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Patriot Power Generator 1500 Recall

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Patriot Power Generator 1500 Customers Laud Product

Patriot 1500 and 1800 Solar Generator Review

Buyers of the Patriot Power Generator 1500 are Extolling the Product’s Virtues on the Customer Review Website

NASHVILLE, TN / ACCESSWIRE / July 12, 2016 / Interested in learning how customers feel about its Patriot Power Generator 1500, Nashville, Tenn.-based 4Patriots LLC established a review site. A vast majority of the reviews that have been posted so far have featured positive comments.

“It’s one thing for a company to talk about how wonderful their products are, but those kinds of remarks are more legitimate when they come from people who have purchased and used those products,” said Allen Baler, Partner at 4Patriots.

“The comments on our Patriot Power Generator review site are helpful in terms of learning which particular components of the product are most appreciated, such as functionality and durability. And on occasion when a negative remark is made, that’s helpful too because it allows companies to make needed improvements.”

Patriot Power Generator reviews include:

“A great piece of survival gear. Was looking for a small generator to run my CPAP machine at night because I quit breathing sometimes when I sleep, and lose power a lot where we live. Got a lot more with the solar generator. Quiet and lightweight.” – Mike

“The product and service follow-up has been great. I’d recommend this over all other similar generators out there.” – Mark

“I have tested it with solar power and also wall electric power. Seems to be working fine. Thanks for a great product.” – Jack S.

What Caused The Patriot Power 1500 Recall

According to the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission , the Patriot Power 1500 was recalled Due to Fire Hazard. Yes, thats right, 4Patriots reportedly decided to discontinue importing the Chinese manufactured Patriot Power 1500 after 13 consumer accounts of the device catching on fire.

The CPSC stated that the Patriot Generators began to smoke after the batteries within the devices caught on fire. This malfunction also caused an atypical and potentially harmful odor from the Patriot Power Generator. Thankfully, there were no reported injuries or serious incidents caused by device failure.

Only 2 Outlets For 120v Power

When the power goes out and you know youre going to need power anywhere from 2 days to 2 weeks, youre going to need to plug a lot of things in. Having two 120v style plugs isnt enough.

Once the fridge is plugged into one and the freezer is plugged into the other, youre out of outlets!

It is easy to use a power strip to give you more outlets. Then you can easily plug lot of things into the Patriot 1800 solar generator. It is a bit of a pain though to have to use power strips rather than just having more outlets on the unit.

Having more outlets is such a simple thing but is not included on the Patriot 1800. Everyone will need to run more than two items when the power is out so having more outlets is an absolute must. This means that the Patriot 1800 requires you to have at least one power strip on hand in order to run everything you need.

It does have 4 USB outlets on it which does make it easier for charging small devices like cell phones. Charging cell phones only needs to happen once or twice a day at most though so its not a feature that is used often.

With 1 DC cigarette lighter outlet it does allow for additional phone chargers to be plugged in like in the car if needed. It is rated to 20 amps which is nice.

Since the Patriot 1800 only has two 120v outlets it should come with power strips amongst all the other small gadgets they give you in the kit.

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How Much Is The Patriot Power Generator

As mentioned earlier in the article, the Patriot Power Generator 1800 retails for roughly $2,500 on their website. The product is not sold anywhere else, not even on Amazon. The Patriot power generator does come with 1 x 100W foldable solar panel. As for the quality of the solar panel, we cannot say, as the brand or efficiency is not listed on the website.

In addition to foldable solar panels, the Patriot Power Generator kit comes with a few other parts and accessories. This includes a flashlight, a popup solar lantern, grid failure reading material, and emergency survival food .

> So whereas I cannot calculate the exact price of the Patriot Power Generator 1800 alone, I can certainly infer that the company may have decided to include a large number of bonuses in order to increase the perceived value of the patriot power generator itself.

Q: Can I Run My House On Solar Power Only


Yes and no. While its absolutely possible to power your house with solar power, youre unlikely to do so with a portable solar generator unless you use several at once while limiting your power usage. The largest of our recommendationsthe EcoFlow Delta Prowill come fairly close when bolstered with extra batteries. If the power goes out, youll be able to keep your fridge cold and use basic electronics for a couple of days without recharging. With quality solar panels, good sunlight, and smart energy usage, your power should theoretically go uninterrupted.

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How Many Plugs Are On The Patriot Power Generator

The output availability on the patriot generator is surprisingly lacking, however. The outputs contain only two AC ports , which is quite low for the size of the inverter. You can really only 2 things plugged in at once on the patriot power generator which is not ideal in an emergency situation.

I think 4Patriots might have done this purposefully so as to prevent users from overloading the system, however Im a bit confused with this decision. Also included are two DC outlets , and four USB outlets for phone chargers, lights etc.

Patriot Power Generator 1500 Stands Ready For Coming Winter Storms

The Calendar Might Not Know It, But Winter Is Already Here, As Evidenced by A Recent Midwest Snowstorm That Knocked Out Power: Officials at 4Patriots LLC Urge Homeowners to Acquire the Patriot Power Generator 1500 To Keep the Lights On When the Power Goes Out

NASHVILLE, TN / ACCESSWIRE / November 22, 2015 / Well, that didn’t take long. Last week, the first “winter” storm of the season struck more than four weeks before the official start of winter dropping snow and rain over portions of the Midwest and featuring winds that knocked down power lines, according to reports from Fox News and other media outlets.

The makers of the Patriot Power Generator 1500 recommend that people winterize their family’s emergency preparedness plan by taking steps now to ensure backup power sources be they flashlights, battery packs, candles or generators are charged and ready for use.

“Most Americans are probably still in leaf-raking mode, but that didn’t stop Mother Nature from giving the Midwest a taste of what we can expect over the next several months,” said Allen Baler, whose Nashville, Tenn. based company provides products designed to help people become more independent and self-reliant, including the Patriot Power Generator.

“Power outages are inevitable when extreme weather hits, and many homeowners are going to be left in the dark and the cold this winter if they aren’t prepared with a fully-charged generator ready and waiting.”


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The Best Solar Generators: Reviews & Recommendations

The solar generators included on this list span a wide range of budgets, from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand. They span a number of use-cases, from camping to a backup for your home. Only you know all the factors that make one of these the best solar generator for you, but we think that one of these will get the job done.

  • Can connect to six 200W solar panels


  • Heavy for its size

The biggest portable power station from Jackery, a leading solar generator manufacturer, the Explorer 2000 Pro offers a tremendous 2,160 Watt Hours of power, making it capable of charging a full camping set up for a few days. When plugged into six 200W solar panels, an upgrade over the four-panel setup available on the Jackery Explorer 1500, you can fully charge this portable power station in just 2-2.5 hours. Thats less than half the time of the smaller model.

On top of all that, its extremely user-friendly. Numerous output ports ensure that you can plug in a wide range of devices and electrical equipment. Its functions are highly intuitive, and the digital display is easy to understand. Like other Jackery generators, its incredibly durable, too. The one potential downside is its weight: At 43 pounds, its a bit heavy for its size. Even so, for all the power you can store and the rapid-charging time, the Jackery Explorer 2000 Pro will keep the lights on wherever you need power.


  • Expensive for its size/capacity

Should You Buy The Patriot Power Generator

Unboxing the Patriot Power Generator | Solar & Safe to Use Inside

Overall, I am reluctant to recommend the Patriot Power Generator 1800 as a viable option in emergency or even off-grid situations. The unit’s small battery, small solar input and weight of 46lbs combined with its high price tag makes it very hard to justify as a good option.

Especially when you consider the fact that the EcoFlow Delta 1800 is twice the size, has 4 times as much solar power, weighs less, has 6 AC outlets the list goes on.. And is over $600 cheaper!

More on that below though Let’s look at some of the best patriot power generator alternatives before you make your own final decision.

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What Are The Cons Of Patriot Solar Generator

If youre wondering is the Patriot Solar generator any good, youre going to want to take a look at the things customers have said about it that maybe arent so favorable.

For one thing, the company that makes this product sold another generator in 2016 that they had to recall because some of them were catching on fire.

So far, that doesnt seem to be a problem with this new generator but you might still want to keep that in mind when youre researching the 1500 generator.

There have also been complaints about the generator not working as long as the customers think that it should have. For instance, one customer claimed that he charged the generator fully then only got about 1.5 hours worth of time out of it.

This could simply be a flaw in that particular generator, especially since not a lot of customers have had this complaint again, its something to consider before you decide to fork out hard-earned money on the product.

There have also been a few minor concerns regarding this product, including:

  • There is no RV connection
  • It doesnt have a car charger option
  • It is not expandable with other batteries
  • It has no MPPT controller to increase its efficiency

Of course, when you think about it, these complaints are rather minor and easy to live with for most individuals however, they are things that you should know about before you purchase the generator.

Patriot Power 1800 Vs Patriot Power 1: Which Solar Power Generator Is Right For You

RobotPoweredHome is reader-supported. When you buy through links on my blog, I may earn an affiliate commission. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

I live on the outskirts of a big city, and initially, when I moved here, things were pretty smooth.

However, over the past few months, power outages have been meddling with my daily chores to the extent that I had to think about investing in a solar generator.

Fuel-based generators are also an option, however, they cost a lot in the longer run.

After hours of research, I came to the conclusion that Patriot Power solar generators are the best option for me.

However, I was unsure whether I should invest in the Patriot Power 1800 or the Patriot Power 1500.

Hence, I did some more research to compare the two.

While comparing, I considered the battery capacity, solar input, number of outlets as well as battery expansion capability.

The Patriot Power 1800 is a clear winner with more safety features and a 1800w inverter size. The generator has a solar input capacity of 240W and can charge the battery in less than 3 hours on good days.

38 lbs

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Compact Portable And Easy To Use Right Out Of The Box

Your generator arrives charged and ready to go. Theres no assembly required you can start using it right away.

And you dont need to be an engineer to use your Patriot Power Generator. Its truly plug and play.

The solar panel that comes FREE with your generator has a rugged, durable metal frame and reinforced corners. It folds easily for discreet storage and includes a sturdy carrying handle so that you can take it anywhere.

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What Are Solar Generators

Patriot Solar Generator 1500

Solar generators are a fairly new, exciting technology with tons of potential to alleviate a lot of the worlds power needs. Whether you want to be prepared for when the grid goes down, you want to power your RV, van, or skoolie, or you simply want a mobile power source for your next camping trip, solar generators are an incredible investment.

Not only can you use them inside since they emit no toxic fumes and no noise, they also come with the ability to be charged very easily by solar panels. They can also be charged from an AC wall outlet as well, but the ability to charge them with solar power is what makes them very popular.

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The Patriot Power 1500

Undoubtedly, anyone looking for a solar generator is serious about spending a lot ofmoney to have one of the most important emergency preparedness items. Everyone will want to ensure they have the absolute best option to make sure their investment is worthwhile. The Patriot Power Generator 1500 is one of the most well-known ones on the market.

The Patriot comes in a general kit with solar panels, some bags of food storage, some books and other accessories.

If this fits your needs then you can find it online from a few different dealers and get all squared away. I have been studying solar generators for multiple years now and have learned A LOT.

No Battery Expansion Capability

As noted in reason #1, the battery size of the Patriot 1800 is very small at only 690wh. With the Patriot thats all you get. If you have more batteries or wanted to add more batteries to it in order to make it last longer running equipment you cant add them. Theres no way to expand the battery capacity.

This is why its recommended to get the Titan instead. The Titan comes with one 2,000wh battery. But another unique benefit to the Titan is that you can add as many batteries as you want. Not only that but you can get more Titan batteries and stack them vertically on the Titan.

The Titan is only portable solar generator in the world to have a stacking battery setup. Theres no need to get heavy cables and attach batteries externally taking up more space. No need to wonder if youre hooking it up right or if youre about to blow up thousands of dollars worth of equipment. Its simple, safe and easy with the Titan batteries.

To add batteries you simply balance the Titan batteries by charging them to 100%, remove the top section of the Titan called the Power Module, stack another battery on top of the battery/batteries that were already connected, place the power module back on top, and latch it down.

This video shows how to setup the Titan for the first time and how to balance the batteries.

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Does The Patriot Power Generator Come With A Car Charger

Lastly, it’s important to note that the Patriot Power Generator does not come with a DC input . Although this is not a standard feature among the best solar generators, many products come with this capability and its extremely helpful to have one of these if and when you need it! Having a DC input makes it possible to charge the unit with your vehicle, so if you were hoping to do so with your van or RV, extra steps would need to be taken to make a DIY car charging solution.

Patriot Power Generator Vs Ecoflow Delta 1800 Solar Generator:

PATRIOT Power Generator 1800 EXPOSED! World’s WORST Solar Generator

It’s easy to see why the #1 best Patriot Power Generator alternative is the EcoFlow Delta 1800 – $1,997

The EcoFlow Delta 1800 solar generator has TWICE as much battery capacity at 1300 watt hours vs 652 watt hours on the patriot power generator. Twice as much battery for over $500 less…

They both have the same size inverter/output at 1800 watts but the EcoFlow Delta weighs over 10lbs less and also has TWICE as much solar power input so you can recharge it much faster.

All this to say, its easy to see why so many people are choosing the EcoFlow Delta 1800 over the Patriot Power Generator.

Keep scrolling to see the comparison chart of the two solar generators below.

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Patriot Power Generator Shelf Life & Battery Size

The patriot power generator’s battery does come with a decent shelf life of 6 to 12 months, meaning you can charge the solar generator fully and it will only begin to lose power after six months. This is slightly above average when compared to most competitive brands, however there are some solar generators that are comparable in price or less expensive than the Patriot with battery capacities double and triple its size and that also only need topped off every 6 months. For example, the EcoFlow Delta 1800 has an 1,300 watt hour battery and only needs to be charged every 6 months when in storage. But more on this later!

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