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Jeep Patriot Strut Replacement Cost

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Strut replacement Jeep Patriot

Thus far, weve had a rundown of all the major Jeep Patriot problems that you should know. But now, you might be wondering whats next. Maybe youre an owner of an old Jeep Patriot. Or, you might be in the market to buy one. In that case, these faults and issues should certainly be noted whenever you have the chance to inspect them in person. If you own a Patriot, then be extra attentive to any of the symptoms that we mentioned from earlier. Things like the gearbox slipping, or engine stalling.

Perhaps you noticed some moisture or leaking in your Patriot. In that case, do consider calling your local mechanic or Jeep dealer. Inquire, and have it checked out if its serious. Remember that the costs are nothing when compared to your safety. Based on the comments left on CarComplaints.com, some of the common issues have rightfully scared the owners of these cars. The car might stall or struggle to get up to speed while youre driving. The suspension woes too can be very hazardous to you.

What Is A Liftgate Support Strut

A support strut is the long tube that causes the gentle hissing noise when the liftgate, hatch or hood is raised. Liftgate support struts are perhaps the most heavy duty of all of these due to the sheer weight of the liftgate which they must support. They are attached to the frame and liftgate, and when the liftgate is opened and closed, they extend and contract respectively. They hold the weight of the liftgate while opening and closing, and prevent the liftgate from falling in its raised position. These are very effective tool for ease of access to the liftgate assembly, as the assemblies tend to weigh well over 150 lbs.

Briefly Here’s A Technical Explanation Of Struts And Shocks

These parts are designed to control the tires, to keep them in contact with the road surface as much as possible. If vehicle tires are free to bounce they are not as effective at gripping the road, so steering, handling, and braking are all affected. Shocks and struts are not just for ride comfort: their primary function, tire control, is a much more important role.

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Top 5 Symptoms Of A Bad Engine Mount

Engine mounts are small parts which might not look like much on the outside. But, they are very important because theyre responsible for keeping the engine stabilized and aligned with the frame of the vehicle. If you were to have a bad engine mount because of excessive driving and wear and tear, then certain symptoms will develop. These symptoms need to be addressed soon or else they will get worse.

Below are the top 5 symptoms of a bad engine mount.

1) Bouncy Engine The worst thing that can happen is for your engine mount to snap and break off completely. This would mean that your engine would have no stability or alignment whatsoever. Instead, it will just bounce left and right as you put your foot on the gas pedal and move the vehicle faster. Then, if you were to go over a bump in the road, it could even bounce up and down. All this bouncing is surely going to cause major damage to your engine. Then you will need to replace your engine with a new one.

2) Engine Vibrations Since the engine mount stabilizes the engine, it only makes sense that a bad engine mount will cause instability with the engine. This means the engine is going to vibrate because it is not held firmly to the frame of the vehicle. The passenger side of the cabin should feel the vibrations even more. Sometimes the driver wont even notice these symptoms until they have another person sitting in the passengers seat.

What Are The Symptoms Of A Bad Suspension Shock Or Strut


Because the suspension struts and shocks control the entire weight of the vehicle, they can wear out over time. The shock absorber is usually the first to go. When this happens, the ride quality becomes “bouncy” or loose, and the vehicle’s ability when cornering in a turn diminishes. Oil may be seen leaking from some types of struts and shock absorbers. Also, since the upper mount is constantly being turned or compressed, it will eventually break down and squeak of clunk over bumps and during turns. For struts, a clicking or growling noise when turning can indicate a worn bearing inside the upper strut mount, and a squeaking sound when the steering wheel is turned can mean that the rubber bushings in the mount are decaying as mentioned. Also for struts, the coil spring can break and cause a loud clunking sound when turning or when going over bumps.

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How Do Liftgate Support Struts Work

Since the liftgate support strut is attached to the liftgate and the chassis of the vehicle, the support struts must be able to extend and retract without bending or breaking away from the mounts. Also, due to the weight of the liftgate, they must be able to hold weight, yet be balanced enough to allow the average person to pull the liftgate down. For these purposes. the part was designed as a very small shock absorber. Filled with inert gas or hydraulic fluid, this strut is always attempting to extend itself. Internal pressures push two rods against each other, and one is mounted inside the other one. This causes the liftgate to be very easy to lift, as the support struts are doing most of the work. however, the liftgate struts cannot be too strong. They must only have enough force to push the liftgate open, with the addition of a few additional pounds amount of pushing force. This prevents the liftgate from falling when the wind blows, or if someone bumps it while it is open. When the liftgate is closed, one half of the strut will slide back into the other half, being forced by the user placing constant pressure on the liftgate until it is closed.

Can I Replace The Liftgate Support Strut Myself

This is a simple fix for any DIYer, or just someone who does not want to spend money at the shop. With the most basic tool, a helper to hold the liftgate, and a few minutes, anyone can easily perform this task. Be aware, however, that the struts can be hard to compress once they are freed of their manufacturer packaging straps, as they are packed compressed and will extend forcefully when the straps are cut/removed.

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What Is A Suspension Shock Or Strut

Most passenger cars, trucks, and SUVs today feature an integrated steering and suspension system. At the heart of the suspension is the strut assembly, a mechanism that combines a shock absorber and a coil spring into one unit to absorb bumps in the road and to keep the tires in contact with the ground at all times. The top of the strut is also used as the upper pivot point of the steering system. While this is most common, many vehicles past and present still use a shock absorber instead of an integrated shock and strut. These work in exactly the same way, except they are independent of the coil spring.

Finally Replace Your Struts And Shocks In Pairs

Jeep Patriot Front Strut Assembly Replacement & Coil Spring Compressors

Shocks and struts should always be replaced in pairs or, better yet, all four, for even, predictable handling and control. After all, all four have been on the vehicle for the same number of miles and worked under the same conditions. Remember, too, that whenever the struts are replaced, it becomes important to check the alignment, as it may have changed, to protect your vehicle tires and assure maximum safety.

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Automatic Jeep Suspension Replacement

At German Auto Expert, we diagnose & Repair your Auto Suspension properly with our professional computerized equipment and manually, we also try to save customer cost by giving better options and best quality services. We are the best Jeep suspension repair garage in al Quoz Dubai. We are Jeep air suspension rebuilds, replace, replacement, change, service, and repair specialist workshop in Dubai. We provide the best shock maintenance in Dubai. We offer attractive prices than all other workshops. We are using dealer level tools and we have certified technicians for Jeep. We provide a free estimate on all parts with genuine authentication at a low cost. We also do programming for all ECU parts and provide a full vehicle comprehensive inspection report. We do not compromise on quality serving best on your car at affordable prices.

  • Complete Under Carriage Services
  • Coil Spring Replacement

What Do You Need To Know About The Jeep Patriot

The Jeep Patriot, or known internally as the MK74, was revealed at the 2006 New York Auto Show, alongside the Compass. As we mentioned earlier, the Patriot was among the entry level Jeep models, aimed at attracting more cost conscious consumers. Back when it first came to production, the Patriot was built under the DaimlerChrysler conglomerate. It was a period of time when Jeeps parent company, Chrysler, had undergone several corporate mergers and restructuring in its period.

By the end of the Patriots production, it was left under the responsibility of Fiat Chrysler, or FCA. As a consequence, the Jeep Patriot shares its constituent parts and is related to a huge number of other cars. This includes relations with the aforementioned Jeep Compass, Dodge Caliber, Dodge Avenger, Chrysler Sebring, Mitsubishi Outlander, and even the Mitsubishi Lancer. Between its production years of 2006 and 2017, the Patriot was a success, having sold more than 1.8-million units worldwide.

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What Is Done During A Strut Replacement

  • You can actually replace the struts n your own if you know what to look for and how to do it. There are many guides online that can walk you through step by step.
  • Here, youll get a little overview of what is involved with a strut replacement.
  • The mechanic is going to start by taking off the wheels. They need to get them out of the way to get to the struts.
  • Then they will have to take off the brake lien assembly. Thats because it is connected to the strut support system on most vehicles.
  • A pinch bolt usually holds the strut in place. A breaker bar can be used to pry it off, though it can be taken off by other means as well if a breaker bar is not handy. The sway bar may also be in the way, so that will have to be dropped as well.
  • From there, the bolts holding the struts in place can be loosened and removed. Then the struts can be taken out and replaced. The mechanic should put a little grease on the struts to keep them lubed up.
  • After that is done, then all the pieces of the vehicle that were removed to get to the struts have to be put back in place.
  • What About Knocking Sounds While Driving At A Slow And Steady Pace

    Jeep Patriot Struts

    If youre experiencing a knocking sound while driving at a slow and steady pace, then the cause may be any of your loose suspension components. The most general causes include: broken shock mounts, stabilizer links that are loose, bar bushings that are loose and out of place and shock absorbers that are dull.

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    How Do Suspension Shock Or Struts Work

    There are many components that make up the steering and suspension systems on a vehicle. The wheel is bolted to a wheel hub that turns inside bearings set in the steering knuckle. The knuckle, in turn, is connected at the bottom to a moving bracket called the lower control arm, and at the top to the strut and possibly an upper control arm. The steering gear is attached to the knuckle by way of the tie rods so that when the steering wheel is turned, the knuckle turns with it, rotating on the lower control arm and the upper strut mount. The strut assembly, widely known as a MacPherson strut, is made up of a special shock absorber, a coil spring, and the rotating upper strut mount and bearing assembly. Additionally, vehicles using shock absorbers instead of struts will have the shock mounted to the chassis and the lower control arm. This allows the shock absorber to moderate the movement of the coil spring, preventing the vehicle from bouncing up and down indefinitely.

    What About Knocking Sounds As You Turn Your Steering Wheel

    Sometimes, the steering wheel so difficult to turn but it is a sign that your suspension is giving way soon. Be sure that you dont mistake your difficult and stuck steering wheel/ steering column joint for a broken or a busted shock mount bearing. You may want to take your car to a trained auto professional for a true diagnosis of the problem.

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    A Mechanics Tips About Strut Replacement

    • I do always recommend replacing a whole strut, including the top mount, top mount bearing, and the coil springs while you change your struts. It will be cheaper to just replace the shock, but you might have to do the same work two times if the coil spring pops the week after.
    • I do also recommend always replace the sway bar link if it is installed into the strut. These are a pain to remove, and in most cases, you will damage them when removing them. Anyway, they become bad often, so in my opinion, it is better to replace them directly.
    • If you are not replacing the whole strut, be super careful with the coil spring because you may get seriously damaged or even die without the right skills and tools.
    • Lubricate all bolts before you install everything together again. You will thank yourself later for it.
    • After a strut replacement or any other work with the suspension, it is recommended to make a wheel alignment. Otherwise, you might wear out your tires fast, and you may cause stability problems with your car.

    Jeep Air Suspension Repair

    2012 Jeep Patriot Front Loaded Struts Replacement

    Your Jeep Suspension Expert Will Keep Your Jeep Running on Roads. We Are Specialist In Original Suspension, Suspension System Damage Repair Experts, Wishbones/ Links Conditions, Ball Joints, Suspension Bushes, Anti-Roll Bars, Shock Absorber Condition, Drive Shaft Boots, Suspension Noise Or Vibration, Air Suspension, Suspension Mechanics, Air Shocks Observer, Wheel Balancing, Carriage Service, Suspension Alignment, Struts, Axles, Performance Suspension, The suspension is down, Clunking going over bumps, Squeaking going over bumps, Bouncy Ride, Floaty, Excessive Body Roll Through Corners, Excessive tyre/tire Wear, poor steering feel, Uneven ride height, Air Suspension leakage, Shocks Absorber, Coil Spring Replacement, Shock Absorbers Replacement, 100% Warranty* on All Suspension Works

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    Worn Shocks And Struts Can Make Noise Create A Bumpy Ride And Make Your Car Completely Unenjoyable Thats Why When The Time Comes For Replacement Youll Want To Find Someone Who Can Do The Job Right The Following Tips Will Help You Select A Mechanic You Can Trust

    How to find a mobile mechanic for Shocks and Struts replacement?

    Select a certified professional

    The new car smell may be long gone, but that doesnt mean your car doesnt deserve the best even if its seen better days. You dont want just anyone popping the hood and poking around. Look for a certified mechanic who has experience working with your cars make and model.Also, keep in mind, there are many different areas a technician can specialize in. Youll want to choose someone who has A4 Steering and Suspension Repair certification.

    Do they have a good reputation?

    Recommendations, either via word-of-mouth or internet reviews, are a great way to find a stellar mechanic. If a repair business has been around for a long time and has a devoted following, you can bet they operate with intelligence and integrity.

    Do they seem professional?

    Repair in your driveway should be a professional experience. Youll know youre in good hands when a mechanic, in a clean uniform, arrives in a company vehicle equipped with tools and car parts to complete the job. Time to raise your standards.

    Dont be left guessing about quality

    The quality of shocks and struts varies, as does the caliber of the work being performed. Always ask about warranties when you schedule an appointment. Warranties offer quality assurance and protect you in the rare case that something goes wrong with your repair.

    How to find a local repair shop for Shocks and Struts replacement?

    Look for a certified mechanic

    Does My Vehicle Need To Be Aligned After I Have Strut Replacement

    Yes. And your mechanic will complete the repair with an alignment. Many auto professionals recommend an alignment after any new struts are installed. Sure, there are a few exceptions where the vehicle manufacturer does not provide alignment recommendations. But generally, your auto professional will align the car.

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    What Made The Jeep Patriot So Popular

    Before we talk about Jeep Patriot problems, we should understand more on why it became popular. Why is it that even four years after it ended production, some people still speak highly of it? The main reasons for this were its cost, and what you get for the money. It was a Jeep, after all, and one that was priced accessibly for consumers. Plus, getting insurance on it was quite cheap, too. Yet, youre still getting the full Jeep experience, with plenty of practicality, and decent off-road capabilities.

    There was plenty of luggage and cargo space, so the Patriot made a great family vehicle. Although not all models had 4WD, it was good enough for lighter use. However, its popularity also exposed some flaws in its inherent design. For one, Jeep made severe cost cutting measures to keep the price low. So much so, that technology and creature comforts were basic at most. This is despite the fact that similarly priced crossovers and mini-SUVs had better kit installed. Built quality was lacking, too.

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