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How Do Republicans Really Feel About Trump

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Reason why Donald Trump ‘won’t run’ in 2024

Voxs German Lopez is here to guide you through the Biden administrations burst of policymaking. .

They go further than merely believing the 2020 election was stolen, a nearly unanimous view among the bunch. Over 90 percent oppose making it easier for people to vote roughly 70 percent would support a hypothetical third term for Trump .

The MAGA movement, Blum and Parker write, is a clear and present danger to American democracy.

2) Republicans are embracing violence

The ultimate expression of anti-democratic politics is resorting to violence. More than twice as many Republicans as Democrats nearly two in five Republicans said in a January poll that force could be justified against their opponents.

It would be easy to dismiss this kind of finding as meaningless were it not for the January 6 attack on Capitol Hill and the survey was conducted about three weeks after the attack. Republicans recently saw what political violence in the United States looked like, and a large fraction of the party faithful seemed comfortable with more of it.

These attitudes are linked to the party elites rhetoric: The more party leaders like Trump attack the democratic political system as rigged against them, the more Republicans will believe it and conclude that extreme measures are justifiable. A separate study found that Republicans who believe Democrats cheated in the election were far likelier to endorse post-election violence.

4) Republicans dislike compromise

How The Fbis Activity Is Being Framed

The FBIs activity on Monday in Palm Beach acting on a warrant reportedly related to a probe involving Trumps handling of top secret documents provided a dramatic picture of the unprecedented examination of a former president by federal, state and local investigators on the civil and criminal front.

Three in 4 voters said they had seen, read or heard at least something about the FBIs raid by the time of the survey, with little variation by political affiliation. In turn, most voters aligned with reporting that the search was related to mishandling of classified information, compared with 32% who thought it was related to Jan. 6 and 14% who said it was something else.

In a statement, Trump called the FBIs search an act of political persecution and a Witch Hunt designed to harm the political movement he leads. While much of the Republican electorate buys that charge, the message does not appear to have legs with the broader public.

Trumps Support In Iowa For Another Run Surpasses Bidens

According to news reports, Trumps decision is more a matter of when to launch a 2024 campaign, not if he should.

Some Republican operatives believe he should wait to make an announcement until after the November midterm elections to avoid taking the focus off Biden, whose approval ratings have plummeted amid rising inflation and soaring gas prices. But aides and allies have said an announcement could come as early as this summer.

Unlike Biden, Trump has fared well in Iowa in the past, placing second in the 2016 presidential caucuses and carrying the state in both the 2016 and 2020 general elections. Today, he garners more support in Iowa for another presidential bid than Biden, his 2020 rival, the poll shows.

Just 23% of Iowans say they hope Biden, 79, runs for president again, while 67% say they hope he does not. Nine percent are not sure.

Unlike Trump, Biden fails to garner a majority of support from within his own party for another campaign. Among Democrats, just 37% say he should run again, while 52% say they hope he does not.

Bidens approval rating in Iowa has hit a new low at 27%. At the same time, the share of Iowans who believe the country is on the wrong track has surpassed even what it was during the 2008 Great Recession. Today, 84% of Iowans believe things in the nation are on the wrong track. Just 10% say they believe things are headed in the right direction.

Iowa Pol:Voters prefer Republicans in 3 of 4 US House races except in 3rd District

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Question6 Overall Do You Think The Country Is Better Off Or Worse Off Today Than It Was A Year Ago

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Michael Cohen On Why Republicans Support Trump: ‘we’re Stupid’


Michael Cohen has offered a blunt explanation for why Republicans, including himself, have supported President Donald Trump despite his numerous wrongdoings and attempts to dismantle Americas democracy.

During an appearance on MSNBC, Trumps former longtime fixer and personal attorney told host Joy Reid that he predicts Trump, if he loses, will claim the Nov. 3 election was rigged and use Attorney General William Barr to invalidate ballots that he will say are fake in order to stay in office.

He doesnt care about the Constitution of the United States, he said. He believes that hes above everything.

Reid noted that Trump cant do these things alone and that Cohen and many others went along with Trump for a long time. She asked, Why do they do it?

Because were stupid. You know, were a bunch of sycophants, Cohen said without hesitation. Hes very much like a cult leader. When youre in his good grace, you believe that you have this enormous amount of power, which you do, and he somehow manages to convince you to use that power for bad.

“He’s very much like a cult leader,” Michael Cohen says of President Trump. “When you’re in his good grace, you believe that you have this enormous amount of power, which you do and he somehow manages to convince you to use that power for bad.”

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About Half Of Republicans Like Leaders Who Contend Trump Won 2020 Election

Among Republicans, strength of partisanship is closely associated with feelings about Donald Trump and his unsupported assertion that he was the legitimate winner of the 2020 presidential election.

Overall, 51% of Republicans say they like political leaders who assert this, compared with 17% who dislike such leaders. About a third of Republicans say they neither like nor dislike leaders who assert that Trump was the legitimate winner.

Nearly six-in-ten Republicans who identify strongly with the Republican Party say they like political leaders who assert that Trump won, including 39% who like such leaders a lot. Just 11% of strong Republicans dislike leaders who assert Trump was the winner in 2020, while 29% say they neither like nor dislike leaders who assert this.

Strong Republicans represent a much larger share of Republicans than those who identify with the party but not as strongly 70% of all Republicans say they strongly identify with the Republican Party.

Republican-leaning independents, like those who identify as Republicans but not strongly, have mixed views of leaders who claim that Trump was the rightful election winner. A third of independents who lean toward the Republican Party dislike leaders who assert Trump was the winner of the most recent presidential election, compared with 24% who like leaders who assert this. The largest share of Republican leaners 43% say they neither like nor dislike leaders who assert that Trump won in 2020.

Donald Trump May Not Have The Support He Thinks He Does

In an Economist/YouGov poll taken August 13 -16, 2022, we learn that Americans are largely supportive of the FBI’s actions following the Mar-a-Lago raid. According to a press release, 64% of Americans surveyed support the Presidential Records Act, which former president Donald Trump may have violated, while 55% of Republicans feel this way.

Meanwhile, a little over half of Americans are behind the FBI raid itself, but 31% do not approve of what went down at the Trump estate. Roughly the same number of folks approve and disapprove of the court-ordered search warrant being issued in the first place.

When it comes to the actions of the former POTUS, which are still under investigation, half of people surveyed say they aren’t fans of Trump having taken top-secret documents to his Florida residence. Interestingly, just 57% of people are shaking their heads at the prospect of those documents containing nuclear secrets. Republicans are a little less sure about how they feel about the issue of nuclear weapons-related documents having been taken to Mar-a-Lago, with 36% approving of that possibility, and 36% disapproving.

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Democrats Think Many Republicans Sincere And Point To Policy

Democrats, however, were somewhat more generous in their answers. More than four in ten Democratic voters felt that most Republican voters had the countrys best interests at heart . And many tried their best to answer from the others perspective. A 45-year-old male voter from Ohio imagined that as a Republican, he was motivated by Republicans harsh stance on immigration standing up for the 2nd Amendment promised tax cuts. A 30-year-old woman from Colorado felt that Republican votes reflected the desires to stop abortion stop gay marriage from ruining our country and give us our coal jobs back.

Other Democrats felt that their opponents were mostly motivated by the GOPs opposition to Obamacare, lower taxes and to support a party that reduced unemployment.

Why Republican Voters Say Theres No Way In Hell Trump Lost

Liz Cheney: The evidence is there to prosecute Trump

By Brad Brooks, Nathan Layne, Tim Reid

12 Min Read

SUNDOWN, Texas – Brett Fryar is a middle-class Republican. A 50-year-old chiropractor in this west Texas town, he owns a small business. He has two undergraduate degrees and a masters degree, in organic chemistry. He attends Southcrest Baptist Church in nearby Lubbock.

Fryar didnt much like Donald Trump at first, during the U.S. presidents 2016 campaign. He voted for Texas Senator Ted Cruz in the Republican primaries.

Now, Fryar says he would go to war for Trump. He has joined the newly formed South Plains Patriots, a group of a few hundred members that includes a reactionary force of about three dozen – including Fryar and his son, Caleb – who conduct firearms training.

Nothing will convince Fryar and many others here in Sundown – including the towns mayor, another Patriots member – that Democrat Joe Biden won the Nov. 3 presidential election fairly. They believe Trumps stream of election-fraud allegations and say theyre preparing for the possibility of a civil war with the American political left.

If President Trump comes out and says: Guys, I have irrefutable proof of fraud, the courts wont listen, and Im now calling on Americans to take up arms, we would go, said Fryar, wearing a button-down shirt, pressed slacks and a paisley tie during a recent interview at his office.

This is dystopian, Light said. America could fracture.



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The Tea Party Meets Trump

Despite widespread dismissive responses to his announcementClown Runs for President,6) shouted the New York Daily NewsTrump, amazingly, shot to the top of the polls. What was missed in the analysis of the day was how thoroughly Trump, who had prepared himself for his presidential run by listening to right-wing talk radio, had grasped the sweet spot of the Tea Party, the Republicans deepest well of primary voters. With unprecedented directness, he had addressed himself to the movements fiercest 2016 passionthe immigration question. Heres how Judson Phillips,7) leader of the Tea Party Nation, had put it in April of 2015, where by Amnesty he refers to any form of immigration reform:

For conservatives in 2016, amnesty is the defining issue. There is no middle ground. There cannot be any form of amnesty. We need a president who will put the interests of Americans first.

as Michael Reagan put it, Trump was just saying what all of us are thinking. What to those outside seemed like a parade of gaffe after political gaffe was truth-telling for the Tea Party, aimed at both liberal America and the Republican establishment.

How Early Trump Supporters Feel Now

The former presidents 2015 backers, in their own words

About the author: Conor Friedersdorf is a staff writer at The Atlantic and the author of the Up for Debate newsletter.

Now that Donald Trumps presidency is over, how do the Americans who supported him at the beginning of his political run feel about his performance in the Oval Office? I put that question to 30 men and women who wrote to me in August 2015 to explain their reasons for backing his insurgent candidacy.

Among the eight who replied, all in the second week of January, after the storming of the Capitol, some persist in supporting Trump others have turned against him still others have lost faith in the whole political system. They do not constitute a representative sample of Trump voters. But their views, rendered in their own words, offer more texture than polls that tell us an approval rating.

As I did in 2015, Ill let the Trump voters have their say. But this time Ill conclude with some thoughts of my own, in my capacity as a Trump critic who knows that Americans have no choice but to coexist, as best we can, because our political and ideological differences are never going away.

Our first correspondent, a communications executive for a hospital, argued in 2015 that Trump was a good choice because he was an authentic leader and negotiator who had run large organizations. He voted for Trump again in 2020. Here is what hes thinking today:

And now?

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Do Republicans Agree With Trumps Demand For A Do

BySteve Benen

By all appearances, Donald Trump is looking ahead to 2024 and gearing up for yet another Republican presidential campaign. Whats more interesting, however, is his apparent belief that he might not have to wait that long to return to the White House. HuffPost highlighted the former presidents latest pitch:

If anyone needed more evidence of Donald Trumps mind-bending view of reality, on Monday he demanded to be declared president nearly two years after the election he decisively lost. But he was also open to another option. In a minimal alternative solution, someone must immediately launch a do-over election, he said in a message on Truth Social.

Yes, nearly 22 months after losing by a fairly wide margin, Trump turned to his Twitter-like platform again yesterday to complain incoherently about the FBI and Hunter Bidens laptop. The Republican concluded his missive, Declare the rightful winner or, and this would be the minimal solution, declare the 2020 Election irreparably compromised and have a new Election, immediately!

That was shortly before noon. In the middle of the night according to the timestamp, 1:46 a.m. eastern Trump returned to the subject. After more incoherent FBI/laptop whining, the former president again wrote, Declare the rightful winner, or hold a new Election, NOW!

For reasons unknown, hes apparently become fixated on this anew.

New Poll Asks Americans Whether Trump Should Face Charges Top Midterm Priorities

Do a Majority of Republicans Think Trump Will Be Reinstated?

About half of Americans think former President Donald Trump should face criminal charges for his role in the deadly insurrection that took place at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, according to the latest PBS NewsHour/NPR/Marist poll. But far fewer roughly a quarter think Trump will actually be prosecuted.

Since hearings by the House committee investigating the attack began in June, new evidence and testimony have revealed how much Trump and members of his administration knew about the potential for violence, as well as the former presidents embrace of his armed supporters and his unwillingness to intervene when chaos overwhelmed the Capitol.

While a majority of Americans overall blame Trump for what happened that day, public opinion remains divided down party lines, according to this last poll. Nearly all Democrats 92 percent and a majority of independents but only about one in five Republicans agree.

Chart by Megan McGrew/PBS NewsHour

The final scheduled Jan. 6 hearing is slated to start Thursday at 8 p.m. ET and is expected to offer a minute-by-minute account of what Trump did and didnt do as the Capitol was overrun. In September, the committee is scheduled to release a report of its findings.

Meanwhile, federal prosecutors responsible for charging suspects related to the attack have also been watching the hearings. Unlike Congress, We do not do our investigations in public, Attorney General Merrick Garland said at the Justice Department Wednesday.

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Key Findings From The Times/siena College Poll

The first poll of the midterm cycle.The New York Times has released its first national survey of the 2022 midterm cycle. Heres what to know:

Bidens struggles to win approval.President Biden is facing an alarming level of doubt from inside his own party, with 64 percent of Democratic voters saying they would prefer a new standard-bearer in 2024. Voters nationwide, meanwhile, gave Mr. Biden a meager 33 percent job-approval rating, and only 13 percent said the nation was on the right track.

Some in G.O.P. are ready to leave Trump behind.As the former president weighs another White House bid, nearly half of Republican primary voters would prefer someone other than Mr. Trump for president in 2024, with a significant number vowing to abandon him if he wins the nomination.

A tight race for Congress.Despite Mr. Bidens low approval ratings, Democrats are roughly tied with Republicans ahead of the midterm elections. Among registered voters, 41 percent said they preferred Democrats to control Congress compared with 40 percent who preferred Republicans.

The class divide widens.Voters who said abortion, guns or threats to democracy were the biggest problem facing the country backed Democrats by a wide margin, as Republicans make new inroads among nonwhite and working-class voters who remain more concerned about the economy.

Still, many Republicans who favor someone else in a primary would nonetheless rally behind Mr. Trump if he won the nomination.

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