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Patriot Power Cell Pocket Sized Solar Usb Charger 4patriots Brand

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4Patriots Power Cell Solar Charger – CONSULT A BLIND GUY – Solar Charger Review Pros and Cons


  • Perfect Crisis Power: This is an ideal portable power station that makes you out of power blackout uneasiness. Perfect power supply for home and outdoor battery backup or crisis, which works for practically all the electric gadgets under 1000W, for example, cell phone, workstation, Camera, light, television, fan, ramble, CPAP, power bank, mini-fridge, and so forth. No stress over the power blackout once you get this portable power station.
  • High capacity power station: 350Wh , high capacity to give more and longer power supply. Furnished with 2*AC outlets , 2* DC ports , 4*USB ports , OLED screen with showcase charging/releasing and battery life status. Ideal for home and shop battery backup, outdoor activities, restorative hardware, and construction site, and so on.
  • Simple to revive through the solar and divider attachment: This portable generator can be energized straightforwardly, however, the divider attachment or a solar panel . Full charged just takes 5.5~7hrs by a divider attachment takes around 8hrs-14hrs by a solar panel at ordinary sun illumination. Quiet generator, clean power, Eco-accommodating, sans fuel and Gas free, No smoke, No commotion.
  • Security and guarantee: SKA300 is confirmed with CE RoHS FCC, which with flawless wellbeing frameworks: hamper, over-charge protection, over-heat protection, over-release protection, over-voltage protection. Return inside 30 days bothers free, year and a half item guarantee and lifetime client assistance responsibility.
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    Patriot Power Cell: Backup Power& Light That Charges From The Sun

    The Patriot Power Cell is an amazing backup-power device that fits in your pocket. You can use it to charge your cell phone, tablet, and much more. It works with any USB-charging device.

    Most importantly your Patriot Power Cells are solar! They can power themselves with energy from the sun in an emergency.

    Impressive CapacityThe lithium-polymer batteries inside your Patriot Power Cells can store 8,000 mAh of power, each. That’s excellent, and it means that a single unit can re-charge your smartphone up to 6 times, simply depending on the model!*

    Charge for FREE Using the SunTheres a 5-inch solar panel built into the unit. If youre without electricity, recharge using the sunlight. It takes longer than “fast charging,” of course. But you’ll have power as long as you have the sun.

    Fast Recharge with Any USBJuice up your Patriot Power Cells in no time with the included USB charging cable. No tech knowledge required. Simply plug them into any USB port.

    Works for Any USB-Compatible DeviceNo specs to check or cords to buy your Patriot Power Cells works with any USB-compatible device. Simply use the cord that came with that device.

    * Battery performance varies based on charging and usage conditions. For more information, see footnote 4.

    Fits in your pocket or purse and its durable enough to take a beating

    And you use your existing USB charging cords to connect your phone. So you won’t have to scramble to find special equipment.

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    Lion Cub Go Portable Solar Charger Kit

    If you’re looking for total peace of mind and ease of use, the best alternative to the patriot power cell is the Lion Cub Go. In the event of an emergency, you can never have too much power and the Lion Cub Go is the largest portable solar power bank available today.

    It actually has 1 x standard 110V wall plug that you can use to power things like a mini fridge! That’s right, this thing can power a small fridge with it’s 150W inverter. This is why we highly recommend the Lion Cub Go as a great alternative to the Patriot Power Cell. Although the solar panel is not built-in, the 20 Watt solar panel ACTUALLY works to recharge the battery.

    In addition to its surprisingly large 120Wh lithium battery, the real difference between the Lion Cub Go and smaller power cells is what it can power. The Lion Cub Go has a full size AC plug, two USB ports, and a DC power outlet. Plus, it has a shelf life of an entire year and is powerful enough to keep you going off-grid for a long time!

    It Has 2500 Battery Life Cycles

    Top 4 Best Patriot Solar Charger

    The Patriot 1800 supposedly has 2,500 life cycles according to the manufacturer, though thats obviously quite hard to test out anytime soon. In theory, this means that you could use this product every single day for almost 7 years before you would need a replacement.Its a nice feature, but I highly doubt anyone would ever use a generator that often unless they live totally off-the-grid.

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    Patriot Power Generator Shortfalls

    Im not going to lie there are a lot of things that I dont like about this product. First of all, if you look up YouTube reviews for the Patriot 1800, youll find that basically all of them are on the 4Patriots YouTube channel. Thats never a good sign.There are a few downsides to this product, here are some to consider:

    Power Output And Charging

    We considered only USB solar chargers rated at 10 watts or higher because with anything less you may not get enough power throughout the day to charge a single phone, which just isnt practical. Although we preferred models that claimed to offer even more power, we didnt want that to come with a major increase in size that would limit the chargers portability.

    We skipped any chargers that had only a single USB charging port. We preferred two output ports, a design that lets you charge a second device or share the power with someone else. Any extra ports were a bonus. Each port had to draw at least 1 amp, which is the minimum necessary to fully charge a phone like the iPhone X in three to four hours.

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    Top 4 Best Patriot Solar Charger Reviews

    Each solar charger addresses various issues. Their utilization might be multiple. Everything relies upon the gadget you use and its highlights. That is the reason there is two solar charger arrangement to suit all circumstances. Each brand has its points of interest, however, numerous distinctions are relying upon the model of the gadget. That is the reason you should completely comprehend your needs before settling on a decision. To enable you to comprehend the solar charger all the more plainly, these are the principle criteria to think about when picking.

    We have prepared a listing of the Best Patriot Solar Charger that include more capacity, and the laptop-compatible Solar Phone case. Never drop to 0 percent battery life repeatedly.

    Lets have a look at the list of the Patriot Power Cell that my team made for you.

    Editors Note: We will update this list as more Patriot Chargers hit the market.


    Tough Tested Bigfoot 24000mah Solar Power Bank W/ High

    4Patriots Power Cell.

    The Toughtested Bigfoot 24 mill after our solar power Bank has both a single high-speed USB-C port and to USB-A ports. Tough testeds QuickCharge 3.0 and the proprietary Rapid Charging Technology built into the latest devices and charge enabled devices up to 75% faster.

    Their Instasense Power Sharing Technology chip supplies the proper power to charge any device To its maximum charge. An LED flashlight is part of the unit and provides light up to 30 m in high intensity and low intensity beams as a, strobe, and in an SOS mode.

    Key Features

    • Warranty: Parts, 5 Years Labor, 5 Years

    This portable solar panel phone charger is available for usually for $99.98.

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    The Lion Cub Go Solo Kit

    One of the most popular alternatives to the Patriot Power Cell, is the Lion Cub Go Solo Kit. The Lion Cub Go is a bit different than the Patriot Power Cell in that the solar panels are not built right in. With that said, it is also different because the solar charging actually works. Thats right, the Lion Cub Go can fully charge with a 20W solar panel in just three to six hours.

    In addition to the mini solar panel charging, the Lion Cub GO can also be recharged via a regular wall outlet. Once it is full, the variety of power options is way beyond that of the Patriot.

    The tiny little 3 pound Lion Cub Go actually has an AC outlet . Plus it has a 12V DC plug-in, and 2 USB ports built right into the system.

    The Lion Cub Go battery also has an output rating of 150W, which means that you can actually power a small fridge with this thing!

    Can You Recharge Pocket Power X With Solar Power

  • Tariff scheme (
  • The patriot power cell 4-pack from 4Patriots is a solar phone charger with amazing reviews. this power bank is basically a tiny solar generator that fits in your pocket. Uses rechargeable, lithium ion battery Dimensions: 5.4″ L x 2.9″ W Weighs If you’re without electricity, you can recharge wherever you have sunlight.

    How Many Khw Does The Average House Need Per Day? Solar Power While the prime ministers newly announced gas funding is politically useful soothing the Coalition backbench and wedging May 29, 2018 ·This is an average of 897kWh per month, around 30kWh per day, or 1,250 watts. There is quite a wide variation of consumption by state, with Louisiana homes using over 40kWh per dayHow To Have Solar Without The Power Company Knowing It can easily be done without a whole revamp of your system. RV solar How many solar panels does it take to run an RV’s electric? RV solar differs from at- home solar setups in that you can’t sell excess power back to the electric company. solar systems will always have the highest

    If you are tired of looking for a solution to cut down the electricity bill or are a victim of a natural disaster, then this Smart Solar Box is for you. In this Smart Solar Box review, I will shed

    At 130 x 130 x 189mm, it is more compact than you You will need to read through the manual before operating the portable power station as its two physical buttons serve more than one purpose

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    How Can I Charge My Patriot Power Cell

    As we mentioned before, you can charge your patriot power cell by plugging it into the wall or simply leaving it out in the sun. The time it takes to charge to capacity, however, varies greatly.

    In ideal conditions the AC wall outlet charging time is about 6 hours. In comparison to other chargers, this is a little slow, but altogether not too bad. On the other hand, the solar charging time of the Patriot Power Cell can take up to 40 hours!

    Yes, you read that correctly. 40 hours. Unless youre through hiking in the desert, there is rarely ever going to be a time where you can efficiently expose your patriot power cell to the sun for 40 hours. Even then, it would take over 4 days of constant sunlight to fully charge. All in all, I feel like the built in solar panel is more of a gimmick then a function.

    What Is The Patriot Power Generator

    Genuine 4patriots Patriot Power Cell Usb Solar Phone ...

    The Patriot Power Generator 1800 is a power generator that is often used for power outages in the home. It comes with 2 charging options solar panel charging and AC outlet charging .

    This product is a continuation from the Patriot 1500, which famously was recalled because it kept catching fire.

    Now, Ive not heard any stories about the 1800 catching fire, but I feel like its worth mentioning when considering which company to buy from.

    Maybe speak to the customer service team if youre nervous.

    In terms of outputs, the Patriot 1800 has plenty to choose from. Outputs on this solar generator include:

    • 2 X AC Outlet
    • 1 X DC Output
    • 4 X USB Outputs
    • 1 X Anderson Powerpole Outlet

    Potentially, you could have a power supply for 8 different appliances running at once, assuming you dont max out the 1800W output. However, I doubt you would ever need to plug that much in at once. I certainly havent.Despite being called the 1800, the battery capacity on this generator is actually 768Wh which is quite small for such a large generator, to be honest.Speaking of large, the Patriot 1800 is pretty darn big.

    Its similar in size to a large desktop computer and weighs a whopping 40 lbs.When you buy the Patriot Power Generator, you go get a bunch of free stuff included with it, which is nice.

    Free items included with the Patriot 1800 are:

    • Patriot power cell
    • Good customer service contacts

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    Original Patriot Power Cell Usb Solar Charger 4patriots Brand 2021 New In Box

    $49.99FREE ShippingeBay Money Back Guarantee

    Seller:uncle-sams-bargain-bin99.4%, Location:Manassas, Virginia, US, Ships to: US, Item:254207310754Original Patriot Power Cell USB Solar Charger 4Patriots Brand 2021 NEW IN BOX. And the rubber exterior doubles as a cushion from shocks. 1 x Patriot Power Cell. W orks for ANY Phone: Use the included USB adapter or plug in your current charging cord. 1x Crabineer belt/ bag pocket clip.Condition:New, Number of Ports:2, Design/Finish:Rugged, Country/Region of Manufacture:United States, Compatible Brand:Universal, Material:ABS, PC, Silicone, Connectivity:Micro USB, Micro-USB, Type:Solar Power, Compatible Model:ALL devices, Universal, Features:Heavy Duty, Solar Charger, Color:Black, Cable Length:6 ft, MPN:Does Not Apply, NA, Mounting Location:Belt Clip, Mounting Type:Clip, Model:Solar Power, Brand:4Patriots, USB Output:DC 5V/1A 5V/2A, Power Capacity:8000mAh, Items Included:Compass, Belt Clip, Power adapter, Charging & Data Sync Cable, Charging Cable, Voltage:NA, UPC:NA See More

    • Popularity – 424 watching, 30 days on eBay. Super high amount watching. 564 sold, 0 available. More

    All Gear 15w Solar Powered Fold

    Theres enough backup power to charge a phone up to 3 times, as well as being water-resistant.Simply clip the lightweight portable charger to your backpack, belt, or any place with exposure to direct sunlight to charge your phone or any other devices you have.

    Key Features

    Automatically recognizes your devices and it supplies the best charging input at the best speed to minimize charging time.

    Equipped with dual smarts find you SB outlet ports to charge two digital devices.The solar cells convert up to 20% of solar energy to charge your phone or other devices.The ultrathin design is foldable making the charger easy to carry and the USB ports are protected by a silicone cover to make them rain proof and dustproof.

    Priced at $46.99, this unit stands for a mid-price range choice.

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    How To Get The Most From Your Solar Charger

    One of the wonderful things about solar power is how simple it can be. The only care and maintenance most solar panels require is keeping them relatively clean and free of dust. A damp cloth should do the trick most of the time.

    To really max out your power output, you should angle the panels correctly. A good rule of thumb is that the panels angle, relative to flat ground, should be roughly the same as your latitude, with some minor seasonal adjustments. The farther you are from the polesand from summerthe steeper the angle. For example, the average angle in Winnipeg would be around 41.1 degrees, while in Key West it would be around 22.1 degrees. Even if you dont get the angle exactly right, approximating it could increase your power production by a noticeable amount. If you want to get the most juice, check sites such as, or Solar Electricity Handbooks Solar Angle Calculator to figure out the best angle before you go, take a photo of the setup on your phone, and try your best to replicate it out in the wild. Pro tip: Use a hiking boot to prop up the panels.

    The Best Portable Solar Battery Charger

    What Type of Solar Generator is Right for YOU? ð¡

    Unlike the finite energy stored in a battery pack, a USB solar charger offers a tiny power plant that can generate power for your phone and small electronics to keep them charged when the sun is outyou can even use one to recharge a power bank and save that energy for later. After spending more than 60 hours testing 12 models, were confident that the BigBlue 28W USB Solar Charger is the best portable solar charger for people who need to charge their gadgets and stay connected in an emergency or when theyre off the grid.

    Our pick

    This lightweight solar charger gives you the most usable power for the size. Plus, it has three output ports to charge more devices than the competition can at the same time.

    Buying Options

    *At the time of publishing, the price was $60.

    If you cant get our pick, this model is about the same size and almost as powerful but equipped with fewer ports and panels.

    Buying Options

    *At the time of publishing, the price was $55.

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