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Patriots Point And Fort Sumter

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Charleston Harbor: Narrated Harbor Sightseeing Cruise

Fort Sumter SC Ferry Tour Patriots Point

Take in the amazing sights of Charleston Harbor on a 1.5-hour boat tour with live narration from an expert guide. Pick up insight into the fascinating Charleston history while you glide through the gentle waves of the harbor. Your knowledgeable and entertaining guides have been licensed by the City of Charleston and are eager to share their knowledge with all guests aboard the cruise.Make sure to bring your camera for famous American landmarks, such as Fort Sumter, the aircraft carrier USS Yorktown, the Battery, the Ravenel Bridge, Castle Pinckney, and other sites from Charleston’s past and present.This relaxing and fun tour departs from Patriots Point and Aquarium Wharf daily. Get ready to hear enthralling tales of the citys colorful past as well as scintillating facts about its most interesting former citizens. Perfect for all ages, the whole family can enjoy cruising along the co…

Very good narrator. Slightly disappointed with the visuals but the information was quite good.

Getting To The Ferry Ride For Fort Sumter

Liberty Square Visitor Education CenterCharleston Area Regional Transit Authority GPS Address Only:

Patriots Point Naval and Maritime Museum, Mount Pleasant: Visitors can find parking onsite there is a flat-rate charge for parking. Visitors traveling in RVs or other large vehicles are encouraged to depart from Patriots Point to visit Fort Sumter.GPS Address: 40 Patriots Point Rd, Mt Pleasant, SC 29464

Charleston Harbor Tour Boone Hall Combo

Departing from Charleston Maritime Center Downtown CharlestonEnjoy a unique experience combining two of South Carolinas most respected and reliable tour attractions, Charleston Harbor Tours and Boone Hall Plantation. These tours reveal two very different sides of our beautiful historic city, and comprise an exciting adventure for the whole family.One discounted ticket will guarantee you a spot on the Charleston Harbor Tour AND entitle you to a ticket for admission to Boone Hall Plantation that can be used for any date and time!

Hop aboard the classic, 80-foot Carolina Belle, cruise the scenic Charleston Harbor while hearing fascinating local stories and seeing more than 75 landmarks, some critical to our nations history, including:

  • Fort Sumter Cruise by Charlestons premiere historic attraction
  • Civil War Forts Moultrie and Johnson
  • USS Yorktown: the famous World War II Fighting Lady
  • St. Michaels Church
  • Stately homes on the Battery
  • Cooper River Bridges, including the Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge

Tickets Adult $52 Child $32

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How To Visit Fort Sumter And Patriots Point

Fort Sumter and Patriots Point are two Charleston attractions that are popular with history buffs, nature lovers and photographers. While the exhibits at Fort Sumter focus mostly on Civil War history, the attractions at Patriots Point revolve primarily on the history of World War II and the Vietnam War.

Patriots Point and Fort Sumter can be visited in tandem or separately. Yet many visitors choose to visit them on the same day because Fort Sumter can be reached from Patriots Point by boat. There is also a water taxi that shuttles passengers to Patriots Point from Downtown Charleston.

One National Park Two Forts In Charleston Harbor

Two Day Trip to Charleston, SC  Day One Part One Livin ...

Visitors travel to Fort Sumter, located at the entrance of Charleston Harbor, on ferries operated by Fort Sumter Tours. These ferries leave from two locations: Liberty Square Visitor Education Center in downtown Charleston and Patriots Point Naval and Maritime Museum in Mount Pleasant. There is a fee for riding the ferry. Private vessels may not dock at Fort Sumter.

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The Fighting Lady Caf

The Fighting Lady Café serves lunch Monday through Saturday from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. seasonally. Menu options include appetizers, sandwiches, salads, barbecue platters and desserts. Located in the original CPO Galley, the cafe is climate controlled and offers table-side service. * Hours of operation modified seasonally.

Patriots Point Naval& Maritime Museum

If youve never been to Patriots Point this would be a good time to visit for an entire day trip. This maritime museum is home to the USS Yorktown World War II-era aircraft carrier. Its hard to miss. You buy the tickets for the boat ride at the same place as admission to Patriots Point. Just saying.

There is a very nice gift shop at Patriots Point, but thatgift shop is more about their museum and not Fort Sumter or Fort Moultrie. Theyalso have a concession stand with better food than youll find on the boats.

The boat ride from Patriots Point gives you a reallyfantastic view of the USS Yorktown.The tour begins by looping around the front of the aircraft carrier andthen alongside the left side. The tour then passes a large marina whereyou can daydream about the sailing boat youve always wanted .

This boat ride passes close enough to Castle Pinckney to beable to see it, and youll see it again on the return voyage but this is as closeas this boat ride will get.

Getting to PatriotsPoint

Patriots Point is the easier location to access of the twoand better as far as late afternoon traffic is concerned.

Driving through Mount Pleasant you will probably be onJohnnie Dodds Boulevard . Turn left onto Magrath Darby Boulevard ata traffic light intersection. Continue straight across Coleman Boulevard ontoPatriots Point Road. The parking lot is on the right.

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Things To Know While Visiting

Check ahead on the weather forecast. While the exhibits inside tell the story of the fort and its famous battle, the rest of the cool things to see and do are outside. If it’s warm, bring sunscreen and insect repellent.

While picnics aren’t allowed at the fort, there’s a snack bar on the ferry. It’s also smart to bring a refillable water bottle and snacks to eat while enjoying the great view. There’s also a small bookstore that sells history books, Civil War memorabilia and other Fort Sumter keepsakes.

Charleston: 4 Perfectly Planned Days To See The Sites

Fort Sumter & Patriots Point tour~ Charleston South Carolina ~ POA vlog

Charleston, South Carolina is one of the neatest cities to visit in the United States. If youre someone who loves historical sites and amazing food, Charleston is the place to go on your next trip. This 4-day itinerary lays out for you some of the must-see and do sites.

Travel Itinerary

Carriage Tour, Rainbow Row, City Market
Day 2 Fort Sumter and Boone Hall Plantation
Day 3 Tour Historic Homes and Patriots Point
Day 4 Hit the Beach!

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Exploring Fort Sumter And Fort Moultrie National Historical Park

Travel guide for exploring the various sites and taking the different boat tours at Fort Sumter & Fort Moultrie in Charleston and Mount Pleasant.

This post may contain affiliate links. Read my Affiliate Disclosure here.

The boat ride across Charleston Harbor to Fort Sumter was absolutely enjoyable. A narrator on the boats intercom gave information about the construction of the coastal fort, first battle of the American Civil War, and pointed out Fort Moultrie on the left. By the time the boat docked thirty minutes later I was ready to explore Fort Sumter and Fort Moultrie National Historical Park.

  • Mount Pleasant
  • Charleston: Daytime Or Sunset Historic Harbor Cruise

    Experience Charleston on board a 1920s-Bay-Steamer-replica yacht.Listen carefully as your captain guides you on a journey through more than 300 years of American history. Youll pass by 75 landmarks and points-of-interest on this 20-mile trip.Get close-up views of the Holy City, including Fort Sumter – where the first shots of the Civil War were fired. Glide past Confederate and Union army forts and see the famous Fighting Lady of World War II.As you pass by remnants of the Civil and Revolutionary wars, dont forget to look for dolphins and pelicans splashing nearby.Choose between indoor or outdoor seating. There is also an enclosed observatory and a partially-covered upper deck in case of rain.

    Incredibly fun, easy activity to enjoy on the water in Charleston! We appreciated the history we learned and the sunset was just gorgeous! Plenty of dolphin to watch and food/drinks for ourselves and the kids!

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    The Building Of Fort Sumter

    Named after General Thomas Sumter, a Revolutionary War hero, Fort Sumter was built after the 1814 Burning of Washington during the War of 1812 as one of the third system of U.S. fortifications, to protect American harbors from foreign invaders such as Britain. Built on an artificial island in the middle of the channel that provides Charleston with natural shelter, Fort Sumter would dominate the harbor, reinforcing the protection provided by the shore batteries at Fort Moultrie, Fort Wagner, and Fort Gregg.

    The island was originally a sand bar. In 1827, engineers performed measurements of the depths and concluded that it was a suitable location for a fort. Construction began in 1829. Seventy thousand tons of granite were transported from New England to build up the artificial island. By 1834, a timber foundation that was several feet beneath the water had been laid. However, the decision was made to build a brick fort. If completed, it would have been one of the strongest forts in the world.

    The brick fort is five-sided, 170 to 190 feet long, with walls five feet thick, standing 50 feet over the low tide mark. Although never completed, it was designed to house 650 men and 135 guns in three tiers of gun emplacements.

    Construction dragged out because of title problems, then problems with funding such a large and technically challenging project. Unpleasant weather and disease made it worse. The exterior was finished but the interior and armaments were never completed.:104105

    Charleston Harbor: Luxury Dinner Cruise

    Patriots Point: Spirit of Carolina

    Embark on a true Charleston Harbor dining experience aboard the Spirit of Carolina. Enjoy a three-course dinner, made to order from local seasonal ingredients.As you dine on a delicious multi-course plated dinner, cruise through the beautiful Charleston Harbor, past Fort Sumter, along the Battery and beneath the Ravenel Bridge. Take in the views from the large enclosed air-conditioned dining decks or the open-air observation deck. Enjoy music throughout the cruise, as well as a full-service bar.

    It was a great tour but I would pay extra for my own table. The shared tables were very small.

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    How I Suggest Youexplore Fort Sumter And Fort Moultrie National Historical Park

    As with most things in life there is no right or wrong wayto explore this national park site. However, I do have a suggestion for how todo it to maximize your time, avoid traffic congestion, and find a few othercools things to do.

    Begin at PatriotsPoint Start early in the morning with the first boat ride available on theschedule from Patriots Point.

    Explore Fort Sumter Youllhave forty minutes. However, when the boat you arrived on departs stay behindin the fort. Youll have about 15 minutes of peace and quite before the nexttour boat arrives.

    Boat to LibertySquare When the second tour boat departs get on board. You will pass very closelyto Castle Pinckney for a great view. You will dock at Liberty Square.

    Charleston Water Taxi You can purchase a ticket online or at 10 Wharfside Street just one block south from Liberty Square. Its a five minute walk along the boardwalk to the building at Charleston Maritime Center. Charleston Water Taxi is a fun and convenient way to cross the harbor.

    Return to PatriotsPoint The water taxi takes about twenty minutes to cross Charleston Harborand returns you to Patriots Point.

    Drive to FortMoultrie Drive down Coleman Boulevard through Mount Pleasant to SullivansIsland, then down the island to Fort Moultrie.

    Explore Fort Moultrie You should have about an hour left to explore the fort which is plenty of time.

    Coupons And Combo Packages

    If you’re looking to do more than just see Fort Sumter, there are a few combo packages that can help you save money on a variety of activities in and around Charleston.

    Bus tour companies offer combo packages that include a tour and an activity, such as visiting Fort Sumter. But they have many other combos as well.

    Find out more about saving money with a Charleston Bus Tour Combo Ticket here.

    Gray Line

    This company is well known for providing bus tour services all over the world. In Charleston, they offer a historic city tour that takes you to some of the most significant sites in the area.

    One of their combo packages combines the city tour with a trip to Fort Sumter for one low price. This is a great way to discover the city and see some of the most important landmarks along the way.

    Reviews for this combo deal are pretty good, although there were a few complaints from time to time.

    Some customers would have liked the opportunity to stop and take pictures, but the city of Charleston does not allow hop-on, hop-off bus tour services.

    A majority of guests were very happy with this trip, indicating that their tour guides were friendly and entertaining. Several visitors felt that this was a wonderful way to discover the area and its history.

    Old South Carriage Company

    If a bus tour isn’t your style, perhaps you’ll enjoy a carriage ride instead.

    USS Yorktown

    South Carolina Aquarium

    Scott Nelson

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    Exploring A Turning Point In American History: Visiting Fort Sumter

    Ask most people where the Civil War started, and they’ll say Fort Sumter in Charleston. It was at this US Army fort at the mouth of Charleston harbor that the first shots of the war rang out, starting one of the bloodiest and most tragic episodes of American history.

    But the root causes of the Civil War stretch back far beyond that fateful early morning of April 12, 1861, and the consequences of that day extend far beyond the skirmish that saw Confederate troops overtake the small but highly strategic fort on a tiny windswept island. The Fort Sumter National Monument, part of the National Park System, attempts to tell that complicated and fascinating history. It also just happens to be one of the most lovely places in all of Charleston.

    Start your visit at the Fort Sumter Visitor Education Center at Liberty Square, located on the spot where Gadsden’s Wharf once stood, right next to the South Carolina Aquarium. Gadsden’s Wharf was once the place where enslaved Africans entered South Carolina. The visitor center tells the story of their journey, and of the economic, social and political history of slavery in the US that led up to those first shots fired at Fort Sumter. Make sure you give yourself an hour or even more to explore the exhibits. They give a context and history to the trip out to the fort that makes the experience even richer.

    Original Artifacts Still On Site

    A Walk Through Patriots Point Naval & Maritime Museum

    There is still a lot of original items on the island. Make sure you see the Civil War era projectiles still lodged in the walls, the crooked arch, and leaning brick walls where a powder keg accidentally exploded.

    There are also very large and ancient canons to look at throughout the grounds. You can ask one of the volunteers for a demonstration of how the canons worked.

    There is also a tattered US flag that was smuggled out in secrecy just before the fort was captured by the Confederates.

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    Flag Raising At Fort Sumter

    If you are on the first ferry of the day, you can head to the top of the stairs for the flag-raising ceremony. We were lucky enough to get to participate in the ceremony and would highly recommend it. It is a great way to pay respect to the fallen heroes who served, especially those in the Civil War.

    First Battle Of Fort Sumter

    On Thursday, April 11, 1861, Beauregard sent three aides, Colonel James Chesnut, Jr., Captain Stephen D. Lee, and Lieutenant A. R. Chisolm to demand the surrender of the fort. Anderson declined, and the aides returned to report to Beauregard. After Beauregard had consulted the Confederate Secretary of War, Leroy Walker, he sent the aides back to the fort and authorized Chesnut to decide whether the fort should be taken by force. The aides waited for hours while Anderson considered his alternatives and played for time. At about 3:00 a.m., when Anderson finally announced his conditions, Colonel Chesnut, after conferring with the other aides, decided that they were “manifestly futile and not within the scope of the instructions verbally given to us.” The aides then left the fort and proceeded to the nearby Fort Johnson. There, Chesnut ordered the fort to open fire on Fort Sumter.:5960

    The Fort Sumter Flag became a popular patriotic symbol after Major Anderson returned North with it. The flag is still displayed in the fort’s museum. The Star of the West took all the garrison members to New York City. There they were welcomed and honored with a parade on Broadway.

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    Charleston: Historic City And Southern Mansion Combo Tour

    Take a journey through Charleston’s 300 years of living history with passionate licensed tour guides. Experience the Old Market area and the historic homes and churches where generations of Charlestonians worked, lived, and worshipped.Step out of the air-conditioned minibus onto the famous Battery Seawall to admire the wonderful views. See and hear about Fort Sumter, the Harbor of History, and the Aircraft Carrier Yorktown at Patriots Point.Enjoy a tour through the elegant interior of a fully-restored historic home – Joseph Manigault House. Come and enjoy the beauty and hospitality of one of America’s most historic cities.

    City tour was comfortable on a hot day. Very informative and fun. House tour was also informative and fun

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