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Reviews On Patriot Power Cell

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How Can I Charge My Patriot Power Cell

4PATRIOTS Patriot Power Cell review

As we mentioned before, you can charge your patriot power cell by plugging it into the wall or simply leaving it out in the sun. The time it takes to charge to capacity, however, varies greatly.

In ideal conditions the AC wall outlet charging time is about 6 hours. In comparison to other chargers, this is a little slow, but altogether not too bad. On the other hand, the solar charging time of the Patriot Power Cell can take up to 40 hours!

Yes, you read that correctly. 40 hours. Unless youre through hiking in the desert, there is rarely ever going to be a time where you can efficiently expose your patriot power cell to the sun for 40 hours. Even then, it would take over 4 days of constant sunlight to fully charge. All in all, I feel like the built in solar panel is more of a gimmick then a function.

Who This Is For

USB solar chargers are a great option if youre taking an extended camping trip or if youre traveling somewhere with an unreliable power grid. Theyre also good for stashing in an emergency kit. In all those specific situations, a solar charger could charge a phone the size of an iPhone X using a few hours of midday sun. But in most situations, a USB solar charger isnt actually the best portable power source, and you may be better off starting with a USB power bank designed for phones and tablets, USB-C laptops, or AC-powered laptops. Our power bank picks keep a smartphone charged for hours or even days at a time, are the size of a paperback novel or smaller, and are not dependent on the weather.

But whether you choose a solar charger or a battery, itll work only with USB or USB-C devices, which limits these options appeal for anyone who needs power for a long-term, off-grid setup. If youre going to be mostly stationary and need to charge or run larger devices like laptops or televisions, or if you need to use more sophisticated communications equipment, youll probably be more interested in the larger setups that we cover in our guide to the best portable power stations.

Final Thoughts On The 4patriot Power Cell

Overall, the patriot power cell is a reasonable budget option for a small amount of emergency backup power. As solar power experts, we would definitely recommend going with something more powerful as the 4 patriot power cell really doesn’t provide a ton of meaningful power, that being said we understand everyone’s budget and needs are different.

If you’re looking for more information on solar powered generators… Read the most in-depth solar generator buying guide ever written!

If you’re looking for true portable, backup power sources, we would recommend reading our guide on the top 6 solar generator kits for emergency situations. If you still have questions about the patriot power cell or anything else related to solar power, feel free to reach out or give us a call today at 877-242-2792.

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Patriot Power Cell Solar Power Bank: What You Need To Know

While all of this sounds straightforward, the truth is, solar power banks are now available in different styles from a wide variety of brands, which makes choosing the right solar power bank a fairly complicated decision.

To help you choose the right option for your needs, we are going to take an in-depth look at one of the best-selling options on the market today the Patriot Power Cell from 4Patriots. Once we have determined whether or not it is worth the hype, we will also examine some of the best alternatives.

How Much Does Patriot Power Greens Cost

Best Patriot Power Cell [Reviews And Buying Guide] in 2021

A month’s supply of Patriot Power Greens is averagely priced. Other brands of greens powders are more or less in the same price range.

You can buy Patriot Power Greens from the companys official website, and they do offer free shipping on bulk orders that would require ordering a three-month supply. It may seem a lot, but you get two tubs free and a whole range of other freebies.

I’d recommend going in on that deal if you’re serious about trying the product.

It’s important to note again when discussing the cost that a portion of all profits from this product is donated to the US military.

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Patriot Portable Solar Generator 1500w With 2 Panels

Power outages are very frequent occurrences in the present day world due to overloading of power sources, natural calamities and attack by offenders. Its very frustrating to stay in an area without power especially if you were used to it. Hence you need to be prepared by having a power backup.

But the surprising thing is that most of the power sources that can be used as power backup at home are of low quality and arent reliable as expected. Thats why we need a reliable power backup like Patriot Power Generator 1500

You can get your Patriot Power Generator 1500 in just a moment, but first

Its 8:47 AM and the you know what has just hit the fan. People are panicking in the streetsits all over the radio and TV.

A news anchor comes on screen and says in a shaky voice, We have reports of widespread power failures sweeping the area. If youre watching this, your power could go out at any moment. We are now in a state of emergency. I repeat, we are now in a state of

  • 100 Watt Foldable Solar Panel
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Patriot Power Generator Charge Time
Patriot Power Generator Watts of Power

Is The Patriot Power Greens Formula Worth Buying

This product is an all-natural blend of clinically proven ingredients meant to improve the quality of health for seniors.

Besides boosting vitality and virility, the formula promises better control of blood pressure, blood sugar, and even blood cholesterol.

*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Added to its ability to improve memory and cognitive functions, this formula is a must-have for seniors looking to reclaim their youthful energy.

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Is 4patriots Worth It

If youre in the market for survivalist goods, this 4Patriots review readily recommends this brand. It offers a great selection of camping gear and emergency supplies. From solar-powered generators to family meal kits, customers can peruse through a large collection of goods fit for pantry or road trip needs.

Overall, we like how versatile and functional its products are. This is especially towards the 25-year food packs and multi-use flashlights.

While it may seem like it profits out of paranoia, you may find yourself regretting that initial hesitancy during an emergency situation. More often than not, disaster strikes when were not looking, so its always a good idea to come prepared. For a brand that only holds the essentials, 4Patriots has your back when it comes to basic survival.

What Are The Things You Should Consider While Purchasing Patriot Power Cells

Patriot Power Cell Review Compared to Chinese Clone

While you are buying the Patriot Power cell for your home blackouts, you would possibly additionally use one for hiking journeys and off-the-grid living.

It is not a matter of use. We are right here for a few issues to take into consideration while buying any of the suns powered cells at the market:

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What Is The Best Solar Cell Phone Charger

With so many different devices out there designed to charge your phone, many with solar panels built-in, it can be a bit of a minefield knowing where to start.

Reviews can be a great way to know how people genuinely find the product after some time using it.

Generally, the best solar charger phone devices are those that will withstand a lot of use, have extra features, and are reliable.

Knowing you are going to buy something that will last for several years is always good. The fact that 4Patriots states how many charges this power cell is capable of is reassuring to many, I’m sure.

Based on reviews we can see that the Patriots power cell fits those needs perfectly!

What Networks Does Patriot Mobile Use

Patriot Mobile works on the Sprint network. They rent network from this big carrier, then sell it back to you at a much lower price.

Network coverage ratings


Powered by: Sprint

If you’re looking for data Patriot Mobile have a great range of plans. Whether you’re only on the hunt for a few GB a month, or you want to go unlimited. However, with most of us only using around 5GB a month, why pay a premium for data you’re not using? Take a look at our data usage calculator and save much more with a set-data plan.

With all Patriot Mobile data plans, once you run out, you’ll experience reduced speeds. If your needs change, you can switch to another plan of theirs.

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When Should You Take It

I take my greens powder in the morning, which is generally the recommendation across the board. You can use it as a convenient one-stop-shop and kick start your daily nutrition and a boost for your immune system.

With the focus and marketing of Patriot Power Greens being so focused on energy levels and selling this product as an all-natural energy drink, I think it’s better to take at the top of the day rather than the tail.

To prepare your juice drink, all you have to do is mix it in with water or any liquid of your choosing. I often blend mine into my morning smoothie for a custom-built fruit and vegetable bonanza.

Do not expect this sugar-free all-natural green powder to be a taste sensation, even if they claim it to be.

It’s going to be earthy and grassy, and you can offset this by balancing it with some flavors you’re more comfortable with like almond milk.

Who Is Patriot Power Greens Made For

Best Solar Power Bank: REVIEW Patriot Power Cell

Patriot Power Greens are marketed for the golden oldies as an age-defying energy drink to restore the youth of their wonder years.

Yeah, sounds too good to be true, and also it alienates a large market for the greens powder. Honestly, there is nothing in the ingredients list that means it isn’t suitable as an everyday greens supplement for just about anyone.

The focus is on anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting ingredients that also pack a serious nutritional punch. This is all served up alongside a complex and comprehensive digestive enzyme boost that will make you feel gut-healthy.

So yes, it will provide a boost in energy and vitality for those over 50, but I think it probably offers the same benefits for anyone, any age, anywhere.

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What Is The Titan Solar Generator

It is these events that necessitated the creation of solar generators such as the Patriot 1500 power generator, and Titan solar generator among others. The makers of different solar generators are aware that power grid failure scenarios can be some of the worst kinds of disasters. In such cases, its not uncommon for people to act like animals and for chaos to ensue, resulting in instances of looting, assault, and many other horrible crimes.

When we are engulfed in darkness, none of us will be safe. You might not even be able to get in touch with your family and colleagues to ensure that they are alright. There is a wide array of solar generators available you can choose from. In fact, in the years of research I have done I have foundthese top solar generators. The lithium battery systems have proven time and time again that they are the best way to go. The Patriot, Titan and many other units use lithium type batteries.

Renowned for their high quality as well as convenience, this lithium, or Li-on, generators are designed to last for quite some time and offer a sustainable power supply in the event of a blackout.

They are also designed to ensure easy portability, so they can be carried along with you whenever and wherever you want regardless of the location either for regular home use or going to another location. They can be used for bug-in locations, bug-out locations, RVs, tiny homes, normal homes, camp trailers, campsites and so on.

Patriot Power Generator 1500 Bonuses

As mentioned above, there are ten bonuses offered with the purchase of the Patriot Power Generator 1500. These bonuses are completely free of charge, though they have been valued for hundreds of dollars.

A list of the bonuses included with the purchase of the Patriot Power Generator 1500, as well as a brief description of each bonus, can be found below.

Bonus 1 Shipping

Despite being light and rather compact, the Patriot Power Generator 1500 would cost over $200 dollars in shipping, an amount the creators of the generator did not want to pass on to their customers. Because of this, shipping for the generator is completely free, so users can get their Patriot Power Generator 1500 faster and with less of a hassle.

Bonus 2 25 Foot Solar Panel Extension Cord

This heavy duty extension cord is a necessity to make using the Patriot Power Generator 1500 much easier. With this cord, the solar panels can be outside while the generator works away inside.

Bonus 3 Top 7 Reasons Why the Grid will Fail Report

This report gives a detailed account as to why the power grid is failing and what will happen when it officially fails.

Bonus 4 The Blackout Response Guide

For those who want to know what will happen when the power grid crashes, this guide is the perfect help. It will go over what will happen, as well as the tips and tricks for keeping loved ones safe and comfortable.

Bonus 5 The Generator Survival Checklist

Bonus 6 The 3 Hidden Dangers of the Smart Grid

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Lion Cub Go Portable Solar Charger Kit

If you’re looking for total peace of mind and ease of use, the best alternative to the patriot power cell is the Lion Cub Go. In the event of an emergency, you can never have too much power and the Lion Cub Go is the largest portable solar power bank available today.

It actually has 1 x standard 110V wall plug that you can use to power things like a mini fridge! That’s right, this thing can power a small fridge with it’s 150W inverter. This is why we highly recommend the Lion Cub Go as a great alternative to the Patriot Power Cell. Although the solar panel is not built-in, the 20 Watt solar panel ACTUALLY works to recharge the battery.

In addition to its surprisingly large 120Wh lithium battery, the real difference between the Lion Cub Go and smaller power cells is what it can power. The Lion Cub Go has a full size AC plug, two USB ports, and a DC power outlet. Plus, it has a shelf life of an entire year and is powerful enough to keep you going off-grid for a long time!

Should You Buy The Patriot Power Generator

4Patriots – Patriot Power Cell Unboxing & Review (Facebook Ad With Subtitles)

Overall, I am reluctant to recommend the Patriot Power Generator 1800 as a viable option in emergency or even off-grid situations. The unit’s small battery, small solar input and weight of 46lbs combined with its high price tag makes it very hard to justify as a good option.

Especially when you consider the fact that the EcoFlow Delta 1800 is twice the size, has 4 times as much solar power, weighs less, has 6 AC outlets the list goes on.. And is over $600 cheaper!

More on that below though Let’s look at some of the best patriot power generator alternatives before you make your own final decision.

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Patriot Power Generator Solar Input Potential

The Patriot Power Generator 1800 comes with a MPPT charge controller built into its system, which is a huge upgrade from the Patriot Power Generator 1500 model which lacked this key component. That said, the patriot power generator is rated for less than 240 watts of solar input meaning the most you could ever have going into the generator is two x 100 watt solar panels. Because of this, we feel as though the patriot power generator is not the most ideal option for emergency backup.

Patriot Power Generator Lifecycles & Charging Rates

The size of this battery would almost be enough to write off the Patriot Power generator for most people’s needs even though it does have an impressive lifespan. 4Patriots claims that the system can be fully charged and discharged 2,500 times, which makes for an impressive long, lasting system. If you are in an environment where you can easily charge and recharge the battery continuously, wear and tear would not be a concern with this device in the short term.

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Patriot Power Cell Review

The Patriot Power Cell is an ultra-portable, solar powered charger. The device is designed to fit into your pocket and can recharge any USB device. 4Patriot’s is most well known for their Patriot Power Generator which they launched back in 2014. For more information on this, read our in-depth Patriot Power Generator review here.

The fastest way to recharge your 4 Patriot Power Cell is to plug it into a wall outlet . Alternatively, the Patriot Power Cell will charge itself with its eye-catching built in solar panel. However, the solar panel may be extremely inefficient, to the point where it’s almost just for show .

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