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Gaetz Formally Nominates Trump Is Only Person To Vote For Him

Rep. Gaetz votes for Donald Trump as House speaker

During the seventh ballot to elect a new speaker of House of Representatives, Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz voted for former President Donald Trump. No other Republicans joined him.

For the 11th ballot, Gaetz delivered a formal nominating speech for Trump. Once again, he was the only person to cast a ballot for Trump. In his nominating speech, Gaetz notably did not say whether Trump actually wants the job. During the vote marathon, Trump posted the below image on Truth Social, and you can gauge for yourself whether he’s taking a bid seriously.

California Rep. Kevin McCarthy and allies have reportedly extended an offer to the 20 GOP holdouts opposing him. The deal was presented after the 10th vote, and NBC News’ Ali Vitali described it as something that “doesn’t give him the speakership, but it allows Team McCarthy to peel off some votes, show they have momentum, and then deal with the stragglers.”

Mccarthy Loses On Seventh Ballot Gaetz Votes For Trump

California Rep. Kevin McCarthy’s seventh bid to become speaker of the House of Representatives looked a lot like his first six bids.

Once again, 20 Republicans voted for someone other than McCarthy, who can suffer only four defections. Like she did Wednesday, Indiana Rep. Victoria Spartz voted “present.” The one change from Wednesday came from Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz, who cast his vote for former President Donald Trump after previously voting for Florida Rep. Byron Donalds.

The speaker does not need to be a member of the House. Trump has not actively sought the speakership, but as everything with Trump goes, things might change. No other Republican cast a vote for Trump, and the House moved to an eighth ballot once no one received 218 votes.

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White men and white women. White men and women with degrees, and without. White men and women with more than $50,000.

As the dust settled after the extraordinary victory of Donald Trump, a clearer image emerged of those who were responsible for making him President-elect.

In essence, it was white men and women of different incomes who have pushed the most unlikely presidential candidate in a century to the gates of the White House.

Exit poll data found that 52 per cent of white women voted for Mr Trump, compared with 63 per cent of white men. By comparison, 80 per cent of black men voted for Hillary Clinton, who also attracted the support of 93 per cent of black women.

Much of the rhetoric before the election pointed towards Mr Trump’s support from white men, angered by the political establishment. However, exit poll data collected by Edison Research for the National Election Pool, a consortium of ABC News, the Associated Press, CBSNews, CNN, Fox News and NBC News and reported by The New York Times, gives a deeper insight into which groups his votes stemmed from.

The gender gap for Ms Clinton the difference between the number of men who voted for her and the number of women who voted for her hit 13 percentage points, but Ms Clinton’s support support among women was roughly even with the support that women gave Mr Obama in 2008 and 2012.

As expected, male voters supported Mr Trump, with 12 per cent more supporting the Republican candidate over his rival.

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The Most Votes For A Sitting President Claim

Donald Trump has referenced this claim a number of times in the build-up to the midterm elections, and it is true. He won nine million more votes than the second highest number for a sitting president, Barack Obama with 65,915,795 in 2012.

Its important to look at these numbers with some context.

The 2020 election had a turnout of 66.9%, some 7% higher then the turnout for the 2016 election prior and nearly 7% greater than 2012. With a higher population in the eight years difference between 2012 and 2020 coupled with this voting surge it is no wonder Trump managed to amass so many votes for himself and his opponent.

Donald Trump failed America.

Joe Biden

Extremely high turnout was a major factor in Trump receiving a record number of votes and still losing. With US population stagnating it may have to take even more voter participation to overcome this figure and lose.

Donald Trump Receives Vote For House Speaker As Mccarthy Loses For A Seventh Time

Exit polls: a broad range of white people voted Trump for president

House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy is on track to lose at least seven ballots for House speaker.

And on Thursday, someone from outside the House received a vote instead of the Californian Republican.

During the seventh ballot in the speakers race, Rep. Matt Gaetz cast his vote for former President Donald Trump.

Trump endorsed McCarthy for speaker and urged Republicans to vote for him.

However, the former presidents support did not sway Republicans to back McCarthy.

Gaetz, who has been one of the leading opponents of McCarthy, was unmoved by Trumps endorsement in a statement as he said, Sad!

This changes neither my view of McCarthy, nor Trump, nor my vote, he added.

Last month, Gaetz addressed Trumps support for the Republican leader as he said, I cant wait to vote for Donald Trump in the 2024 election.

However, he said, If Donald Trump believes that Kevin McCarthy should be Speaker of the House, then Donald Trump is wrong. And Donald Trump has not always nailed it on the HR front.

In case you missed it:

Rep. Matt Gaetz on Monday criticized Donald Trump for backing Kevin McCarthy for Speaker:

“If Donald Trump believes that Kevin McCarthy should be Speaker of the House, then Donald Trump is wrong. And Donald Trump has not always nailed it on the HR front.”

The Recount

The House will have to hold at least an eighth vote to choose a new speaker.

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Mccarthy Loses Eighth Ballot After Trolling From Boebert

Another ballot, another Kevin McCarthy defeat.

The California Republican lost an eighth ballot to become speaker of the House of Representatives, with 20 Republicans once again voting for a different candidate. On Wednesday, those 20 all voted for Florida Rep. Byron Donalds, but there was a mild splintering Thursday. Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz voted for former President Donald Trump twice , and Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert voted for Oklahoma Rep. Kevin Hern.

When Boebert voted for Hern, she first introduced him as only “Kevin,” an apparent attempt at making people believe she would vote for McCarthy after opposing him on the previous seven ballots.

She was met with jeers on the House floor, as members have typically just yelled the name of the person they’re voting for as opposed to giving a long diatribe. With absolutely no movement since Wednesday, it’s currently unclear whether Republicans will move to adjourn again or keep holding votes.

You Dont Expand The Problem

The mixed messaging in recent days provides an early glimpse into the GOPs fault lines as it reckons with its strategy over mail voting. Nowhere is that more pronounced than in the nascent campaign for the Republican National Committee chair, where two of the leading candidates are contradicting Trump by embracing vote by mail.

Our voters need to vote early, Ronna McDaniel, the current party chairwoman whos facing multiple challenges and a backlash from the partys populist base, told Fox News on Tuesday. There were many in 2020 saying, Dont vote by mail, dont vote early, and we have to stop that and understand that if Democrats are getting ballots in for a month, we cant expect to get it all done in one day.

McDaniels most formidable opponent is a former vote-by-mail skeptic who now recognizes its value: Harmeet Dhillon, an RNC committeewoman and conservative attorney who helped Trump with his legal efforts to contest the 2020 election.

In other words, its a system that gives campaigns an edge at turning non-voters into voters. And while vote by mail does not inherently advantage Democrats or Republicans, many suspect it has boosted Democrats over the last two elections simply because they seized on the opportunity while their opposition squandered it.

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The 73701667 Voters Question

How can 59,054,087 people be so dumb? The question a British tabloid asked on its front page when delivering the news of George W Bushs re-election in 2004 is perhaps one of the most memorable phrases in the contemporary history of US presidential elections.

The world had witnessed Bushs invasion and occupation of first Afghanistan in 2001, and then Iraq in 2003. It had seen what kind of a man he was and how much damage he could inflict on humanity at large. Still, Americans had re-elected him as their president. So the British tabloids question was brutish and rude , but it was also legitimate.

And the questions persist in 2020. As of November 21, 73,781,603 people voted for Trump, which amounts to 47.2 percent of the total votes counted. The same statistics tell us 79,816,557 Americans voted for Biden, which is about 51.1 percent of the total votes counted.

These are not bad numbers a majority of American people, especially Black people and other marginalised communities at the mercy of this countrys historic, systemic and incurable racism, voted Donald Trump out of office. There is much reason to celebrate that fact. But there is much reason for soul searching too.

Do not be fooled by these blue and red states. There is red inside every blue state, and blue inside every red state. There is no separate country somewhere between Ohio and Idaho, North Dakota and Texas to give to Republicans while the Democrats live their bicoastal lives in peace.

Matt Gaetz Nominates And Votes For Donald Trump As House Speakermatt Gaetz And Donald Trump

Its repugnant: Bash reacts to Gaetz nominating Trump for speaker

Interim Dean named at FSU College of Medicine

U.S. Rep.-elect Matt Gaetz has switched his vote for Speaker. He nominated former President Donald Trump to lead the House.

I nominate President Trump because we must make our country great again, Gaetz said. And you can start by making the House of Representatives great again.

He supported Trump on multiple ballots earlier in the day. It was ahead of an 11th consecutive vote on House Speaker that he took to the floor to formally nominate the Mar-a-Lago resident.

Shortly before that, Trump on his Truth Social platform posted a mock photo rendering of President Joe Biden delivering a State of the Union address with the former President in the Speakers seat making wild hand and face motions.

Gaetz, a Fort Walton Beach Republican, was elected to the House in 2016, the same year Trump won a term as President. He was among the Republican Commander-in-Chiefs staunchest supporters.

While few political figures in America are as divisive as Trump, who was impeached twice and recently referred for criminal charges by the House Jan. 6 Committee, Gaetz said Trump was a more unifying figure than many admit.

For all of the vitriol that we hear from the media and, at times, the Left, there were great moments of bipartisanship under the Trump presidency, Gaetz said.

He suggested U.S. Rep.-elect Hakeem Jeffries, the Democratic nominee for Speaker, knows that well because of progress on sentencing reform.

Jacob Ogles

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Procedures For Voting Without Id

Even if you do not have a form of ID that your state asks for, you may be able to vote. Some states require you to take extra measures after you vote to make sure that your vote counts.

Some states may ask you to sign a form affirming your identity. Other states will let you cast a provisional ballot. States use provisional ballots when there is a question about a voter’s eligibility. States keep provisional ballots separate until they decide whether they should count. To do so, they will investigate a voters eligibility. They may also require you to return to show an acceptable form of ID within a few days. If you do not, your provisional ballot will not count.

Matt Gaetz Votes For Trump For Speaker

Rep. Matt Gaetz added a new name to the House speaker fight on Thursday, voting for former President Trump on the 7th ballot.

Why it matters: This is a break from the unified faction of 20 House Republicans who’d been voting for Rep. and blocking GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy from winning the speakership.

  • Nothing in the Constitution requires the speaker to be a sitting member of Congress, though that has been the case throughout U.S history.
  • Trump himself has endorsed McCarthy for speaker and has been unable to sway the GOP rebels, many of who consider themselves the former president’s biggest supporters.

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Poll: Would You Vote For Donald Trump In 2024

Evansville, Ind. With former President Donald Trump expected to announce another run for the White House, many Americans remain on the fence whether or not to give him their vote.

“Hopefully, tomorrow will turn out to be one of the most important days in the history of our Country!” Trump wrote on his social media network on Monday. An announcement was expected at 9 p.m. EST Tuesday from his club in Palm Beach.

Eyewitness News wants to know, would you vote for Donald Trump if his name appears on the 2024 ballot? Vote below.

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Gaetz Votes For Trump For Speaker On 7th Ballot

Exit polls: a broad range of white people voted Trump for president

Rep. Matt Gaetz voted for former President Trump for Speaker of the House on Thursday, as the chamber held its seventh vote in three days in an attempt to elect a Speaker.

Gaetz, who has been a staunch opponent of Rep. Kevin McCarthys bid for Speaker, broke with his fellow anti-McCarthy members to vote for Trump on the seventh ballot. The remaining 19 representatives voted for Rep. Byron Donalds .

Gaetz later tweeted outa photo illustration of Trump brandishing the Speakers gavel.

Although no movement occurred in the seventh vote as the same 20 far-right members continued to split with the rest of the Republican Party several members appeared to be making progress in negotiations with McCarthy overnight. Gaetz, however, seemed to dig in on his anti-McCarthy position.

The move comes after Rep. Lauren Boebert , a member of the anti-McCarthy group, suggested on Wednesday night that she might nominate Trump for the position. The comment earned Boebert a barbed response from Fox News host Sean Hannity.

Is this a game show? Like were gonna pick Jim Jordan one day, Trump the other day? Hannity asked Boebert, referring to the Ohio Republican who was nominated for Speaker on Tuesday as a McCarthy alternative.

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More: After Mccarthy’s Deal To Become Speaker House Gop Takes Up New Rules

Meanwhile, Rep. Andrew Clyde of Georgia was the only member ABC News spoke with who said he did believe the former president “certainly had influence in the process.”

Clyde, who said he spoke with Trump’s staff during the speaker fight, said the outcome from the at times contentious week will be a “win-win for our country and for our leadership.”

House Adjourns With No Speaker After Kevin Mccarthy Falls Short

The House adjourned Tuesday night after McCarthy failed to get the required 218 votes in the chamber to win the post.

There are 222 Republicans in the House, so McCarthy can only afford to lose four to reach the threshold required.

But in Tuesdays voting, 19 GOP members voted against him on the first two ballots, while 20 opposed him on the third.

The anti-McCarthy faction showed no deference to Trumps statement, with Rep.-elect Matt Gaetz telling Fox News: Sad! This changes neither my view of McCarthy nor Trump nor my vote.

Another holdout, Lauren Boebert of Colorado, said during her speech nominating Rep.-elect Byron Donalds prior to the fifth round of voting: The president needs to tell Kevin McCarthy that Sir, you do not have the votes and it is time to withdraw.

Trump, in another posting Wednesday morning, said if Republicans want to fight, they should grapple with Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnells leadership.

If Republicans are going to fight, we ought to be fighting Mitch McConnell and his domineering, China loving BOSS, I mean wife, Coco Chow, he said, once again repeating a racial slur against McConnells spouse and Trumps former transportation secretary, Elaine Chao. The harm they have done to the Republican Party is incalculable.

Today, he couldnt be elected Dog Catcher in Kentucky , Trump added.

The House was scheduled to reconvene Wednesday at noon to continue voting on the speaker position.

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More: House Speaker Vote Failure Suggests Some Republicans Want No Leader At All: Analysis

McCarthy ultimately won the speakership after historically falling short on over a dozen ballots in a row thanks to stiff opposition from 20 Republican rebels who collectively stymied his efforts for days until finally relenting early on Saturday.

GOP Rep. Matt Rosendale of Montana, who was captured in a now-viral photo waving off Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., who was holding up a cell phone with Trump on the line, also told ABC News that the former president had nothing to do with his speaker vote.

“Not with my decision,” Rosendale said when asked if Trump played any role. “My decision was based on the voters of Montana and to support the constitution I was meeting and listening to my constituents and my effort was always focused on making sure we had a much more open process.”

Rep. Ralph Norman of South Carolina, another one of the initial five so-called “Never Kevins,” also told ABC News that Trump “didn’t have anything” to do with his ultimate decision to back McCarty. “In fact, I disagreed with him getting involved,” Norman said.

“This is a House function. We elect the speaker,” Norman added.

Florida Rep. Byron Donalds, R-Fla., who initially voted for McCarthy before switching his vote to Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio and getting nominated for speaker himself, also told ABC News that Trump’s pressure campaign had little impact on him.

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