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Patriot Solar Power Cell Phone Charger Reviews

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Features Of The Patriot Power Cell

Solar Charger For Your Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra – Real Review

Now its time for the fun part. Lets get into what the Patriot Power Cell can do? Here is a breakdown of the features of the unit.

Powerful: The Patriot Power Cell has a 8000 mAh battery capacity. This bad boy is surprisingly powerful for a handheld device. It charges my cellphone twice, with power to spare.

Two USB Ports: The unit comes with two USB ports, so you can charge two devices at once. It works out great for me, when I want to charge my Kindle and cell phone at the same time. Works great with any small portable devices.

Rugged and Durable: Patriot Power Cells can take a beating. Ive dropped mine so many times, Ive lost count lol. But, it keeps on going. A buddy of mine ran his over with his truck. It got cracked up pretty bad, but it still charges his phone.

Dual Charging Options: Not only can the 4 Patriot Power Cell be charged through its built in solar cell, but it can also be charged via a wall outlet or any other USB power source. You can even charge it by plugging it into the USB port of your laptop.

Water Resistant: No need to worry about if it starts to rain while youre out with the power cell. Its has a durable rubber coating, and is water resistant, so a little rain wont stop it.

Built in Flashlight: The Power Cell also has the added benefit of a bright built in LED flashlight. This works great when Im out camping or hunting or during power outages. Plus it also doubles as a SOS Flasher to signal for help if needs be.

Final Thoughts On The 4patriot Power Cell

Overall, the patriot power cell is a reasonable budget option for a small amount of emergency backup power. As solar power experts, we would definitely recommend going with something more powerful as the 4 patriot power cell really doesn’t provide a ton of meaningful power, that being said we understand everyone’s budget and needs are different.

If you’re looking for more information on solar powered generators… Read the most in-depth solar generator buying guide ever written!

If you’re looking for true portable, backup power sources, we would recommend reading our guide on the top 6 solar generator kits for emergency situations. If you still have questions about the patriot power cell or anything else related to solar power, feel free to reach out or give us a call today at 877-242-2792.

No 2 Kyng Power Solar Generator Portable Power Station 540wh 1000w Peak Lithium Battery Back

Kyng Power Solar Generator Portable Power Station 540Wh 1000w Peak Lithium Battery Back Up Power Supply Emergency


  • Most recent KYNG POWER 540WH PORTABLE POWER STATION-100% Ensured: Yes you heard right, 100% assurance on this generator. The Kyng Power 540Wh is among the most powerful, solid generators in its classification, Positioned #1 on purpose! KYNG POWER is the Most Believed Portable Solar Organization with the best Client care!
  • FREE SOLAR PANEL Link and Simple Revive: FREE Solar MC4 link! Home divider AC outlet power , Vehicle cigarette DC 12V/24V power and 18v 60-200W solar power panel .The MC4 Solar Link connects impeccably to the Kyng Power Solar Panel, perfect with this generator.
  • PORTABLE and MULTIPLE Inherent PORTS: This Kyng Power Solar Generator accompanies DC Ports x3 , USB Ports x4 , 2 AC outlets , All the while energizing to 9 gadgets with no dread of over-current, over-voltage or over-temperature. Enough to address the majority of your issues of energizing your tablets, iPhone, iPad, PCs, fans, television, lights, and CPAP machine.
  • PORTABLE and LIGHT-WEIGHT: Lightweight, compact in size, weighing only 13 lbs, being off-network has never been so natural. When you wind up during a crisis, for home use, camping, you have enough things to convey, this 540Wh Generator is compact and lightweight, making it a fundamental device to have with you consistently. It depends on KYNG POWER!
  • CONS

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    How Long Does The 4patriots Power Cell Last

    This 4Patriots review found out that the companys power cells last for up to five years in terms of use. According to the brand, users can charge and drain their solar batteries 500 times. If you have more questions about its portable generators, we suggest hopping over to the website for additional details.

    Feeke Solar Power Bank 32800mah

    Patriot Power Cell 4 Pack in 2021

    High capacity

    Charge four devices at once with the powerful Feeke solar charger. Qi wireless charging is built-in, so you don’t have to worry about lugging cords around. The 32800 solar power bank is large-capacity, efficiently handling the powering up of multiple devices simultaneously. The Feeke has an IP66 rainproof and shockproof rating, and so it’s a good choice for those who want something for the great outdoors.

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    Who Would Use The Patriot Solar Charger

    While the Patriot solar charger really excels in a crisis, it has many more uses in everyday life too for an abundance of people.

    For people who love travelling, camping or hunting this can be the ideal device to be carrying with you on your adventures. As it is more than just a solar generator, it can be useful in many more ways which would perform well in these situations.

    From a lot of reviews, it is clear that many people choose to keep their mini solar panels unit in the glove box of their car. This means that it goes with them wherever they travel so it will always be easily accessible. A great idea!

    It is difficult to say who this power cell wouldn’t be useful for. Due to it having so many uses, and with no way of knowing when you might face a power outage, it could be useful to anybody!

    Solar Charger 25000mah Hiluckey Outdoor Portable Power Bank With 4 Solar Panels Fast Charge External Battery Pack With Dual Usb Outputs Compatible With Smartphones Tablets Etc


    • 25000mAh High Capacity: The solar power bank charges up 8-10 times for your phone and 3-4 times for your tablet, and it can be used for 9 days on average per charge.
    • 4 Large Solar Panels: This solar charger comes with 4 high-performance solar panels that can reach 6W in direct sunlight to keep your phone up and running even in places without electricity.
    • Dual Fast Charging USB Outputs: The solar phone charger can charge 2 devices simultaneously at 2.1A high speed. Auto-detect your devices current to pair the optimal output, protecting your devices from over-current, overcharge, overheat and short circuit.
    • Built for Outdoors: Rugged construction is dust, shock and splash resistant, you can hang it on a backpack or put it in a bag when camping, hiking. Built in LED flashlight with three modes, perfect for power outages and other emergencies.
    • Two Recharging Ways: The solar power charger can be charged not only by sunlight, but also by the USB cable we provided, which is very convenient for daily use.

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    Ready Hour Wireless Solar Powerbank & Led Light Specs:

    Charge on the Go – Three USB Cable Outputs, Outport: 5V 1A/2.1A Input DC 5V/1A.

    Fast Charging, 2 Ways – Micro-USB input to charge via electrical outlet + Solar Panel, charge and discharge more than 800 times includes a four-stage power-level indicator recharges devices fast.

    Solar Panel & Wireless – Cut the cord! Use the sun and recharge your devices on the wireless pad compatible with iPhone, Android, Mac, and PC.

    LED Bank of Room Lights – Hold on/off button to turn on a bright panel of 28 LED lights with three settings: low, medium, high .

    Dimensions – Dimensions 2.7″ x 0.7″ x 5.7″ and weighs 1.55 pounds.

    What’s in the Box – Wireless Solar PowerBank Charging Unit, micro-USB cord, manual.

    Storage: Store in a well-ventilated area between the temperatures of around 30-100 degrees Fahrenheit. Do not expose to temperatures above 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

    Battery Care: As with all battery-run devices, proper upkeep is critical for the prolonged function of this unit. If the unit is left to sit for long periods, the battery can drain and even become inoperable. Make sure to charge the battery every few months to extend its life and performance.

    The solar panel with this unit is primarily intended to power your LED flashlight.

    The Patriot Power 1500

    Patriot Power Cell One Year Later – Solar Powered Battery Charger

    Undoubtedly, anyone looking for a solar generator is serious about spending a lot ofmoney to have one of the most important emergency preparedness items. Everyone will want to ensure they have the absolute best option to make sure their investment is worthwhile. The Patriot Power Generator 1500 is one of the most well-known ones on the market.

    The Patriot comes in a general kit with solar panels, some bags of food storage, some books and other accessories.

    If this fits your needs then you can find it online from a few different dealers and get all squared away. I have been studying solar generators for multiple years now and have learned A LOT.

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    Blavor Solar Charger Power Bank With Qi

    Qi and USB-C charging

    BLAVOR’s 10,000mAh solar power bank works with iPhone and USB-C portables and charges in the sun or with a 5V power cord. The BLAVOR is Qi-certified, so you can set your iPhone down on the charger and let it do its business without the need for a charging cable. It charges in six hours and holds enough juice to recharge your iPhone up to three times. The compact BLAVOR also comes with an onboard flashlight and compass.

    Dizaul 5000mah Portable Power Bank

    Best for your budget

    With water-resistant housing, the Dizaul is a 5,000mAh solar power bank that easily makes our list of the best solar chargers for iPhones. Made of eco-friendly silicone rubber, this charger’s football grain build is anti-skid and comes with a carabiner to hook over your backpack. There are two USB ports for charging devices, and this model works with iPhones, Android devices, GoPros, GPS units, and more. If you’re looking to get the biggest bang for your buck, this is it.

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    Top 10 Rated Patriot Solar Power Cell Phone Charger In 2022 Comparison Table

    • 2-Pack 10000mAh Power BankTwo 10000mAh battery packs not only for portable charging but also around the home. Allowing you charge mobile devices without having to be tethered to a plug socket. Each of them fully charges 2.4 times for iPhone X, 3.6 times for iPhone 8 and 2.2 times for Samsung Galaxy S9.
    • Dual Output & InputEach has 2 USB output ports that detect all the connected devices and efficiently distributes the current output up to 5V 2.4A. The USB C and Micro USB ports can fully refill the battery itself in 5 hrs at 5V 2.0A .
    • Reliable Li-polymer CellThanks to the Li-polymer battery pack, the charger is much safer than any Li-ion charger. Also, it’s lighter and slimer that you can easily carry it around, even on airplanes.
    • Small & SlimIt feels incredibly compact for a 10000mAh power bank, weighing just 218g and only 14mm thick. Grippy design is easy to hold, easy to toss into a bag and incredibly portable.
    • What You Get2 * Miady 10000mAh USB Portable Charger 2 * USB Cable ) 1 * User Manual. We provide 24*7 friendly customer support and also back our products for 18 months.

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    Does It Still Work In Cold Conditions

    4PATRIOTS: Patriot Power Cell USB Solar Charger

    The short answer is yes.

    However, it will depend just how cold you are thinking!

    This portable solar charger will function happily in temperatures as low as 14 degrees F/ minus 10 degrees C.

    It will also be happy to keep charging your devices with temperatures up to 122 degrees F / 50 degrees C and everything in between!

    Should you find yourself wanting or needing to use your power cell in temperatures colder than -10 degrees C, then you will need to put it in a pocket or use another method of protecting it during the extremely cold times.

    This will keep the Patriot power cell functioning in its best condition and will ensure a long life with the unit.

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    How To Store The Patriot Power Cell

    To get the best out of the Patriot Power Cell and ensure that you get the longest life. Here are some tips to ensure that your unit will be working at its best and last for a long time.

    Dont expose the unit to extreme temperatures. That means no extreme heat or cold. Store the unit in temperatures between 14°F and 122°F

    If you need to use the Power Cell in temperatures colder than 14°F, try to insulate it by using it in your pocket.

    The 5 Best Solar Phone Chargers Of 2022

    The struggle to keep your phone charged while out and about is real, especailly while on the road, during camping trips, backpacking, at festivals, or spending the day in the park. The good news is that there is now an easy charging solution – solar phone chargers.

    These portable chargers allow us to take advantage of free and abundant solar power to ensure that well never be without a backup for charging all of our phones, no matter where we are.

    There are virtually thousands of options for solar phone chargers available online. But dont worry, we did the hard work for you and scoured the internet for the best solar phone chargers in 2022.

    *Note: This is an unbiased review: we have no financial ties with any of the companies mentioned, nor do we earn money from affiliate advertising. The content of this blog is based on research and information available at the time of writing.

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    Emergency Food Kits & Survival Meals

    The emergency food kits and survival meals offered by 4Patriots are the best fail-safes for anyone stuck in the middle of nowhere without any food supplies. The products can last you up to 25 years and are packaged in a way that makes them resistant to disasters, making them the perfect backup option for any trip into the wild.

    On top of this, the food kits and meals are perfectly healthy and do not pose any health risks. You get the right amount of nutrition to keep you going even when you have nothing else to eat. The range of items included in the kit consists of freeze-dried meats, vegetables, fruits, and other edible things. Below, we have mentioned the products that you can get at 4Patriots.

    The Companys Customer Service Is Sometimes Lacking

    Patriot Power Cell | The Ultimate Solar Gadget

    This isnt to say that Patriot Generators customer service department is terrible. In fact, many customers give them very high ratings. What it does mean, however, is that some customers have been dissatisfied with the results theyve received when contacting customer service at Patriot.

    For example, one customer complained that even though hed already been charged for the product, it had been two weeks since he ordered it and he hadnt even received a confirmation email from the company.

    Another man called the company to get the additional information and found out that the phones were being operated by sales reps. He asked the same questions numerous times and received no clear-cut answer to any of them.

    In other words, it seems that the staff they have answering the phone do not know the answers to technical questions but are instead just there to sell the product to the callers.

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    What Is The Patriot Power Cell

    Patriot Power Cell is designed to make sure your smart devices are never without power. The company, 4Patriots is known for developing powerful pocket-sized batteries that can go anywhere with you.

    Recognised to be a breakthrough back up power solution. It uses solar power to charge so providing you are somewhere that will see daylight, you ought to never be without power.

    A real bonus is that this power bank is water-resistant, rated IP67. This means that while you cannot submerge the charger, you subject it to a bit of water – such as rain – and it will be more than ok to carry on performing.

    This Patriot charger holds enough power in the compact unit to charge your device 3 – 6 times. Obviously, this depends on the model of phone you have – phones with larger batteries will take more power and therefore the power cell will more likely charge it 3 times, rather than 6.

    However, the fact it can charge a large battery 3 times is incredible. Especially when you consider it’s compact size and it’s lightweight. 6 times is fantastic!

    Built into the Patriot power cell are 2 USB ports so you can charge two devices at once. This means that you can be confident that all of your devices will remain powered, no matter how long your adventure is!

    There Are Some Miscellaneous Disadvantages That Might Matter To Certain People

    The Patriot 1800 solar-powered generator provides a few disadvantages that may not matter to a lot of people but that could be huge to others. For instance, the battery:

    • Has no RV connection
    • Weighs 40 pounds, which is heavy considering the power that it offers
    • Doesnt have a lot of plugs
    • Has no car charger option

    Indeed, in many ways, 1800 are not that much better than 1500. This isnt to say that the Patriot 1500 is not worth the money in many ways, it is well worth the price that you pay for it.

    But the important thing to remember when researching either of these generators is to compare them not only with each other but with other brands of generators as well.

    That, in addition to knowing beforehand which features are most important to you, is the best way to determine if the Patriot 1800 is right for you.

    This also doesnt mean that the above considerations are a big deal in and of themselves. Once again, you have to determine which features you truly want in a generator and which ones you consider unimportant.

    This way, you are guaranteed to get a generator that meets your needs in the end.

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