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La County Republican Voter Guide 2020

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Assembly District : Elizabeth Alcantar

California Prop. 17: Parolees can vote | Election 2020

The new boundaries of AD-64 cover Bell Gardens, Downey, Santa Fe Springs, Norwalk, La Mirada, and La Habra. There is a wide field of candidates vying for this open seat: Ana Valencia, Norwalk Vice Mayor, Blanca Pacheco, mayor of Downey, and Robert, Cancio, Norwalk-La Mirada school board member.

But, the choice is obvious in AD64: Elizabeth Alcantar is the best candidate to fight for working-class folks. Alcantar served as mayor of Cudahy when Delta Air Lines dumped 15,000 gallons of jet fuel over dozens of schoolchildren, after which she successfully secured free treatment for those impacted. Alcantar is a community organizer who seeks elected office to continue fighting for her community.

The most viable challenger, Blanca Pacheco, on the other hand, has accepted contributions from problematic sources like the CA Association of Collectors and General Motors, and has coalesced endorsements from many in the California status-quo coalition. In a district where economic opportunities and environmental justice are often denied, we need someone who will prioritize the needs of real people over corporations and their financial interests. As a Working Families Party candidate, Alcantar has endorsements from major labor unions, the Los Angeles Labor Federation, and SEIU CA. Thats why were recommending you vote for her.

Prop : Reproductive Freedom

A recent decision by the U.S. Supreme Court held that the U.S. Constitution does not protect the right to abortion. While access to abortion is no longer federally protected and is under attack across the country, we can safeguard access in California. Proposition 1 will amend the California Constitution to enshrine the fundamental right to choose an abortion, use or refuse contraceptives , and make individual decisions on reproductive health. These rights are consistent with existing state laws and our state constitutional rights to privacy and equal protection.

You Should Update Your Voter Information If Any Of The Following Apply:

  • You recently moved to a new address
  • Your name has been legally changed
  • You would like to change your political party affiliation
  • Online If you have an Arizona Driver License and/or an Arizona non-operating I.D. card issued by the Motor Vehicle Division you may update your voter registration online.
  • Log on to Service Arizona
  • Select your language preference, then click Begin/Update Voter Registration
  • Verify your voter eligibility
  • Enter your information in the required fields
  • Update your address if you have moved, otherwise select No on question A & B and click continue.
  • You can now update any other information that has changed, including your name or party preference
  • If you are having trouble logging in to the Service Arizona website, you can print off a Voter Registration Form and fill it out with your new information. After you finish, mail the completed form to your County Recorders office and your information will be updated.

    • You can either or request that a registration form be mailed to you from your County Recorder. After completing the voter registration form, mail it to your county recorders office.
    • In-Person You may visit your County Recorders office and fill out a registration form in person.
    • Address Confidentiality Program Members You should update your voter registration through the ACP process.

    After you have successfully updated your registration to vote you will receive an updated voter registration card in the mail within 4-6 weeks.

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    Senate District 2: Uncontested

    Senate District 26, previously Senate District 24, covers the eastside as well as portions of central LA – Koreatown, Echo Park, Silverlake, some of downtown, and Atwater. Its currently represented by María Elena Durazo, who succeeded current-mayoral-hopeful Kevin de Leon. Durazo is a force of nature in Los Angeles politics, though this is her first elected political position. A full accounting of Durazos history at the center of the rising Latino labor movement in the 80s, 90s and 2000s would require a whole book, but suffice it to say she was one of several organizers who transformed the LA labor movement into the multiracial powerhouse it is today, by organizing low-wage immigrant workers with the Hotel Employees and Restaurant Employees Union , receiving an award at a DSA Los Angeles dinner in 1993. In any case, shes unsurprisingly been a champion for labor in her time in the Senate so far, and her reputation is legendary enough that nobody is bothering to challenge her this year. If we had to criticize, Durazos stayed a little too loyal to her older allies who have become more conservative tools of real estate and landlords interests , and shes taken some pretty bad actions on housing, like condemning the Reclaim Our Homes reclaimers. Bummer.

    Glendale Unified School District

    Republican Counties In California Map

    Board of Trustees Area B: Ingrid Gunnell

    The Glendale Teachers Association endorsed Ingrid Gunnell, who was a teacher for many years and has a track record of pro-teacher advocacy.

    The Glendale Police Officers Association endorsed her opponent, Lerna Amiryans.

    Board of Trustees Area C: Kathleen Cross

    Cops endorsed incumbent Armina Gharpetian, a dentist. The Glendale Teachers Association endorsed the challenger, Kathleen Cross, a social worker with a significant list of civic activities.

    Board of Trustees Area D: Shant Sahakian

    The Glendale Teachers Association endorsed incumbent Shant Sahakian, who is unopposed.

    Measure T : Yes

    Term limits are generally positive, especially in a field like education which should be examined and updated more regularly. Our education system is outdated and would be well served by a more regular turnover, to ensure fresh eyes can help keep the vision current.

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    Assembly District : Pilar Schiavo

    AD-40 is a newly redrawn district that largely takes what used to be Republican-held AD-38 and places it into a Democrats +11 space, covering Santa Clarita and the northwest San Fernando Valley, including Northridge and Granada Hills.

    Two Democrats are running to unseat Republican incumbent Suzette Martinez Valledares, who takes money from noted pro-Trump coup-attempter Kevin McCarthy, oil companies, Amazon, and real estate. In the field, we have Annie Cho, a small business owner, who has no platform or priorities on her website, besides some vague mention of protecting democracy, but boasts endorsements from some classic upholders of the LA status quo, such as City Council President Nury Martinez, former city councilmember David Ryu, and Assemblymember Mike Gipson.

    We also have Pilar Schiavo, an advocate for workers who represented the California Nurses Association as part of a Health4All coalition. Pilar has long advocated for broad left policy positions like Medicare for All, a living wage, and housing for all, positions which are driving the Cho camp to dig up old tweets and accuse her of being too radical for the district. Socialists know that materialist left policy positions are not only necessary, but also more popular than centrist waffling. Vote for Pilar Schiavo.

    West Basin Municipal Water District

    Director, Division 3:Desi Alvarez

    Desi Alvarez is an environmental engineer who opposes a proposed $500 million desalination plant and wants to reduce imported water. The incumbent, Carol Kwan, thinks All lives matter, Black lives matter, police lives matter, all lives matter and if you want success, you work for it and you dont portray yourself like the victim.

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    City Controller: Kenneth Mejia

    The City Controller is basically the citys accountant, in charge of keeping track of where LAs money comes from, where LAs money goes to, and has the ability to conduct audits of how the city spends money. The audit authority is a very important component of the job, as the controller has the ability to determine how efficient spending is in city departments and then recommend improvements for efficacy, showing what our tax dollars are ~actually~ used for.

    In this race, we have a slew of folks from the Garcetti administration. Paul Koretz is trying to find another job in city government after being termed out in CD-5. He has such achievements as completely failing to build new housing in his district while paying cops kick the unhoused populations off the streets, caring more about animal adoptions in his district than he does housing people and voting against even analyzing the *possibility* of reducing police spending.

    Other viable insider candidates include: Stephanie Clements, running on a broad anti-corruption campaign that emphasizes cutting money from union contracts , David Vahedi, whose platform touts buying new trash cans, and Rob Wilcox, whose platform talks about rejecting establishment money from fossil fuels, developers, and police, and fighting insider corruption, which is too bad given his current position in City Attorney Mike Feuers office.

    Veterans And Armed Forces

    The Republican Party of San DIego County’s 2020 voter guide

    Riverside County Republican PartyIt’s Not About One Person…We’re A Team

    Today, we live in a state controlled by one party that recklessly raises our taxes, spends our money, and suffers no consequences for mistakes. Businesses are leaving, and jobs arent coming back. Families struggle and Sacramentos solution to the problem is higher taxes for their gross overspending. The people in the 58 counties of California are ready for a new direction. Join the Republican Party of Riverside County and make an impact!

    Our Chairmen, Johnathan Ingram

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    Start Your Day With Laist

    This is part of Voter Game Plan, our project to get you prepped for the 2020 elections. And if you have questions about voting, ask us anything.

    One of the measures on L.A. County voters’ ballots in the March 3 election is Measure R, a proposal to expand the powers of the Sheriff Civilian Oversight Commission.

    Here’s what to know before you vote.


    After the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department’s massive scandal under former Sheriff Lee Baca — in which deputies were accused of hiding an informant from FBI agents who were investigating systematic abuse of jail inmates — the pressure has been on to create more oversight so no similar scandal could happen again. The Board of Supervisors hired an inspector general in 2014, and in 2016 it created a civilian oversight commission.

    The commission is an advisory body, but it can investigate complaints and provide findings and recommendations to the Sheriff’s Department and the public. The commission didn’t have the power to compel the department to turn over documents or witnesses for investigations. That changed in January, when the supervisors voted to give the commission the power to direct the inspector general to subpoena documents from the department.


    Measure R would give the Civilian Oversight Commission the power to issue subpoenas to the Sheriff’s Department, rather than having to go through the inspector general.



    Assembly District : Mia Livas

    AD-52 covers parts of central, northeast, and LAs eastside, including neighborhoods such as Glendale, Echo Park, Silverlake, Los Feliz, Atwater Village, Highland Park, El Sereno, and Glassell Park. Incumbent Wendy Carrillo has been serving the district since 2017, when Jimmy Gomez vacated his seat for the House of Representatives, and has not had to deal with a viable challenger until this year.

    Carrillos time in office has been marked by a fair amount of issues, including an official reprimand from the Speaker of the Assembly over inappropriate physical contact as well as one of her staff members, George Esparza, making inappropriate sexual comments. Esparza was also federally indicted in May 2020 for his involvement in the Jose Huizar bribe crimes, which he continued after he started working in Carrillos office. And, further disrespecting the working people she is supposed to serve, Carrillo was seen in Hawaii in November 2020, during the start of a coronavirus surge.

    Still Carrillos past as a communications staffer with SEIU has helped her establish support among most of LAs organized labor, and she has a few labor priorities, such as preventing workers from being misclassified and ensuring workers can keep their jobs after taking paid family leave. Chalk another one up to the labor-business status quo coalition.

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    City Council District 1: Bryant Odega

    CD-15 is an open race due to proud ex-cop and conservative councilmember Joe Busciano terming out and trying to win the conservative pro-cop white reactionary lane in the mayoral race. The district is mostly centered on the Port of Los Angeles and San Pedro, with a strange snaking shape up the 110 due to Los Angeles historic insistence on maintaining the port as an economic engine. This odd shape has created a district with impoverished black and brown working-class populations in Wilmington, Watts and South LA, wealthy conservative suburbanites in San Pedro and surrounding areas, and well-organized, but relatively conservative unionized port workers. Though Bernie won CD-15 in 2020, the district has historically brought relatively conservative, but pro-union, members to Council.

    Former Harbor City Neighborhood Council president Danielle Sandoval has won the endorsements of UTLA, a few ILWU locals, and the California Democratic Party Chicano Latino caucus, and the LA Times. Sandoval is running on a labor progressive platform, which includes elements of left platform planks like strengthening public education and access to good union jobs, but also a strong emphasis on supporting small businesses and other liberal priorities. In another field, Sandovals background and platform could be strong enough to earn a DSA-LA recommendation.

    Pa Election 202: Your Complete Guide To The Candidates For Governor

    Election Results By County Georgia 2016

    • Stephen Caruso, Ethan Edward Coston, and Angela Couloumbis, Spotlight PA
    • September 12, 2022

    Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro and state Sen. Doug Mastriano.

    The 2022 election for Pennsylvania governor is coming soon, and Spotlight PA wants to make sure you are prepared to make your choice.

    The states governors wield a vast amount of power. They propose a yearly spending plan that sets the course for months of policy debates with the General Assembly on issues including education spending and taxes.

    They also have the ability to sign into law or veto bills impacting abortion, guns, the minimum wage, health care, and more hold vast executive powers that allow them to advance their agenda and appoint cabinet secretaries including the states top election official and are the boss to tens of thousands of state employees from police troopers to environmental inspectors.

    Five gubernatorial candidates will be on the Nov. 8 ballot, alongside their partys candidate for lieutenant governor. Below, we provide brief biographies for the candidates as well as donor information from the beginning of 2021 through June 6, 2022. Then we break down where the top two candidates stand on the issues.

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    Joe Soloski Keystone Party

    Soloski is a public accountant and Centre County resident. He ran his own accounting firm for 30 years in the Pittsburgh area, and hes worked as a comptroller and financial analyst for other companies. Soloskis platform calls for limiting government spending, keeping the minimum wage as is, reducing corporate taxes, and decriminalizing recreational cannabis. He previously ran as a Libertarian for state office in 2018 and 2020.

    His running mate is York County resident Nicole Shultz, a business owner.

    Top donors, 2021-June 6, 2022: He has raised $2,686 from small donors.

    City Council District 1: Erin Darling

    CD-11, covering the westside down to LAX/Westchester became an open race when Councilman Mike Bonin decided not to seek re-election to prioritize his own mental health and his familys well being. The political environment of CD-11 is toxic: before his decision to not seek re-election, Bonin had fought off two right-wing recalls over his opposition to militarized police sweeps and promotion of bike lanes and road diets. Though Bonin has not been perfect it took the unrelenting work of organizing community activists for him to oppose police sweeps he has regularly been one of the furthest left councilmembers, a notable achievement in the otherwise strongly mainstream-liberal Westside.

    On this terrainrising right-wing reaction to a services- and care-first approach to homeless outreachdo we see the CD-11 race play out. On the reactionary side, we have Allison Holdorff Polhill, a pro-charter former LAUSD Board aide, Traci Park, a management side labor lawyer, Jim Murez and Mike Newhouse, current and former presidents of the Venice Neighborhood Council, and Mat Smith. Every one of these candidates is vying to be the avatar for the recall-Bonin movement, on platforms of arresting as many unhoused people as it takes to stop our precious wealthy families from having to see poverty.

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    Th Congressional District: Maebe A Girl

    Incumbent Adam Schiff is one of the most well-known members of Congress due to his leadership role in the impeachment process and all things Russiagate. Unfortunately, his power comes at the expense of his district which includes Hollywood, Silverlake, Glendale, and some of Echo Park where he is known for ignoring issues that actually matter, like homelessness. He is a reliable vote in support of any defense budget increase or military escalationnot surprising since he takes in loads of money from the likes of Raytheon, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, and Northrop Grumman, and he continues to support ICE, for which DSA-LA protested his office in 2018. Schiff occasionally throws out progressive bromides, claiming to support Medicare for All and Green New Deal, but warmongering is his true passion. Well, that and doing appearances on MSNBC or CNN.

    Instead of Schiff, you should vote for Maebe A. Girl, a drag queen who ran against Schiff unsuccessfully in 2020, and supports defunding the US imperial war machine to fund a Green New Deal, housing and Medicare for All, and proudly models her politics after AOC and Bernie. Dont worry about the rest of the names on your ballot, the other candidates in this heavily-Democratic race are all random nonviable Republicans.

    Elections Division Response To Covid

    The Republican Party of San DIego County’s 2020 voter guide

    Elections Response »

    • Our number one goal is to keep the public and our employees safe
    • The situation related to COVID-19 is rapidly developing, as is the response from this office and the state. Please check back regularly for updates
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    • The Election Services team is available to answer voter registration and election-related questions. The quickest way to receive a response is by sending an email to:
    • Public records requests are also still being fulfilled, however it may take longer than usual to process.

    Impacted Services »

    • We will not have in-person services available until further notice.
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