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Who Is Running In The Republican Primary

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Republican Party Primaries In New Jersey 2022

Idaho Gubernatorial candidate Ammon Bundy dropping out of GOP primary
State political party revenue

This page focuses on the Republican primaries that took place in New Jersey on June 7, 2022.

A primary election is an election in which registered voters select a candidate that they believe should be a political party’s candidate for elected office to run in the general election. They are also used to choose convention delegates and party leaders. Primaries are state-level and local-level elections that take place prior to a general election. New Jersey utilizes a semi-closed primary process, in which the selection of a party’s candidates in an election is generally limited to registered party members. Unaffiliated voters can register as party members at the polls on primary election day. Otherwise, a voter must indicate his or her party preference no later than the 55th day preceding the primary in order to vote in that party’s primary.

For information about which offices are nominated via primary election, see this article.

Your Guide To Californias 2022 Primary Election

Heres everything you need to know about the California primary election. How and where to vote. Who are the candidates and what are the issues?

Dahle, a grain farmer from the tiny Lassen County town of Bieber, knows defeating Newsom will take a herculean effort. However, he said in recent weeks that he believes Californians are yearning for political change after seeing what Newsom and decades of Democratic leadership in the state have wrought. He blamed the states persistent struggles with crime, homelessness and a high cost of living on policies embraced by Newsom.

I just think that Gavin Newsom is out of touch with reality, Dahle said in an interview Tuesday night. Weve had 25 years of one-party control, and what does it lead us to? Name one thing thats working great in California, other than our great weather.

Voter turnout in the primary was expected to be low across the state, most likely driven by the lack of suspense and voter interest in Californias premier statewide races for governor and U.S. Senate. Democratic Sen. Alex Padilla, who was appointed by Newsom just over two years ago, is expected to coast through the November election despite this being his first time to come before voters for the coveted post.

Republican State And County Conventions Voted To Send Many Incumbents To Primaries Against Opponents On Their Right

23 primary races in the Utah Legislature are up for grabs in June.

There are 23 primary elections for Legislature this year, the most in decades. In 1994 and 1982, there were 21.

Voters can find their legislative districts on the Legislatures website by entering their voting addresses. Make sure to look twice, as some districts have been redrawn and renumbered and its possible you will be voting in a numerically different district you voted in two years ago.

Republican incumbents in multiple districts were forced into primary elections by GOP delegates at the state or county conventions, which is part of an overall shift to the right in the Republican base.

Earlier this year, longtime moderate Republican Rep. Steve Handy was knocked out of his seat by Davis County Republicans who nominated political newcomer Trevor Lee for the race. Handy said he was mounting a write-in bid in the general election on a conservative podcast.

And three top Republicans in the Utah Senate were forced into primary elections by delegates. Senate Majority Leader Evan Vickers of Cedar City, Majority Whip Ann Millner of Ogden and Jerry Stevenson of Layton, the chair of the top budgeting committee, have challengers from their political right. Vickers opponent, Patrick Larson, has posted calls for political violence on social media.

Utah legislative primary elections by the numbers:

Number of primaries: 23

Republican incumbents in primaries: 12

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House District 1: West Bountiful And Bountiful

Bountiful incumbent Rep. Raymond Ward squares off against candidate Lyle Mason in the House District 19 primary.

Ward has been in office since 2015, and he spoke to The Tribune about his support for public education and health care, noting that he was recently appointed chair of the Social Services Appropriations Subcommittee.

Mason states on his campaign website that he is for limiting federal power while opposing medical mandates, environmental, social, and governance scores for companies, transgender treatment for minors and heavy taxation.

Defective Barcodes Slow Counting In San Joaquin County

Meet the candidates: Three running so far in Republican primary for ...

San Joaquin County reported issues Tuesday with defective barcodes on some ballots. Tabulation machines at the Registrar of Voters office were experiencing a 25-30% rejection rate due to a blurry barcode issue with vote-by-mail ballots, the Stockton Record reported.

The Registrar of Voters will handle the rejected blurry barcode ballots in the same way they would handle a damaged ballot. California Elections Code allows the Registrar of Voters to duplicate the problematic ballots to count the casted votes.

Elections Code 15210 reads:

In preparing the voted ballots for processing, any ballot that is torn, bent, or otherwise defective shall be corrected so that every vote cast by the voter shall be counted by the automatic tabulating equipment. If necessary, a true duplicate copy of the defective ballot shall be made and substituted therefor, following the intention of the voter insofar as it can be ascertained from the defective ballot. All duplicate ballots shall be clearly labeled duplicate, and shall bear a serial number that shall be recorded on the damaged or defective ballot.

The duplication uses a two-person integrity process while under camera surveillance. K& H Printers, the state-certified vendor that printed ballots in San Joaquin County, has provided 13 staffers to the registrar of voters to assist with the process, and have been paired with the Registrar of Voters staff.

Genette Brookshire

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Here Are The 10 Primary Ballot Propositions:

Keep in mind that this is an opinion poll of Republican voters and not a policy referendum. You are not voting to make a law but merely saying YES you agree or NO you do not agree with the statement. Results for each proposition are below.

1.) Texas should not restrict or prohibit prayer in public schools.

Yes 88.61%

2.) Texas should reject restrictions on the right to keep and bear arms.

Yes 85.38%

No 14.62%

3.)Texas should ban the practice of taxpayer-funded lobbying, which allows your tax dollars to be spent on lobbyists who work against the taxpayer.

Yes 94.29%

No 5.71%

4.) Texas should support the construction of a physical barrier and use existing defense-grade surveillance equipment along the entire southern border of Texas.

Yes 93.86%

No 6.14%

5.) Texas parents or legal guardians of public school children under the age of 18 should be the sole decision makers for all their childrens healthcare decisions including, but not limited to, psychological assessment and treatment, contraception, and sex education.

Yes 90.55%

No 9.45%

6.) Texas should ban chemical castration, puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and genital mutilation surgery on all minor children for transition purposes, given that Texas children as young as three are being transitioned from their biological sex to the opposite sex.

Yes 94.57%

No 5.43%

Yes 97.3%

No 2.7%

Yes 98.36%

No 1.64%

Yes 94.99%

10.)Texas should limit our state legislators terms to 12 years.

Senate District 13 Democratic Primary: South Salt Lake And Murray

First-time candidate Nate Blouin argues he has a vision for Utahs future that sets him apart from longtime Sen. Gene Davis in the primary battle for what is now Senate District 13.

Blouin said hes focused on addressing climate issues, affordable housing and backing an independent redistricting commission.

Those things, he said, give us hope that we can make progress here in Utah.

Blouin, who has a background in renewable energy advocacy but left his job to campaign, said he wants to improve air quality along the Wasatch Front by reducing emissions and enhancing access and affordability for public transportation.

Davis, who has served in the Senate since 1999, said his knowledge of legislative rules and operations has allowed him to be effective for his constituents. He said hes delivered for his voters by working on air quality issues and improving education.

If elected to another term, he wants to boost wages for workers, improve low-income housing options, and address hunger by making visually unappealing produce that would otherwise be wasted available for consumption.

Ive still got the energy, he said, and I still have the drive to be able to continue to represent my district.

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Do I Have To Affiliate With A Political Party

No, you do not. If you do not select a political party on your voter registration application, you will be “unaffiliated” with any political party. This means that you will generally not be able to vote in party primary elections, but you will be able to vote in any nonpartisan primary elections held in your jurisdiction, such as a primary election to select nominees for the board of education.

Made The Gop Primary Ballot:

Ammon Bundy going independent, won’t run in Idaho GOP primary

Tudor Dixon: Dixon worked as a sales executive in her family’s steel industry business before emerging as a conservative media personality and news anchor on America’s Voice News, a streaming outlet.

The Muskegon area resident has criticized Whitmer’s COVID-19 policies as a form of tyranny and aligned herself with Trump, who appeared at a recent fundraiser she threw at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida.

She has been endorsed by Right to Life of Michigan as well as the powerful DeVos family.

Ryan Kelley: Kelly is a former Allendale Township planning commissioner who gained a following in 2020 when he protested removal of a Confederate statue in his hometown and organized a large anti-Whitmer protest at the Michigan Capitol that resulted in armed demonstrators entering the building.

Kelley urged federal authorities to “arrest” Whitmer for her COVID-19 policies, which he is now campaigning against. Hes called for a forensic audit of the 2020 election and was outside the U.S. Capitol during the Jan. 6 riots.

Positioning himself as an unapologetic conservative, Kelley told Bridge Michigan in April that he won’t change his “tune in order to pander for votes.”

Ralph Rebandt: Rebandt is a longtime pastor at Oakland Hills Community Church in Farmington Hills and a chaplain for the Michigan Associations of Chiefs of Police.

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Ryan Kelley A Candidate For Michigan Governor Who Was At The Capitol On Jan 6 Is Arrested By The Fbi

By Azi Paybarah

Ryan Kelley, a Republican running for governor in Michigan who was at the Capitol during the Jan. 6 attack, was arrested at his home in Allendale, Mich., on Thursday morning, according to Mara R. Schneider, a special agent with the F.B.I.

Mr. Kelley is the first person running for election in a major state or federal race to be charged in connection with the attack. According to a criminal complaint, Mr. Kelley was charged with committing violence against a person or property on restricted grounds, damaging federal property, disorderly conduct and entering a restricted building or grounds without permission. All four charges are misdemeanors, according to Bill Miller, a spokesman for the United States attorneys office in the District of Columbia.

An F.B.I. agent described Mr. Kelleys actions in a filing to the court, saying at one point that Mr. Kelley appeared to use his phone to film the crowd assaulting and pushing past U.S. Capitol Police officers. The filing also said that Mr. Kelley used his hands to support another rioter who was pulling down a metal barricade, and that he gestured to the crowd, consistently indicating that it should continue moving toward the entrance to the Capitol.

Mr. Kelley was able to be identified, in part, because what he wore on Jan. 6 was similar to the outfit he wore at the American Patriot Council Judgement Day rally in Lansing, Mich., in May 2020, according to the filing.

House District 2: Fillmore Tooele Delta And Wendover

Redrawn House District 29 has two candidates competing in the Republican primary, Bridger Bolinder and . The old districts incumbent, Rep. Matt Gwynn, is running in House District 6 and doesnt face a primary challenger.

Bolinder and Huntsman are running on similar platforms, and both emphasize the need for water management and conservation on their websites.

They also voiced support for tax cuts and the Second Amendment. Bolinder said he would advocate for more funding to address transportation needs, and Huntsman highlighted his years of service as chair of the Utah State Board of Education and his stance against government mandates.

Bolinder won nearly 89% of the delegate vote at the Republican convention in April, while Huntsman won 11.1%.

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What Makes The 2024 Presidential Election Unique

The lead up to the 2024 presidential election is different from past years because of former President Donald Trump. Hes eligible to run for a second term, and has publicly toyed with the idea while also weighing in on other Republicans he thinks could be the future of the party. If Trump does run in 2024, hed start out with unparalleled name ID and massive support, but if he doesnt, the field could be wide open for other Republicans hoping to win over his supporters. President Joe Biden said recently he expects to run for reelection in 2024.


Golden Trump statue at CPAC 2021 was no graven image, according to the artist

This early on, wannabe candidates must raise their profiles, show their commitment to the party, and raise money, one Republican strategist said, to get on peoples radars even when your candidacy is in a holding pattern.

Some of the most visible 2024 presidential candidates will surely flame out long before the Iowa caucus, and theres always the chance that the next Republican nominee isnt yet considered a serious player . Theres a million and one things that will happen between now and then that will shape the race in ways we cant now predict, but the invisible primary that comes before any votes are cast has started.

Heres your very early guide to some of 2024s Republican presidential candidates, based on early polling, interviews with Republican donors and strategists and results from online political betting markets.

United States Senate Republican Party Primaries 2022

How The Republican Field Dwindled From 17 To Donald Trump
2022 Republican Party primary elections
Battleground primaries
Primaries by state

Elections to the U.S. Senate will be held on , and 34 of the 100 seats are up for regular election. Those elected to the U.S. Senate in the 34 regular elections in 2022 will begin their six-year terms on January 3, 2023.

On this page, you will find:

  • 10Footnotes
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    The 2024 Republican Presidential Candidate Wild Cards

    The first Democratic debate back in 2019 had 20 TWENTY! candidates, so dont be surprised if the Republican field is just as large or larger. We could have some more governors or representatives run, or even other nontraditional candidates, like a Trump family member, a Fox News host or a celebrity, like Dwayne The Rock Johnson, whos said hes seriously considering a run. Stranger things have happened.

    What Kind Of Democrat Prevails Elsewhere In South Texas

    The Cuellar-Cisneros battle has captured outsized attention, but there are three other primary runoffs in South Texas that are important to the future of the Democratic Party. The nominees in the region matter more than ever in recent memory given that Republicans are aggressively targeting South Texas in November.

    In the 15th Congressional District, Democrats Ruben Ramirez and Michelle Vallejo are running for the nomination for an open seat that Republicans see as their best congressional pickup opportunity this fall in Texas. In Texas Senate District 27, Democrats Morgan LaMantia and Sara Stapleton-Barrera are fighting for the nomination to replace longtime state Sen. Eddie Lucio Jr., D-Brownsville, a socially conservative Democrat who is backing LaMantia. And in House District 37, Democrats Ruben Cortez and Luis Villarreal are battling for a new battleground seat in Cameron County that Republicans created for themselves in redistricting.

    There are clear ideological divides in the runoffs. Ramirez is proudly running as a moderate, while Vallejo is doing the same as a progressive, embracing the single-payer health care system known as Medicare for All, drawing Ramirezs criticism. Candidates in these runoffs are also generally split on Title 42, the pandemic-era policy that border officials use to rapidly expel migrants at the border. The Biden administration had planned to end it late this month, but a federal judge has ordered it to remain in place.

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    Walker In The Home Stretch

    With an endorsement from Trump and an enduring celebrity from his days as a star running back for the University of Georgia Bulldogs and in the NFL, Herschel Walker is widely expected to win the Georgia GOP nomination to challenge Warnock, who is running for a complete term after winning a runoff special election that helped give Democrats their narrow control of the Senate in January 2021. President Joe Biden won the state by less than 1 point in the 2020 elections, and Warnock is one of the most vulnerable Senate incumbents in November, when the contest is rated a Toss-up by Inside Elections with Nathan L. Gonzales.

    Walker has raised more than $16 million four times the total of the second-highest fundraiser in the GOP field, former Navy SEAL Latham Saddler. He has also consistently held a in public polls and drawn the most attention from outside groups, which have spent $450,000 supporting him about half of that from a group called 34N22 and $27,000 opposing him. But that doesnt mean Walker will emerge from the primary unscathed.

    Warnock, who has a challenge from activist Tamara Johnson-Shealey, is expected to easily win the Democratic nomination.

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