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Patriot Greens Vs Athletic Greens

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What Is Supergreen Tonik

Athletic Greens vs Patriot Power Greens

Supergreen Tonik is my own super greens brand, and Im completely transparent about that. However, I will judge Supergreen Tonik as I would judge any other super greens brand, without bias.

Supergreen Tonik is specifically formulated to provide the consumer with essential vitamins and minerals needed for optimum daily health, as well as provide benefits such as improved digestion, a supported immune system, and improved mental clarity.

Supergreen Tonik has a much shorter list of ingredients than Patriot Power Greens, with 15 ingredients. However, the formula still contains a wide range of ingredients, including grasses, algae, herbal extracts, adaptogens, and of course, greens!

Although the formula has a lower number of ingredients than the Patriot Power Greens formula, the ingredients label is fully disclosed and no proprietary blends are used in the formula. Therefore, its easy for anyone and everyone to know how much of each ingredient exists within the formula.


  • Not the cheapest on the market

Which Grapes Are Healthier

Which grapes suit you best: red or white? Both are low in calories. The calorie count makes it easy to switch between red and white grapes. Excellent source of copper. Red and white grapes may be low in calories, but they are not the main source of nutrients other than copper. Closer to the daily fiber. Resveratrol in red grapes.

Organifi Green Juice Best Alternative To Patriot Power Greens

Many companies produce greens powder, but there is no one like Patriot Power Greens. Organifi produces a greens powder similar to what you would find from Patriot Power Greens because both work hard to offer the best ingredients available on the market.

In a recent Organifi green juice review blog post, we discussed how Organifi Green Juice is the top-selling greens powder on and why its so popular. Lets take an in-depth look at Organifi Green Juice to understand why its closest competitor of Patriot Power Greens.

It may not have the same name recognition as Patriot Power Greens, but there are many reasons why one should consider using it instead. Well go over these benefits below

Organifi Green Juice is the perfect way to get your daily dose of greens. Made with organic ingredients, it provides you with vitamins and minerals essential for a healthy diet. The best part is that Organifi offers multiple different flavors, so theres something for everyone! You can also check our skinny greens review we had recently posted.

Organifi Green Juice provides people with the perfect balance between taste and nutrition something not many products today can say about themselves.

It provides people with an easy way of getting their greens for the day without drinking juice or eating a salad every day. 12 high-quality superfoods like moringa, spirulina, and wheatgrass are combined into one convenient package to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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How To Make Green Superfood Powder For Smoothies

How to Make a Dry Green Smoothie Superfood: Wash Your Veggies. For simplicity, you can buy pre-washed vegetables from the store, but buying local vegetables from farmers is not an option. Refill your dehydrator. I’m not too worried about desiccant overflow. Dry the herbs. Check for dryness and place in a blender.

Does Athletic Greens Help With Weight Loss

Athletic Greens Vs Patriot Power Greens  A Clear Winner ...

On its own, no, this will not help with any kind of weight loss. When you combine this with exercise and a healthy diet, not only is this unnecessary, but it is the exercise and proper diet that will help you lose weight. All this product is that a token bit of nutrients and vitamins to your diet.

But, even saying all this negative stuff, we still think this is an alright product that can add nutrients to your diet. We just dont want you to think this is a good total supplement or a meal replacement.

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What Are The Customers Saying

Another great way of investigating the quality of a product is to see what customers are saying.

  • It can make your hair healthier.
  • It can make your skin more radiant.
  • The bottles look identical so make sure to pay attention to that when ordering.
  • It helps with your quality of sleep and increases your energy levels.
  • Texas SuperFood is overpriced and did not cause any noticeable changes to my body.
  • It can bother your stomach.
  • It is very expensive.
  • The product did not help with energy levels.
  • The product lowers the chances of getting sick.
  • Texas SuperFood helps to maintain weight loss.

As you can see, there are many mixed reviews, but overall, the company gets mostly positive feedback from its customers. Everybody is different therefore, some people will react differently than others.

Who Should Buy Athletic Greens Ag1

  • People who like greens powders for the digestive benefits: The probiotic bacteria and digestive enzymes in this formulation have some interesting links.
  • Those who take greens for their antioxidant content. Theres a huge variety of ingredients known for their antioxidant content here, such as spirulina, wheatgrass juice powder, and chlorella.
  • Customers in the market for adaptogens that might help with stress levels. The Rhodiola Rosea and ashwagandha, in particular, are often used for this.
  • Athletes Athletic Greens is NSF Certified for Sport®, meaning it contains what it says it contains and has been tested to be free of banned substances.

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What Are The Benefits Of Powdered Greens

WebMD notes that greens powdered are an excellent source of:

  • Iodine
  • Help you fight against illnesses

Greens powdered can benefit you in the previously mentioned ways and so many others.

If your diet is weak in some areas because you havent had the time to eat healthily, consider adding powdered greens to your routine.

I recommend Athletic Greens for their blend-ability, taste, and incredible vitamin supply.

So Which Greens Powder Is Right For You

Patriot Power Greens Superfood Review –

As you can see, trying to choose between all the various brands of greens powder can be a bit overwhelming. Most offer great benefits and include a bit of everything, but taste and quality of ingredients is always something to consider.

This is why in my Energy Greens blend I decided to stick to my Super 8, which includes eight of the worlds most potent and high-quality superfoods. This makes it easier to get the maximum amount of each of their benefits.

If youre still on the fence of how you can make a greens powder work for you, check out some additional detox benefits here, as well as easy, quick, and tasty greens powder recipe ideas here.

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Who Should Buy Transparent Labs Prebiotic Greens

  • People who want a greens powder with more fiber to help with satiety.
  • Folks who want to buy a greens powder that lists each ingredient in the full dose, as opposed to a blend.
  • Buyers who want a supplement with ingredients linked to improved digestion will appreciate the prebiotic fiber in this product.

What Is Equivalent To Athletic Greens

While Athletic Greens benefits and features are practically unmatched, some products come close to their greatness. One of these products is Vitamineral Greens.

When compared to Athletic Greens, Vitamineral Greens match the product in these areas:

  • More than 70 whole-food ingredients
  • Made from all-natural greens, fruits, digestive enzymes, and probiotics
  • Non-GMO
  • Antioxidant powers
  • Low-carb

With such a great deal of similarities, if you have a hard time getting your hands on Athletic Greens, Vitamineral Greens are the next best thing.

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One Dimensional Superfood Drinks

The best product in the marketplace, in our opinion, that is exclusively superfood powder is Dr. Schulzes Superfood Plus. Its emphasis is on algae and though this contributes to itsswampy taste, it is an excellent product. Dr. Schulze began making superfood products when Jimmy Carter was president. Yeah, Jimmy Carter. Whats extraordinary about that, is no one was doing anything like that back then. In those days, we were just hearing about the importance of taking a one-a-day multiple vitamin and this guy is creating a cutting-edge superfood formula. Amazing. They also make their own products in their own facility. Their quality-control and methods are superb and through the almost 4 decades, their reputation has never been tarnished.

One thing about Dr. Schulzes Superfood Plus is that it is pricey. But each serving is 1 ounce, so you are getting quite a bit of nutrients in every serving.


We hope this helps and we encourage you to do your own research. These are our opinions and though we have a lot of experience in this area, find a product that works for you. The important thing, is to engage in a lifestyle where you are ingesting God-given nutrients that are found in superfoods.

There Is No Data To Support The Companys Claims

Will Athletic Greens Really Make You Healthy and Fit?

When it comes to the companys claims, there is no scientific data to support them. The company claims that the product will help improve sleep quality, support physical energy and performance, mental focus and clarity, a balanced weight, radiant skin, and elevated mood.

These are some strong claims not to have support, so the claims will not be guaranteed if you do buy this product.

Furthermore, even though there is scientific data to support that fruit and vegetables will increase your health, the labels on the product do not say exactly how many fruit and vegetables are in the product.

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Adaptogens And Herbs In Greens Powders

A lot of the most exciting research in nutrition is on adaptogens, which are compounds that may alter the way the body responds to stress. One adaptogen that is often seen in greens powders is Rhodiola Rosea, which may improve focus and exercise performance. Reishi mushrooms, which have been linked to everything from subjective well-being to better immunity, is another.

What Is Patriot Power Greens

As mentioned above, this green drink is aimed mostly for elderly persons because of their vulnerability to a number of health problems as they grow old.

When I saw what it promises, I was at first skeptical. I mean, how many green drinks have we seen, all promising instant healthy benefits, but end up being scams?

Patriot Health Alliance highlight the following as the benefits, and after seeing them you might understand why I was skeptical at first.

We scanned through many other Patriot Power Greens reviews before writing our own. We hope you appreciate our effort.

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Garden Of Life Raw Organic Perfect Food

Perfect might be a stretch, but Garden of Lifes green drink is pretty darn good. Garden of Life is known for providing vitamin and mineral supplements that use superfood extracts as a base, so green drinks are definitely home turf for them. With their Perfect Food supplement, the company flexes its superfood muscle: name a superfood, and its probably in this blend.

Tart cherry, chia seed sprouts, ginger, garlic, spinach extract its got them all. The blend is a little weak on the fiber and protein side of things, but thats not the purpose of the powder, in this case.

Is Texas Superfood Worth It

Athletic Greens Superfood Review –

There are many benefits of purchasing Texas SuperFood. If you consider yourself moderately healthy in daily life and simply want a health boost, this is probably a great product for you.

Texas SuperFood will also be beneficial for those who are either too busy or who just dont know how to get the proper portions of their daily vegetables.

Using the Texas SuperFood products will be very simple and easy, so overly busy people will benefit from the product and all of its nutrients.

You can take the supplements to experience any of the claimed health benefits such as increased sleep quality, clear skin, and any of its other claims. However, if you experience trouble with a specific problem , the best thing to do would be to see a physician.

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Who Shouldnt Buy Kylea Total Living Drink Greens

  • Customers who want a cost effective greens powder may find this product to be a little too expensive.
  • Those who arent looking for an added dose of protein with their greens.

While this greens powder is more expensive than some others on the market, this protein and greens blend can be a great investment if youre already using separate protein and greens supplements.

Benefits Of Superfood Green Powders

One of the biggest nutritional benefits of green drinks comes from the high levels of antioxidants found in the superfoods they tend to contain.

Antioxidants essentially fight free radicals, which are molecules in your body that seek to damage your cells and can even lead to cancer. Studies have shown that the typical Western diet is so lacking in antioxidants that the biggest source of them for most people is their morning cup of coffee.

Other benefits will depend on the ingredients in any given superfood green powder.

Many contain kale and spirulina, which are two of the most nutrition-dense foods you can consume. Together, they provide more than your daily recommended amount of vitamin A, vitamin K, and vitamin C, as well as a good amount of your vitamin B, protein, copper, magnesium, and iron. Spirulina also has anti-inflammatory properties.

Other popular ingredients include berries such as acai and pomegranate, which can lower cholesterol, and seeds like chia and flax are a great source of fiber and omega-3 fatty acids. Many also incorporate detoxifying and medicinal herbs as well as fibers that suppress appetite.

Another benefit of superfood green powders is convenience. You get all of this nutrition packed into a quick and easy drink that you can take with you on the go, and usually at an affordable price. While some superfood green powders may seem expensive, if you tried to get all of the nutrition they pack through whole foods, youd spend a lot more money.

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What Is The Difference Between The Texas Superfood Original Capsules And Powder

Both the capsules and powders are made the exact same way. The only difference is the capsule itself. Many people who use the powder use it in their morning smoothies, while people who use the pills like to take them throughout the day. Furthermore, the capsule casing is vegetarian safe.

Its important to note that you will be taking 6 capsules a day to get one serving of a scoop of the powder mix. If you dont like swallowing pills, this may be an issue.

Athletic Greens Vs Shakeology

Athletic Greens Alternatives

Shakeology is a potent mixed drink that is specially designed for those who want to lose weight. It suppresses your appetite by providing you essential proteins and carbs in the form of shakes ultimately restricting you from overfeeding.

Whereas Athletic Greens is a green drink powder that is designed to maintain your bodys daily nutrition level and boost energy and metabolism. Although it will not help you lose weight straightforwardly, it ensures that you maintain a healthy body weight.

If you are an athlete or gymming fan, then Athletic Greens can be a good complement to your regular exercise that can boost your endurance.

Shakeology gets the upper hand in taste as it is available in various flavors, but it is too costly. Whereas Athletic Greens is only available in one flavor, but it is quite affordable.


Athletic Greens and Shakeology, both share a different list of ingredients with only a couple of similar ones. Where Athletic Greens is formulated with some of the most prominent green superfood ingredients, Shakeology includes plenty of green ingredients, mainly focusing on taste rather than nutrition.


There is no doubt that Shakeology is the best superfood drink in regard to taste. Where Shakeology offers a varied range of flavors such as chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, Greenberry, and many more, Athletic Greens is a topical green superfood drink with a zist of vanilla to make it tasty.

Nutrition Level


Per Serving Cost

Athletic Greens $3.2

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What Is The Healthiest Grape

Grapes are a good source of vitamin K. Vitamin K promotes blood clotting. If there is a vitamin K deficiency, there is a risk of bleeding. It may also increase the risk of osteoporosis, although more research is needed. Grapes contain small amounts of soluble fiber. It can lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

Athletic Greens Vs Garden Of Life Green Superfood

Garden of Life is a popular supplement brand that owns a wide range of health supplements to aid various areas of health. The company is known to serve quality supplements that are formulated with highly potent and organic ingredients.

Talking about the green superfood supplement by Garden of Life, like other popular green superfood drinks, it also serves you highly nutritious and enriched ingredients that include leafy greens, fruits, veggies, dietary fibers, and probiotics.

The best thing about this supplement brand is that in the year 2017, it was overtaken by one of the most popular FMCG groups, Nestle and this increases its market value and worthiness. Read the detailed review on Garden of Life


Similar to Athletic Greens, Garden of Life also uses lots of ingredients in the formulation. All the ingredients used in the formulation are 100% natural, organic, and free from preservatives. The ingredients used include a juiced blend of fruits, veggies, leafy greens, sprouts, and berries.


Taste is something that you need to worry about with this green superfood supplement. The taste of this superfood drink is very grassy and earthy. That is why the company asks you to use it with juice to cover up the taste.

Nutritional Level

Regardless of the taste, the green superfood supplement by Garden of Life is highly nutritional and dense compared to Athletic Greens. The supplement carries fewer calories and zero fat along with high fiber.


Price Per Serving

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