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San Diego County Republican Voter Guide

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Republicans Prep For Midterm Election At State Convention In San Diego

The Republican Party of San DIego County’s 2020 voter guide
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California Republicans were disappointed by the failed gubernatorial recall, but the expanded volunteer base and voter data assembled during that campaign could benefit them in next years midterm election, speakers said Friday at the California GOP Fall Convention in San Diego.

Our infrastructure is even stronger now, said California Republican Party Chair Jessica Millan Patterson, speaking to luncheon guests at the convention held at the Manchester Grand Hyatt.

She said the state party recruited 73,000 volunteers by the end of the Sept. 14 recall vote, up from 42,000 during the 2020 presidential election cycle.

We are going to continue to take the fight to Democrats, and do the work that is necessary to help our candidates win elections, she said. We are already training volunteers and improving on their data to make sure we are ready to compete and win up and down the ticket.

The three-day event includes sessions in leadership, fundraising, political consulting, faith engagement, data, campaign management and other topics.

The luncheon talk focused on using polling data to target voters and fine-tune messaging, while addressing the changing demographics of the Republican Party.

Ten years ago, 50 percent of Republican voters were White non-college graduates, 40 percent were White college graduates, and 10 percent were members of minority groups, said George Nassar, a partner at Public Opinion Strategies.

If Newsom Is Recalled Can He Run For Office Again

Yes. Being recalled does not preclude an elected official from seeking that office again, as long as they have not reached their term limits. That means Newsom could run for governor again in 2022.

In fact, its happened recently. State Sen. Josh Newman was recalled in 2018 and won the legislative seat back in 2020.

Nearly 5000 San Diegans Left The Republican Party In January

Information from the San Diego County Registrar of Voters reveals that 4,700 registered Republicans changed their party affiliation in January of this year.

Of the nearly 5,000 Republican defectors, 1,941 chose NPP, or no party preference 1,122 became registered Democrats and 1,255 signed up with the American Independent Party.

Was the larger-than-usual decline in Republican registrations due to long-term trends? Donald Trump’s behavior? The siege of the U.S. Capitol on January 6? It’s hard to tell.

Journalist Ken Stone of Times of San Diego talked with Midday Edition about this post-election phenomenon. He noted that Tom Shepard, a well-known former political consultant for local Republican candidates, described the number as a “significant number for one post-election month,” although, Shepard said, numbers of registered Republicans in the state and county have been declining for some time.

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Politics Of San Diego County


55.8%201,969 42.4% 153,389

Before 2008, San Diego County historically had been a Republican stronghold. The Republican presidential nominee carried the county in every presidential election from 1948 through 2004, except in 1992 when Bill Clinton won a plurality. In 2008, Barack Obama became the first Democratic presidential candidate to win a majority of votes in San Diego County since World War II he won a majority of county votes again in 2012. In 2016, Hillary Clinton won the county by almost 20%, the largest margin for a Democratic presidential candidate since 1936.

Notably, the city of Coronado supported every Republican presidential candidate from 1964 to 2016, and likely earlier given the voting patterns of the county in that era. However, in 2020, the city of Coronado broke its decades-long Republican voting streak by selecting the Democratic candidate, Joe Biden.

Find Out What’s Happening In San Diegowith Free Real

Official Voter Guide for Republicans

In the 50th Congressional District, Democrat Ammar Campa-Najjar is facing Republican Darrell Issa. The district includes much of East County San Diego along with a sliver of Temecula in Riverside County.

In the 51st Congressional District, incumbent Democrat Juan Vargas is facing Republican Juan Hidalgo Jr. The district includes all of Imperial County and southern portions of San Diego County that run along the U.S.-Mexico border, including National City, Chula Vista, Imperial Beach and El Centro.

In the 52nd Congressional District, incumbent Democrat Scott Peters is facing Republican Jim DeBello. The district includes the coastal and central portions of the city of San Diego and the cities of Coronado and Poway.

In the 53rd Congressional District, Democrats Georgette Gomez is facing Democrat Sara Jacobs. The district stretches from Interstate 5 and Balboa Park on the west, through Mission Valley to East County, and continues south to Chula Vista.

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San Diego Unified School Board

A classroom inside Hoover High / Photo by Dustin Michelson

San Diego residents vote in all three school board races. The candidates have all been to at least some degree supportive of the districts cautious approach to reopening. Five of the six candidates discussed their views at a Politifest forum in September with Voice of San Diego.

County Board Of Supervisors

District 3 Supervisor Dave Roberts faces determined opposition from Escondido Mayor Sam Abed and Encinitas Mayor Kristin Gaspar after Roberts was accused of mistreatment by three staff members.

The county settled the dispute last year with $310,000 in payments, and no charges were filed. Roberts said a transition to a new chief of staff did not go well and accepted full responsibility.

Abed, himself an immigrant from Lebanon, is known for his hard stance against illegal immigration. In 2006, Abed proposed an ordinance that would penalize landlords who rented to illegal immigrants. The measure was later struck down in the courts.

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What Happens After Sept 14

Counties can begin releasing results on election night at 8 p.m.

Like other elections in California, the race may not be decided on election night if there are still a large number of outstanding mail-in ballots.

Counties must finish counting ballots and certify their results by Oct. 14. The Secretary of State will certify the results on Oct. 22. If the governor is recalled, he will need to vacate the office by that date and the winning replacement candidate will be sworn in.

If Newsom is recalled, his replacement will finish the rest of his term, which ends in early 2023. They would have to run for re-election in 2022 if they want to stay in office after that.

How Do I Become A Candidate

The Republican Party of San DIego County’s 2020 voter guide

Here are the necessary steps potential candidates need to become a qualified candidate. This information applies only for offices managed by the San Diego County Registrar of Voters. For City offices, please contact the respective City Clerk.

In-person Services Provided

We are available Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. by phone 505-7260 or email .

Documents may only be picked up by the candidate, or by the person authorized by the candidate. The form needed to authorize someone to pick up the candidates documents is available prior to the next election. To make an appointment, call 505-7260 or email .

Verify the district you live in. District verification

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How Do I Get My Ballot

Mail ballots will automatically be sent to every active registered voter by Aug. 16 and will arrive a few days later.

If your original vote-by-mail ballot is lost, stolen or destroyed, you can request a second one. Contact your county elections office to be sent a new ballot. Counties are able to “cancel out” lost or stolen ballots using a statewide voter registration database called VoteCal, according to Kim Alexander of the California Voter Foundation.

The Secretary of States office has resources for voters who were evacuated or displaced by wildfires.

Republican Leadership Voter Guide Series

While Landslide Communications slates are targeted to include moderate and conservative voters regardless of party affiliation, including independents and Decline-to-State voters, hard-core self-identified Republican voters remain a very important part of our overall direct-mail program. And as the saying goes, all politics is local. GOP voters are dominant in the local southern California counties of Orange County, San Diego County, San Bernardino County, Los Angeles County, Riverside County and Ventura County, and are the most important in the State of California for Republican candidates and statewide measures that are counting on support from their Republican base. In these days of low-voter turnout, inexpensive and persuasive direct-voter contact like Landslides Republican Leadership series to help inspire higher GOP voter turnout are now an even more essential part of a winning campaign strategy.

If you want to help build a big vote in Orange, San Diego, San Bernardino, Los Angeles, Riverside and Ventura Counties, you need to be on our Landslide Communicatiosn slate program!

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Can I Vote On Question 2 Even If I Vote No On The Recall

Every voter gets a say on who they think the next governor should be if Newsom is recalled.

Regardless of how a voter responds to the question of recalling the governor, they can still cast a vote for a potential replacement candidate, said Jenna Dresner, a spokesperson for the Secretary of States Office. The votes for each question are counted separately, so your vote for one question does not impact your ability to vote on another, that includes leaving a question blank.

Here’s A Full Roundup From Patch On The Important Races In San Diego County For The March 3 California Primary Election

The Only OFFICIAL Voter Guide For San Diego Republicans ...

SAN DIEGO, CA Turnout is expected to be strong election day in California, as many of San Diego County’s more than 1.8 million registered voters cast their ballots in the presidential primary election.

For the first time, California is part of Super Tuesday, when presidential primaries will take place in more than a dozen states. In the past, the Golden State’s primary was held in June, when the nominees for both major parties are typically already decided.

There are 20.4 million registered voters in the state, an increase of 3.1 million since the last presidential election in 2016. In fact, 80 percent of eligible Californians are registered to vote, the highest heading into a presidential primary in California in the past 68 years.

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How Do I Fill Out My Ballot

Fill out your mail-in ballot and place it in the secure envelope. Make sure you sign the outside of your ballot envelope. Election officials match your signature with the one on file to verify your identity.

Watch for common mistakes before you turn in your ballot. A recent study said the include: returning them too late, forgetting to sign the ballot envelope and signatures that dont match the one on file.

San Diego County: Local Ballot Measures

Measure A: NO

  • Tax Increase: General Obligation Bonds for Affordable Housing

Only voters in City of San Diego Measure A is a massive 48-year property tax increase that will cost the average San Diego homeowner over $550 in the first five years alone. Measure A takes on $900 million in bonds that will cost taxpayers over $2.2 billion to repay. Measure A provides funds for politicians to impose government-subsidized housing projects on communities that do not want these projects. The Government Accountability Office has criticized the alarmingly high cost-per-unit of these boondoggle projects. To join the campaign against Measure A and get a free No on Measure A Stop Tax Hikes visit

Measure B: YES

  • Charter Amendments Establishing Commission on Police Practices

Only voters in City of San Diego Measure B will provide greater independence for review of the San Diego Police Department. Under the current review board, the citys police department investigates itself and the review board has no ability to conduct an independent investigation. Measure B fixes that problem.

Measure C: YES

  • Charter Amendment: District-Only Elections for School Board

Measure D: YES

  • Charter Amendment: Procedures to Remove School Board Members for Cause and to Fill Vacancies

Measure E: YES

  • Removing 30-Foot Height Limit in Midway-Pacific Highway Planning Area

Measure G: YES

  • City Council Compensation

Measure H: NO

  • Pro-Marijuana Initiative

Measure I: NO

Measure J: NO

  • Term Limits

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California Recall: What To Know About The Effort To Remove Gavin Newsom

gained steam during the COVID-19 pandemic with implemented by the governor and a judge giving recall proponents extra time to gather the required 1.5 million signatures to put the question before voters.

While some things about this election will be just like any other time Californians vote, a few things will be different. Heres what to know about how to vote in the recall, the timeline afterward, and more:

Whos Running In Newsom Recall Politicians Activists Californians Of All Stripes

The Lincoln Club of San Diego County releases pro-business voter guide

Larry Elder: A conservative talk radio host based in Los Angeles. Compared to other candidates, Elder jumped into the race late but has surged in fundraising, bringing in nearly $4.5 million in July. The longtime broadcaster is an ardent supporter of former President Donald Trump. He has said the minimum wage should start at $0 and be negotiated between workers and employers.

Kevin Faulconer: Before the recall, the former mayor of San Diego was widely seen as a Republican frontrunner to challenge Newsom in 2022. Faulconer has campaigned on his experience leading one of Californias largest cities and working with Democrats on the San Diego City Council. The Republican has proposed zeroing out income taxes for the first $50,000 in earnings. He also says he would increase funding for wildfire prevention.

John Cox: The San Diego businessman faced Newsom in the 2018 governors race and lost by a historic margin. Cox is self-funding his recall bid and has brought props on his statewide tour, including a live bear and an eight-foot ball of trash. Like Faulconer, the CPA and business owner has also proposed a large tax cut for Californians. In a recent debate, he advocated for the completion of a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.

Former Congressman Doug Ose dropped out Aug. 17 after experiencing a heart attack.

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General Election: San Diego County Voter Guide

SAN DIEGO COUNTY, CA While many San Diego County voters have already cast their mail-in ballots and returned them, some will venture out to vote centers on Tuesday to either mark their ballots or hand them in for counting.

In cities across the county, voters will decide on local measures and races for city councils, mayors, the Board of Supervisors, State Senate, State Assembly and U.S. Congress. Voters will also weigh in on the County Board of Education, school district boards, college governing boards, community services and water districts, among other races.

San Diego County has 1.95 million registered voters, according to the County Registrar of Voters. More than one-third of the county’s registered voters had already voted in the election by Oct. 26, the Registrar of Voters reported.

According to California Secretary of State Alex Padilla’s office, statewide, there are 21.2 million registered voters, an increase of 800,000 since the primary in March.

To Obtain A Paper Voter Registration Application

If you would like to register using a paper voter registration application, you can pick one up at your county elections office, library, Department of Motor Vehicles offices, or U.S. post office. It is important that your voter registration application be filled out completely and be postmarked or hand-delivered to your county elections office at least 15 days before the election.

To request a paper voter registration application be mailed to you, please call 345-VOTE or email Elections Division staff.

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San Diego City Attorney

Incumbent is being challenged by public advocacy lawyer Cory Briggs, who accuses the incumbent of incompetence and has proposed eliminating the office to save money. Briggs has made a name for himself with a series of high-profile lawsuits against public agencies. Elliott, a former deputy city attorney, emphasizes her efforts to combat domestic violence and sex trafficking, but has been accused of lack of oversight in the purchases of 101 Ash Street and new streetlights with video cameras for police surveillance. Elliott has widespread official support, from the local Democratic Party to the police union and the Chamber of Commerce, while Briggs is running as an outsider, promising a taxpayers-first approach to the office.

When Is The 2020 Presidential Election

2020 Election Results for Local Offices

Election Day for the 2020 Presidential Election is on Nov. 3, though voting opens early in counties across California. Think of it more like a voting window. For San Diego County voters, early voting takes place from Oct. 5 to Nov. 2, 2020, with hundreds of polling places open from Oct. 31 to Nov 3.

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What If Im Not Registered To Vote

You can sign up or check your voter registration status on the Secretary of States website.

You can register to vote as long as you are over 18 and a United States citizen. Parolees are now able to vote in elections, after voters approved Proposition 17 last November.

The last day to register to vote online and get a ballot in the mail is Aug. 30. After that, you will have to register to vote at a polling place, vote center or your county elections office. You can register and cast a provisional ballot in the recall through Election Day, Sept. 14.

If you havent voted in recent years or you have recently moved counties, you may be an inactive voter. Check your status on the Secretary of States website to make sure you receive a ballot in the mail.

San Diego County Board Of Supervisors

In District 2, which includes much of East County south of Route 78, two Republicans are vying to succeed legendary Supervisor Dianne Jacob, who is termed out after 28 years. Former state Sen. Joel Anderson is seeking a political comeback after losing a Board of Equalization race in the 2018 Democratic wave. His opponent is Steve Vaus, the well-know musician who is currently Mayor of Poway and who has Jacobs endorsement. Vaus earned high marks for his community leadership as national attention focused on Poway following the synagogue shooting in 2019. Anderson is endorsed by the San Diego County Republican Party, but Vaus has high-profile Republican endorsements from San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer and Sheriff Bill Gore.

State Sen. Ben Hueso, who is termed out, was a late entrant in the race to succeed Supervisor Greg Cox in District 1 in south county, but led in the March primary. He is a former member of the state Assembly and the San Diego City Council. He faces Southwestern Community College board member Nora Vargas. Both candidates are Democrats.

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