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Used Blue Ox Patriot Braking System For Sale

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Dinghy Toad Towed Or What

Blue Ox Patriot II Braking System Review

There are several different words that describe a vehicle towed behind a motorhome.

We use all these phrases to describe a smaller vehicle being towed behind a motorhome:

  • A vehicle being towed behind an RV can simply be called a ‘towed vehicle
  • As a play on words, a vehicle being towed behind an RV can be called a ‘toad
  • Borrowing from the nautical world , a towed vehicle can be called a ‘dinghy

Benefits of Using a Toad Braking System:

  • Having a supplemental braking system will save your motorhome’s brakes from serious wear and tear
  • Your motorhome will brake more easily
  • Your braking distance will not increase
  • You will not cause an accident due to your increased braking distance
  • Worst case scenario, having a supplemental brake system could save you from death, mental anguish, and possibly jail time

Negatives of Using a Toad Braking System:

  • None except cost and installation, but you can’t get around this

Many manufacturers state that their towed car brake systems reduce your RV stopping distance by 20-50% when towing a vehicle.

Obviously a motorhome weighs significantly more than most regular vehicles.

So the stopping distance WITHOUT 3,000+ pounds behind it is already going to be significant.

Putting 3,000+ pounds behind it with no braking system will increase your stopping distance even more.

With a tow braking system, you will not cause an accident because of INCREASED braking distance.

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Towed Vehicle Braking System Pricing

  • Under $20: This is the range for cheap accessories, such as wiring kits, breakaway switches, and mounting aids.
  • $20 to $100: In this range, youll find digital controllers for towed vehicles that already have built-in brake systems. Youll also find better-constructed brand-name accessories.
  • $100 to $400: This range includes items designed to work with towed vehicle braking systems, such as breakaway systems for Brakemasters, and replacement wires for Blue Ox or Demco models.
  • Over $400: Almost all new braking systems for towed vehicles will fall into this range.

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Blue Ox Brake System Accessories

12 different Blue Ox Brake System Accessories in stock & ready to ship today

Requires Coiled Cable #BX88206 for 12 volt power from towing vehicle
List Price: $19.95

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Benefits Of A Dinghy Braking System

Blue Ox Patriot Braking System BRK2016 (ONLY PATRIOT UNIT) for Sale in ...

Guess what? According to Brake Buddy, most states require any trailer or towable weighing over 3,000 pounds to have a supplemental braking system.

Yes, laws vary in different states.

For the most part, if you are towing another vehicle behind your RV , the towed vehicle must have a supplemental braking system.

This accident was not due to a supplemental brake failure. However, this COULD happen to you if you tow without supplemental brakes.


Even though some states don’t specifically mention pulling a VEHICLE and it needing brakes, nearly all states consider anything pulled to be a ‘trailer’.

Most every state has laws about supplemental braking systems being required when you are towing a trailer over a certain weight.

So just because your state doesn’t specifically SAY your towed vehicle needs a supplemental braking system, interpretation of the law will likely conclude that a vehicle is a ‘trailer’.

This means you need a towed vehicle braking system.

It’s a very logical, necessary requirement.

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Best Towed Vehicle Braking System Reviews & Recommendations 2021

More on Tire & Wheels

Roadmasters 8700 Invisibrake is a powerful braking system that is completely invisible once installed in your vehicle. Installation can be time-consuming, and requires a bit more than a laypersons mechanical knowledge, but there are plenty of YouTube videos to help you figure it out. You can also have it done by your mechanic.

Once its in there, youll never have to remove it. Unhooking is as simple as removing the tow bar, giving you more time to look around on your stops. The Invisibrake also charges your tows battery, unlike some other systems that drain it until its dead.

Other than the complicated installation, the main drawback of the Roadmaster 8700 Invisibrake is that it can sometimes cause wiring issues that lead to dashboard lights failing to turn on or off, especially on four-wheel drive vehicles. Its also been occasionally known to ship without necessary parts.

Another product from Roadmaster, the 9160 Brakemaster is a proportional brake system that works with vehicles that have air brakes . It senses how much braking power your tow vehicle is currently applying, and tries to match it, with the result that you barely feel the tow dragging at all.

While we like almost everything about this braking system, we want to note that problems with it can be expensive: Leaks almost always require a trained mechanic to fix, and cylinder failures can be unserviceable, requiring you to replace the whole unit.

Vacuum Assist Braking Systems

Some supplemental braking systems provide the tow vehicle with power brakes.

This type of system can be direct or proportional.

A system that supplies vacuum assist means that it also doesn’t place undue pressure on your brake pedal if your toad has ‘dead pedal’ when towing.

A vacuum assist braking system will either use your motorhome’s vacuum or its own vacuum unit to provide you with power brakes.

Why is this good?

Let’s go over how brakes work.

Modern Brakes 101

Pretty much all modern vehicles these days have ‘power brakes’.

This is also called ‘power assist’.

A vacuum is used to create a lot of brake pressure with only a little pressure coming from your foot.

This is why you don’t have to apply huge amounts of pressure to bring your vehicle to a stop.

This way braking is easy for everyone.

Anyone can simply exert a little pressure with a big result.

In most vehicles, when they are turned off , the power assist doesn’t work.

If you tried to brake your car when it was rolling but not turned on , it would be MUCH more difficult to stop.

A huge amount of brake pressure would be needed to stop the vehicle.

Vacuum Assist Brakes Continued

Therefore, in most supplemental tow braking systems, because the power brakes don’t work when towing, the unit is forced to use a LOT of pressure for braking to be effective.

This CAN, after a while, put a lot of unnecessary wear and tear on your toad’s brakes.

Vacuum-assist tow braking systems put an end to this worry.

Good For:

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Can Even Brake Breakaway Switch Be Used For Blue Ox Patriot Ii Braking System


If break away switch is installed on Ford Edge 2015 can that same system be used with any braking systemWe have an Even Brake system and are considering a change to the Blue Ox system

asked by: Ed S

Helpful Expert Reply:

When switching to the Blue Ox Patriot III Braking System from your existing Roadmaster Even Brake System you will want to replace the Even Brake breakaway switch with the new unit that is included in the Blue Ox Patriot system. This will ensure that the breakaway switch and harness will work correctly if needed, since the Even Brake switch has not been tested with the Blue Ox Patriot II.

  • Not Power Assist Brake Compatible
  • Hydraulic Brakes

Mechanical Differences Between Tow Brake Systems

Blue Ox Patriot 2 Unboxing – Supplemental Braking System for RV Towing

Portable or permanent, it’s important to know that there are many different ways that various tow braking systems work.

Some work when the coach’s brakes are applied.

Some work when they sense your coach slowing down and by knowing that you are braking.

Some work in direct proportion to how much you are braking your coach.

Some tow car brake systems are adjustable… some work in sync with your motorhome’s brakes… there are different ways these braking systems work.

Not only do tow brake systems come in different ‘packages’ , they also differ in how they work as far as what makes them ‘decide’ to activate your toad’s brakes .

Here’s where it’s important to know what the differences are so you can pick the right type of system for your setup.

The most common types of activation systems are:

  • Proportional
  • Direct
  • Progressive

Let’s look at how they differ mechanically .

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Replaces Brk2010 Brk2012 And Brk2016

Blue Ox Patriot 3 Radio Frequency, Portable Braking System – Proportional – BRK2019

Average Customer Rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars

I selected the Blue Ox Patriot 3 braking system because of the ease of use and the ability to move it to another vehicle if I needed to. Also there was no wiring needed in the towing vehicle. I test drove with the Jeep being towed and everything worked fine. I really liked all the information that the monitor displayed. The etrailer service was excellent and the shipping was quick.904552

Video Transcript For Blue Ox Replacement Breakaway Switch Review

Speaker 1: Today we’re gonna be taking a look at the Blue Ox Second Vehicle breakaway Kit from Blue Ox Patriot Supplemental Braking Systems. That’s gonna be part number BRK2505.So, here’s what our breakaway kit looks like once we have it installed. This is gonna look just like the one that comes with your Blue Ox Portable Braking system, and this would be an ideal solution, that way we can use that portability and move into a second vehicle. Or, if your breakaway switch and cable is damaged, this is gonna be a good option to replace those as well.The nice thing about the Blue Ox Portable Braking systems is that they are portable. But, if you want to tow a second vehicle behind your motor home, we’re gonna have to mount the breakaway switch on that one as well.So, here’s what our second vehicle kit’s gonna come with. It’s gonna come with the breakaway switch itself, the lanyard, as well as the cable to get everything hooked up.

Whenever we’re not using it, we can tuck it underneath the floor mat, or under the carpet, so it’s out of the way.That’ll finish up your look at the Blue Ox Second Vehicle breakaway kit for Blue Ox Patriot Supplemental Braking Systems. Part number BRK2505.

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Portable Towed Vehicle Brake Systems

A portable towed vehicle braking system is good for those RVers who tend to change tow vehicles every few years.

It’s also goo for those who aren’t sure that they want to keep their current toad, or who have more than one vehicle that they tow.

With a portable toad braking system, you can easily take it with you if you get a new toad or swap out toads.

This way you don’t have to buy a whole new system for your new toad or your second toad.

Also, a portable brake system is cheaper because you don’t have to pay for installation.

Installs can cost just as much as the supplemental braking system equipment cost.

In this way, having a portable dinghy brake system is a plus.

However, portability can also be a negative. How?

Because every time you hit the road, you have to set up the device.

Setting up a portable dinghy brake system each time you hit the road is not complicated.

But it does add another step to your list of things to do before you take off.

Also, the chance for user error goes up because there are more steps to do to set up a portable dinghy braking system.

Additionally, you will have to store the device when it’s not in use .

We all know storage space is an extremely valuable commodity in an RV.

Therefore you have to take it out of your toad when you get to your destination and store it.


There are quite a few portable RV toad braking systems.

Brake Buddy, Blue Ox, Roadmaster, and more all make a portable towed vehicle brake system.

It’s pretty easy, usually.

How Does A Supplemental Braking System Work

Blue Ox BRK2016 Patriot II Electric Motorhome BRAKING System for sale ...

It’s important to know that there are many different ways that various tow braking systems work, mechanically.

Some work in direct relation to when the brakes are applied in your coach.

Some work using sensors alerting it that the coach slowing down and then applying the supplemental brakes.

Some work in direct proportion to how much you are braking your coach.

Some tow systems are adjustable in braking pressure… some are not.

Some work directly in sync with your motorhome’s brakes… some work by sort of ‘guessing’ how much the coach is braking.

As previously mentioned, there are also portable braking systems and there are permanent braking systems to choose from.

Knowing the differences in how the various RV towed vehicle braking systems work and understanding the style of RVing you will be doing will help you to choose the best auxiliary brake for your needs.

As far as installation goes, there are two types of tow braking systems.

There are removable braking systems and braking systems that are hard-wired in and don’t require setup every time you hook up.

There are pros and cons to both types.

Let’s take a look at the main differences between portable tow brakes and permanent tow brakes.

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Blue Ox Patriot Braking System

Blue Ox Patriot braking system. No installation required. Instantly connects to any tow vehicle and has remote control that goes in towing vehicle. I believe it is a 2014. Was included with an RV/Motorhome I bought from a doctor. Well cared for but I have my own. Please excuse the poor picture, just

Permanent Tow Vehicle Brake Systems

Having a permanent tow vehicle brake system means that it is not removed once installed, or to drive the toad.

The system is permanently mounted into your towed vehicle and motorhome .

If you have a tow vehicle that you know you will be keeping for a long time, or just don’t want to have to mess with installation every time you go on a trip, you should get a permanent tow braking system that installs once and done.

This means one less step to complete before and after you get to your destination.

A permanent tow brake system is nice in that it’s out of the way, there’s nothing to store, and there’s very little to have to do to engage and disengage the system when you hit the road or arrive at your destination.

However, the permanent towed vehicle brake system must be installed in your toad.

This may not be an easy task for many of you.

Unless you have proficient electronics experience and aren’t afraid to dig into a vehicle’s mechanical system, you will have to have it installed professionally.

This can greatly add to the cost of the overall system.

This is something to consider in the beginning.

You won’t likely miss the money once it’s spent.

Plus, it’s not an ongoing cost.

You just pay once for it to be installed correctly by a competent shop/mechanic.

Still, which permanent dinghy braking system you pick depends on whether you value convenience over saving a few bucks and/or how long you plan to keep your towed vehicle.

Permanent RV Toad Braking System Pros and Cons:

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Towed Vehicle Braking System Reviews

Aaah, America the free, right?

The American dream is being able to leave it all behind and hit the road for good fun recreating.

Even if it’s just for a weekend.

If you have a motorhome and want to bring a vehicle to easily explore your destination, then it’s almost guaranteed you also need a supplemental braking system for the vehicle or trailer you are pulling.

Says who?

Likely, your state towing law says.

There are a lot of different types of supplemental braking systems out there with many variations to them.

We are going to help you out by digging into all of the variables and letting you know the pros and cons of each, along with their particular features.

Most braking systems we looked at were quite good. You almost can’t go wrong no matter what you choose.

Still, you will want to choose the best type for your particular driving habits and needs.

Towed vehicle braking system reviews are immediately below.

We broke down our best towed vehicle braking system picks according to specific needs, safety, and ease of use.

Most supplemental braking systems available will suffice. But do check into what your needs are compared to what the system offers.

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