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What Phones Work With Patriot Mobile

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What Network Does Patriot Mobile Use

Patriot Mobile, America’s only Conservative cell phone company 1-877-367-7524

Patriot Mobile is powered by the nationwide network Sprint offering the same coverage without the expensive price tag.

With an MVNO – Mobile Virtual Network Operator, you could save up to $600 a year on your cell phone bill, without sacrificing the features you love.

Below you’ll find further information to help decide if Patriot Mobile has the right coverage for you.

Which Network Is Your Mvno On

  • Bringing Your Phone to an MVNO
  • Article Summary

    Mobile virtual network operatorsMVNOs for shortare carriers that operate on one or more of the major networks, Verizon, AT& T, and T-Mobile/Sprint.

    When choosing a small carrier, youll want to consider which MVNOs run on which network since coverage varies from network to network. Knowing which network has the best coverage where you live and travel will help you choose the MVNO thats right for you.

    The landscape of cell phone carriers has changed significantly over the years, with MVNOs now making up a much larger footprint in the industry. Major MVNO brands like Metro by T-Mobile and even smaller ones like Mint Mobile have proven affordable alternatives to plans offered by major carriers. And while this is good for us consumers overall, the massive selection can be overwhelming. Knowing which network your potential MVNO operates on can help make the decision-making process easier. This article will help you identify which MVNO makes the most sense for you.

    Switching To Patriot Mobile

    Switching to Patriot Mobile is simple. Here’s how.

  • Choose a plan with Patriot Mobile. Browse their range of plans to find one to suit your cell phone usage. If you want to bring your own phone, make sure it will be compatible with our IMEI checker.
  • Prepare to make the switch. Make sure old bills are paid and your phone is unlocked.
  • Set up your new plan. Keep your current carrier account open until your number has ported over. Once you’re sure your new plan is up and running, cancel your old one. If you’ve opted for a new device, it should come ready to go. If you’re bringing your own phone, you’ll need to follow the instructions with your new Patriot Mobile SIM card.
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    Which One Of These Two Has The Better Coverage Area

    The coverage area for the cell phone service provider that you choose is probably going to be a significant factor as you try to decide between these two. Verizon has the best coverage in the United States, as they rank higher than T-Mobile, AT& T, and Sprint. Whats even more vital is the way that they make themselves available to rural areas. If you dont live in a major city or adjacent to one, that might be what makes you decide to go with them.

    As for Boost Mobile, they use Sprints network, which is fourth-best in the US. Their 4G LTE coverage is only 27%, which pales in comparison to that of Verizon. This is one area where it seems that Verizon is the clear winner.

    Customer Loyalty Device Discount Program

    Simple Smartphone Android with minutes included, No ...

    Patriot Mobile does offer what it calls loyal customers a discount on phone purchases. Loyal customers are those that maintain service on an account with good standing for at least 18 consecutive months. Those that do are rewarded with a 20% discount off the retail price of a single device purchased from the provider. The device purchased at a discount can only be used with the existing line of service or a new line of service that gets added to an existing account.

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    Supported Phones And Byod Devices

    Any device that is compatible with the Sprint or T-Mobile network is compatible with Patriot Mobile. Most phones that are sold unlocked directly from Motorola and Samsung are compatible. Devices that have been used with Sprint must be paid off in full and have no financial obligations on them before they can be moved over to Patriot Mobile.

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    Bringing Your Phone To An Mvno

    Before deciding which MVNO makes the most sense for you, you must consider your devices compatibility, as carriers operate on either GSM or CDMA networksdepending on both technology and infrastructure. If your current phone was originally bought through Verizonor the carrier formerly known as Sprintit is likely a CDMA device. This means that you can almost guarantee compatibility with MVNOs using these CDMA networks, but things can get tricky if youre planning to switch to a GSM network, such as a T-Mobile or AT& T MVNO. The opposite is also true when moving from GSM networks to CDMA networks, although GSM devices are oftentimes more universally compatible than CDMA. Your best bet is to check directly with the MVNO youre looking to switch to. Most carriers have phone compatibility checks on their websites. All you have to do is enter your phone model and IMEI , and the carrier will tell you if your phone is compatible with their network.

    It should be noted that most newer devices are universally compatible with GSM and CDMA, and with these technologies phasing out as 5G continues to roll out, compatibility may be more seamless in the future. Also, be aware that many carriers lock the phones running on their network to that specific network. That said, unlocking your device is a pretty simple process once youve met all requirements set by the carrier in questionthings like tenure and being in good payment standing.

    Find a better phone plan

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    Since I Switched To Patriot Mobile I’ve

    Since I switched to patriot mobile I’ve had nothing but lies and problems. I was told initially that I’d receive “unlimited” data which ran out in 15 days then my service was so bad I couldn’t even stream a video. I was told when I called in they were merging from Sprint to Tmobile towers in 5 weeks Recently I cracked my screen and called to file my insurance claim and was told they couldn’t find my insurance. After over a hour of the run around I was basically told sorry that in the past we said your insured but your not so you have to buy a new phone from us. Hmmmm I wish that apology actually mattered but it didn’t fix a damn thing. It took these guys 3 and half weeks to get me my initial phone because they repeatedly sent out the wrong SIM card. Very very very disappointed with Patriot mobile. The only reason I’ve even stayed this long is because I hate big phone companies but unfortunately I will be going back to them because ever word from patriot mobile has been a lie or half truth. Nothing but sales men answer the calls.

    Phone Plans That Align With Your Beliefs

    Working at Patriot Mobile

    Are you passionate about your political or social beliefs? Want to put your money behind causes you believe in? There are a handful of wireless carriers that let you do just that, and will charge you a hefty penalty for the luxury.

    Credo Mobile donates a small percentage of your bill to progressive charities. The carrier runs on Verizon’s network and charges a whopping $50 for a 3GB plan.

    Patriot Mobile bills itself as Americas only Christian conservative wireless provider, is similarly expensive, and donates a percentage of your payment to a variety of right-wing causes. It offers a plan with unlimited talk, text, and 22GB LTE data for $55 a month plus tax.

    Looking for a socially conscious carrier that doesnt have a political agenda? Reach Mobile is a good option. A relative newcomer to the MVNO crowd, Reach is a socially conscious carrier that donates 10 percent of your monthly bill to nonprofits in Africa, India, and the US that provide free mobile phone service to women in need and support digital literacy and skills training. The carrier’s All-In plan comes with unlimited calls and texts and 20GB of LTE data for $65 plus tax. Reach’s Best Fit service is an added perk that automatically swaps out your current plan with a more affordable option should you use less data than anticipated. It’s worth mention that Reach doesn’t support domestic roaming, so youll want to make sure youre in an area with solid Verizon coverage before signing up.

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    Good Company But Substantial Growing Pains And Billing Issues

    Good company, but has growing pains. Cell service is fine and they were very helpful when the Sprint sale affected their cell service in rural Texas . But I have had continued problems with the billing. Discounts are not applied correctly despite multiple calls to get the discounts corrected. This problem has reoccurred for several months. Hope it is corrected in the next cycle. Also have problems with the billing process itself. They bill a single line charge for each month, with no breakdown of what makes up the monthly charge, so I cannot easily review the bill. Even though the email says to go to the website for details, the website says the bill breakdown is NOT AVAILABLE UNTIL THE FOLLOWING MONTH! What other service does not allow you to review your monthly bill until a month after you pay that unsubstantiated amount? None that I know of. Finally, I was promised by a supervisor “Harold” to receive a call back from their billing manager “Rodney” about the above billing issues. But to date I have never received a call back . That is disappointing. I want to support and recommend a conservative company like this, but they have serious growing pains to address.

    Cell Phone Plans For $21$30 Per Month

    Over the past few years, plans that were in this category have started to creep up past the $30 mark, so there are fewer options. That said, the plans remaining in this bracket are more impressive than ever.

    Ultra Mobile is a solid option here, with good plans and inexpensive add-ons for customers who frequently make international calls. For $29 per month, Ultra Mobile provides 6GB of 5G or LTE data on the T-Mobile network. If you’re willing to pay for 3, 6, or 12 months of service in advance, you can save even more on Ultra’s multi-month plan, which has unlimited calls, unlimited texts, 6GB of 5G or LTE data, and unlimited international calling for just $25 a month.

    Tello offers unlimited calls and texts with 6GB of data on T-Mobile’s network for $24. If you need a little more data, there’s also a plan with 8GB of data for $29.

    Red Pocket Mobile’s $30 plan is another winner in this category. The plan features unlimited talk, unlimited texting, and 10GB of high speed data if you choose AT& T or Verizon, you’ll get LTE speeds, T-Mobile plans come with 5G connectivity. International calling to over 80 countries is also included.

    The best deal on AT& T’s network in this price bracket comes courtesy of Allvoi. For $28 a month you can enjoy unlimited calls and texts along with 10GB of data. 300 minutes of international calling to more than 20 countries is included free of charge.

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    Puretalk Usa Family Data Plans

    PureTalk USA offers family plans, which is actually fairly rare in the MVNO wireless world. You can save money by bundling plans together, and you dont have to pay any extra fees.

    Heres how the pricing breaks down for a PureTalk USA family plan with three people:

    In this case, were using the Simply Starter plan, which usually costs $25 a line. By going with a family plan, youre saving about $3 per line. It may not sound like much, but you end up saving $36 per line over the course of a year. You can buy a real nice meal for $36.

    PureTalk USAs family plans have the same pros and cons you would expect. Overall, its affordable pricing on a decent network, but your lines can be deprioritized.

    Which Carrier Is Right For You

    Liberty Mobile Motorola Rambler Prepaid Flip Phone with 1 ...

    Now that you know some more about both of these companies, you should be able to choose between them much easier. If you want better coverage, then its going to be Verizon, hands down. Their service to rural areas and implementation of 5G coverage makes them the current champion in this regard. The perks they offer with their various plans are also superior to Boost Mobile, especially if youre getting a family plan and have some little ones to entertain.

    If youre in high school or college, then Boost Mobile might be the better choice. Their plans are mostly cheaper than Verizon, and saving money every month is no small thing. Thats not to say that some older adults might not find it to be the better move, though. If you have child support payments, medical bills, or some other pressing financial concern, then going with the company that offers cheaper plans will make plenty of sense for you.

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    Cell Phone Plans For $11$20 Per Month

    Though it may be a little more expensive than other small carriers, Consumer Cellular‘s simple, senior-focused plan comes with excellent customer service. With AT& T and T-Mobile as its backbone, you can expect solid coverage around the country. Its lowest-cost, sweet-spot plan has 250 minutes, unlimited texts, and 50MB of data for $20 per month. If you’re looking to drop your landline altogether, you may want to shell out an extra five bucks and get the plan with unlimited calls and texts with 500MB of data.

    US Mobile is, by far, your best choice in this price range. The carrier offers unlimited talk and text along with 12GB of data for just $20 a month. 5G and international roaming is included at no extra charge.

    Looking for a basic plan with solid LTE coverage and discounts for automatic payments? H2O Wireless is a great option. The carrier’s least expensive plan provides unlimited calls and texts and 2GB of data on AT& T’s network for just $20 a month. Set up autopay, and you’ll save an extra $2 a month.

    Republic Wireless plans have become much more competitive since it was acquired by Dish. Its best deal is its $20 plan, which has unlimited talk and text and 1GB of data on the T-Mobile network. If you’re not afraid of commitment, Republic Wireless will give you a hefty discount for annual payments.

    Boost Mobile Vs Verizon: Customer Service

    Consumers seem to feel that the customer service for both of these companies is exemplary. You can speak to someone over the phone with both of them, and you can Live Chat on their websites if you would prefer to do it that way.

    If you want to speak to someone in person, Boost Mobile has 8,000 US store locations, so you should not have much trouble finding one. With Verizon, you have far fewer, with only a little over 2,300 owned retail stores. Still, if you live close to a major metropolis, you should be able to find one with little difficulty.

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    Why We Switched To Patriot Mobile

    My husband and I started looking a few years ago for a lower cost option for a cell phone carrier. I was always hesitant to switch phone carriers because I was afraid the plan we would get would not provide quality service. I was wrong and I am very happy that I was.

    The plan we currently have may not work for everyone but it is the best fit and lowest cost for our needs. We have never owned smart phones because we have been able to meet our needs with lower cost phones and plans. However, over the years our carrier kept raising costs even on our basic phone plans and pushing smart phones. This was not what we wanted and so we started discussing our options and searching for a better carrier. The carrier we were with was one we had been with since our early twenties and we had always been told they had a better network and coverage.

    My husband found a carrier who was recommended by a conservative radio program and he started researching them. He liked the fact that the companies beliefs aligned with ours and I loved the price for the plans they offered. We decided after more than 15 years with our previous carrier to give a new carrier a try.

    We have not regretted the choice we made to switch. I wanted to encourage others that might be looking to save money on their plans to check out Patriot mobile. If you are looking for a quality plan for less, a plan with no contract and one that will not increase your monthly costs unexpectedly this carrier might be right for you.

    Potential Hidden & Extra Costs

    Dana Loesch: Patriot Mobile, America’s Only Conservative Cell Phone Company

    Patriot Mobile charges subscribers a $30 activation fee per line of service. According to their terms of service, a non-refundable fee may be charged when customers activate a new number, ask for their number to be switched to a different phone, request a number change, or activate an additional line on their account.

    Customers do have the option to add caller ID to their plans for an additional $2.99/month.

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    Does Either Company Offer Notable Perks

    You might be one of those consumers who think about perks first when youre looking at phone plans. In this respect, Boost Mobile isnt exactly the best around. They do offer Tidal, a free music streaming service. It is similar to Spotify in many ways. If youre someone who likes music and listens to it a lot, then this might be enough to make you choose Boost Mobile, as it comes with all of their plans. If you are willing to pay an additional $20 per month, you can also get unlimited access to streaming HD shows and movies.

    With Verizon, there are several perks that should appeal to you, especially if you get one of the more expensive unlimited plans. For instance, with some plans, you can get Apple Music for iOS or Android devices.

    You can also get Disney+ for one year with some of the Unlimited packages, along with their full library of Marvel, Pixar, and Star Wars properties. The Unlimited plans arent cheap, but if you have kids that you need to keep entertained, this is well worth considering. Check their website for details on which plans come with these features.

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