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Is My Patriot Supply Any Good

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Patriot Food Supply Equipment

My Patriot Supply – Ready Hour – Survival Food – Is It Any Good???

One real bonus of My Patriot Supply is that they also sell emergency equipment, which means you can get everything you need to stock your kit from one supplier.

Most other emergency food companies just sell food, which means youll be looking elsewhere for cooking equipment, water filtration, and lighting.

If youre not sure what you need, Id suggest going with the ultimate emergency kit which includes food, a cook stove, and water filtration all in one package.

For the budget-minded, a simple 1-week kit or 1-month kit is an easy answer, provided you already have good emergency options for cooking and water filtration.

All around, I thought these were great kits. Tasty food, easy to cook, family-friendly, 2,000+ calories per day and perfect for emergency preparedness on a budget.

Readywise Emergency Food Supply Review

May 30, 2022

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Readywise provides an incredible variety of emergency food. Ill take you through each of their meals one by one, reviewing cost, packaging, nutrition, and most importantly, flavor.

Wise food company is actually the reason I started writing emergency food reviews, many years ago. Back when they were Wise Food Company, I couldnt in good conscience recommend them, but times have changed and so have they.

Theyve completely reworked their emergency food kits, and now they contain plenty of calories, nutrition, and variety. Im happy to say theyve changed their tune, and now theyre a really promising option for emergency food storage.

Ill take you through all of their offerings, including taste tests on more than a dozen of their emergency meals from a number of different emergency food supply kits.

In 2018, a friend pointed me toward their website and asked what I thought. I looked through everything and carefully analyzed their claims.

At that point, everything was done in terms of servings and it took some real searching to determine what a serving actually entailed. Eventually, I did find the total calories and nutrition in the packaging, and I was incredibly disappointed. At that point, most of their kits offered 600 to 800 calories per person per day, and claimed families could stretch it a lot longer since kids only needed half servings.

Readywise Grab and Go Bag

Be Skeptical Of Servings

Apart from the quality, one of the challenges in emergency foods is their servings. The serving amount is subjective, and it differs per company. The food producers are playing hard with their portion size since they control the packaging and marketing. The same is also true with long-term food manufacturers.

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How Long Does 4patriots Food Last

Perhaps its time to ditch those stale grains and cans of salty Spam. According to its website, the brands meal packs can last for up to 25 years. This includes such bundles like the 4Patriots 72-hour survival food kit.

Its worth noting that all of the brands products are dependent on proper storage. This means stowing it away in cool and dry areas. Excess heat and moisture may decrease its shelf life in the future.

Fruit Veggie And Snack Mix

My Patriot Supply Reviews

This product contains 114 servings and one tote. These are composed of fruits and vegetables that you can incorporate into your meals, even during emergencies. Make your meal palatable and nutritious with the Fruit, Veggie, and Snack Mix now. Each meal is freeze-dried to make it last a long time. Check out how the menu is available:

  • Blueberries-8 servings
  • Sweetly Coated Banana Chips-8 servings

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Mega Protein Kit With Real Meat

This Mega Protein Kit will help you keep your body in shape even if theres a crisis. Protein can help build your muscles, bones, joints, and other body parts. Furthermore, the individual pouches consist of 88 servings, and they can last for up to 25 years if not opened.

Here is the food inclusion of the Mega Protein Kit:

  • Black beans-20 servings
  • Red beans-16 servings

They Don’t Stand Behind Their Products

I ordered from My Patriot Supply based upon all of the ‘amazing’ 5 star reviews, got their air purifier and emergency flash light. While delivery was super fast, and their support was initially great if I asked basic product questions, you can forget it when it comes to actual customer service when something goes wrong with an item. The air purifier went bad, and was making noises it shouldn’t have been in the first place, support by email confirmed that. But, when I asked about a return for a refund or exchange, NO reply. Twice! They ghosted me after that. So I had to go onto their chat, it took 2 hours to receive information on how to return it for a refund. But again, that was a run around also, because I could tell the agent didn’t want to help me. I was told I would be emailed two return labels and it’s been 3 days, I only have one. Support claimed that one of their departments emailed me the first label, but I never received it. So they’re lying now and trying to get out of me returning the stuff for a refund, I know they’re purposely being slow because they do not stand behind their products. MPS wants the customer to do all the work for them, so a return can be “approved.” So you make it difficult on purpose so people will give up! Shameful! I will never order from these people again, they only want your money.

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My Patriot Supply Reviews: What Do Customers Think

We couldnt honestly recommend this brand without looking into a My Patriot Supply review or two from verified customers. And by one or two, we mean checking into the thousands of ratings online.

This company lists over 43k ratings alone on their website, averaging a 4.8/5-star rating from their customers.

Customers seem to especially appreciate their easy ordering system, quick delivery, and the quality of the products. Multiple My Patriot Supply reviews state that this food has the best ratio of taste to shelf-life storage.

One verified customer stated, My local store runs out of supplies quickly and takes a week or more to restock. The products and kits I have been stocking up on prevent any issues with my household food supply. They are easy to order, quick delivery, and easy to prepare. Highly recommend!

Customer service and shipping seem to be the highlights of this brand, as theyre brought up time and time again. Another 5-star reviewer commented, The service and delivery are great. Quality products great for everyone.

Heres a sneak peek at just how well-received some of their products are:

  • 1-Week Food Supply Ammo Can : 4.9/5 stars out of 1,579 ratings
  • 4-Week Emergency Food Supply : 4.8/5 stars out of 5,622 ratings
  • 3-Month Emergency Food Supply : 4.8/5 stars out of 1,086 ratings
  • 6-Month Emergency Food Supply : 4.9/5 stars out of 513 ratings
  • 72-Hour Kit Sample Pack : 4.8/5 stars out of 2,895 ratings

Mega #10 Can Food Pack

Taste test for My Patriot Supply Potato Soup. Is it any good?

The Mega #10 Can Food Pack is best for preparing your whole family for emergencies, traveling outdoors, or bartering food items in times of crisis. The Can Food Pack includes the following:

  • Blueberry Muffin Mix-40 servings

Here are the other Bulk #10 Can sell Food products that you can try now:

  • Summers Best Corn Chowder
  • Independence Hall Chicken Noodle Soup
  • Black Bean Burger
  • Strawberry Fields Cream of Wheat
  • Honey Powder
  • Sweetly Coated Banana Chips
  • Honey Wheat Bread Mix

Nowadays, it is becoming more essential to become prepared. With climate change, artificial, and natural disasters, having an emergency kit with food and other materials will help you survive.

There are many forms of disasters like earthquakes, fires, tornadoes, blizzards, and hurricanes. Any of these accidents may leave you without any food source for a short or long period.

One of the best ways to prevent this catastrophe is through the storage of food at home. Here are some tips on how to maximize your food storage techniques:

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Tvp Is Not Similar To Meat

Some suppliers make their entrees to be vegetarian to make them look attractive to wider consumers. Then, they offer the freeze-dried meats separately as add-ons to supplement these vegan food entrees.

To make these vegan entrees have the same texture as the real Meat, they use the TVPs or textured vegetable proteins. The TVPs cost is lesser than the real Meat. However, the nutrients are not the same as the real Meat.

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    Is 4patriots Worth It

    If youre in the market for survivalist goods, this 4Patriots review readily recommends this brand. It offers a great selection of camping gear and emergency supplies. From solar-powered generators to family meal kits, customers can peruse through a large collection of goods fit for pantry or road trip needs.

    Overall, we like how versatile and functional its products are. This is especially towards the 25-year food packs and multi-use flashlights.

    While it may seem like it profits out of paranoia, you may find yourself regretting that initial hesitancy during an emergency situation. More often than not, disaster strikes when were not looking, so its always a good idea to come prepared. For a brand that only holds the essentials, 4Patriots has your back when it comes to basic survival.

    Whats Unique About My Patriot Supply

    My Patriot Supply Coupon Codes &  Best Discounts Up to 50% OFF

    My Patriot Supply offers a great all-around service for emergency preparedness. Its not just the emergency food kits, but they also offer a 10% discount to the military. The food is packaged in slimline totes that can last up to 25 years in storage. They offer both short-term and long-term food storage packages, and the selection of seeds that they provide is one of the best out there.

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    Total offers:
    My Patriot Supply Frequently Asked Questions

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    Mypatriotsupplycom: Scam Or Not

    No, is not a scam website, but it’s your duty to spot the red flags every time you are engaging in an online transaction. Remember that even legitimate businesses have complaints and unhappy clients.In conclusion, you still need to be careful when conducting business on ANY site, not just

    What Is 4patriotss Shipping Policy

    Beware: Unprepared Preppers are Fake Patriots

    This 4Patriots review is happy to report that the brand offers free shipping on orders that total $97 or more. To help monitor the status of your purchase, the company will issue a tracking number alongside your confirmation email. Unfortunately, it doesnt provide international deliveries to countries outside of Canada and the United States.

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    My Patriot Supply Cancel Order

  • The Company reserves the right, without assigning any reason, to cancel, advance, reschedule, over-fly or delay the commencement or continuance of the flight without incurring any liability in damages or otherwise to the passengers or any other person on any ground whatsoever. The Company reserves the right to refuse to carry any person whom it considers unfit for travel or what in the opinion of the company may constitute risk to the aircraft or to the persons on board.
  • Same day Passengers reporting will be in the morning time from 05:30 A.M. to 08:00 A.M. as informed and for night halt passengers reporting will be after 1030 hrs only and their slots will be as informed at Guptkashi Office.
  • For same day return you will be given 60 – 90 minutes at Sh. Kedarnath Ji.
  • Same day passengers would be given preference overnight halt and one way passengers.
  • The Travel Document issued by the Company shall be subject to the rules of cancellation. The rules of cancellation are also applicable for change of name on the ticket/s. The ‘Cancellation / Change of Name’ policy is given: –
  • If a Cancellation / Change of Name is requested more than 72 HRS before the day of travel then 10% of ticket/s cost will be deducted.
  • If a Cancellation / Change of Name is requested within 24 to 72 HRS before the travel then 50% of the ticket/s cost will be deducted.
  • If a Cancellation / Change of Name is requested less than 24 HRS before the travel then 100% of the ticket cost will be deducted.
  • Your Vegetable And Meat Long Term Food Storage Solution

    Thrive Life is different than other long term food storage companies in that they focus more on the ingredients rather than the meal. You can buy meat, vegetables, fruit, dairy, cereals and grains and create their recipes or your own. They do the best job I have seen on the market in offering a great choice of freeze dried vegetables so that in emergencies you wont be lacking in essential nutrients.

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    Final Words: Pros And Cons Of Using The Patriot Pantry Food Items

    Indeed, the Patriot Panty items have good flavor and a wide variety of menus which people of all ages would surely love to eat! It is made of natural and nutritious ingredients that will fill your body and your tummy with nutrients.

    Second, the food items are easy to prepare, and it doesnt require extensive cooking. You just need to add water to it and eat it directly.

    Third, it has a shelf-life of 25 years when unopened and 1-year when opened. With this, you can get the best deal from your money and store the supply at your home for a long time.

    Lastly, Patriot Pantry is proudly made in the United States. Thus, you are assured that it is high-quality. In addition, the packaging is informative, air-tight, and secure.

    On the other hand, there are some cons to using the Patriot Pantry. Like all other emergency foods, the food items include a filler and may sometimes incorporate tiny remnants of fruits, vegetables, or Meat.

    Second, if you cook the product in the pan, it might get sticky, and it can cause burning. It requires constant attention when you wish to cook it, which defeats the purpose of instant and easy food preparation during emergencies.

    Overall, the Patriot Pantry items are a must-try emergency food for you and your family! Gradually start to fill your pantry now with food and drinks, so youll be ready when disaster comes!

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    My Patriot Supply Emergency Survival Food Review

    Doesnt matter who you are we all need to eat. Especially when locked up, trapped, or simply limited in where we can go.

    My Patriot food supply makes up a decent chunk of the stock from this company, so weve picked a few favorite plans to show off whats available. Each food kit contains 2,000 planned calories per day, so keep that in mind when stocking up.

    Lets be serious, were not all as prepared as we should be. A good way to get that emergency kit going is to build it up week by week. Thats what this brand is offering with their 1-Week Food Supply Ammo Can.

    Ready for the worst-case scenario? This kit contains 58 servings of food made from 9 different dishes to choose from.

    Stored in a tight and portable container, these meals are quick to prepare and perfect for when the power is cut. Each meal bag is resealable to ensure you get the most from every dish.

    Loved by thousands of customers, this kit sits at 4.9/5-stars with many using it as their go-to for camping or general emergency planning.

    This kit is available for $89.

    Whether planning for a longer-term or simply a larger family, the 4-Week Emergency Food Supplykit is one to keep in mind when aiming to stock up.

    Perfect for an individual month or a week for a family of four, this kit comes in sealed buckets so you get your moneys worth.

    This supply costs $297.

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