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What Is Donald Trump’s Email

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Biden In New Hampshire: What You Do Here In Iowa Is Going To Set The Tone

What new emails found by a federal judge reveal about Trump

Former Vice President Joe Biden left audience members scratching their heads in New Hampshire over the weekend confusing the northeast state for Iowa -approximately 1,000 miles away.

The primary race for the United States presidency You have an incredible obligation, not to me at all, but to yourselves. What you do here in Iowa is going to set the tone, said Biden before correcting himself.

New Hampshire, the primary in New Hampshire, he added.

Joe Biden says he is in Iowa when he is actually in New Hampshire.

Iowa and New Hampshire are 1,000+ miles away from each other.

Tommy Pigott

Biden made a similar mistake earlier this year confusing New Hampshire for the neighboring state of Vermont.

Ive been here a number of timesI love this place. Look, whats not to like about Vermont in terms of the beauty of it? Biden told reporters.

Biden, who is in New Hampshire, thinks he is in Vermont

At some point, the media is going to have to stop calling this gaffes

Ryan Saavedra

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How Does Donald Trump Get Away With Stupid Comments

One former George W. Bush White House official I have known for years, I think, answered this question in many respects:

For me, I always thought Donald Trump mind fu**ed America.

What I mean is he used a sort of Jedi mind trick to get the GOP to appreciate his policies and then adopt them.

I never thought Trump was even a conservative, more a populist with conservative leanings that would nominate Supreme Court justices and enact overall conservative policy.

Trumps great skill, however, is that he knows how to make the media cover him in an age of 24 hours news cycles and social media dominating everything.

The man knows, good or bad, how to get press and say things that are so shocking that they arent enough to get him in serious trouble most of the time and keep the media wanting more and more.

Trump has received tens of billions of dollars in free media coverage because he knows how to play them. No politician can do that or has done that.

But, to be honest, Trump is even better at giving many Americans what they want more than anything else: a no-BS attitude and that he can take on anyone. At his core, he gives off the perception that he is a fighter. People connect with that.

The challenge is, of course, at one point does America get sick of his antics? I know I am.

The Hypocrisy Of The States’ Rights Position

The position used to be associated with the Souths defense of slavery and then segregation. Now, it’s associated with limiting abortion rights

That Trump would exhibit no empathy for his neighbors or pause his rapacious money-grubbing, as Floridians scrambled for safety, did not surprise me. But it did make me wonder why he considers me a top supporter or someone who might consider sending him cash, given his net worth, if his boasts are to be believed, is many thousand times greater than my lifetime earnings.

I grew up in Ann Arbor, Mich., moved to Berkeley immediately after attending Oberlin College and spent decades writing for a San Francisco newspaper before moving to one of the most reliably Democratic regions in the country. I own a hybrid, teach at the University of California and have never given a penny to a candidate or political party.

And yet last week Trump wrote me, It doesnt surprise me that you have reached Great MAGA King Status, which entitled me to a Maga King hat for a $45 donation.

Well, it surprised me.

As did my selection in September as Trumps Patriot of the Month, described as the highest honor a patriot can receive and a title given to only one of Trumps millions of supporters each month.

Incredibly, not only was I singled out for the September award, I earned the same honor in August and July.

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Donald Trump Just Launched A New Website Heres What We Know

Its been some time since any of us have heard directly from former President Donald J. Trump. For a while there, his public communications were limited to screenshots or statements printed on stationery marked Save America President Donald J. Trump and , like his lawyer Jenna Ellis.

Months after he was seen encouraging rioters to storm the U.S. Capitol in a violent insurrection and was banned from social media as a result Trump is back spreading his message on what the BBC is calling a new communications platform, which will upload statements and content directly from the former president himself. The platform allows its users to like and share Trumps comments on sites that have banned his presence like Twitter and Facebook. As BBC reports, the new platform announcement comes a day before Facebooks Oversight Board is set to re-examine its indefinite suspension of Trump.

While Trumps advisers, including Jason Miller, say that the new platform is going to be big, there were less charitable comments from tech experts like the New York Times Kara Swisher, who told the BBC that the new site is simply a blog. I was like, 2002 is calling and it wants its blog back, she said. Swisher also added what Trump intended for the site to be was still unclear, but one thing was certain: It is just the beginning of his attempts to try to re-establish a louder ability to participate in digital media.

Our Mission To Make America Great Again

Emails Donald Trump is sending for his 2020 re

I left behind my former life because I could not sit by and watch career politicians continue bleeding this country dry and allow other nations to take advantage of us on trade, borders, foreign policy, and national defense. As President, I took on every powerful special interest, fixing globalist trade deals, ending foreign wars, securing the border, and standing up to Big Pharma and China. Together, we put America First and returned power to the American People.

The corrupt government cartel is once again destroying our country. We are a nation that surrendered in Afghanistan, and allowed Russia to devastate Ukraine, China to threaten Taiwan, and Iran to build a nuclear weapon. We are a nation where free speech is no longer allowed, crime is rampant like never before, terrorists are invading our southern border, and the economy is in a recession. We are a nation that is hostile to liberty, freedom, and faith.

Our populist movement to Make America Great Again is the only force on earth that will lead our country back to safety, prosperity, and peace. I will never stop fighting for you, the American People, against the failed political establishment. I take the slings and arrows for you so that we can have our country back. Together, we will finish the job of saving our country once and for all and raise the next generation of strong American Patriots and Leaders.

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Us Investigators Were Allowed Access To Trump Allies Emails

Justice department was granted access to emails from former employees and loyalists

Federal investigators have been scrutinizing emails between lawyers for Donald Trump and a loyalist Republican congressman for months, it emerged on Friday, casting new light on the direction of the criminal inquiry into the former presidents alleged insurrection efforts.

Beryl Howell, the US district court chief judge, granted a request from the justice department to unseal an order she made in June.

That order allowed the inquiry access to 37 emails exchanged between Jeffrey Clark and Ken Klukowski , the conservative attorney John Eastman, and Pennsylvania congressman Scott Perry, a Trump loyalist who chairs the rightwing House freedom caucus.

Perry has previously been implicated in Trumps efforts to overturn his election defeat to Joe Biden. Earlier this week, some of his texts sent to Mark Meadows, former White House chief of staff, came to light, showing increasingly desperate efforts to try to keep Trump in power around the time of the 6 January 2021 Capitol attack.

Those efforts included seizing voting machines and suggesting that the US government should investigate an outlandish conspiracy theory in which Italian satellites were used to zap the machines from space and flip votes for Trump to Biden.

Eastman and his allies had claimed the emails were protected by presidential privilege but Washington DC-based judge Howells order rejected that order.

President Trump Is On The Net Again

President Trump has released a new media site that allows people to follow the President. American Military Times reports:

Former President Donald Trump launched his own communications platform Tuesday, allowing him to communicate directly with his followers through comments, images and videos months after being banned from social media sites like Twitter and Facebook.

The platform, From the Desk of Donald J. Trump can be found at

The platform allows followers to share his posts to social media sites, but does not include a feature to let users reply or engage with Trumps posts directly.

Heres a promo of the site:

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More: Trump Inauguration Head Pleads Not Guilty To Being Foreign Agent

“MBZ and MBS were watching,” added Al Malik, referring to UAE President Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan and then-Deputy Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud.

Prosecutors also displayed emails from months before the speech, in which Barrack pushed to get Manafort hired by the Trump campaign.

“I think it’s really, really important and Manafort is a genius killer but the opposite of Stone,” Barrack wrote in a Feb. 29, 2016, email to Ivanka Trump and Kushner.

Barrack also forwarded an email he had previously sent to Trump saying that Manafort was “the most serious and lethal of managers.”

“Thank you for being such a great friend,” Manafort emailed to Barrack after Manafort was hired as the campaign’s GOP convention manager. No responses from Ivanka Trump or Kushner were included.

House Intel Investigates Trump Jr Email Involving Documents Hacked During Campaign

Third Presidential Debate Highlights | Trump Sexual Assault, Clinton Email Scandals

Editors note: An earlier version of this story incorrectly stated the email was dated Sept. 4, 2016, instead of Sept. 14, 2016. The information was erroneously confirmed by a source, who subsequently sent the actual email to CBS News confirming the Sept. 14 date. The report has been updated to reflect the correct date, and the email is included in this update.

CBS News has confirmed that Donald Trump Jr. received an email in September 2016 offering access to hacked Democratic Party data. The emailed offer, which has been obtained by CBS News, was dated Sept. 14 and was for a decryption key and website address providing access through WikiLeaks for hacked the documents. At that point, however, the offered data was already available publicly online. Congressional investigators are looking into the email exchange. The new email was first reported by CNN, which erroneously said the email was sent on Sept. 4.

Here is the email:

A source who received the email in question tells CBS News there were about 20 people ccd on the email. Their names have been redacted in the above email. The sender thought he had obtained then-candidate Trumps email. But the source says was not a valid email for Mr. Trump.

The WikiLeaks DNC information referred to in the email appears to have been released the day before on Sept. 13, when Wikileaks tweeted the identical link and decryption key referenced in the email:

678.4 MB of new DNC documents from use 7zip to unpack

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Donald Trumps Rage Will Destroy Him

Donald Trump Just Keeps Talking: As sad as it is, Donald Trumps classless anticscombined with rage will be his undoing. At least, I am starting to hope so.

Exhibit A: His latest stupid Truth Social post.

10 dead in California shooting, horrible gun wielding ANTIFA protest against our great police in Atlanta Nothing will happen to them despite night of rage and destruction. Yet our January 6th protestors, over a Rigged Election, have had their lives ruined despite nobody killed except true Patriot Ashli B. This situation will be fully rectified after 2024 Election. Thank you!

Violence and lives taken no matter for what reason will always be a human tragedy. No doubt about that.

But how can Trump actually leverage such a tragedy to create some sort of strange comparisons to ?

Personally, Donald Trump should be doing all he can to get people to forget about that dark day in American history.

While I disagree, like many on the left or even centrists, that Trump was trying to overthrow the government or stop Biden from taking power, he did not do enough to stop it.

He feared losing support as he knew it was his own MAGA voters who were rioting, and he held back when he could have stopped many people from getting hurt.

Dark Patterns At Work

It turns out that Im not the only one who has been collecting and dissecting Trumps campaign emails. Theres a veritable cottage industry in this line of work.

A group of researchers at Princeton Universitys Center for Information Technology Policy has just into a collection of 100,000 political emails, including those from the Trump campaign.

It found that the majority of emails used dark patterns to manipulate voters and trick donors.

Dark patterns are deceptive designs or messaging intended to dupe users into doing things they might not otherwise do.

The study found that most of the emails used at least one of six tactics identified by the researchers that are geared towards nudging recipients to open emails and manipulating them to donate.

Deceptive and manipulative tactics are the norm in our , not the exception, the researchers conclude.

These six tactics are:

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Team Trump Quietly Launches New Social Media Platform

GETTR will be the newest MAGA venture in this space. Its being led by Trumps former spokesman, Jason Miller.

A screenshot of the GETTR app as seen on Apples App Store. | Photo courtesy of GETTR

07/01/2021 04:19 PM EDT

Former President Donald Trumps team quietly launched a new social media platform on Thursday, billing it as an alternative to Big Tech sites.

But the debut immediately ran into confusion about whether it was the former presidents long-promised bid to offer his legions of followers their own social media haven or merely the next attempt to build a MAGA-alternative to the main platforms.

The site, called GETTR, advertised its mission statement as fighting cancel culture, promoting common sense, defending free speech, challenging social media monopolies, and creating a true marketplace of ideas. The app is currently in beta form and will be officially launched on July 4 at 10a.m.

Trumps former spokesman, Jason Miller, is leading the platform, he confirmed via text. Former Trump campaign spokesperson Tim Murtaugh is involved as a consultant on the app.

Trumps involvement with the project is unclear as is whether or not he will set up an account on GETTR and use it.

The former president is going to make his own decision, its certainly there and ready for him should he make the decision we would welcome that. There is an account reserved for him and waiting for him but thats a decision for him to make, said a person involved with the app.

For Trump Email Is The New Twitter

Emails Donald Trump is sending for his 2020 re
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By Glenn Thrush

Fridays positive jobs report might have been a day of exclamation points and all-caps self-congratulation for Donald J. Trump if he were A) still president, and B) still allowed to post on Twitter.

Instead, there was a somber tweet from the White House chief of staff, Ron Klain, who downplayed the 379,000 newly created jobs as not good enough, and Mr. Trump himself used a muted megaphone he once eschewed email to address an array of topics tailor-fit for social media.

Despite being delayed by years of litigation and politics by the Democrats, the wall is almost finished and can be quickly completed. Doing so will save thousands of lives, Mr. Trump wrote in an email on Friday, responding to recent White House moves to reverse his immigration and border wall policies.

Keep illegal immigration, crime, and the China Virus out of our country! he added in the email, sent by his post-presidential office.

It is Trumps Twitter feed, only now its my inbox, Rob Tornoe, a reporter for The Philadelphia Inquirer, posted on Twitter after the email went out.

The old-is-new email format, which has no character count or content warnings, allows the former president to ramble and speak out as before, with all the same unedited idiosyncrasies of grammar and punctuation intact.

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Ted Cruz Says Half A Million Migrants Should Be Sent To Dc

Ted Cruz has called for half a million undocumented migrants to be sent to Washington DC as part of a Republican attempt to punish Democratic-supporting areas of the country over immigration policy.

The Canadian-born US senator has thrown his support behind Texas Governor Greg Abbott and Florid Governor Ron DeSantis for their widely-criticized immigration publicity stunts.

Texas Senator says Barack Obama should host migrants at his $12m Marthas Vineyard home

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Big Bucks From Small Donors

The digital world’s growing footprint over the past two decades has been a boon for political marketers.

There are now so many more ways to reach a target audience.

And yet, despite its old-school dagginess, email continues to be a mainstay of political marketing and an effective, cost-efficient way to raise funds and spread the word.

Political parties spend time and money building, buying and fine-tuning email lists.

The 2020 US election is already the most costly in US political history, and in the final days, both parties are vying to outspend the other to boost their chances at the polls.

To date, some $US3.7 billion has already been spent by the two contenders, and the final tally is projected to top $US5 billion, according to the Center for Responsive Politics, a Washington-based independent research group tracking political funding and its impact.

While bigwigs continue to donate eye-watering sums to both sides, small donors play an important role in US political fundraising.

These fundraising emails I receive are aimed at those small donors people who can only afford to chip in $US200 or less.

THIS is the moment we finally take back our Country, and it starts with YOU, Sarah. Don’t let the President and your fellow Patriots down.Please contribute ANY AMOUNT in the NEXT HOUR to step up to the front lines and your gift will be 700%-MATCHED. > >

The email goes on to ask for contributions of $20, $15, $10, $5 or “any amount”.

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