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Should I Buy A Used Jeep Patriot

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Jeep Patriot Review | How Well Has It Held Up | Should You Buy a Used One?

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The Inside Scoop On The Jeep Renegade

The Jeep Renegade was introduced in 2015. It offers plenty of traditional Jeep features and is recognized as the automakers first foray into the subcompact SUV segment. Driven by a 1.4-liter turbo engine or a 2.4-liter engine, most models come outfitted with a nine-speed automatic transmission, though a six-speed manual transmission is available too.

Because the Jeep Renegade was introduced not too long ago, it has yet to undergo a significant redesign. However, 2018 models did benefit from the addition of a standard rearview camera and available Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. In 2019, Jeep refreshed its exterior, made hands-free park assist and adaptive cruise control available, and discontinued its manual transmission.

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Top 10 Reasons To Buy A 2017 Jeep Patriot The Pros

1. Affordability

If price is a main factor for you, the 2017 Jeep Patriot is an affordable choice. It prices low for a compact SUV with an MSRP starting at about $18,000 for the base trim. The priciest trim runs over $26,000, making this one of the most affordable new vehicles on the market.

2. Freedom Drive II’s Off-road Capability

One of the 2017 Jeep Patriot’s big selling-points is the Freedom Drive II’s light off-road capabilities. This 4×4 system is an upgrade from the Freedom Drive I, incorporating a locking Off-Road mode with grade-sensing abilities, Hill Descent Control, and amping up the crawl ratio for rougher terrain.

3. Optional Flip-down Tailgate Speakers

An additional feature that tailgaters will love are the flip-down tailgate speakers on the Latitude Package. Two of the nine Boston Acoustic speakers flip down from the tailgate of the 2017 Jeep Patriot, adding better sound quality for your tailgating needs.

4. Multiple Trim Levels

The various trim levels are all pretty athletic, if not a little dated. The High Altitude Edition comes with either a CVT with front-wheel drive or 6-speed shiftable automatic transmission with four-wheel drive. Either trim is a good choice if you’re looking for a ruggedly athletic vehicle you can take off-roading.

5. The 75th Anniversary Package

6. Power Value Group Upgrades

7. Comfortable Front Seats

8.Easy-to-read Primary Gauges

9. Safety Features

10. Power Sunroof

Buying Tip:the lowest prices

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Things About The Jeep Patriot You Didnt Know

The Jeep Patriot may not be the newest addition to the iconic brands lineup, but it certainly is one of the most interesting. Debuting alongside of the Compass, the five-door compact crossover offered a standard four-wheel drive system, and was not offered with anything else. With so few compact crossover SUVs on the market that offered this level of capability, the Patriot stood out from every other vehicle in its class from the moment it was introduced. The Patriot is the perfect companion for anyone looking for a high quality capable crossover, and has plenty of features that are beneficial to all types of drivers. If you are on the market for a crossover SUV, consider purchasing a used Jeep Patriot.

The Jeep Patriot: 10 Things Worth Knowing

Some car shoppers simply find a model they enjoy driving, and dive in feet first. Other used car buyers would rather get to know more about a specific make and model prior to making the leap into ownership. Either way, here are ten things that you may not have heard about the Jeep Patriot model. Read through this fascinating list, and cozy up to the idea of buying a quality pre-owned version of this off-road ready crossover SUV from The Faricy Boys.

Find a Used Patriot with The Faricy Boys

The 2016 Jeep Compass Is A Used Suv Worth Avoiding


When it comes down to it, the 2016 Jeep Compass is the worst used car you can buy. According to U.S. News, The Compass has a cheap and plasticky interior, a dearth of advanced tech and safety features, poor crash-test ratings, and a stiff-legged ride. It certainly doesnt help that the NHTSA has received a significant number of complaints about the used Jeep SUVs engine and transmission.

For a better alternative to the used Jeep Compass, consider the 2016 Hyundai Tucson. According to U.S. News, the used Hyundai Tucson is among the best used SUVs with two rows of seating. In fact, the organization gave the 2016 Hyundai Tucson a 9.0 overall rating, which is just short of perfect.

The 2016 Hyundai Tucson sits near the top of the compact SUV class thanks to its respectable performance, spacious interior, abundance of advanced safety features, and high safety and reliability ratings, U.S. News added.

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Why Should I Buy A Used Jeep Patriot

Even a brand-new Patriot holds the title of least expensive compact SUV, so used models are even more affordable. At a price that anyone can afford, a used Jeep Patriot is great for commuters, teens, and tight budgets. The Patriot contains two rows of seats, leaving room for five passengers. Because of its boxy build, it’s easy to fit adults in the rear row comfortably. Similarly, the Patriot offers a ton of space for cargo with its versatile setup and folding rear seats. The Patriot also offers the same value and quality as the rest of the Jeep lineup. The Patriot poses the choice of front-wheel drive or two different four-wheel drive systems built for hitting the trails and inclement weather. There are also three easy-to-pick-from trim levels so buyers can choose which features they want in their SUV. With so many reasons to buy a Jeep Patriot, it’s hard to think of any not to!

What Engine Options Are Available For The Jeep Patriot

There are two available engines for a used Jeep Patriot: a 2.0-liter four-cylinder and a 2.4-liter four-cylinder. The base 2.0-liter four-cylinder kicks off the powertrain options with 158 horsepower and 141 pound-feet of torque. It can be linked to a 5-speed manual or a 6-speed automatic, both of which drive the power to the front wheels. With all-wheel drive Freedom Drive I and Freedom Drive II packages, a CVT is also available. The alternative 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine charges the Patriot with 172 horsepower and 165 pound-feet of torque. Similar transmission and drivetrain options are available for this upgraded engine.

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Jeep Patriot Years To Avoid

Finding out which Jeep Patriot year models to avoid can be difficult, with some models being better than others. The main thing is to be careful of the Jeep Patriot 1st generation, since not only did this model suffer from several issues when it was new, but it is now more susceptible to the wear and tear that comes with age.

The biggest downfall of Jeep Patriot is when they do not utilize the power of modern technology. This is especially true when you consider that it was the only manufacturer in the segment not to do so.

There is limited technology offered in this model and even less provided as an upgrade. Some of the features missing from this model include an infotainment system, remote start, and automatic climate control.

Not only that, but some of the available features lacked several options available in other models. From the factory, there was no tilt steering column and no telescoping steering wheel.

In buying jeep patriots, you must know the worst issues encountered, what part breaks the most, and what year models you should refrain from buying. First, lets take a look at the actual worst issues encountered by Jeep Patriot models.

What Is A Jeep Wrangler Tj

Watch This Before Buying A USED Jeep Wrangler JK 2007 – 2018

The second-generation Wrangler is the TJ, which was launched in 1996 as a 1997 model and ran through 2006. If youre looking for a low-priced used Wrangler, this is the generation wed pick. Although similar in size and power to the YJ, the TJ received a number of improvements, starting with styling that saw the return of Jeeps traditional round headlights. The interior was made more carlike, with better seats, a new dash and features like driver and passenger front airbags as well as upscale audio options. But the really important change was the switch from a leaf-spring suspension to a more modern coil spring setup. This design greatly improved the Wranglers ride and handling as well as allowed for better off-road abilities and greater wheel articulation. The YJs engines carried over, as did the transmission choices, until 2003, when a 4-speed automatic replaced the aging 3-speed unit.

The same hard and soft-top options remained, with various trims and equipment added over time. However, the most significant updates to TJ happened in the mid-2000s, starting with the 2003 introduction of the Rubicon line. This specialized off-road-ready Wrangler featured a beefed-up suspension, improved approach and departure angles, locking Dana 44 axles, the more advanced Rock-Trac 4:1 ratio transfer case, skid plates, larger wheels and tires plus special paint and interior features. The second change came in 2004 when a stretched version of the Wrangler was introduced.

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Used 2017 Jeep Patriot Pricing

The 2017 Jeep Patriot has an alluring Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price just under $19,000, but youll forgo such comforts as power windows and air conditioning. Better-equipped versions start around $21,000 for the Sport SE and $23,300 for the Latitude model. The fully loaded High Altitude package 4WD can bump the price past $30,000. At these prices, most Patriot models still undercut similarly equipped Honda CR-V, Toyota RAV4, Ford Escape and Subaru Forester models, but those rivals are newer and generally more appealing. Be sure to check the Fair Purchase Price to see what others in your area are paying for their new Jeep Patriot. Long-term residual value is another aspect in which the Patriot lags competitors.

Before You Buy: The Pros And Cons Of Buying A Jeep Patriot

Some crossovers are not worth the money but the Jeep Patriot definitely is it’s affordable, offers good performance and great safety. It stands tall with a lot of ground clearance and a more sophisticated, all-wheel-drive system. It looks good, resembling an original Cherokee and with the trademark Jeep grill.

The Jeep Patriot has an electronically controlled all-wheel-drive system and offers an optional Freedom Drive II which includes stiffer springs and raises ground clearance by 23cm. Traction control, stability control, and anti-lock brakes are a staple with every model, making it great for trails and various off-road terrains that users may encounter.

If you are looking for an affordable crossover, you may have stumbled upon this vehicle a few times. The problem is, you are not sure if this vehicle is the right one for you. That’s why we have prepared some pros and cons of buying a Jeep Patriot, according to the drivers


Affordable and Good Value

The Jeep Patriot has affordability as one of its main features and it’s this way with all the trims and editions. This is especially good because the average user isn’t as concerned with some upscale features as they are with the price of having this vehicle. It gives all of the essentials, providing a good driving experience and it ultimately doesn’t need any of the additions.




Water Leaks

Stalling at Low and High Speeds

The End Result

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Worst Issues Encountered By A Jeep Patriot

From 2008 to 2017, the model that encountered the worst issues is the 2008 and 2009 models. The leaks in the sunroof and the water leaking in the interior are the worst possible issues to experience, with the 1.6-liter engine often breaking down and burning oil.

Moreover, the issues that Jeep Patriot experienced in the 2009 model are with the plastic housing that is located at the back of the front seats, where there was a lot of irritation for people who sat on it during a long ride. Some of these issues also occurred in the 2015 models.

Reasons Not To Buy The 2015 Jeep Patriot


1. Technology

Since the 2015 Jeep Patriot does not feature many updates from the 2014 model, some reviewers are worried that Jeep is not keeping up with the competition and that the Patriot may be lacking in key technological updates moving forward.

2. Sluggish Engine and Poor Acceleration

Reviewers of the 2015 Jeep Patriot have complaints about the engine being slower than its competitors. Other cons are its poor acceleration rate, and its reported uncomfortable feeling when driven.

3. Boxy Shape- Not So Flattering

Like trying on a new shirt, no one wants to look boxy. While the Jeep Patriot is designed with function in mind, its design appears slightly unattractive and some reviewers wonder why such a square shape is necessary.

4. Minimal Cargo Space

Customers looking for an SUV with large cargo capabilities will not be satisfied with the storage space of the Jeep Patriot. With the backseats folded, it only has 63.4 cubic feet of cargo room.

5. Limited Off-Road Capabilities

As a crossover SUV, consumers expect the 2015 Jeep Patriot to have significant off-road abilities. However, many have found the Patriot does not perform up to standards on off-road terrains, despite its proven abilities on standard roadways.

2015 Jeep Buying Guide

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There Are Better Options Out There

The Jeep Renegade doesnt make for a great used SUV. Its known for being unreliable and doesnt fare very well in crashworthiness tests. Current owners of it dont seem to like it either. According to Consumer Reports, when it comes to the 2018 model, only 22% of owners surveyed would buy it again. Not exactly what we would call a shining recommendation.

Fortunately, a used Jeep Renegade isnt your only option. If youre after a vehicle thats capable of hitting the trails, consider a used Toyota 4Runner or a used Jeep Grand Cherokee. Of course, theres always the Jeep Wrangler too. And if its a reliable SUV that youre after? Consider a used Toyota RAV4. Dont forget options like the Hyundai Kona or the Honda HR-V too.

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In Defense Of: The Jeep Patriot

Editors Note: Please welcome Matt Pericles, a.k.a. FormerFF, as the first reader featured during TTACs Reader Submission week. Well post more submissions throughout the week. Stay tuned!

Consider the Jeep Patriot, whipping boy of automotive journalists everywhere, number 18 out of 18 in U.S. Newsâs Best Compact SUVs list.

Does it deserve such scorn?

How did I wind up with one of Americaâs lowest rated vehicles on my driveway?

Not too long ago, I was shopping for a late-model used car for my daughters to drive. In my mind, the right car for a teenaged girl is a compact sedan. But I am not a teenaged girl. To my dismay, I found that Crossover Madness had infected my household, claiming both of my daughters and my wife, so a-crossover shopping we went.

As you can imagine, getting two teenagers plus one mom to agree on a car is not the easiest of tasks.

Down the street we went to CarMax to see what it had. As it turns out, CarMax has pretty much everything, and we sat in everything.

Daughter One gravitated to the Patriot much to my dismay. Iâve read the reviews, and I know they say its not good. Itâs not a vehicle Iâd have put on my list, but I felt I owed it to my daughter to give it a test drive, which we did. I was prepared to dislike it rather a lot. As you can probably guess, I didnât dislike it at all. Thatâs how we wound up buying a Jeep Patriot.

I come not to bury the Patriot, but to praise it

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Do The Jeep Patriots Have A Lot Of Problems

A few big problems persist with the Jeep Patriots, and these are certainly not cheap fixes. The first and most daunting issue is with the transmission. Many owners have reported overheating of the transmission between 60,000 and 100,000 miles. This is a cause for concern, as it is one of the most expensive repairs you can make.

The other big issue is strange, but it occurs all the same. Water has been reported to leak into the vehicles interior when in wet conditions, although this seems to be true most often in the 2015 and 2016 models.

Where To Buy A Used Jeep Patriot

Buying a Jeep? Important Jeep Buying Tips
Shoppers just like you have reviewed dealerships near you. Now that you’ve found the right vehicle for you, you can find the best place to buy a used Jeep Patriot. Check out our user ratings for dealers near you to help you choose the best place to buy your used Jeep Patriot. Learn more about the Jeep Patriot

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Most Common Jeep Patriot Problems

The top three issues that involve all the Jeep Patriot models are pretty severe and can be expensive to fix. The third worst problem involves water leaking into the cabin of a 2016 Jeep, which happens around 10k miles in distance traveled.

Another issue is when water leaks into the interior at about 7K miles on 2015 Jeeps this costs an estimated $1,000-$2,500 dollars for repairs! Finally theres transmission overheating with 2011 Patriots costing up to $4-5 thousand dollars it only takes 70K+ kilometers before heating starts happening .

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