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How To Stop Trump 2020

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Trump Has Longstanding History Of Calling Elections ‘rigged’ If He Doesnt Like The Results

‘I wasn’t in control’: Trump supporter explains how he fell for election lies

The president has refused to acknowledge his loss to Joe Biden.

It’s been over a week since the polls closed on Election Day, and a few days since President-elect Joe Biden was declared the winner of the 2020 presidential race, and still, President Donald Trump has not accepted the results of the election.

What Trump has done is continue to double down on his claims that this year’s election was “rigged” and there were massive amounts of voter fraud nationwide that cost him his victory.

There is no truth to the claims that there was widespread voter fraud in the election, yet the Trump campaign and the Republican National Committee are pursuing lawsuits in several states claiming that there was. Despite their complaints, they have not provided any evidence of fraud or corroborated any of the president’s claims.

This is not the first time Trump has made claims about election fraud when the results do not please him. It has been a part of his playbook for years — long before he entered politics.

2012 general election

On election night in 2012, when President Barack Obama was reelected, Trump said that the election was a “total sham” and a “travesty,” while also making the claim that the United States is “not a democracy” after Obama secured his victory.

Trump even wrote on Twitter, “We can’t let this happen. We should march on Washington and stop this travesty. Our nation is totally divided!”

Trump And Pence Squared Off In The Desert It Was One

Trumps speech also occurred amid yet another split-screen moment between himself and his former vice president, who also appears to be gearing up for a 2024 bid. Mike Pence spoke hours before Trump on Tuesday, at the Young Americas Foundations signature event, unveiling his Freedom Agenda, which he was scheduled to present on Monday at the Heritage Foundation.

Pence, continuing his tight-rope walk when talking about his former boss, said that he and Trump have similar visions for the future of the party, and that the conservative movement is not divided.

He said he didnt necessarily differ on issues with Trump its focus where he sees some space between the two.

Some people may choose to focus on the past, but elections are about the future, Pence said, in an implicit critique of Trump. And I believe conservatives must focus on the future to win back America.

Meridith McGraw contributed to this report.

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Alexandria County District Of Columbia

The area that now contains almost all of Arlington County was ceded to the new United States federal government by Virginia, along with most of what is now the city of Alexandria. With the passage of the in 1790, approved a new permanent capital to be located on the , the exact area to be selected by U.S. President . The Residence Act originally only allowed the President to select a location within Maryland as far east as what is now the . However, President Washington shifted the federal territory’s borders to the southeast in order to include the existing town of Alexandria at the District’s southern tip.

In 1791, Congress, at Washington’s request, amended the Residence Act to approve the new site, including the territory ceded by Virginia. However, this amendment to the Residence Act specifically prohibited the “erection of the public buildings otherwise than on the Maryland side of the River Potomac.”

As permitted by the , the initial shape of the federal district was a square, measuring 10 miles on each side, totaling 100 square miles . During 179192, and several assistants placed at every mile point. Fourteen of these markers were in Virginia and many of the stones are still standing.

In 1852, the Virginia legislature voted to incorporate a portion of Alexandria County to make the City of Alexandria, which until then had been administered only as an unincorporated town within the political boundaries of Alexandria County.

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How To Combat Trumpism

Ken Levy, Jen Senko

One would think that four years of unprecedented incompetence, lies, cruelty, corruption, and scandals would have disillusioned even the most passionate Trump supporters. But given the election results, approximately 45% of our country continues, proudly, to support him. Most of the other 55% of Americans have concluded that Trumps 45% consists primarily of true believers, that they are immune to facts and reason, and therefore that we will have to contend with Trumpism for many years to come.

“Ultimately, what makes MAGA ‘tick’ is rage and resentment.”

History suggests that this prediction is too pessimistic. When Nixon resigned in disgrace, his approval rating was 19%. Apparently, then, around 20% of the American people will stick with a Republican president no matter what. This is the bad news. The good news is that this number is only 20% the other 25% of Trump’s supporters might be open to abandoning him.

Persuasion, however, will not be easy. As too many of us have learned over the last five years, merely fact-checking Trumps many lies or debating policy will hardly make a dent. Instead, persuasion of the more tractable 25% will require an alternative approach: exposing the oligarchical agenda behind right-wing propagandaor the entertainment wing of the Republican Party, as Steve Schmidt refers to it.

How To Stop Trump From Running Again In 2024


“We’re trying to do another four years,” President Donald Trump said at a Saturday night rally in Georgia. “Otherwise, I’ll see you in four years.”

Trump’s “increasingly overt flirtations with running again in 2024,” as the Associated Pressput it, must be met with “a proportionate response,” wrote political scientists Alexander Kirshner and Claudio López-Guerra. The president’s transparent attempts to “subvert” the outcome of the 2020 election threaten the “viability of democracy in the United States,” they argued, and this impeachable offense should compel Congress to convict Trump, thus rendering him ineligible for a future presidency.

While political commentators are debating “the wisdom of pursuing criminal prosecutions of Trump” after Inauguration Day, the pair of scholars made the case in a Friday op-ed in The Guardian thatcriminal prosecutions are not the only, or even the best mechanism for responding to the Trumpian challenge to self-government.”

“In a society fully committed to democracy,” Kirshner and López-Guerra wrote, “Congress would use this lame-duck period to impeach, convict, and disqualify Donald Trump from pursuing public office in the future, as the Constitution allows.”

Kirshner and López-Guerra noted that Trump’s most egregiously anti-democratic moves “have followed Election Day, once it was clear that he had lost.”

They continued:

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Us Election : Why Trump Gained Support Among Minorities

Despite his election defeat, President Donald Trump can boast a success that has intrigued pollsters – he was more popular with ethnic minority voters than in 2016.

Some might find this surprising given that his critics so accused him of racism and Islamophobia. Trump denies the charges and has accused Democrats of taking African Americans voters for granted.

The Republican president gained six percentage points among black men, and five percentage points among Hispanic women. It means some voters changed their minds, after either not voting or voting for another candidate in 2016.

But it tells us something about Trump’s unique appeal.

“I was definitely more liberal growing up – my grandmother was big in the civil rights movement here in Texas during the 60s, and I grew up with that ideology.”

Mateo Mokarzel, 40, is a graduate student from Houston, Texas and is of mixed heritage, Mexican and Lebanese. He didn’t vote in 2016, and he isn’t loyal to either major party – but this time around he decided to cast his vote for the Republicans.

“The first time Trump ran I really wasn’t convinced. I just thought, here’s this celebrity talk-show host guy that wants to run for president, I didn’t take him seriously – so I was not a Trump supporter the first time he ran. To be honest, I thought he was a ringer for Hillary, so I just wasn’t interested,” he tells BBC News.

But Mokarzel says his upbringing in Texas influenced his view of both political parties.

Try To Avert A Repeat Trump Nomination

Finally, theres the man himself. The chaos from November 2020 to January 2021 was clearly shaped by Trumps personal traits and whims. His personal disrespect for elite norms and predilection for conspiracy theories drove him further than previous presidential nominees in disputing a close election he had lost. He also has a personality cult-style following including much of the Republican base and the people who stormed the Capitol on January 6.

Depending on how one defines the threat to democracy, it could well persist even if Trump exits the scene. But an outright repeat of 2020 would almost surely be less likely without Trump. Many have worried about what a more competent demagogue than Trump could pull off, but Trump also has some unique traits that would be tough to replicate. Would Ron DeSantis, Ted Cruz, or Josh Hawley command such personal loyalty that they could motivate a mob to storm the Capitol, and would they have been so stubbornly hell-bent on pushing things so hard and far?

The problem is that this isnt really up to anyone but Trump himself and GOP voters, who continue to view him quite positively. A Trump retirement is something his critics might hope for, but one theyre unlikely to be able to bring about. Failing that, a challenge to him in the 2024 primary might be doomed, but its probably better than nothing, right?

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Violence Coming From White House

Acting Homeland Security Secretary Director Chad Wolf took Trumps characterization of protesters as anarchists to comical extremes in his public record of how and why his officers engaged with protesters. Saying that he Condemns The Rampant Long-Lasting Violence In Portland, Wolf used the words violent 76 times to describe what protesters have done to justify arrests and repression. Wolfs definition of violence seems to almost entirely encompass property damage such as vandalism and graffiti. The closest that Portland protesters came to actual violence, it seems, was when they apparently, attempted to cause eye damage to officers with commercial grade lasers, and in another instance, proceeded to launch aerial fireworks at federal property.

The DHS records used the term violent anarchists 70 times and the term protesters only once, without making any effort to explain how exactly they distinguished violent anarchists from protesters, journalists or passersby. Nowhere in the document was there any documented behavior by protesters that came close to an attack on vulnerable elderly white women like the fictitious one in Trumps ad. In not a single instance reported in the DHS account did a protester or in Wolfs words, violent anarchist actually commit intentional violence against a human being.

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New footage shows contrast in Ivanka Trump’s 2020 election comments

There was no truth to the claims that Obama’s election victory against Sen. Mitt Romney was a “sham” and the democratic process played out in 2012 as it is doing now and has with every election, as the votes are tabulated and certified by states and local officials.

Trump also previously called for the American people, presumably those who didn’t vote for Obama, to “fight like hell and stop this great and disgusting injustice,” because “the world is laughing at us.”

Trump first challenged the election results in 2012, continued to do so in 2016 and has now done it again in 2020.

2016 primary and general election

When he ran to become the Republican Party nominee in 2016, he attempted to cast doubt on the election process. Trump said he did not lose the Iowa caucuses in 2016 to then candidate Sen. Ted Cruz, because he “stole it.”

“Ted Cruz didn’t win Iowa, he stole it. That is why all of the polls were so wrong and why he got far more votes than anticipated. Bad!” Trump wrote on Twitter at the time.

He also wrote, “Based on the fraud committed by Senator Ted Cruz during the Iowa Caucus, either a new election should take place or Cruz results nullified.”

Cruz was the clear victor for the Republican Iowa caucus in 2016, as he defeated Trump by three percentage points.

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Donald Trump The Former President Of The Us Might Face His First Charges For Attempting To Overturn The 2020 Election Results As Soon As This Month

Trump has defiantly dismissed the probe as a baseless “witch hunt”.

Donald Trump, the former President of the United States, might face his first charges for attempting to overturn the 2020 election results as soon as this month, a report in Newsweek said.

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis is expected to make a decision on whether or not to charge the former president by June 30 for allegedly attempting to overthrow Georgia’s election results, the report added.

“I certainly think that in the first half of the year that decision will be made,” according to Willis’ statement carried by the publication.

It has been more than 16 months since Trump’s efforts to interfere in Georgia’s 2020 election, which he lost by a very small margin of 0.23 points, is being continuously investigated by Willis.

In recent months, the district attorney has ramped up her investigation, interviewing more than 400 people across the state.

According to local media reports, the attorney’s office is also subpoenaing a number of state officials, including Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, who recently won the GOP nomination for re-election despite Trump’s attempts to remove him for failing to help him “find 11,780 votes.”

Meanwhile, a congressional panel investigating last year’s mob assault on the US Capitol laid out its case on Thursday that Trump and his claims of a stolen election were at the heart of what amounted to an “attempted coup” to remain in power.

Rep Madison Cawthorn R

  • Participated in planning conversations with Jan. 6 rally organizers: Two organizers behind the Jan. 6 rally in D.C. and others around the country said Cawthorn or an aide participated in planning discussions, Rolling Stone reported.
  • Spoke at Jan. 6 Stop the Steal rally: Just days after he was sworn into office as the youngest member of Congress, Cawthorn spoke at the Jan. 6 rally that preceded the attack on the Capitol. We are doing this for the Constitution, Cawthorn told the crowd. Our Constitution was violated.

Cawthorn has said he does not regret speaking at the Jan. 6 rally. He did not respond to a request for comment.

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Trump Ignores Republican Calls To Avoid Repeating False Election Claims

Former U.S. President Donald Trump mocks transgender athletes during remarks at the America First Policy Institute America First Agenda Summit in Washington, U.S., July 26, 2022. REUTERS/Sarah Silbiger

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WASHINGTON, July 26 – Donald Trump ignored pressure from some fellow Republicans to avoid repeating his false claims about a stolen 2020 election on Tuesday, insisting that he won his second bid for the White House and would not allow his perceived enemies to bar a return.

In his first speech in Washington since leaving office 18 months ago, the former U.S. president stopped short of declaring his candidacy in the 2024 presidential election but predicted Republicans would retake the Senate, House of Representatives and the White House.

“I ran the first time and I won. Then I ran a second time and I did much better … and you know what? That’s going to be the story for a long time, what a disgrace it was. But we may just have to do it again,” Trump said in a 93-minute speech to the conservative America First Policy Institute.

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Mike Pence, who was vice president under Trump and may seek the White House in 2024, distanced himself from Trump’s repeated election falsehoods, saying at a separate event earlier in the U.S. capital that conservatives needed to focus on the future to win. read more

Trump dismissed the panel as “hacks and thugs.”

The Idea That Trumps Big Lie Is Hurting Himself Is A Convenient Myth

Trump Rally in Colorado Springs, Colorado, Live Stream: How to Watch ...

From time to time, a point of view will make its way from the mouths of official sources to the ears of reporters often enough that it takes on the status of official fact. One such claim you have probably come across is the belief that Donald Trump is sabotaging his own campaign by obsessing over the 2020 election.

Trump remains fixated on the stolen 2020 election notes an aside in Jonathan Swans harrowing report on Trumps plans to impose political discipline on the bureaucracy: He cannot stop talking about it, no matter how many allies advise him it would serve his political interests to move on. This notion often lurks in the background of political reporting on the Republican Party. Those Republicans who support Trump but are one step away from his inner circle find the scene that unfolded Tuesday night to be counterproductive, reports one typical passage in Politico. At a time when the ex-president could be focused on propelling the Republican Party toward the upcoming elections, Trump is still anchored down by conspiracies and anger over losing the last one.

You can already see this argument taking shape in the prospective Republican nominating contest. An aide to Mike Pence tells the Washington Post that the former veep would likely make the point that Trump is the only person who lost to Biden. For Trump to concede this point to admit to being a loser would be devastating to his candidacy. Thats why he cant concede it.

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