws of the United States.

    Of course, read more generously, much of the old platform does remain relevant, like support for the Second Amendment, less regulation, and cracking down on unauthorized immigration. Republicans still believe all these things and havent changed their views in the past four years.

    Even so, perhaps in response to negative coverage about the lack of a new platform, the Trump campaign released a second-term agenda that currently is composed of a few dozen bullet points, like Create 1 Million New Small Businesses, without further elaboration or complete sentences.

    Meanwhile, the RNC released a resolution about the platform decision which itself makes for somewhat interesting reading.

    For one, the RNC says its not writing a new platform in appreciation of the fact that it did not want a small contingent of delegates formulating a new platform without the breadth of perspectives within the ever-growing Republican movement.

    New goal: 25,000

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    Political Party Platforms And The Death Penalty

    Reasserts 2016 platforms call for the abolition of the death penalty.

    Protecting Communities and Building Trust by Reforming Our Criminal Justice SystemOur criminal justice system is failing to keep communities safeand failing to deliver justice. America is the land of the free, and yet more of our people are behind bars, per capita, than anywhere else in the world. Democrats believe we need to overhaul the criminal justice system from top to bottom. Sentencing decisions should be based on the facts of each case, including the severity of the offense and individuals circumstances. Democrats support allowing judges to determine appropriate sentences, which is why we will fight to repeal federal mandatory minimums, incentivize states to do the same, and make all sentencing reductions retroactive so judges can reconsider past cases where their hands were tied. We believe it is long past time to end the federal sentencing disparity between crack and powdered cocaine, which has contributed to the disproportionate imprisonment of people of color. And Democrats continue to support abolishing the death penalty.

    The Republican National Committees Executive Committee voted on June 10, 2020, to adopt the same platform the party used in 2016.

    For relevant excerpts of the 2016 Republican Party Platform, see below.

    Renewable Energy And Fossil Fuels

    Democrats support increased domestic renewable energy development, including wind and solar power farms, in an effort to reduce carbon pollution. The party’s platform calls for an “all of the above” energy policy including clean energy, natural gas, and domestic oil, while wanting to become energy independent. The party has supported higher taxes on oil companies and increased regulations on coal power plants, favoring a policy of reducing long-term reliance on fossil fuels. In addition, the party supports stricter fuel emissions standards to prevent air pollution.

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    How Is The Democratic Party Different From The Republican Party

    Democrats are generally considered liberal, while Republicans are seen as conservative. The Democratic Party typically supports a larger government role in economic issues, backing regulations and social welfare programs. The Republicans, however, typically want a smaller government that is less involved in the economy. This contrary view on the size of government is reflected in their positions on taxesDemocrats favour a progressive tax to finance governments expanded role, while Republicans support lower taxes for all. However, Republicans do support a large budget for the military, and they often aggressively pursue U.S. national security interests, even if that means acting unilaterally. Democrats, however, prefer multilateralism. On social issues, Democrats seek greater freedoms, while Republicans follow more traditional values, supporting government intervention in such matters. For example, Democrats generally back abortion rights, while Republicans dont. In terms of geography, Democrats typically dominate in large cities, while Republicans are especially popular in rural areas.

    Political Parties Platforms And Planks

    ‘A Heap Of Manure’: GOP Lawmaker Rips Democratic Platform, Mocks Biden Trip To Europe

    Political parties are key players in American politics. But the Constitution does not mention political parties. In fact, many of the founders, including George Washington, distrusted permanent political parties, fearing that they would become too powerful. The first two political factions to appear were the Federalists, who supported ratification of the Constitution, and the Anti-Federalists, who opposed ratification. These factions disappeared once the Constitution was ratified. Yet, early in Washington’s first administration as president, two new factions formed: the Federalists, who supported Alexander Hamilton and a group that gathered around Thomas Jefferson, called the Democratic Republicans. They were the first real parties.

    Third parties have never received high percentages of votes at election time, but they still serve important functions in the American political system. They give citizens who vote for them a forum for dissent. They also give those promoting reform a chance to air their ideas. For example, many of the ideas of the Progressives eventually were adopted by the major parties.

    American political parties differ from those in many countries, where parties are often organized to promote a particular political or economic ideology such as socialism, communism, fascism, or capitalism. Others may represent a given economic interest such as labor or farmers. Some have been organized to promote a religious group or interest.

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