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Mike Garcia For Congress Republican

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La Gop Endorses Navy Fighter Pilot Mike Garcia For Congress

A New Member in Congress, Rep. Mike Garcia | NewsConference | NBCLA

Garcia earned more than 2/3 of the vote over former Rep.Steve Knight

Today, former Navy Fighter Pilot Mike Garcia earned theendorsement of the Los Angeles County Republican Party for the upcoming 25thCongressional district elections, capturing more than two-thirds of thecommittees vote. In winning the endorsement, Garcia defeated former RepublicanCongressman and longtime Los Angeles politician Steve Knight.

The support of the Los Angeles County Republican Party addsto the tremendous momentum Mike Garcia is gaining across the district. With theendorsements of over 30 current and former elected officials including GovernorPete Wilson and Congressmen Elton Gallegly and Buck McKeon, as well as over 200veterans and 200 volunteers, Garcia is well-positioned as the top candidate forthe upcoming primary and special election in March. Furthermore, as the topRepublican fundraiser in the race Garcia has received contributions from over7,000 donors and will report raising nearly $900,000 since entering into theCongressional race.

Todays endorsement is recognition of the hard work ourteam has done in building a winning grassroots organization, and I am trulyhumbled by the LA GOPs support, said Garcia. Now is the time for Republicansto unite behind a fighter and a patriot who can win and will bring a strong,new voice to advocate for our district in Washington.

To learn more about Mike and his campaign for Congress,visit

Early Life And Education

Mike Garcia was born on April 24, 1976, in Santa Clarita, California, to parents who had immigrated from Mexico in 1959. In 1994, he graduated from Saugus High School and earned a Bachelor of Science in political science, graduating in the top 3% of his class, from the United States Naval Academy after being nominated by Representative Buck McKeon. In 1998, he earned a Master of Arts in national security policy studies from Georgetown University.

Navy Fighter Pilot Mike Garcia Raises Over $1 Million In Bid For Congress

Former California GOP Chairman Frank Visco and Local Law Enforcement Also Lend Support to Garcia

This week, former Navy Fighter Pilot Mike Garcia surged pastthe $1 million raised mark in his campaign for Californias 25th CongressionalDistrict. The amount has been raised from over 7,000 donors making Mike Garciathe leading GOP fundraiser in the race.

Mike Garcia also picked up support from the Ventura CountyDeputy Sheriffs Association who join Ventura County District Attorney GregTotten, Ventura County Sheriff Bill Ayub, former Ventura County DistrictAttorney Michael Bradbury, former Los Angeles County District Attorney SteveCooley, and former Ventura County Sheriff Bob Brooks as key law enforcementofficials endorsing Garcias campaign for Congress.

Additionally, coming off the heels of critical endorsementsby the LA GOP and Ventura County Republican Party, Garcia also received supportfrom former California Republican Party Frank Visco and the Republican NationalHispanic Assembly of California.

When we started this campaign last year, we did not expectanything to just be handed to us, said Garcia. Its taken a lot of hard workto get to where we are today, and I couldnt be more appreciative of thesupport weve received thus far. Well continue to work hard to earn each andevery vote possible for the upcoming special and regular primary elections onMarch 3rd.

To learn more about Mike and his campaign for Congress,visit

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Republican Mike Garcia Widens Edge Over Dem Christy

Seemingly vulnerable California Republican Mike Garcia ...

Smith, a state legislator, conceded Monday night, saying its clear we will not be able to close the gap.

The congressman had claimed victory more than a week ago, and said in a statement he would push for federal relief for people and small businesses affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Garcia won the vacant seat in a May special election, following the 2019 resignation of Democratic Rep. Katie Hill, who resigned amid a House ethics probe.

Republicans lost seven House seats in the state in 2018, but rebounded with Garcias defense of his closely fought district while picking up three other Democratic held-districts.

Republican Young Kim defeated Democratic Rep. Gil Cisneros in a district anchored in the one-time GOP stronghold of Orange County, and Republican Michelle Steel claimed the 48th District in Orange County from Democratic Rep. Harley Rouda.

In the Central Valley, Republican former Rep. David Valadao retook his old job from Democratic Rep. TJ Cox, who unseated him two years ago.

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There Is No Media Available For This Member

Contact Information

A top graduate of Saugus High School, Congressman Garcia was nominated to attend the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis by former U.S. Representative Howard Buck McKeon. Graduating with a Bachelors degree while majoring in Political Science with a minor in Spanish, Congressman Garcia was in the top 3% of his class. Upon graduating from Annapolis, Garcia also attended graduate school at Georgetown University, where he earned a Masters Degree in National Securities Studies.

After receiving his commission, Congressman Garcia attended flight school. On the heels of 9/11, Congressman Garcia deployed as an F/A-18 strike fighter pilot aboard the USS Nimitz, a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier. Throughout his career, Congressman Garcia was lauded as one of the best leaders and most naturally-talented pilots in the U.S. Navy. He participated in combat operations during the first six months of Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003. Accruing over 1,400 hours of operational flight time over nearly 20 years of active and reserve military service to our Nation, Congressman Garcia decided to separate from the Navy with an Honorable Discharge and focus on his family. He subsequently joined the Raytheon Company as an executive.

Congressman Garcia currently serves on two House committees: House Committee on Appropriations and House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology.

Military And Civilian Career

Garcia joined the United States Navy in May 1998, and was sent to flight school at Naval Air Station Pensacola. He was deployed as an F/A-18 aviator from the USS Nimitz. During the 2003 invasion of Iraq, he participated in over 30 combat missions before being honorably discharged.

From 2009 to 2018, Garcia worked as a business development manager at Raytheon Intelligence & Space, one of four business segments of Raytheon Technologies.

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An Updating Tally Of How Often Every Member Of The House And The Senate Votes With Or Against The President

Republican representative for Californias 25th district

Biden margin

Bidens share of the vote in the 2020 election minus Trumps

Biden score

How often Garcia votes in line with Bidens position

Biden plus-minus

Difference between Garcias actual and predicted Biden support scores

Biden margin
Bidens share of the vote in the 2020 election minus Trumps How often Garcia votes in line with Bidens position Difference between Garcias actual and predicted

Republican representative for Californias 25th district

Members predicted chance of voting with Biden on each vote are calculated using a regression for which the input is Bidens 2020 vote margin in every members state or district and the output is the probability that a member will vote for the bill. The plus-minus on each vote is the difference between the members vote and the chance of agreement. Averages do not include missed votes.

I Was Airborne When Naval Aviators Saw Ufos In 2004 Congressman Says

Republican Mike Garcia Wins 25th District Seat Vacated By Katie Hill After Democrat Christy Smith Co

Rep. Mike Garcia likes to keep a picture of his old office on the wall of his current office. An F-18 Super Hornet in flight streams across an orange sky.

Before he became a congressman in a special election last year, the California Republican flew jets over Iraq. He carried his combat memories from 2003 over into his campaign and even borrowed heavily from the 1986 movie Top Gun for his stars-and-stripes logo.

We never played volleyball with our shirts off together in jeans, but otherwise, the movie pretty much nailed it, Garcia said in an interview earlier this summer.

He talked with CQ Roll Call about UFO sightings, his old-school camcorder and what its like to serve in Congress with a former wingman.

This interview has been edited and condensed.

Q: How would you compare being on an aircraft carrier to being in Congress?

A: Remarkably dissimilar environments. But the common denominator is that you really have to be patient and professional. Youve got to remain cool under fire. When I was an F-18 pilot, the U.S. government entrusted me to fly an $80 million aircraft that could carry up to 20,000 pounds of ordnance during combat operations and to do so off an aircraft carrier at night. And in this new job, 740,000 Americans have put their trust in me to represent them, even though they may not all agree with my political opinions.

Q: What meal do you most like to make with your family?

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Democrat Christy Smith Concedes To Republican Mike Garcia In Election To Fill Katie Hill’s Seat

Democrat Christy Smith has conceded to Republican Mike Garcia in the election to fill former Rep. Katie Hill’s seat, marking the first time the GOP has flipped a blue California congressional district since 1998.

Garcia, a defense industry executive, was ahead of Smith, a state Assemblywoman from Santa Clarita, by double digits in early returns.

“While it’s critical that we ensure every vote is counted and recorded, we believe that the current tally shows Mike Garcia is the likely victor in the May 12 special election,” Smith wrote in statement posted to Facebook. “As such, I’d like to congratulate him.”

The final tally in the nearly all mail-in ballot contest won’t be available for several days ballots postmarked by Tuesday and received by end of day Friday will be counted. The 25th Congressional District includes Palmdale, Porter Ranch, Santa Clarita, Simi Valley and part of Lancaster.

The district was in Republican hands for decades until the 2018 midterm election, when a blue wave netted Democrats 40 seats nationwide.

“I’m proud of the results so far, and look forward to hopefully declaring victory very soon,” Garcia said on a call with supporters and the media on Tuesday night.

In the weeks leading up to the election, both parties acknowledged the race would be competitive, despite Democrats’ 6.6-point voter registration advantage. Lower turnout elections like Tuesday’s runoff tend to draw an older and whiter electorate, usually to the advantage of Republicans.

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Redistricting May Give Democrats In Californias Newly Drawn 27th Congressional District An Edge In The Midterm Elections

Tiffany Countryman, Raquel Derfler and Christian Green outside of Transplants Brewery after canvassing against Rep. Mike Garcia in East Palmdale

The only congressional district in Los Angeles County to be represented by a Republican is a natural focal point for Democrats who recognize control of the U.S. House is on the line. But on a recent Saturday morning in Palmdale with fewer than nine months until the midterm elections, only four Democrats showed up to talk to voters. One of them, who drove for over an hour from Sherman Oaks, was not even from the district.

The low turnout, organizers and volunteers say, is not unusual for the Antelope Valley, which includes the cities of Palmdale and Lancaster. Its a reflection of a community that is heavily commuter-based and hardly engaged in efforts to turn out the vote, even with the slight advantage Democrats have gained after redistricting the once-a-decade process of redrawing the lines of congressional districts.

There are people that want that change, but they have to be activated, Christian Green said while getting his canvassing materials ready at Transplants Brewery in Palmdale, where Democrats met before heading out to knock on doors that day. Green is a Lancaster native, college professor and political activist in the community.

The message sometimes goes over voters heads.

So, is he good or bad? asked Gloria Ortiz, a registered Democrat who lives in an eight-unit complex in the area.

Gop Rep Garcia Wins In Swing House District North Of La

Mike Garcia holds razor

LOS ANGELES â Republican U.S. Rep. Mike Garcia narrowly defeated Democratic rival Christy Smith in a swing district north of Los Angeles, capping an election in which Republicans picked off three other House districts in the heavily Democratic state.

What You Need To Know

  • Republican Rep. Mike Garcia has defeated Democratic challenger Christy Smith in a swing district north of Los Angeles by a few hundred votes
  • The closely contested race was called Tuesday by The Associated Press after Los Angeles and Ventura counties certified the Nov. 3 vote
  • Smith conceded defeat Monday night after concluding âitâs clear we will not be able to closeâ the gap with her rival
  • Garcia’s win caps a year when Republicans picked up three other Democratic-held House districts in California

The race was called Tuesday by The Associated Press after Los Angeles and Ventura counties certified the Nov. 3 vote.

Garcia, a former Navy fighter pilot and defense industry executive, held on to his seat by a 333-vote margin, making it the closest House race in the state this year.

Smith, a state legislator, conceded Monday night, saying âitâs clear we will not be able to close” the gap.

The congressman had claimed victory more than a week ago, and said in a statement he would push for federal relief for people and small businesses affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Republicans Win Back California House Seat They Lost In 2018 After Democrat Concedes

By Clare Foran, CNN

Washington Republicans have won back a California US House seat they had lost in the 2018 midterms, flipping it from blue to red in a high-profile victory

This story has been updated with additional developments Wednesday.

Us House Of Representatives

In the 2018 election in California’s 25th congressional district, Democrat Katie Hill defeated incumbent Representative Steve Knight. In April 2019, Garcia announced that he would challenge Hill in the 2020 election. On November 3, 2019, Hill resigned from Congress due to a scandal involving her relationship with a campaign staffer. Governor Gavin Newsom ordered a special election to fill the vacancy caused by Hill’s resignation.

Garcia placed second in the nonpartisan blanket primary in March 3, 2020, ahead of former Representative Steve Knight and behind Christy Smith, a member of the California State Assembly. Garcia was endorsed by the Club for Growth and the Susan B. Anthony List.

Garcia campaigned on strengthening the United States military and cutting taxes to improve the economy, specifically in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. He also campaigned against the Democratic leadership in the California state government. His platform included promises to “defeat socialism” and “build the wall.” Garcia said he was in favor of “securing and better surveillance of our borders.”

2020 general

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Metro Community Provider Network

After his service in the Colorado General Assembly, Garcia served as the Special Projects Manager at Metro Community Provider Network , one of the largest primary health care providers of the uninsured and medically underserved in Colorado. Garcia was responsible for managing the Specialty Referral Network which facilitates affordable access to specialty care services for MCPN patients. Garcia also managed the MCPN Advocacy Network, which educates, empowers, and inspires MCPN Advocates to advocate on behalf of MCPN and its patients to elected officials.

Republican Mike Garcia Wins California Special Election And Flips House Seat

Election 2020: Republican Mike Garcia Leads Democrat Christy Smith In 25th Congressional District Sp

May 15, 2020 / 6:50 AM / CBS News

Republican veteran Mike Garcia held onto his lead in California’s special election for the 25th Congressional District, and will become the first Republican to flip a seat held by a Democrat in the state since 1998, winning former Representative Katie Hill’s seat. Garcia stopped short of a full-fledged victory speech on a call with supporters late Tuesday night, as results showed him ahead of Democratic State Assemblywoman Christy Smith by double-digits.

But by Wednesday morning, Garcia was declaring victory.

“After seeing more results last night, it is clear that our message of lower taxes and ensuring we don’t take liberal Sacramento dysfunction to Washington prevailed,” he said in a statement. “For too long, the people of our district have not had representation, and it’s time their voice is heard in Washington.”

On Wednesday afternoon, Smith officially conceded, and in a Facebook statement said while “it is critical” all the remaining votes should be counted, “the current tally shows Mike Garcia is the likely victor.”

Garcia’s victory was a welcome sign for House Republicans, coming in a district Hillary Clinton had won by 7 points in 2016, and in a race for a seat that had been held by a Democrat. Hill, who flipped the seat by 8 points from Republican to Democratic in the 2018 midterm elections, resigned in December 2019 after admitting to an affair with a campaign staffer.

Musadiq Bidar contributed reporting.

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