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Can A Republican Vote In The Democratic Primary In Virginia

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Are Primaries Similar Throughout The States

Inside Election Headquarters for Virginia Democrats and Republicans

No. There are three types of primaries used by states closed, open or mixed. In a closed primary, you can only vote for a party that you are registered with. This means a registered Democrat can only vote in the Democratic Primary and a Republican-only in the Republican Primary. Independents and unregistered voters are unable to vote in closed primaries.

Open primaries, on the other hand, permit citizens to vote in either the Democratic or Republican primary regardless of their party affiliation. A voter canât vote in more than one primary, however.

The third type of primary is a mixed primary. Here, unregistered voters have the choice to vote in one of the two primaries while registered voters must vote in the party they registered for.

How The Republicans Can Steal Virginia

Old ghosts haunt the battle to be its next Governor

BYOliver Wiseman . McAuliffe is a parody of Democratic politics

Oliver Wiseman is a British journalist based in Washington, DC. He is the co-author of Brexit Revolt and the US editor of The Critic.

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Democrats are worried. They are worried about the Presidents plunging approval ratings they are worried about their stalled legislative agenda they are worried about the public reaction to the withdrawal from Afghanistan about the pandemic the economy inflation the southern border. And they are also worried about Virginia.

Old Dominion has been getting steadily bluer for years. Its been twelve years since a Republican has won a state-wide race here. Joe Biden romped home by ten points last November while Trumps 44% vote share in 2020 was the worst performance by a Republican presidential candidate in the state since 1968. Virginia was starting to look like it might be out of the Republican Partys reach. And that is what makes its upcoming off-cycle gubernatorial election such a perilous electoral test: an upset loss next month would be taken as an ominous sign of things to come. It would bring back memories of 2009, when a Republican win in Virginia brought Democrats down to earth with a thud after Obamas election and presaged carnage in the following years midterms.

Minneapolis Projected To Reject Measure To Revamp Police Force

Minneapolis is projected to reject a measure to revamp the citys police force, according to the Associated Press. It was the first major electoral test of reform movement after George Floyds murder, and had gained attention for its national implications in the debate over policing and racial justice.

City Question 2, as it was known, would have amended the Minneapolis charter to allow the police department to be replaced by a Department of Public Safety overseen by both the mayor and city council. The new department would have taken a comprehensive public health approach to safety, including the dispatch of mental health workers to certain calls and more investment in violence prevention efforts.

The measure also would have removed decades-old language from the city charter requiring a minimum number of police officers based on its population. If it had passed, the new public safety department could include police officers if necessary wording that alarmed some residents even as authors of the measure insisted armed officers wouldnt disappear entirely because they are mandated by Minnesota law to respond to specific calls.

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Voters Guide: Virginias 2021 Primaries

RICHMOND, Va. – Voting for the Democratic candidates will be underway on June 8.

Most of the Republican candidates were picked during the GOP 2021 Convention on May 8, but Democrats still need to choose runners for governor, lieutenant governor and attorney general. Some local House of Delegate seats is also up for grabs.

In-person voting is happening now. Primaries end June 8. Heres everything you need to know for Virginias 2021 primaries. Check below for ballot details for Richmond, Chesterfield and Henrico.

In-person voting started on April 23 and will continue until June 8. Polls on primary day will be open from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m., and if youre in line by 7 p.m., you will be able to vote.

The deadline to request a mail-in or an absentee ballot was May 28. The deadline to register to vote in the primaries was May 17.

You can also find your June 8 polling place by entering your information on the departments website. If youre voting early, check with your localitys registrars office.

Dont forget, identification is required when voting in person. Heres a full list of what is accepted by the Virginia Department of Elections.

The Democratic Party will choose candidates for governor, lieutenant governor and attorney general during the primary. The Republican Party picked candidates through a convention held on May 8. About 30,000 delegates submitted ranked-choice ballots at 39 locations across the commonwealth.


Important Dates For November:

File:Virginia Democratic Presidential Primary Election ...
  • Deadline to Register to Vote or Update Registration
  • Tuesday, October 12
  • Deadline to Request a Vote By Mail Ballot
  • Friday, October 22
  • Request a vote by mail ballot at
  • In Person Early Voting
  • Begins: As early as Friday, September 17
  • Ends: Saturday, October 30
  • Curbside voting is available
  • In addition, voting early in person will also be available two Saturdays before the election. Those dates include: October 23 & October 30
    • Deadline to return your vote by mail ballot
    • You can hand deliver your vote by mail ballot to your general registrars office or mail it to your General Registrars office by election day by the time the polls close
    • Your vote by mail ballot must be postmarked by Election Day Tuesday, November 2 and must be received by your General Registrars office by Friday, November 5 By noon
  • Election Day
  • Polls are open from 6AM-7PM
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    Candidates And Election Results

    The results below show the number of weighted votes received by each candidate. To view the raw number of votes received, visit this spreadsheet prepared by the Republican Party of Virginia.

    Republican Convention for Governor of Virginia

    Select round:

    The following candidates advanced in the ranked-choice voting election: Glenn Youngkin in round 6 . The results of Round are displayed below. To see the results of other rounds, use the dropdown menu above to select a round and the table will update.

    There were no incumbents in this race.

    Total votes: 12,550

    Republican Mike Carey Projected To Win Ohios 15th Congressional District

    Republican Mike Carey, a coal industry lobbyist, is projected to win the special election for Ohios 15th Congressional District, defeating state Rep. Allison Russo , according to the Associated Press.

    Carey was endorsed by former president Donald Trump, who won the district last year by 14 points.

    The seat was formerly held by Steve Stivers, who resigned in May to become the head of the Ohio Chamber of Commerce. Stivers was the former chair of the National Republican Congressional Committee.

    The race was one of two special elections in Ohio on Tuesday. Democrat Shontel Brown, a member of the Cuyahoga County Council, is projected to win the special election for Ohios 11th Congressional District, according to the AP.

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    Can I Vote In Super Tuesday

    Super Tuesday is the United States presidential primary election day in February or March when the greatest number of U.S. states hold primary elections and caucuses. Approximately one-third of all delegates to the presidential nominating conventions can be won on Super Tuesday, more than on any other day.

    Gop Sweeps Statewide Races With 2 Down

    Hayes: Why Trump’s Anti-Democratic Push Can’t Be Ignored In Virginia Election

    FALLS CHURCH, Va. Virginia Republicans completed a sweep of down-ballot statewide offices Wednesday, with victories for attorney general and lieutenant governor, including the first Black woman ever to be elected statewide in the commonwealth.

    The wins echoed the Democrats defeat in the race for governor, and marked a dramatic turnaround in a state where the GOP had not won a statewide race since 2009.

    In the lieutenant governors race, Republican Winsome Sears, who returned to Virginia politics after an absence of nearly two decades, defeated Democrat Hala Ayala. Sears becomes the first woman to serve as lieutenant governor and the first woman of color to hold statewide office. Ayala would have broken the same historic barriers had she won.

    In the attorney generals race, Republican Jason Miyares, the son of a Cuban immigrant, defeated the Democratic incumbent, Mark Herring, who was running for a third term.

    Both Ayala and Herring conceded Wednesday.

    Sears rocketed out of political obscurity earlier this year when she won the GOP nomination on the strength of a campaign photo in which she posed holding a military rifle.

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    What Comes After The Primary

    Once polls close on June 8 and the ballot-counting process is complete, the contests for governor, lieutenant governor and attorney general will be set.

    On Nov. 2, the three statewide races, all 100 House of Delegates seats and local races will be on the ballot for the general election.

    ** Del. Elizabeth Guzman withdrew from the Virginia Lt. Gov. race. After assessing the campaign finance reports that posted yesterday, I have made the difficult decision to suspend our historic campaign and put all our resources into defending the House of Delegates seat, Guzman said in a statement on April 17.

    Virginia Primary Overview And Results

    Polls close at 7:00 PM. Live results below for contested primaries. Legislative races are grouped by party. Use the drop down to select the district you want to view.


    Virginia is the only state that doesn’t allow governors to serve consecutive terms. As a result, Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam is not on the ballot.

    Republicans nominated businessman Glenn Youngkin at a party convention last month.

    Five Democrats, including former Gov. Terry McAuliffe, are vying for the nomination. McAuliffe, who preceded Northam, is seeking to become just the second person since the Civil War to win a second term.22Mills Godwin served from 1966-70 and again from 1974-78. Interestingly, he was elected as the Democratic nominee for his first term and as the Republican nominee for his second. Also on the ballot are Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax and three current or former state legislators.

    McAuliffe is favored to win the nomination. He has raised more money than the other candidates combined. A recent poll gave him 49% of the vote. Jennifer Carroll Foy was the only other candidate that cracked double digits – just barely at 11%.

    The current consensus rating for the general election is Likely Democratic. However, that may shift over time as both parties see a very competitive race.

    Lieutenant Governor

    Republicans nominated former Delegate Winsome Sears at their convention.

    There are seven Democrats on the ballot. One of them, Elizabeth Guzman has withdrawn. No clear favorite has emerged.

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    Polls Are Open Tuesday From 6 Am To 7 Pm Across Virginia

    Associated Press

    Jeff Williamson, Digital Content Manager

    RICHMOND, Va. Virginia voters will pick the Democratic nominees for this years three statewide races in Tuesdays primary election, and both parties will settle on nominations for the House of Delegates and local seats.

    The results, particularly in the marquee gubernatorial primary, will be closely watched around the nation. The Commonwealths off-year elections typically draw outsized attention as a possible bellwether for national trends heading into next years midterms.

    Virginia Republicans, looking to break losing streak that has lasted more than decade statewide races, chose their nominees for the top of the ticket in a multi-site convention process in May. But most of the GOP nominations for House of Delegates seats will be settled Tuesday.

    Voters in some localities will also choose their nominee for local races, like sheriff and commonwealths attorney.

    Early voting has been underway since late April. Would-be voters must already be registered to vote in order to cast a ballot.

    Polling places will be open from 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., and anyone in line at 7:00 p.m. will be allowed to vote.

    Virginias voter ID law was repealed last year, so people casting a ballot can sign an ID confirmation statement instead of providing ID.

    Here is a look at what will be settled Tuesday:


    How Many Voters Will Turn Out

    Can Democrats Sway Wyoming

    In 2009, Virginia Democrats had a hotly contested primary for governor that included two candidates from the vote-rich Washington suburbs, but only 319,000 voters cast ballots. In 2017, more than 543,000 Virginians voted in the Democratic primary for governor.

    The ultimate difference in those two election cycles: Twelve years ago, in the aftermath of President Barack Obamas election, Republicans would claim the governorship, while four years ago, Democrats rode a wave of anti-Trump energy to sweep all three state offices: governor, lieutenant governor and attorney general.

    We need not have Donald Trump in the White House for our people to get out and vote, because Trumpism is alive and well in the Virginia Republican Party, said Speaker Eileen Filler-Corn of the State House, a Democrat who was elevated to her position when, in 2019, another anti-Trump wave swept her party to the majority.

    Republicans, and some Democrats, are not convinced, especially given the G.O.P.s nomination of Mr. Youngkin, a Northern Virginia businessman with roots in Hampton Roads.

    Without the one-man Democratic turnout lever that was Mr. Trump still in the Oval Office, can the party still overwhelm Republicans in the suburbs, where Virginia elections are often decided?

    Overall turnout on Tuesday will offer some initial clues.

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    Virginia Gubernatorial Election 2021

    Filing deadline: March 25, 2021Convention: May 8, 2021

    Terry McAuliffe won the Democratic primary for Governor of Virginia on June 8, 2021. With 99% of precincts reporting, McAuliffe received 62% of the vote followed by Jennifer Carroll Foy and Jennifer McClellan with 20% and 12% of the vote, respectively. Lee Carter and Justin Fairfax both received less than 5% of the vote each.

    Incumbent Gov. Ralph Northam was unable to seek re-election due to term limits. Virginia’s constitution prevents the governor from running for a second consecutive term, although there is no lifetime term limit, meaning governors can serve non-consecutive terms.

    Three candidatesCarroll Foy, McAuliffe, and McClellanled in fundraising and noteworthy endorsements. The Washington Posts Gregory Schneider and Laura Vozzella wrote, “The contest has highlighted fractures within the Democratic Party, with some younger members insisting now is the time to nominate a woman of color for governor, while much of the leadership has lined up behind McAuliffe as a popular former governor who has stayed powerful within the party.”

    State Del. Lee Carter and Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax also ran in the primary.

    This page focuses on Virginia’s Democratic gubernatorial primary. For more in-depth information on Virginia’s Republican gubernatorial convention and the general election, see the following pages:

    Democratic primary for Governor of Virginia

    Virginia Voters In Gop Primary Must Sign Statement Saying They’re Republican


    Virginians voting in the March 1 Republican presidential primary will be required to sign a nonbinding statement that they’re party members.

    The move is designed to keep out Democrats. But several registrars at a State Board of Elections meeting warned it will create backlogs for election workers and anger some voters.

    Election officials said that under current law, the completed forms would be kept confidential, but a GOP official indicated the party would like to get access to the names and other personal information that may be included.

    Virginia voters do not register by party, and voting in primaries is open to anyone. However, state law allows a political party to request that voters sign a pledge or statement of party affiliation before casting primary ballots.

    At the request of the Virginia GOP’s State Central Committee, the state Election Board certified Wednesday that all Republican 2016 presidential primary voters must fill out a form that will accompany their ballot. It states: “My signature below indicates that I am a Republican.”

    Voters are required to print and then sign their names. The form asks for phone numbers and email addresses, but those requests are optional.

    GOP spokesman David D’Onofrio said that because Virginia doesn’t require party registration, “this is a very simple and low-threshold statement to affirm that you mean to be voting in a Republican primary.”

    Findlay said the GOP is reviewing state law on that point.

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    What You Need To Know Before Heading To The Polls

    Jeff Williamson, Digital Content Manager

    ROANOKE, Va. Virginians will be heading to the polls on March 3.

    The ballot will be a simple one as the only race is the Democratic Presidential Primary.

    Virginians will be voting on whats known as Super Tuesday, when a total of 14 states will be holding their primary election.


    Polls open at 6 a.m. and close at 7 p.m. and you can to find your polling place. As long as you’re in line by 7 p.m., you will be allowed to vote.


    It’s easy to check! The Virginia Department of Elections’ website makes it easy to confirm.


    Yes. If you’re a registered voter who forgets to bring photo identification, you can cast a provisional ballot. You’ll then have until noon on Friday to deliver a copy of identification to your localitys electoral board in order for your provisional ballot to be counted.

    to view all forms of acceptable ID in Virginia.


    Yes. Tuesdays primary is an open primary. So it doesnt matter what party you consider yourself, if you are registered to vote in Virginia, you can vote on Tuesday.


    While nationwide, only six people are still seeking the Democratic nomination, Virginians will see 14 names on the ballot.

    5 – Still Running

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