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Food 4 Patriots 3 Month Supply

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Your All American Long Term Food Storage Solution

Unboxing- 3 Month Survival Food Kit!!!! From 4-Patriots!!

My Patriot Supply focuses on helping Americans be prepared for emergencies. It seems like they have thought of just about everything including the coffee! Ammo cans are sold for short-term emergencies. They stand apart from most long term food storage companies because they promise 2,000 + calories in each meal. Their black and white packaging is very classy looking with their Ready Hour logo.

When you shop on their website you will see the option to buy not only long term food storage but other emergency preparedness items such as water filtration systems, First Aid Kits, and Heirloom Seeds.

What Does 4patriots Sell

Tagline for website is survival food and solar powered generators, but they also sell just about everything else you could possibly need to survive. Since the food is their loss leader, they focus on selling equipment at a higher margin.

Their Best Sellers page starts off with their 3 Month Survival Food Kit and then quickly goes into generators, emergency power banks, solar cookers and water filtration systems.

Everything is branded to 4Patriots, though if youre familiar with the preparedness space you know that their power banks are similar to name brand Jackery power stations, and their water filtration unit looks very much like the name brand berkey water filter.

Heres the full line of products sold my 4Patriots:

They also have a deal of the week page, which does have some good deals on itassuming you dont add on anything else to your order to lose the savings. Theres a similar page called the deal of the day from My Patriot Supply, a totally different company, thats always got amazing things.

Patriots Survival Food Review

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The emergency food company 4Patriots has become popular in preparedness circles recently, largely due to extensive advertising campaigns on social media. The real questions are, are the survival food kits from 4patriots worth the money? Is the company legitimate? Is 4patriots the best option for emergency food?

Ive been reviewing emergency food for years now, and in 2021 I suddenly started getting ad after ad for a company called 4Patriots.

The commercials are long, infomercial style ads like youd see on day time television in the 1990s. Everything seems too good to be true, and then they say, But wait, theres more! Some of their ads promise things that just dont seem possibleat least not for a company thats hoping to stay in business.

Well send you 3 months of food, a solar cooker, and all manner of other bonus materials valued at $3,000+ dollars, all for just $600. Free Shipping! You can even do a payment plan!

My momma always said when things seem too good to be true, they probably are.

None the less, I decided to do a full review of 4Patriots Survival Food, as I imagine lots of you have the questions. Can this company possibly be legit?

I pride myself on doing comprehensive reviews, so Id encourage you to read everything if youre seriously considering purchasing products from 4Patriots. That said, I know people are in a hurry and theyre looking for quick answers.


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Ensure That Your Basic Needs Are Met During A Natural Disaster

Patriot Pantry 6

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The Spruce Eats / Chloe Jeong

While survival food kits have been a staple for serious campers and outdoor adventurers for years, theres now an increasing interest across the general population, thanks to concerns over potential food shortages. Unlike canned foods that tend to stay at peak quality for around 2-5 years, survival food is designed to last up to 30 years when stored properly, and kits make it easy to keep everything you need for yourself and your family in one place. In fact, on its survival kit supplies list, the Red Cross recommends a three-day supply of non-perishable food for evacuations and a two-week supply for home use.

You should factor in how many servings are in a kit as well as any dietary restrictions you may havethere are vegetarian and gluten-free options availableand make sure you are storing the kits according to their instructions. Whether you want to prep for a potential emergency or you are looking to go on an outdoor adventure, there are several survival food companies with a kit to feed your needs.

Here, the best survival food kits.

  • Slightly costly

Shelf Life: 25 years | Servings: 120

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New & Exclusive Recipes

In your 3-Month Emergency Food Supply, you get incredible variety. 24 unique recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, drinks & dessert. Including 8 NEW recipes seen here for the first time.

And it all tastes like real food, because it is.

Youll love eating this food. Like this happy customer in South Carolina…

Whats Inside The 4patriots Tub

Lets take a look at what was in my kit. If you order the same kit as I did, however, you might not get these same things. The company says We may substitute recipes of similar quality and caloric value in order to expedite your kit. Compare that to Emergency Essentials, which clearly lists everything that comes in its one-month bucket, which provides 41 food packets for about the same price as the 4Patriots four-week kit at about $4.85 per packet.

But if you do happen to get the same things as I did, heres what you can expect:

  • White rice x 4
  • Powdered whey milk x 2
  • Vanilla pudding x 2

Thats 24 meals in total. If you ate three meals a day, thatd last you eight days at about $8.21 per meal. If you only ate one per day, the 4Patriots kit would still only last you 24 days, and one of those days, all youd be able to eat is a smoothie.

The biggest disappointment is the four packs of plain white rice, which isnt much of a meal. White rice isnt exactly hard to stockpile, either. We have literally dozens of pounds of it in our house.

One of the selling points of these kits that they offer long-lasting, somewhat flavorful, easy to prepare meals. Anyone who can get their hands on rice can throw it in a mylar bag with an oxygen absorber. So I dont exactly think plain rice packets are worth the money.

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Best Budget: Augason Farms Lunch & Dinner Emergency Food Supply

  • No breakfast meals

Because of the sheer volume of food they provide, most survival food kits can get pretty pricey, but this option from Augason Farms is a great value for the money. Each kit includes 92 servings and offers a lot more variety than other options on the list, with 11 different meal types . All meals are packaged in four-serving pouches and are easy to prepare by adding hot water and allowing to simmer.

Shelf Life: 25 years | Servings: 92

Peace Of Mind That’s Good For 25 Years

3 – Month Survival Food Kit | How to Prep for the Next 25 Years

With everything that’s in the news these days…

People are taking stock of their own emergency-preparedness plans. And as you can imagine, the demand for survival food is sky high. America has a ferocious appetite for this high-quality survival food.

And its easy to see why…

Survival Food: A Cinch to Make

Cooking your delicious food takes about 15 minutes, in only 3 simple steps. Its so easy, even your kids or grandkids can make these emergency meal kits.

Just look how easy it is

  • Boil
  • The Secret to a 25-Year Shelf Life

    Premium Ingredients

    Fresh whole grains & high-quality produce are the starting point for your Survival Food.

    Low-Heat Dehydration

    State-of-the-art technology locks freshness & flavor in while taking moisture out.

    Space-Age Technology

    Triple-layer Mylar® pouches work as a barrier to protect against air, light and moisture.4 Its the same material NASA uses to protect astronauts.

    Perfectly Preserved Flavor

    A high-tech, high-capacity oxygen absorber sucks OUT excess air. And every pouch is cold sealed to keep damaging heat away from your food.

    Designed for Discreet Storage

    Your kit comes in 1 water-resistant, slim-line tote with easy-carry handles.

    This tote is made from good-quality plastic not the cheap stuff! This way, its easier to keep air, water and critters away from your survival food until youre ready to enjoy it.

    And its covert. So you can stash your survival food…

    • Under the bed

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    Emergency Food Kit Taste Test

    We tested the Hearty Stroganoff, the Milk, and the Old-Fashioned Pudding. The food is delicious, and my sister and I are picky eaters!

    With this kit, you can give yourself some comfort, even in a stressful situation. I can’t stress enough why you should have this on-hand. You’ll know that your family will be ok.”

    Linda S.Little River, S.C.

    * Real reviews from real customers. Sometimes customers receive a free product to test or receive a free product as a thank you for submitting honest feedback. For more information seefootnote 1.

    Folks love having the 3-Month Kit for emergencies, and for eating during “normal times,” too…

    Incredible Variety 24 Unique RecipesYoull only find this deluxe and upgraded combination of recipes right here. You get meals like Americas Finest Mac & Cheese, Mas Hearty Chili Mac & Hearty Stroganoff. And more!

    Delicious, Family-Favorite MealsYour 3-Month Kit now comes with 600688 mouth-watering servings of tasty survival food. Meals youd be proud to serve to your family.+ Save them for a crisis, or use them to avoid a trip to the grocery store.

    Made in USA You Can Taste It!We make your survival food right here in America packed at a family-owned facility in Utah. And the hard-working folks that make your food are experts in their field nutritionists, chefs, engineers, packers and quality control inspectors. Our facility is SQF certified and registered with the USDA and FDA. All to protect the quality of your food.

    You Could Save Your Own Life

    “Stock up on as much as you can because in the future this food may save your life. The variety and nutritional level is wonderful.”

    Pat M.Clearwater, Fla.

    * Real reviews from real customers. Sometimes customers receive a free product to test or receive a free product as a thank you for submitting honest feedback. For more information seefootnote 1.

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    You Get Free Bonus Gifts With Your Order

    With your order youll get FREE bonus gifts, digital gifts will be sent to your inbox immediately after purchase:

    Top 10 Items Sold Out After a Crisis

    In this digital report, youll learn about the 10 items you absolutely need to hoard. How to store them, how to get the most from their nutrition, and what to AVOID adding to your stockpile.

    Water Survival Guide

    Austin, Texas

    * Real reviews from real customers. Sometimes customers receive a free product to test or as a thank you for submitting honest feedback. For more information, see footnote 1.

    How Much Food Do You Need : Patriot Pantry 3

    The American Red Cross recommends that you have a three-day supply for potential evacuation situations and a two-week supply for home use. In other words, for situations where you might be stuck at home with no power or other similar emergency situations, you should have enough food to feed everyone in your household three meals per day for two weeks. If you have to evacuate due to a natural disaster or something similar, you should have enough food to take with you on the road to feed each person three meals a day for three days.

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    Food4patriots Kit Purchasing Options

    Food4Patriots knows that everyone will have different needs when it comes to stockpiling survival kit foods. This is why it offers three different supply options. Each option comes with a variety of food options, as well as several bonus specials, which are discussed in more detail below. Every option comes with free shipping and handling.

    One Week Food Supply $67

    Lumberjack Vegetable Beef Stew Blue Ribbon Chicken Cheesy Rice Grannys Homestyle Potato Soup Travelers Stew

    Four Week Food Supply $197

    Apple Orchard Oatmeal

    I Could Not Believe How Tasty This Actually Is

    “There is nobody out there that would be more skeptical of these products than me. So I made the purchase for the sole purpose of trying some of it and then tossing it in the trash. The directions were very simple to follow and after a short amount of time, we had food prepared and ready to eat. I would have bet every dime I had that this food would be terrible but to my and my wifes surprise, it was really good. We have since bought several kits from 4Patriots and have plans to purchase on a monthly basis. I would highly recommend this product to my family, friends and strangers. A+ all the way, plus very quick shipping.”

    Keith T.

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    If The Electricity Goes Off

    FIRST, use perishable food and foods from the refrigerator. THEN use foods from the freezer. To minimize the number of times you open the freezer door, post a list of freezer contents on it. In a well-filled, well-insulated freezer, foods will usually still have ice crystals in their centers. Consume the foods only it they have ice crystals remaining or if the temperature of the freezer has remained at 40 degrees F or below. Covering the freezer with blankets will help to hold in cold. Be sure to pin blankets back so that the air vent is not covered. FINALLY, begin to use non-perishable foods and staples.

    You Cant Eat Gold But You’ll Love Eating This

    Food 4 Patriots 3 Month Long Term Food Storage OVERVIEW

    This is about the best insurance policy anyone can get. Silver or gold?? Ya can’t eat it.

    Just think what would happen if the food distribution chain was disrupted. This product may mean the difference between starvation and surviving.

    If you never have to use it, pass it along to your kids. If it comes down to the expiration date, eat it or give it away. This product is a no-lose situation!

    Terry C.

    Order Online Any Time24 Hours a Day / 7 Days a Week / 365 Days a Year

    * 25-year shelf life under proper storage conditions. Excess heat and/or damage to packaging may decrease shelf life. For more information, see footnote 2.+ You may want or need more calories per day. To learn more see footnote 3.

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    Food Storage Review Food4patriots Consumer Warning

    Hey guys. Doing our research on food storage vs. marketing companies we came across this gem of a company: If you have been on Facebook for any length of time you have probably seen their marketing infomercial pitch page.

    It usually flies under a heading like What FEMA doesnt Want you to KnowThe Government is Stockpiling Millions of Pounds of Food Storage. Basically, their ads are all about selling the sizzle of food storage, not the food storage itself.

    The first thing to know is that Food4Patriots is a MARKETING company owned by Allen Baler, not a food company. They, as does my company, own multiple websites in multiple niches. They dropship their food from a company in Indiana called MyPatriotSupply, a dehydrated food packing and marketing company.

    I spoke with a representative at MyPatriotSupply today asking about Food 4 Patriots and she was very clear that she had nothing good or bad to say about that company other than the owner of that company was a great marketerand he was one of their biggest clients.

    So Far So Good: Wheres the Rub?

    If you havent seen the pitch-page, take a minute to review it. In fact, if you want to buy food storage from f4p, its nearly impossible to buy their food unless you go through their sales funnel. The pitch page starts off about like any other pitch page does, playing on your fears.

    Sigh, Lets Break This Down I will stop listing the inaccuracies when I get tired.

    About Food 4 Patriots

    Food4Patriots is a relied distributor of quality survival nutrient paraphernaliums. These paraphernaliums include the nutrient that will remain safe and eatable for 25 years after constructing.

    The fellowship is dedicated to developing some useful food products used in any disaster situation in the life and grant a helping hand to the people not to get die due to emptines.

    The company offers the nutrient paraphernaliums including a great variety of food items that can be easily utilized in the drastic situation. The prepared nutrient is healthier and full of nutrients that will fulfill the basic needs of their own bodies like minerals, vitamins, salt, flab, carbohydrate etc. All food items in the paraphernaliums are educated precisely for the human body to absorb readily without any side-effect.

    The Food4Patriots induces its disaster nutrient with ended accuracy that do not is a requirement to ice and can be utilized anytime and anywhere. The prepared nutrient is easy to secure for up to 25 years without any hassle. Nonetheless, they are the good an opportunity for the people facing any natural disaster or fighting against the survival.

    The company offers a broader range of survival nutrient in the equipment that can be utilized at anytime and anywhere. Every single equipment include different types of food items such as :

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