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Is Patriot Power Greens Any Good

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Primal Greens Complaints & Praise

Patriot Power Greens Review – Are Dr Lane Sebring’s Power Greens Good?

This section is typically where we would examine customer reviews in order to factor user experience into our review. However, in order to do this, we need a trusted third party website from which to obtain data .

Since Primal Greens is not listed on Amazon or GNC, were going to have to write this section based off of the reviews that are posted directly on their website, which we cant be sure are trustworthy.

There are a total of 212 Primal Greens reviews on their website at the time of writing, and yet there are zero negative reviewsin fact, all of the reviews contain 5-star ratings. This seems a little strange, so were not going to factor this into our conclusion.

The Testimonies Are Real But

The sales page for the product I saw states that while the testimonials for Patriot Power Greens are from real, happy customers,

  • The names/pictures of some of them have been changed for privacy reasons
  • Some featured customers were given a free canister of Patriot Power Greens in exchange for their feedback
  • The testimonials and customer letters represent exceptional results and don’t apply to the average purchaser and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results

I can appreciate the company being forthcoming with this information. Not everyone in the supplement world is as honest as this.

Who Should Buy Kaged Muscle Outlive 100

  • Anyone who values organic ingredients in their greens powder will appreciate that Outlive uses only 100 percent organic ingredients in its blend.
  • Folks who dont like the taste of greens powders and want a product thats flavored to be tasty and enjoyable.
  • Anyone who needs to chill out the ashwagandha included in this product can help reduce stress levels.

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Is Patriot Power Greens Worth It Our Patriot Power Greens Review Conclusion

All things considered, Patriot Power Greens is an extremely average, if not below average, greens powder. Youre only getting 2,500 MG of superfoods per serving, which is very weak, and theres not much else to the formula. Sure, you get some digestive enzymes and probiotics, but it is still severely lacking in terms of overall nutrition.

We have reviewed multiple greens powders that are up to 5 times as potent as this one, which is why we do NOT recommend Patriot Power Greens. However, if you go to our Greens Powder home page, you can find a list of our top 10 most highly recommended green drinks!

Are There Any Patriot Power Greens Reviews From Customers

Patriot Power Greens Berry Flavor

We have found the following Patriot Power Greens review testimonials via customers online:

Definitely one of the best greens shakes ive used. I feel healthier, more energetic and I am not longer having indigestion issues. Highly recommend it to anyone.

The stuff tastes disgusting and didnt have any impact on my weight. As for my energy levels, i did feel a little more energetic.

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Pros And Cons Of Vitamin D Deficiency

In the event that you figure you may have a deficiency, at that point it’s vital that you address your doctor and get your blood levels measured. Luckily, a vitamin D deficiency is generally simple to settle. You can increase your sun exposure, eat more vitamin D rich foods or basically take a supplement. Fixing your

Why You Need More Greens

The fact that were filled with more than 200 deadly toxins before we even leave the womb is pretty good incentive to get in as many greens as possible, starting now.

Thats right our tiny bodies are exposed to a whole host of dangerous chemicals before were even born, ranging from fire retardants to pesticides and petrochemicals .

What difference can greens make?

Because they are high in antioxidants, as well as blue-green algae like chlorella, they help remove these toxins, which build up in our bodies over the course of our entire life. Greens can help you avoid the deadly side effects these toxins can cause, which include brain damage, nervous system damage, developmental problems, organ damage, and even cancer .

They can also help your body return to a more alkaline state, which is important for overall health, and curb inflammation, which is at the root most diseases.

Not to mention, consuming more greens is essential when it comes to making sure youre avoiding nutrient deficiencies, which could be the underlying reason why you often feel tired and mentally sluggish.

In fact, Im sure youve seen how energized and vibrant many people are who have time to make and drink green juices and smoothies every day.

So how can you make sure you get your greens, especially if you dont have time to prepare them but also cant afford to be toxic and/or tired?

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How Does Patriot Power Greens Taste

Patriot Power Greens berry flavor is sweet like a fruit juice and mixed fairly in water. You can drink greens straight, use them in your cereal or yogurt to start the day off with more energy.

The ingredients in patriot power greens like acai berry, pear, pomegranate, papaya, grape, raspberry, blueberry, strawberry, blackberry provide its natural flavor and sweetness. If you want to add more colors and nutrition to your plate in the form of greens powder.

Case Study: Whole Foods

60 second reviews (patriot power greens)

I went to Whole Foods and I choose three sale items and I compared similar items. First item I choose was Kettle Chips. The Chips were on sale for 1.00 off any 2 Kettle Brand Products .These Kettle Chips are NON GMO verified. GMO is Genetically Modified Organism. The Kettle chips are natural and have about 120 calories.

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Who Shouldnt Buy Plantrise Supergreens72

  • People who shy away from ingredient listings containing proprietary blends.
  • Customers who want something with higher calcium and vitamin D included in their greens powder.

SuperGreens72 is pleasant as far as taste and pretty comprehensive as far as ingredients. We wish they had disclosed all of the amounts in their blends, but we like that this supplement has such a broad range of ingredients that may offer potential health benefits.

Patriot Power Greens Taste

Patriot Power Greens excels in taste and texture and has the distinction of being one of the best tasting green drinks weve tried. And this is by design according to the product creator. In his own words

This is why I was I was adamant that Patriot Power Greens had to be nothing like the other greens powders on the market. I wanted it to taste so good that even my 5-year-old granddaughter, who is one of the pickiest eaters on earth would want to drink it everyday

And the key to the great taste we achieved is because of the natural juice we used to sweeten it. Patriot Power Greens is naturally sweetened with acai berry, goji berry and apple juice

It does have a very pleasant, fruity taste and mixes well with plain ole regular water and even better with organic juice. This is probably why Patriot Power Greens left out wheatgrass juice and barley juice because these have a dramatic impact on the taste.

Often times, taste is one of the most overlooked characteristics of a green drink powder. Over the years, weve received hundreds of comments from visitors to our site. And hands down, the #1 reason why people stop taking a green drink powder is because they dont enjoy the taste.

The bottom line is that you could have the healthiest green drink powder on the planet, but if it collects dust in your pantry because you just cant bring yourself to choke it down, what benefit is it really providing?

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Patriot Power Greens Reviews

Patriot Power Greens is only officially available through their website, which means that a vast majority of the reviews are cherry-picked, and some of the negative comments more carefully screened. There isn’t a single review under 3 stars, for example, which is either suspect or incredibly high praise.

With that healthy dose of cynicism aside, the feedback does seem to be mostly positive, with particular praise given to the energy and feeling of vitality the drink provides as well as the extensive relief from joint pain.

I am three months from 80, and I feel more like 30 or 40.

My skin already looks better, smoother, and it’s like going back 10 years.

– Christine W, 5-star reviewer

If you take the time to search out the more negative Patriot Power Greens review for the other side of the argument, the chief complaints you’ll find are regarding poor and slow response for customer care and extensive problems with shipping.

Kylea Total Living Drink Greens

Patriot Power Greens: Green Drink

This whole foods blend combines 12 grams of protein and the nutritional equivalent of 7 to 10 servings of fruit and vegetables. It also contains 2,000mg of spirulina, which can help boost immunity, probiotics that can help promote digestion, and a B-complex that can help with absorption. It comes in a convenient ziplock bag that you can easily transport and store. Its worth noting though that since this blend contains such a wide array of ingredients , its one of the more expensive greens powders on this list.

These greens contain 12 grams of protein and the nutritional equivalent of 7 to 10 servings of fruit and vegetables, along with 2,000mg of spirulina, probiotics, and a B-complex.

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How Does Patriot Greens Work

One of the ways Patriot Greens is said to work by reducing inflammation. Inflammation in cells is linked to a variety of diseases like:

to name a few. This supplement also contains a variety of probiotic bacteria that may confer additional benefits .

Green foods also contain nitrates. These compounds increase our production of nitric oxide which relaxes the muscles in our blood vessels. By doing this, nitrates can increase blood flow and even help lower blood pressure. All this stuff about nitrates being healthy is at the heart of many supplements.

For example, you’ve probably heard about the health benefits of beet juice. Yep, nitrates are behind many of its effects too. But, are beets the highest source of nitrates? Despite the beet-hype, the answer is no. It turns out green vegetables have even more nitrates than beets. Unfortunately, as can be seen from ingredients list below, Patriot Power Greens has more beets than green vegetables .

Because Power Greens has so many ingredients, it’s difficult to pin down its effects to any single compound.

See What All Is Included With Your Greens

Regardless of whether you ordered one canister of Patriot Power Greens or took advantage of the great offer to get five of them , your box has arrived.

Lets go through the unboxing process for a five-canister box:

  • Cut open the box.
  • Remove the shaker bottle, which is identifiable by its green lid.
  • Pull out the $20 gift certificate.
  • Pull out the written materials, including a letter from Jeff Reagan of the Patriot Health Alliance.
  • Remove the five Patriots Power Greens canisters.

Youll see a manufacturing date on the bottom of each canister. This is NOT an expiration date. Its the date on which the greens were manufactured, and they are good for two years after that date. Next

  • Peel off the plastic from the top of one of the canisters. That plastic helps keep your greens properly sealed and fresh.
  • Unscrew the cap.
  • Remove the paper safety top.
  • Remove the scooper thats in with your greens. If you dont see it right away, dig with a spoon or fork until you find it.
  • Put one scoop of the Patriot Power Greens into your shaker and add eight ounces of water. Shake until the greens are thoroughly mixed in with the water.

It tastes great and is good anytime of day. If for whatever reason you dont feel its what you were expecting or wanting, you can return it for 100 percent of your money back.

Patriot Power Greens Reviews

Lets see what Lew has to say about Patriot Power Greens:

Ive noticed increased energy, but the big thing for me has been feeling overall healthier.

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Reduces Inflammation & Enhances Detoxification

The fruits, vegetables, antioxidants, and superfoods found in this blend help reduce inflammation in the body, especially when it comes to things like aches and pains. Other superfoods like spirulina are included in the formula, which provide a ton of antioxidants that help our bodies detoxify and eradicate harmful free radicals.

Transparent Labs Prebiotic Greens

Patriot Power Greens Reviews – Is The Green Drink Good?

In addition to four grams of fiber, which is four times more than some other brands, Transparent Labs also contains three grams each of spirulina, broken cell chlorella, acacia fiber, and green banana flour, plus a gram each of artichoke fiber and chicory root. These sea greens are extremely dense chlorophyll sources, which have helpful links to managing appetite and reducing body weight. The prebiotic fiber here may improve your gut microbiome, which may also help with weight management. Whats nice is this modest label is extremely transparent, and every ingredient is listed with the exact amounts.

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Why Does Power Greens Have Seaweed

From the ingredients list above, we see Patriot Greens has 3 different types of seaweed:

  • kombu seaweed
  • wakame seaweed
  • nori seaweed

Why does it have seaweed? While there are many compounds in seaweed, one that stands out is iodine. The mineral iodine is necessary for the production of thyroid hormone. Could this be where the claim of restoring youthful energy comes from? It’s difficult to say for sure, but it’s possible.

Each serving of Power Greens has 65% of the RDA for iodine. In someone whose not getting enough iodine, its possible this might boost thyroid hormone levels, which in turn, could raise energy levels.

In someone not lacking iodine, it’s debatable if iodine would boost energy levels. It’s worth noting most cases of hypothyroidism are not due to iodine deficiency but rather an immune system defect . Iodine doesn’t correct this, unfortunately.

Why We Need Patriot Greens Is It Really Important

Do you know the main reason behind your different health threats? if you dont know then read the above article carefully.

the main reason behind our all serious health threats is inflammation. The most of the food we consume is highly processed and increases the acidic level of the body. This lead to inflammation. This inflammation leads to high blood pressure, high cholesterol level, joint and muscle pain, oxidative stress, weight gain, high blood sugar level, fatigue, and many others problems.

This inflammation is the serious health threat. It is because it can kill also. It is also termed as the silent killer in many research journals. But no need to worry. It is because there is something is for you which can reduce your inflammation. This also helps us living healthy and fit. The name of this green superfood powder is patriot power greens.

This green superfood powder has the wide range of the health benefits. It also helps in many other ways which is mentioned in benefits section.

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What Does Patriot Power Greens Do

What does Patriot Power Greens do for you? In our opinion, theres not much it can do for you since it lacks potency so severely. At the very least, it can provide your body with a few servings worth of vegetables and superfoods. Thats got to be worth something, but at the price they are charging, theres simply not much value here and likely very few benefits to be had.

Adaptogens And Herbs In Greens Powders

Patriot Power Greens Review

A lot of the most exciting research in nutrition is on adaptogens, which are compounds that may alter the way the body responds to stress. One adaptogen that is often seen in greens powders is Rhodiola Rosea, which may improve focus and exercise performance. Reishi mushrooms, which have been linked to everything from subjective well-being to better immunity, is another.

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Harvard University And Patriot Power Greens

The word Harvard was mentioned 9 different times on the web-page ad I saw for this supplement. But, an association between the supplement and Harvard University, Harvard Medical School or Harvard School of Public Health cannot be located. At the bottom of the Patriot Power Greens web page, it states This product is not endorsed or affiliated in anyway with Harvard University.

Patriot Power Greens Ingredients Are They Safe And Effective

  • Probiotics The formula contains 10 strains of probiotics. A publication on Mayoclinic suggests that these good bacteria help us fight infections, improve metabolism, and generally maintain the health of the GIT.
  • Digestive enzymes The dietary supplement is said to contain more than 7 digestive enzymes. The Journal of Medical Food indicates that digestive enzymes improve the digestion and absorption of nutrients in the gut.
  • Organic fruits and vegetables The energy drink is infused with some 38+ organic fruits and vegetables. These are good sources of fiber, vitamins, and energy. Furthermore, they are also rich in antimicrobial compounds that help the body fight bacteria and other infectious microbes. A research study published in the Journal of Environmental Health suggests that fruits and vegetables are rich in anti-inflammatory compounds that help with joint pains.
  • Seaweed extracts The formula is enriched with a number of clinically beneficial seaweeds. These include organic Spirulina algae, Kombu seaweed, Nori seaweed, and Wakame seaweed. According to the Journal of Applied Phycology, these seaweeds are healthy sources of essential vitamins A, C, D, and E. They are also good sources of mineral ions like zinc, calcium, iron, and magnesium.

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