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Should I Vote Republican Or Democrat

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The Birth Of The Democratic Party

ESPN host: Black people should vote for GOP

It wasnt until Andrew Jackson in 1829 that a political party was established: the Democratic Party. This Democratic Party is nothing like the one we have today, but we will get to that.

Jackson hated big government, recommend suppression of incendiary publications, and damned abolitionists wicked attempts: to incite a slave rebellion. He stood on a platform that wanted democracy for all white men and tried to eradicate Native Americans.

Jackson is the president known for the Trail of Tears or forced removal of Native Americans. His opposition called him a jack ass and he liked it so much he used it as his mascot. This is where the donkey comes from for the Democratic Party.

After Jackson came Martin Van Buren, another Democrat who said in his inaugural address that he would be an Inflexible and uncompromising opponent of every attempt on the part of Congress to abolish slavery in the District of Columbia against the wishes of slave holding states, and also with a determination equally decided to resist the slightest interference with it in the states where it exist. Van Buren referred to slaveholders as sincere friends to the happiness of mankind, and he described abolition as a vicious device of evil. Van Buren even published a pamphlet opposing the abolition of slavery.

This would spilt up the party causing some to leave for the Democrats and other going on to form a new party called the Republican Party.

Taking The Perspective Of Others Proved To Be Really Hard

The divide in the United States is wide, and one indication of that is how difficult our question proved for many thoughtful citizens. A 77-year-old Republican woman from Pennsylvania was typical of the voters who struggled with this question, telling us, This is really hard for me to even try to think like a devilcrat!, I am sorry but I in all honesty cannot answer this question. I cannot even wrap my mind around any reason they would be good for this country.

Similarly, a 53-year-old Republican from Virginia said, I honestly cannot even pretend to be a Democrat and try to come up with anything positive at all, but, I guess they would vote Democrat because they are illegal immigrants and they are promised many benefits to voting for that party. Also, just to follow what others are doing. And third would be just because they hate Trump so much. The picture she paints of the typical Democratic voter being an immigrant, who goes along with their party or simply hates Trump will seem like a strange caricature to most Democratic voters. But her answer seems to lack the animus of many.

Democrats struggled just as much as Republicans. A 33-year-old woman from California told said, i really am going to have a hard time doing this but then offered that Republicans are morally right as in values, going to protect us from terrorest and immigrants, going to create jobs.

What You Need To Know About Voting In Sc’s Democratic Republican 2022 Primaries Tuesday

Voters will get to weigh in on who they want to be their party’s nominees for governor, Congress and more on June 14 in South Carolina’s 2022 primary elections. File/Grace Beahm Alford/Staff

Will Republicans forgive a South Carolina congressman who voted to impeach Donald Trump? Will Democrats make history with their pick for governor?

Will more people cast ballots early than on Election Day?

All will be reveled June 14, when South Carolina voters head to the polls in this year’s statewide party primaries where they get to have their say in who they want representing them.

This year’s ballot includes a slew of important contests, from the governor’s race down to local races, like who should be Charleston County’s next register of deeds.

Some of these primary matchups could land South Carolina in the national political spotlight, especially the pair of congressional races along the coast that are seen as a critical test of Trump’s continued influence on the Republican Party and in an early presidential primary state, no less.

But those aren’t the only races worth watching Tuesday. Here’s what you need to know about the South Carolina primaries and how to participate.


Republicans, unfortunately for you, most of the competitive action is solidly on the Democratic ticket.

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Zeldin Promises To Remove Da Alvin Bragg In Expedited Process If Elected

Tuesday is the last day for New Yorkers to cast their vote in the primary election for governor and the last chance for Republicans to choose someone wholl finally put a stop to the states dizzying decline.

We believe that person is Rep. Lee Zeldin,and we urge Republicans who havent yet voted to get to the polls and back him.

Lets face it: For the past few years, New Yorkers have been making a beeline for the exits, fed up with surging crime, lousy schools, high costs, arbitrary mandates, runaway taxes, dangerous climate policies and on and on. Theyre appalled by the nutty progressive views that keep winning the day over those held by everyday, common-sense residents.

And their deep dissatisfaction makes it possible, for the first time in quite a while, for a Republican to win in November, ending one-party rule that has led the state steeply downhill.

Should Christians Be Republicans Or Democrats

Republicans or Democrats? Who Should Catholics Vote For?

So, at the end of the day, should Christians support the Republican Party or the Democratic Party? The answer to that question is rather complex. As we have discussed, many of the values of the Republican Party are more closely aligned with Christian values. However, that does not necessarily mean that all Christians must align themselves with the Republican Party.

The topic of Democrats versus Republicans is not addressed in the Scripture. We must use what we glean on important topics throughout the Bible and let that insight guide our political affiliations.

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First Let Me Say: Weve Got To Vote

Since we have been granted the right to vote, we have stuck together to vote in one way or another and it has been an effective strategy for the most part.

The question is, who should we vote for?

This year, there appears to be more discussion about which political party is and has been actually better for blacks. For the 2008 election of Barack Obama vs John McCain , African Americans knew who they were voting for and there was no doubt amongst the majority.

Blacks have been voting for the democratic party since 1932 with the election of Franklin D. Roosevelt. This year, there appears to be more division within the black community. You have celebrities like Kanye West trying to convince blacks to vote Republican initially and then independent .

We have outspoken conservatives like Candice Owens trying to make a push for African Americans to vote for Donald Trump.

Top Election Issues For Republicans And Democrats

About eight-in-ten voters say the economy is very important to their vote this fall, making it the top issue out of 15 asked about in the survey. Republicans are particularly likely to say the economy is very important to their vote in the fall: 90% say this, compared with 68% of Democrats.

Roughly two-thirds of Republican voters say that immigration , foreign policy and violent crime are very important to their vote, while nearly as many say this about the size and scope of government. Democratic voters are less likely than Republicans to say each of these is very important, though the gap is particularly pronounced on the issues of immigration and the size and scope of government .

About two-thirds of Democratic voters point to voting policies and education as very important to their vote, modestly higher than the shares of GOP voters naming these issues as very important to their vote.

But the partisan gap over climate change is one of the largest in the survey: Democratic voters are 50 percentage points more likely than Republican voters to name it as an important issue in their vote and are 40 points more likely to say the same about issues around race and ethnicity .

Just a third of voters say that the coronavirus outbreak will be a very important issue in their vote this fall, though Democrats are more than twice as likely as Republicans to say this .

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Unaffiliated Voters Could Be A Surprise Force In Colorados Gop Primary

Tuesdays primary election is in many ways a battle between the Republican Partys moderates and its growing right wing in Colorado. But the fight wont be decided by just the partys usual voters.

Early turnout data shows that unaffiliated voters are flocking to the GOP primaries and will affect the partys political calculus in an especially important election year.

Among them is Raul Borrastero, 65, an unaffiliated voter in Brighton. He normally leans liberal, but on a recent Friday morning, he was heading toward a dropbox with a ballot for the Republican primary.

It was a simple choice, he said: The Republican races were more interesting this year.

The Democrats have mostly single options on most of their whereas Republicans have several multiple-choice , Borrastero said. So, I studied a little bit of the Republican side, and that’s what I decided to do.

Colorado has had semi open primaries since 2018, allowing unaffiliated voters to choose to participate in either partys contest.

In the first two elections under the system, most unaffiliated voters chose to fill out the Democratic ballot. While there were high profile Democratic primaries in both 2018 and 2020, it was also a sign that the states unaffiliated voters skew liberal. And, indeed, Democrats went on to win those elections by large margins.

This year, the trend is reversing. About 57 percent of unaffiliated voters are choosing the Republican primary ballot, according to early turnout data.

Women Arent A Voting Bloc

Hayes: If Dems Are Doing Anything Right, Billionaires Should Be Voting Republican

A persons gender is not especially good at predicting party affiliation at least not on its own. When combined with age and marital status, though, it becomes more relevant. Seventy percent of millennial women identify with or lean toward the Democrats, according to a 2018 report from the Pew Research Center, and about 57 percent of unmarried women leaned Democratic in a 2015 Pew report.

The gender gap has fluctuated

The age gap developed recently

The early 2000s saw younger voters break for the Democrats, possibly because of opinions on the Iraq war.

The difference between men and women peaked in the mid-1990s and shrank afterward.

Single voters are increasingly important. In 1960, 72 percent of U.S. adults were married in 2016, only half were.


35 and older

The partisan gender gap developed in the 1980s as men drifted toward the Republican Party it widened in the 2016 Trump versus Clinton election. Much like racial resentment explains support for Mr. Trump, researchers have found that hostile sexism measured by asking questions like whether someone believes women seek to control men is increasingly dividing the parties.

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Learn How You Can Make A Difference

Finally, learn how you can make a difference in politics! This topic stretches beyond bi-partisan issues. Far too often, politics becomes a topic of harsh divides amongst believers. We must think and pray about how we can make a difference in politics without creating further divides with those across the aisle.

When Identity Aligns With Party Politics Gets More Vicious

Sorting has occurred on both sides, but the Republican Party has tended more toward homogeneity: whiter, more Christian and more conservative. Democrats are a far more diverse party. So although the term identity politics is often wielded to criticize the Democrats for focusing on race and gender, Republicans are typically more susceptible to appeals based on their shared identity than Democrats, according to research by Julie Wronski and Lilliana Mason, political scientists at the University of Mississippi and the University of Maryland, College Park.

Personal identities have split the parties

From 1968 to 1978, white men who attended church frequently were 6 percentage points more likely to be a Democrat than a Republican. From 2008 to 2016, they were 43 points more likely to be Republican. The party identification of young, unmarried women stayed about the same but the average American became significantly more likely to identify as Republican, magnifying the difference between these two groups.

Polarization has encouraged more straight-ticket voting: Once, a voter might have chosen the Republican presidential candidate but a Democrat for the Senate, but now ones whole ballot tends to align with ones presidential preference. Polarization has also made voters hesitant to support politicians willing to cooperate with the other side, contributing to legislative gridlock.

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Why Christians Must Involve Themselves In Politics

Is it really that important for Christians to be involved in politics? Cant we just focus on our faith instead of worrying about how government policies affect us? Far too many Christians take this stance, doing a disservice to our nation and future generations.

As Christians in America, we have been given tremendous freedom. But with these freedoms comes responsibility. It is crucial that Christians continue to involve themselves in politics, influencing the future of our nation by defending our rights and liberties.

In Scripture, we are commanded to love our neighbors by taking a stand on political issues, we can do just this. Research political candidates, vote for leaders who support your values and beliefs, and most importantly, pray for those in a position of political leadership.

Statewide Races On The Edges Of The Battlefield

Should I vote Democrat or Republican? This Black Mans Dilemma

New Mexico was a solidly blue state in 2020, but Republicans still want to try to challenge Democratic Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham there after selecting TV personality Mark Ronchetti as their nominee in Tuesdays primary.

Meanwhile, Democrats fall from competitiveness in Iowa has pushed Gov. Kim Reynolds and Sen. Chuck Grassleys reelection campaigns to the sides of the national battleground map. But Democrats have a competitive Senate primary nonetheless, with Michael Franken defeating former Rep. Abby Finkenauer for the Democratic nomination.

Sarah Ferris contributed to this article.

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Histories Of The Parties

The Democratic party started in 1828 as anti-federalist sentiments began to form. The Republican party formed a few decades later, in 1854, with the formation of the party to stopping slavery, which they viewed to be unconstitutional.

The difference between a democrat and a republican has changed many, many times throughout history. Democrats used to be considered more conservative, while the republican party fought for more progressive ideas. These ideals have switched over time.

Should I Vote Democrat Or Republican This Black Mans Dilemma

The year is 2020. The month is August. And were in one of the most troubling times ever seen or experienced by Americans in modern history!

This year, most of the United States has endured some form of shut down due to the corona virus, aka Covid-19, or the China Virus as stated by #45.

The current unemployment rate in the US is above 10% with some economists predicting the true unemployment numbers could get higher than the great depression that hit a high 24.9%. As of this writing, there has been over 180,000 deaths in the United States and over 700,000 worldwide. The deaths are predicted to continue rising.

The horrific killing of yet another unarmed black man named George Floyd by the police has sparked protest all across America and the world, arguably the biggest wave of protest we have ever seen.

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Should Democratic Primary Voters Help Save The Gop From Itself

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greenewho has been stripped of her House committee assignments for writing inflammatory social-media posts, thrown off Twitter for spreading COVID-19 misinformation, and fined more than eighty thousand dollars for violating House rules on masksis facing a primary challenge. Three Republicans are running against her for the Party nomination in Georgias Fourteenth Congressional District, in the northwest corner of the state. The most serious of these challengers, it seems, is Jennifer Strahan, a health-care executive who has tried to portray herself as right-wing, just not loony right-wing. Strahan claims to be uniting conservatives who want a congresswoman who can accomplish something other than managing to embarrass the Republican Party and the entire state of Georgia.

Georgia is an open-primary state, meaning that voters can choose which partys primary they want to participate in. Thus, some of Strahans help could come from people who disagree with her and have no intention of casting a ballot for her in November. All of this raises the question: Should it?

Here Are The 10 Primary Ballot Propositions:

Trump Insists Democrats are ‘Bad’ for Israel

Keep in mind that this is an opinion poll of Republican voters and not a policy referendum. You are not voting to make a law but merely saying YES you agree or NO you do not agree with the statement. Results for each proposition are below.

1.) Texas should not restrict or prohibit prayer in public schools.

Yes 88.61%

2.) Texas should reject restrictions on the right to keep and bear arms.

Yes 85.38%

No 14.62%

3.)Texas should ban the practice of taxpayer-funded lobbying, which allows your tax dollars to be spent on lobbyists who work against the taxpayer.

Yes 94.29%

No 5.71%

4.) Texas should support the construction of a physical barrier and use existing defense-grade surveillance equipment along the entire southern border of Texas.

Yes 93.86%

No 6.14%

5.) Texas parents or legal guardians of public school children under the age of 18 should be the sole decision makers for all their childrens healthcare decisions including, but not limited to, psychological assessment and treatment, contraception, and sex education.

Yes 90.55%

No 9.45%

6.) Texas should ban chemical castration, puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and genital mutilation surgery on all minor children for transition purposes, given that Texas children as young as three are being transitioned from their biological sex to the opposite sex.

Yes 94.57%

No 5.43%

Yes 97.3%

No 2.7%

Yes 98.36%

No 1.64%

Yes 94.99%

10.)Texas should limit our state legislators terms to 12 years.

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