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Jeep Patriot Electronic Throttle Control Repair Cost

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How Do You Reset The Throttle Position Sensor On A Jeep

2012 Jeep Patriot Throttle Body Replacement

The first step is to have the Jeep turned on rather than having it running at all. You should turn off all of the dummy lights, along with any engine lights. Lastly, press the accelerator a bit slower for 3 seconds. With just a touch of Cocoon in her mouth, Miss Daisy flies slowly. In all directions.

What Happens When The Electronic Throttle Control Goes Bad

If you have bad throttle control, then you will most likely experience these few symptoms:

Intermittent throttle Control

As opposed to older vehicles, the throttle controller operates electrically, instead of cables running from the throttle pedal to your throttle body. In a few situations, the signal is interrupted. This can be due to a faulty sensor, or relay this will cause the throttle controller to be unable to receive signals and give out intermittent throttle control. Sometimes, this can cause your vehicles engine to knock down, or you will not be able to control the throttle pedal.

Throttle hesitation or accelerating problems

A faulty throttle controller can make your engine develop issues with acceleration or might cause a negative effect when you engage the throttle, like causing your vehicle to stop while running. This can lead to poor performance and safety risks if the fault is not repaired immediately. Not having full control of your throttle can result in accidents.

Drastic changes in fuel economy

When your throttle control is damaged, it can lead to high fuel consumption, which might be due to a miscommunication linkage between your throttle controller and the engines air-fuel mixture, which is controlled by your airflow sensor. You might perceive a gas smell if there is a leakage from the damage.

Electronic Throttle Control Light Function

Your electronic throttle control light monitors the throttle control system to ensure that everything is working the way it should. When its not, the light turns on to let you know that there is a problem.

The only other time you should see the electronic throttle control light is when you turn on your vehicle. At this point, your vehicle is completing a system check, and when everything checks out, the light should turn off. However, if the light stays on, you have an underlying problem that you need to address.

The easiest way to narrow down where you need to look is to hook up an OBD-II reader. While these tools cant tell you with 100 percent certainty what the problem is, they can give you a good place to start your search.

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When To Get Electronic Throttle Control Replacement

It is not safe to drive a vehicle with throttle control problems. There is a chance that you will not be able to control the vehicle and how much acceleration it has. You are putting yourself and your passengers in danger by continuing to drive with this kind of problem.

Its best just to have the car towed instead of driving to a mechanic if you suspect an electronic throttle control issue.

There are signs you should be watching out for that indicate that the control might be your problem. The most common is the check engine indicator, but there are others. Your vehicle may stall or shut down without any obvious reason. You may experience sudden changes in speed as you drive, or you could have some trouble changing the gears. You may also notice that your car uses more gas than it used to, as it is not burning fuel as efficiently.

This isnt a problem that is going to happen often, but its something you want to be aware of and watch out for. Once you suspect that the control is the problem, do not ignore it. Have it fixed as soon as you can, and dont drive the car until it is repaired.

What Is The Electronic Throttle Control

Electronic Throttle Body Assembly For Jeep Chrysler Dodge ...

The electronic throttle control is an automobile technology that is in charge of connecting the accelerator pedal to the throttle, the mechanism by which fluid flow is managed by constriction, and is in charge of replacing a mechanical connection between two parts in the system. The typical electronic throttle control system usually consists of three main parts the first is the accelerator pedal module, a throttle body valve that needs to be controlled by an electric motor to determine the opening and closing times, and a powertrain or engine control module.

The powertrain or engine control module is a type of electronic control unit basically a kind of cars computer. This mechanism is in charge of employing the correct software to figure out the necessary throttle position from data entered from other sensors in the car. The engine control unit chooses the correct software based on the information from the accelerator pedal position sensors, engine speed sensor, vehicle speed sensor, and the cruise control switches.

If the engine control unit or the electric motor are not working correctly to open the throttle valve, the total electronic throttle control repair cost will be higher than normal.

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Electronic Throttle Sensor Light Need Help

Diagnostic steps, utilizing a scan tool, start out the same for all three codes: BUT……without properly diagnosing the problem, you might end up wasting more money throwing random parts at the problem. What if its just one loose wire????

associated It might not actually be one of those computersto

What Is A Throttle Body

A pretty cool name, right? Definitely sounds like something youve heard Vin Diesel yap about in an action movie.More seriously, your cars throttle body is part of the network that makes that lovely car of yours scoot around when your right foot steps down on the gas pedal.So, youre sitting at a red light, bored out of your mind. Ready for the light to turn green. Mind drifting and pretending that youre a NASCAR driver. On your marks. Get set. GO! Thats what you expect when the light turns green and you press the pedal to the metal. The throttle body directly impacts that whole sequence. On older cars, the gas pedal is connected to the throttle body which subsequently controls the amount of air and fuel that enters the engine. Most modern cars, on the other hand, have an electronic throttle body thats controlled by the cars computer. That impacts whether your car goes faster or slower.That sounds like wizardry, I know. So, lets just pretend it is, because Im guessing you dont want the more detailed, technical description.Over time, a throttle body can wear out and need to be replaced if you want to be able to drive your car the way youre accustomed. This doesnt happen that often, but its not the rarest service, either.Luckily for you, its usually a pretty straightforward service.

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How Much Does It Cost To Fix A Sticky Gas Pedal

The cost to fix a sticky gas pedal depends on what is wrong with the pedal.

The most common cause of a sticky gas pedal, and one that is easily fixed by replacing the pedals return spring, will cost around $150-$250 for parts and labor.

If there are other complicated problems to fix in addition to the springs, then it may cost more than this amount. A broken cable or electronics package can be very expensive due to how difficult they are to install correctly as well as time spent looking for replacement parts.”

“How much does it cost? It depends on what’s wrong,” said our mechanic. “Some fixes might only take an hour while others could take all day.”

Of course your reply, “It just costs too much these days I wish we didn’t need cars anymore.” haha

How To Save Money On Electronic Throttle Control Replacement

2014 Patriot: Throttle Body Repair

If you are looking for ways to save money on this repair, you may be tempted to do the job yourself. A lot of car owners attempt to handle jobs they think look manageable, but we want to warn you about the dangers of trying to do this repair on your own. If you arent sure what you are doing or you dont have the proper tools to handle the work, then you are putting yourself and any passengers at risk by doing the repairs yourself.

If you want to save some money, just compare the prices among different mechanics who can do the work for you. You can also source some of the parts on your own if you think there is a chance that you can get some of them cheaper yourself.

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When Replacing The Throttle Body Keep In Mind:

  • Many modern throttle bodies have spring loaded sensors and plastic gears that are not intended to be manipulated directly during any diagnostics or inspections. These components are controlled electronically or generate signals. It is best to let a mechanic use approved tests to diagnose the problem.
  • Wiring faults, bad grounds, or bad terminal connections can make it appear as though an electronically controlled throttle has failed. A mechanic will always rule out all other causes before replacing the throttle body.
  • When cleaning the throttle body, special care should be taken to use only special spray cleaners designed to not damage electrical components or sensors.

Fast and easy service at your home or office

Backed by 12-month, 12.000-mile guarantee

How Do I Reset My Jeep Gas Pedal

  • The ignition key should be inserted and the key should turn on .
  • You need to hold off until all of the idiot lights go out.
  • Tactically depress the accelerator pedal as you speed up to the floor.
  • To do so, slowly remove the accelerator pedal.
  • The ignition key should be turned off.
  • Your engine has started.
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    How To Save Money On The Electronic Throttle Control Repair Cost

    As we know, some signs that your electronic throttle body is not working correctly could be the check engine light turning on your dashboard, or hesitation under acceleration, or your gears not shifting smoothly. Before you go ahead and decide you need to replace the entire electronic throttle body, you should first clean the original body to see if that helps with the issue or gets rid of any unwanted debris.

    Over time, this part can easily become clogged with dirt, carbon deposits, contaminants, or other debris that can affect the ability of this part to function, preventing it from opening and closing as necessary. Some car owners who want to save money on electronic throttle control repair costs in the long run will take this as just regular maintenance.

    You can easily access this part by removing the air intake hose, disconnecting any wires or hoses that are in the way, and unbolting the electronic throttle control or body from the upper intake manifold. Once you do this, or the mechanic does this for you, this would be a good time to check the throttle body gasket and do the throttle body replacement.

    In addition, you should inspect the air intake system for any cracked pieces, ilke damaged or frayed rubber hoses that could potentially be leaking air into the system. Some cars might have coolant lines that are directly attached to the throttle body, so you need to ensure that these tubes are capped to prevent coolant leaks and air from entering the system.

    Are Throttle Controllers Bad For Your Car

    Throttle Body FOR JEEP PATRIOT 2007

    No, Throttle response controllers are not bad for your Jeep or car. In fact they can be a great performance upgrade if operated correctly!

    If you use them in the wrong way then that’s when there might be some problems. Like any car or vehicle, you don’t want to drive at really high RPM’s for a long time. It will shorten the life of your engine. Certainly have fun with your upgraded accelerator response, but don’t redline your RPM.

    -There are many different types of controllers out there and each has their own advantages and disadvantages so make sure you purchase the right controller for your specific model Jeep.

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    How Does Electronic Throttle Control Work

    The electronic throttle control is the modern version of what was operated by a cable in old cars. The gas pedal controls the job of your throttle control. In old vehicles, the gas pedal is connected by a cable that links it to the engine and is joined to a linkage fixed to the carburetor or throttle body.

    But for vehicles with ETC, when you apply pressure on your accelerator pedal, the throttle cable forces the mechanical linkage inward, joined to a butterfly valve built within the throttle body.

    As the valve opens and closes, the mass air flow sensor checks the air changes and transmits this information to your vehicles Electronic Control Module , which then elevates the fuel amount sent to the injectors to maintain the correct air-fuel mixture. When the ECM has processed the information, it makes the necessary fuel flow changes at the fuel injectors.

    When To Consider Replacing The Throttle Body:

    • Check engine light and/or reduced power warning light is on. Most modern throttle bodies have electrical components, such as a throttle position sensor. These components are monitored by the powertrain control module . If the check engine light or reduced power warning light comes on, a mechanic will determine if any of the stored trouble codes implicate a throttle body malfunction.
    • Wrong idle speed. Carbon deposits in the throttle body, particularly around the movable throttle plate or in the idle air control valve, can cause the engine idle speed to be too low or too high.
    • Poor transmission shifting. In some applications, transmission shift timing relies on signal outputs from the throttle body. If the throttle position sensor is defective, that might adversely affect shift timing and feel.

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    What Is A Jeep Wrangler Throttle Response Controller And Should I Get One

    Yes, you should grab a throttle response controller! This will greatly improve your driving experience and make you faster at the green light. It is the easiest way to upgrade your Jeep acceleration at a low price.

    Simply, they are a lot of fun! The difference is night and day.

    Throttle Response Controllers are not expensive, typically costing less than $300.

    ShiftPower is low cost and gives you greater control than those priced at $300.

    If you want to have more control over how quickly the engine responds when you hit the gas pedal then get one!

    A lot of people buy them primarily because they want their vehicle to accelerate faster on the road. If you are looking for a snappier acceleration from 0 to 60 then this is the perfect solution.

    Benefits Of Electronic Throttle Control

    Electronic Throttle Body Replacement 2.4L Compass Patriot Avenger

    In a vehicle, there are numerous benefits to the electronic throttle control working correctly hence why the electronic throttle control repair cost is necessary to pay. The benefits of this system are usually underappreciated by drivers, since the aim of the car is to make the powertrain characteristics inconspicuous and seemingly automatic in the car, regardless of any other conditions like engine temperature or accessory alouds.

    In addition, the electronic throttle control also works and functions to improve the ease at which the driver of the vehicle can quickly and efficiently change gears, deal with any torque changes, and be able to quickly accelerate or decelerate in any sentence. If you find that you cant control your car correctly, then this can be the result of a much higher electronic throttle control repair cost.

    Furthermore, there are reduced maintenance costs that are associated with keeping this part in good condition and reducing the overall electronic throttle control repair cost. Mechanical throttle systems are usually composed of various moving parts and mechanical properties, so they are frequently subject to extended wear and friction, causing potential to overheat. Unlike mechanical systems, the electronic throttle control system has ewere moving parts, meaning less potential for the system to overheat and a lower electronic throttle control repair cost.

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    How Does The Electronic Throttle Control Work

    Keep in mind that unlike other systems there is no mechanical part that connects the accelerator pedal and the throttle valve with the electronic throttle control. Instead, the throttle valve position is controlled by the software in the electronic throttle control, showing how these two parts are directly linked.

    However, do not think that just opening or closing the throttle valve will send the correct signal to the electronic throttle control. This can lead to inaccurate control and a loop, which will not provide the right data to the computer.

    Because of this, most electronic throttle control systems use closed loop feedback systems that allow the electronic control unit to tell the specific throttle to open or close a certain amount depending on the current conditions. This allows the electronic throttle control to make the right adjustments depending on the engine power needed.

    Throttle Control Warning Light On Problem Of The 2016 Jeep Patriot

    I was driving on a road into work at no more than 40/45 mph. My car was at a slight incline when the electronic throttle control light and electronic stability control light came on, and my car powered down to a low level and wouldn’t increase its speed. I pulled over to the side of the road, put the car in park and shut it off. I was able to start the car and drive the rest of the way, and the light didn’t come back on again.

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    How Do You Fix Electronic Throttle Control

    An ETC can last for a very long time. Most times, it lasts throughout the vehicles life span. However, like any other electrical or mechanical device, there are possibilities that it will falter. So when the electronic throttle control light jeep patriot comes ON, it can be caused by a shifting throttle body, damaged relay, or sensor. After youve had that fixed, and the problem persists, then it could be that your throttle control is completely bad, cleaning the throttle body might not work, we advise you to replace it. We will give you the appropriate method on how you can change your throttle control:

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