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Blue Ox Patriot 2 Vs Patriot 3

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Blue Ox Patriot II Braking System Review

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Best Towed Vehicle Braking System Reviews & Recommendations 2021

More on Tire & Wheels

Roadmasters 8700 Invisibrake is a powerful braking system that is completely invisible once installed in your vehicle. Installation can be time-consuming, and requires a bit more than a laypersons mechanical knowledge, but there are plenty of YouTube videos to help you figure it out. You can also have it done by your mechanic.

Once its in there, youll never have to remove it. Unhooking is as simple as removing the tow bar, giving you more time to look around on your stops. The Invisibrake also charges your tows battery, unlike some other systems that drain it until its dead.

Other than the complicated installation, the main drawback of the Roadmaster 8700 Invisibrake is that it can sometimes cause wiring issues that lead to dashboard lights failing to turn on or off, especially on four-wheel drive vehicles. Its also been occasionally known to ship without necessary parts.

Another product from Roadmaster, the 9160 Brakemaster is a proportional brake system that works with vehicles that have air brakes . It senses how much braking power your tow vehicle is currently applying, and tries to match it, with the result that you barely feel the tow dragging at all.

While we like almost everything about this braking system, we want to note that problems with it can be expensive: Leaks almost always require a trained mechanic to fix, and cylinder failures can be unserviceable, requiring you to replace the whole unit.

Replaces Brk2010 Brk2012 And Brk2016

Blue Ox Patriot 3 Radio Frequency, Portable Braking System – Proportional – BRK2019

Average Customer Rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars

I selected the Blue Ox Patriot 3 braking system because of the ease of use and the ability to move it to another vehicle if I needed to. Also there was no wiring needed in the towing vehicle. I test drove with the Jeep being towed and everything worked fine. I really liked all the information that the monitor displayed. The etrailer service was excellent and the shipping was quick.904552

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Benefits Of A Towed Vehicle Braking System

  • Safety. Without a braking system installed in your towed vehicle, youre relying on your primary brakes to stop your entire rig. This can more than double your stopping distance, especially on inclines or in slick weather conditions. Adding another system to take some of the load helps you maintain more control over your vehicle.
  • Protect your brakes. In addition to wreaking havoc on your stopping distance, towing a vehicle that doesnt have a braking system will put intense strain on your vehicles brakes. This will cause the pads to wear through sooner, and need to be replaced more often.
  • Follow the law. Check your states regulations: Vehicles towing a certain weight are almost always required to have a brake installed. Remember, youve got to follow the laws of any state youre driving through, and your toad is required to activate its brake lights when the primary vehicle does.

Comparing The Blue Ox Patriot 2 And Patriot 3 Portable Braking Systems

Blue Ox BRK2019 Patriot 3 BRAKING System for sale online ...


What is the difference between the Patriot 2 and Patriot 3 Blue Ox Braking Systems?

asked by: Zach

Expert Reply:

There is one key difference between the Blue Ox Patriot 2 Portable Braking System part BRK2016 and the Blue Ox Patriot 3 Portable Braking System part. The difference is an extra safety measure built into the Patriot 3. The Patriot 3 has new software that will alert you of any unwanted pressure on the brake pedal. For example, if the seat was positioned too far forward and put pressure on the brake pedal without you knowing the Patriot 3 would alert you to this whereas the Patriot 2 would not. Therefore, it is an extra measure of safety.There are no other differences besides the added software.

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What Is The Blue Ox Patriot 3 Braking System

So, what makes this product so special? Well, to answer that, we have to visit the model that came directly before this, as the Patriot 3 builds upon its success and adds some exciting new features.

The Patriot 2 Braking System is also an all-electric in-coach brake controller that allows drivers to monitor and adjust braking response within the tow vehicle. It works on all vehicles, including hybrids, and is completely self-contained, meaning there are no tanks to drain or hoses to connect. Its lightweight, so you can easily transfer the unit between tow vehicles. And the controller remote, which mounts easily on the dash, comes equipped with extended RF range.

The new Blue Ox Patriot 3 has all these features but adds a little somethin extra. This new-and-improved unit will automatically check brake pressure during setup and continuously monitor it during towing.

Talk about convenient!

And installation couldnt be easier. Simply place the braking system in the towed vehicle, attach the claw to the brake pedal, slide the drivers seat against the push pads, plug the unit into a 12V auxiliary outlet, and then power that baby up. The controller mounts in the tow vehicle and has a user-friendly setup to get you on the road in no time.

And since the Patriot 3 is a proportional brake controller, youll get synchronized braking between vehicles. That means, if you have to hit the brakes to avoid a mindless overzealous deer, whatever youre towing stops with the same force.

Blue Ox Patriot Braking System

The difference between the Blue Ox Patriot and the Roadmaster Even Brake systems is that the Roadmaster part #9400 uses compressed air to actuate the brakes in the towed vehicle, while the Blue Ox part #BRK2012 uses an electric actuator to engage the brakes. The Blue Ox Patriot is simpler to install since it does not incorporate an air compressor and uses less power. Roadmaster suggests that due to the 15A power draw of the Even Brake system that every 6 hours or so you stop and run the dinghy engine for about 20 minutes to recharge its battery.

List of vehicles that require an adapter for the Roadmaster Even Brake System.

2010 Chevrolet Equinox w/o adjustable pedals2006 – 2007 Ford Escape no rear heat2008 Ford Escape Hybrid

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Comparing Blue Ox Patriot And Roadmaster Even Brake Towed Car Braking Systems


I need to purchase a braking system for my 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Which is the better portable proportional brake system and why?

asked by: Al G

Expert Reply:

The main difference between the Blue Ox Patriot and the Roadmaster Even Brake systems is that the Roadmaster uses compressed air to actuate the brakes in the towed vehicle, while the Blue Ox Patriot II uses an electrically-operated actuator to engage the brake pedal.As a result the Blue Ox system uses less power and is a bit simpler to install. The Even Brake can only be used with vehicles that have power brakes. Roadmaster suggests that due to the 15A power draw of the Even Brake system that every 6 hours or so you stop and run the dinghy engine for about 20 minutes to recharge its battery.Both units offer breakaway emergency braking in the event of a tow bar failure, include a wireless system monitor for the RV, and deliver braking force proportional to the motor home brakes. Both products are made in USA. Between the two I would choose the Patriot for its lower power demand.I have included a series of articles concerning flat towing a vehicle behind a motor home. These cover the basics, including components required to flat tow, types of wiring/lighting kits and a wiring overview.

  • Not Power Assist Brake Compatible
  • Hydraulic Brakes

Easily Switch Between Towed Cars

Blue Ox Patriot II

The beauty of a portable braking system, compared to a unit that installs permanently, is that you can easily switch it between towed vehicles. It’s also a great alternative if you own a newer vehicle that you don’t feel comfortable modifying. As long as you have a second vehicle breakaway kit , the Patriot 3 can be easily transferred and quickly set up in another car, giving you the freedom to switch up which vehicle comes with you on your next camping trip.

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Who Is Blue Ox

We get it, you like to know who youre doing business with. Already a major player in the tow bar and baseplate market, Blue Ox has wisely expanded into weight distribution hitches, brake and steering control systems, as well as other products aimed at improving driver safety and satisfaction. The company serves a variety of markets, from agricultural and industrial to national defense and the automotive aftermarket.

Blue Ox is also located in the heartland of AmericaPender, Nebraska to be exact. And radiating the kind of honest hospitality weve come to expect from our Midwest neighbors, the company not only hosts regular education seminars, but also runs an RV park adjacent to its factory.

Blue Ox is the only towing manufacturer who offers complete tow bar service at events nationwide.

Much like the fabled blue ox, Babe, of Paul Bunyan folklore, Blue Ox Towing represents steadfast strength and reliable performance.

The companys newest product offering, the Blue Ox Patriot 3 Braking System serves as a prime example of its commitment to dependable and efficient towing solutions.

Towed Vehicle Braking System Pricing

  • Under $20: This is the range for cheap accessories, such as wiring kits, breakaway switches, and mounting aids.
  • $20 to $100: In this range, youll find digital controllers for towed vehicles that already have built-in brake systems. Youll also find better-constructed brand-name accessories.
  • $100 to $400: This range includes items designed to work with towed vehicle braking systems, such as breakaway systems for Brakemasters, and replacement wires for Blue Ox or Demco models.
  • Over $400: Almost all new braking systems for towed vehicles will fall into this range.

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Blue Ox Brake System Accessories

12 different Blue Ox Brake System Accessories in stock & ready to ship today

Requires Coiled Cable #BX88206 for 12 volt power from towing vehicle
List Price: $19.95
Requires Coiled Cable #BX88206 for 12 volt power from towing vehicle
List Price: $29.95
Requires Coiled Cable #BX88206 for 12 volt power from towing vehicle
List Price: $54.95

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