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Patriot Solar Fence Charger Reviews

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Best Solar Electric Fence Chargers In 2022

Patriot Solar Guard 155 Fence Charger Repair & Review

To control livestock and domestic animals, you need an electric fence that creates a low but quick damage shock when touched. This keeps them contained inside the fence. Moreover, you might also need to keep pests and wild animals including wolves, wild dogs, or foxes outside of your property to protect your livestock.

However, on many occasions, AC outlets are not available to install an electric fence charger in a nearby location. Besides, under a blackout or power outage, your animals wont be protected or contained.

The best solar electric fence chargers in 2022 will never run out of energy or require long installations for AC wiring across medium or large pastures. In this guide, you will see many solar electric fence charger reviews from the top products in the market, and we will show you how to buy a good solar powered charger for your property.

Fence Wire Use And Weed Conditions

Manufacturers offer at least two types of voltage conditions.

The first one is the open circuit voltage. This is referred to the voltage that should be available in the fence if there is no animal or vegetation touching the fence and should be an indicator for voltage selection according to the animal under ideal conditions.

However, factors like excessive weed conditions or selection of steel, poly tape, rope, or poly wires could lead to important reductions in the effective voltage available in the fence wiring.

Therefore, you must be aware of the fence voltage that the manufacturer establishes under light, medium, or heavy weed conditions. You should also be aware of variations in voltage output according to the type of wire . You may also find references indicating voltage at 500 ohms or 100 ohms. These are referred to the electrical resistance generated by weeds mainly. 500-ohm voltage is referred to medium weed levels and 100-ohm voltage is referred to heavy weed.

Patriot Ps5 Solar Energizer

The PS5 solar electric energizer is one of the most well-known low-range solar-powered fence chargers at present. It is highly recommended for keeping small animals contained and keeping out tiny annoying pests.

This modern version is designed with several valuable features that could charge up 2-mile fencing from its projected spot. This unit is capable of extending power for up to one week without sunlight.

Aside from this, you can handle it effortlessly with the power on and off switch. What sets this option apart from other versions is that it is engineered with more advanced technology. Outfitted with a 4V internal rechargeable battery, this is efficient for charging 8 acres of land.

We are grateful because this electric fence charger works like a charm in safeguarding our small property from tiny nuisance pests. This easy-to-install device is also perfect for securing the small animals in our mini-farm.

It does an excellent job of providing sufficient power despite a heavy load of weeds. It is also designed with a flashing light that indicates the charge is working and is connected to the fence.

  • Recommended for keeping nuisance pests out and containing small animals
  • Portable, designed with a flashing light, a battery, and an on-and-off switch
  • Usage extends for one week without sunlight
  • Smooth sailing installation method
  • One of the most famous low-range solar fence chargers
  • Can handle weeds
  • Can only offer a lower power output of 0.04 joule

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Buying Guide For Best Electric Fence Chargers

Whether youre trying to keep animals in or out of an area, youre going to need some form of fence. You could go with barbed wire, but electric fencing is both cheaper and safer for the animals. And with an electric fence, youre going to need an electric fence charger.

An electric fence charger, also called a fencer or energizer, is the heart of an electric fence system. A charger provides the current necessary for the fence to work. There are a number of issues to consider when mapping out your fencing strategy, and choosing the right charger is one of the biggest. How a charger receives its power is an important factor, but so are issues such as how much fence it can handle and how easy it is to use.

Our 7 Best Solar Fence Chargers

Patriot Solarguard 150 Solar Fence Energizer Datamars Livestock ...

With these things in mind, we have put together a list of our top 7 choices for great, sustainable, solar fence chargers.

  • Voltage- 500 ohms or 6,100 volts
  • 30-mile range

Parmak has been in the electric fence business for many years. They are not the biggest name in the business, but they have the experience. They began making radios and wind turbines in the 1930s for the sole purpose of helping farmers and ranchers receive news and electricity.

The Parmak MAG12-SP Solar Fence Charger is one of its top-of-the-line products in Parmaks solar-powered chargers. It is American made and designed, and your kit will include a 12V rechargeable battery and small solar panel.

This charger is perfect for protecting horses and cattle and has a 30-mile range. It will keep deer and other predators out while keeping your livestock in.

While we loved a lot about this solar fence charger, some design features could be improved. It is a large fence charger and requires a lengthy installation process. It also doesnt deal with water or condensation well.

  • 0.75-1.6 joules of energy output
  • 3-year warranty

The Parmak DF-SP-LI electric fence charger was made for small farming operations and gardeners. Its designed to have low-impedance through vegetation or other foreign matter. The shock comes from a 6V battery charged by a compact solar panel located on top of the charger.

  • Three-week battery life
  • 3-year warranty
  • 11,400 open-circuit voltage
  • 10-mile range
  • 1- joule output
  • 0.5 distance range

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Type Of Animal And Voltage

The second factor that you must look into is the type of animal that you want to contain or keep away from your fence.

Voltage requirements vary according to the size of the animal that you are dealing with. For instance, big animals such as deer, moose, or predators might need between 4,000 5,000 volts minimum to generate a good electric shock that keeps them inside or away. Meanwhile, cattle and horses would need between 2,000 and 3,000 volts available in the fence wire. You can use the Zareba systems minimum voltage chart as a reference for this purpose.

Voltage Minimum Requirements According to the Type of Animal

Gallagher S12 Solar Fence Charger

The Gallagher S12 Solar Fence Charger is a great choice, thanks to its ability to support any wiring method. Its incredibly lightweight, is easy to mount, and comes with a great warranty as well. This is a solid choice for less conventional electric fences or those with unusual setups that require a versatile solar electric fence charger.

Joule Output

The Gallagher S12 has a joule output of .12, which is just shy of the .15 output of the Zareba ESP10M-Z. This will let it cover about four miles of fencing, which is around what the Zareba ESP10M-Z offers.

Animals Being Contained

The Gallagher S12 was designed with smaller livestock in mind, similar to the Zareba ESP10M-Z or the Premier Solar IntelliShock. It doesnt do anything special above the others for these kinds of animals, and honestly, the three are rather interchangeable in this regard.

If anything, the Zareba ESP10M-Z or Premier Solar IntelliShock might be a better choice against larger predators on a single strand, thanks to a higher voltage.


The Gallagher S12 stands out from the crowd thanks to a three-year warranty on the battery and device. The only other devices to match this warranty are the Gallagher lineup, the Gallagher S40, and Gallagher S6.


It also differs from other options like the Zareba ESP10M-Z in that it can support any type of wiring.

Other Products Notes



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What Size Solar Fence Charger Do I Need

Generally speaking, chargers are designed with a Miles rating to assist buyers in quickly deciding which charger suits their fences length. Keep in mind that youll require a bigger charger if your fence line is longer.

For instance, if you have three miles of fence line with four lines of polywire, you have twelve miles of fencing material to charge up. So, to make things less complex, you can search for charger alternatives that are rated with a single-wire or multi-wire distance.

Can You Power Other Solar Devices Using Your Solar Fence Charger

The Patriot Solar powered electric fence charger SG155 from

Unfortunately, most solar fence chargers output current and energy according to electric fences. And if you try to charge a battery or power other devices, their voltage rating may not be compatible due to which using a solar fence charger with other devices is not possible.

2. Where should you install a solar fence charger for your electrical fences?

To ensure that the solar panel of your solar fence charger is getting enough sunlight, you need to make sure that it has a decent height so that sunlight falls on it for as long as possible. You can also move the solar panel towards the south direction since it will increase the amount of sunlight falling on it even more.

3. How do you connect your electric fence to a solar fence charger?

In order to connect your electric fence to a given solar fence charger, you will need to directly connect stripped wires of your electric fence to the wire ports of your solar fence chargers, While the black clip is to be connected to the ground stake, the red clip gets connected to the fence.

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Things To Consider Before Buying Solar Electric Fence Charger

It is very important to know what type of solar electric fence charger you will buy because it is the soul of your fence system. When you look for a solar-powered fence charger, you need to consider a few different factors like battery life, range, and power. Besides, the charger you choose should be durable and well-made so that it can withstand different weather conditions. Here are some key things that you need to take note of before buying a solar electric fence charger:

Why Buy A Solar Fence Charger

Having an electric fence around your farm or property is a great way to protect yourself and animals.

Solar fence chargers are a great option since they will need exposure to sunlight to cater to the power needs of your electric fence. With these solar chargers, you incur a one-time cost of purchase, and then they serve you for a significantly long time.

Whether you want to protect your pasture against intruder animals, or your livestock from going beyond your farm, an electric fence comes in handy.

There are numerous types of solar fence chargers that you can pick from including both DC and AC models, as well as multiple battery-powered options.

Among all these options, the DC chargers are the easiest to implement as they can internally store their power.

On the other hand, an external power outlet connection is necessary for the AC chargers to operate.

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Gallagher S6 Solar Electric Fence Charger

Gallagher also offers cheaper and more affordable options regarding solar fence chargers that can be considered if you have budget restrictions.

This Gallagher S6 solar fence charger is the cheapest option given here which makes it an excellent pick for buyers on a tight budget. Since this is a highly affordable solar fence charger, it only works with electric fences of up to 0.74 miles.

Similar to its fence length rating, the given energy output rating of up to 0.06 joules is also a bit low and can be an issue for many. Fortunately, this solar fence charger is still an amazing pick thanks to its included 3 year warranty.

Best Features:

  • Rated fence length of up to 0.74 miles
  • Offers energy output of up to 0.06 joules
  • Backed by a 3-year warranty


  • Extremely affordable and budget-friendly solar fence charger
  • Superb warranty period for your peace of mind
  • Quite easy to use and install with electric fences


What Is The Most Powerful Electric Fence Charger

Patriot Solarguard 500 Solar Fence Energizer Datamars Livestock ...

The most powerful electric fence charger that runs on solar power is the Gallagher S400. This energizer offers over 3 joules of output joules, with a range of almost 60 miles. Gallagher also makes the M10000i the most powerful mains-powered unit in the world. It has over 100 joules of energy and a range of over 125 miles.

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Fence Master Solar 12 Volt Battery Fence Charger

For shoppers planning to buy a tractor supply solar fence charger, this device is a good alternative to Tractor Supplys models. This version is deemed one of the most high-end solar-powered fence chargers because it is supreme in powering up to 6 miles. What is more impressive about this solar charging device is that it is adept at delivering high voltage shocks that could avert but not harm your animals.

Chiefly, the output of this solar fence energizer is 12000V at the source and 5000V at 3 miles. No wonder why this alternative is also an ideal pick for blocking predators. Although the maximum power comes from a bulky transformer, we dont have to be troubled about the device using up too much space. This solar device functions excellently with single or multiple-wired fences.

We consider ourselves fortunate for investing in this reliable solar fence energizer. So far, it has not failed our expectations in terms of containing various livestock. For a fact, this fence charger exceeded our expectations.

This is worth considering for customers searching for a device that can guarantee high voltage shocks and low current spikes. It is powerful enough, yet it is a very safe option. The low impedance design of this model significantly helps in averting power loss due to dense greenery and shorts. This is one of the first chargers we purchased, and were grateful that we made the right choice for our farm requirements.

  • None so far

Types Of Animals And Voltage

Another factor you should consider is the types of animals and voltage requirements. The voltage requirement varies according to the size of the animal that you are dealing with. Here is a complete voltage requirement chart for your convenience:

An Anti-Roost device on commercial poultry feeding systems

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Best Electric Fence Charger For Cattle Of 2021

Electric fence chargers provide the power required to keep your electric animal fencing live and healthy. Energizing your fencing is imperative if you own a large area of land with lots of cattle, horses or goats running around. Most people will have some sort of fencing in place to stop animals escaping, or even predators getting near them, but electric fencing is required for stopping larger, more powerful animals from escaping or entering.

There are a whole range of different electric fence energizers to choose from, each one varying in power, range coverage, as well as having the option of a standard or solar powered charger for your electric fence.

The right option really depends on your electric fence setup, as well as what animals you are looking to contain or deter. We have listed our picks and reviews of the best 5 electric fence chargers for containing your cattle, or even deterring those unwanted bears or deer.

Please note: This post may contain affiliate links, which means we may receive a commission, at no extra cost to you, if you make a purchase through a link. Please see our full disclosure for further information.

How Does A Solar Fence Charger Work

DIY Solar Electric Fence Charger / Energizer | Cyclops – Parmak – Patriot

The charger supplies the energy that puts out an electric shock whenever a person or animal contacts the metal fence wire. This shock is quick but can be slightly painful.

The energy used to put out the electric shock comes from the solar panel attached to the charger. This panel has a grid pattern with cells that collect the suns rays and convert them to energy, which charges the chargers rechargeable battery.

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Gallagher S10 Solar Electric Fence Charger

  • Quick and easy to install
  • Rechargeable 6V battery
  • Built-in lightning protection
  • Carry handle for convenient portability

Of all the leading chargers we have in mind here, this happens to power the longest length of space or fence. It does have the ability to power a whopping 3 miles of fence conveniently. You may want to look at it if you have a similarly large space to impact at the same time.

On top of merely impacting a larger fence, the item also comes about in a mini-compact stature. This makes for easier handling and seamless transportation to the desired location of use. With its unique battery-saving technology, it wonât really waste your batteries or inflict higher levels of utility.

Where Should You Install The Charger To Avoid It Being Damaged

Solar electric fence chargers are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions under the rain, hail or snow. Therefore, environmental conditions are not something to get worried about.

On the other hand, you must keep in mind that the solar panels need to receive direct sunlight in order to maximize energy conversion and charge the battery faster. Position the charger off-ground in a place where no shade covers the product .

Also, try to install the solar charger outside of the fence in order to avoid collision or damage caused by the animals.

Finally, among other considerations not related to safety but to improve performance, place the solar charger as close as possible to the grounding rods that you have installed. This will reduce the resistive path back to the solar charger.

The solar fence charger should also be installed in the middle of the fence or in the position where one side of the fence is not extremely far away from the product when compared to the other side. This will ensure that you will have a similar voltage across the fence and that no drastic voltage drop will be present at any point of the fence. You can also try positioning the fence charger in other points if you notice a significant amount of voltage drop across the fence. In general, you will find models that are like solar phone chargers which are easier to move and transport and will allow you to try several configurations without much effort to reach the desired voltage drop.

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