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Patriot Power Generator 1500 Cost

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Limited To Just Two 120

Patriot Power Generator 1500 – Quickstart Guide

Only two power outlets that can handle 120 volts are provided by the Patriot 1800 generator. What exactly does this entail when it comes to day-to-day operations? Imagine for a moment that you are the victim of a power outage and that you are aware that you will not have access to your home’s electricity for a number of days.

You immediately start frantically scrambling to plug in all of your essential devices, but there are only two standard outlets available, so you won’t be able to plug in a very large number of things.

If you have a solar generator, you will be able to charge the electronic devices that are most essential to you even if the power goes out. This is one of the many advantages of having a solar generator. When viewed in this light, the Patriot Power Generator 1800 model does not perform particularly well. It seems a little underequipped given that there are only two wall outlet plugs rated for 120 volts. It’s possible that someone will want to plug in a refrigerator, mobile phone, laptop computer, lights, etc.

Because there are only two locations, this could be a deal breaker for many people who were hoping to purchase a product that would be useful in times of crisis. When you order a product that you anticipate to have all of the necessary components for handling unexpected situations, it may be possible to buy an additional accessory like a power strip, but this seems to be a moot point in most cases.

The 4 Best Alternatives To 4patriots Power Generator

The 4 Best Alternatives to 4Patriots Power Generator

Final Words

Overall, the 4Patriot brand does appear to be well-liked and stands for a good cause. That said, you’ll pay almost $2,500 for the Patriot Power Generator. As we can see from some honest customer reviews, there are too many alternative options for emergency backup power that have MUCH better quality components AND are also much easier on your wallet.

Trying to decide if the Patriot Power Generator is any good? Read our in-depth Patriot Power Generator review here.

If you still have questions about which solar generator is best for your needs, feel free to reach out or give us a call today at 877-242-2792.

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Solar Power Vs Diesel Generator

While many people acknowledge gas negative impact on the environment, those who would prefer to have a tangible fuel source would still rather invest in diesel fuel than solar energy. However, despite the benefits of a diesel generator, solar power still comes out on top. Solar energy frees you from the confines of a finite resource and enables you to make energy wherever you are.

While you do have to have a certain amount of power generated before youre able to use this power, it is still more reliable than a traditional generator. This means that youll be able to have power regardless of what your situation is as long as you can put the solar panels in an area that is able to soak up enough sunlight.

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How Do Solar Generators Work

The Patriot Power Generator 1500 is a revolutionary solar generator to ...

Solar generators have four major components:

The solar panels convert sunlight into direct current electricity that is then passed through the charge controller. The charge controller regulates the voltage of the electricity into the battery, where the solar energy is then stored for use later. Most solar generators sold today are lithium ion batteries.

When you need to use the energy stored in the battery, the inverter converts the electricity into alternating current energy, or AC power, which is what most appliances and devices use.

Solar generators typically have USB ports, AC outlets, and 12 volt carports to allow you to charge multiple devices.

How much can you save with solar?

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Just Want To Know What The Best Patriot Power Generator Alternative Is

The most popular and best Patriot Power Generator alternative is by far the EcoFlow Delta 1800 Solar Generator Quad kit with 4 x 100-watt solar panels.

The Delta solar generator has twice as much battery capacity, the same size inverter with a bigger surge, weighs 15 lbs lighter, and charges up twice as fast as the Patriot Power Generator!

Check out the comparison chart of the two solar generators below, and you’ll quickly see why the EcoFlow Delta is such a formidable opponent to the Patriot.

Disadvantages Of Solar Generators

High upfront costs

Solar generators require a much higher initial investment than traditional gas generators. The average cost of a gas generator is around $1,000. Solar generators will usually cost about $2,000.

However, solar generators have much lower operating costs. So, youll spend less over the lifetime of a solar generator.

Slow recharging

Solar generator batteries can only be recharged when the sun is out. And even then, it takes time for the solar panels to charge the battery. A solar panel with a power output of 100 watts would take over 9 hours to charge most mid-sized solar generator batteries.

Generators that run on fossil fuels can be refueled at any time, so you can get more power right when you need it without having to worry about the weather conditions or the time of day.

Limited power supply

The size of the solar generator battery will limit how much the generator can power, as well. A solar generator probably wont be able to power your entire home. However, it can charge phones and laptops, and keep small appliances running for a short period of time.

Gas generators arent as limited in what they can power and for how long, since they can be refilled at any time.

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Does The Patriot Power Generator Come With A Car Charger

Lastly, it’s important to note that the Patriot Power Generator does not come with a DC input . Although this is not a standard feature among the best solar generators, many products come with this capability and its extremely helpful to have one of these if and when you need it! Having a DC input makes it possible to charge the unit with your vehicle, so if you were hoping to do so with your van or RV, extra steps would need to be taken to make a DIY car charging solution.

The Patriot Power Generator: Should You Buy It

Unboxing Your Patriot Power Generator 1500! No Assembly Required!

The Patriot Power Generator 1800 might have its place in some households, but not mine.

For me, I prefer the Jackery Explorer 500 for both camping trips and backup household power.

If you need more power, there is also the Jackery Explorer 1000.

One of the reasons why I prefer the Jackery 500 is because it weighs just 13 lbs 3 times less than the Patriot.

Granted, it doesnt have as much battery capacity, but if you just need backup power for a few basic devices, its more than big enough and doesnt weigh a ton.

Im always clumsily stumbling around with generators during a blackout, but the Jackery 500 comes with features that make it very convenient during a power outage, in emergency situations, or while out camping, such as a built-in carry handle, backlit display screen, and a built-in low-power LED flashlight thats perfect if the lights go out.

We Recommend

In the same scenario, the Patriot weighs a ton, is hard to move around, and has no built-in flashlight feature. Boo.If youre looking for a lightweight solar generator with a ton of features that are great in an emergency, or even just during camping trips, go for the Jackery Explorer 500.

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What Are The Pros Of The Patriot Power 1500 Generator

For one thing, this generator can be charged either with the sun or through a standard electrical cord, although most people choose the former.

It takes only 3.5 hours to fully charge the device, after which you can enjoy many hours of use. The battery is a high-quality lithium particle phosphate battery, and this type of battery is much more secure and reliable than a standard lead corrosive battery.

For people who like to reduce their carbon footprint and utilize renewable clean energy sources, this is a great generator to own. There does not have to be any more purchasing gas every time that you need to recharge your generator and no more contributing to the destruction of Mother Earth.

The company also claims that once the generator is fully charged, you can utilize it for up to one year although to be honest, some customers have claimed that this isnt true.

The generator also contains two 120-volt outlets, four USB outlets in case you wish to use it to charge any of your electronic devices, one 12-volt emergency Anderson control post outlet, and one 12-volt DC outlet so you have a lot of options when it comes to using the generator.

In addition, you can order extra sun-powered plates if you like so this is truly a very versatile generator.

And if youre wondering what the cost of the Patriot solar generator is, it is roughly $2000. Is this a lot to pay for a generator? Not necessarily, especially if you want a solar-powered generator.

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Ultimate Patriot Power Generator Gift Package

We appreciate customers like you who are taking the necessary steps to protect themselves & their families. So in addition to the FREE Solar Panel that comes with your Patriot Power Generator, you get 12 FREE gifts WOW!

  • FREE Patriot Power Cell $29.95 Value: Like a Patriot Power Generator for your phones! Critical power and light to keep you safe & connected to loved ones.
  • FREE Sun Kettle Personal Water Heater $67.00 Value: Boil water without fuel or flames! This solar cooker heats your food & drinks with the power of the sun.
  • FREE HaloXT Tactical Flashlight $29.95 Value: Youll never need to buy batteries again your FREE HaloXT Flashlight runs on solar power. Nine functions in a single flashlight!
  • FREE Solar Air Lantern $19.95 Value: This lightweight and handy travel light charges in the sun.
  • FREE USB-Rechargeable Battery Kit $29.95 Value: Run any device that takes AA batteries. Over and over again!
  • FREE 72-Hour Survival Food Kit $27.00 Value: Delicious food designed to last for 25 years.* 16 servings of tasty meals: Americas Finest Mac & Cheese, Creamy Rice & Vegetable Dinner and Grammys Sweet Oatmeal.
  • FREE 25-Foot Solar Panel Extension Cord $49.99 Value: Use your generator INSIDE while charging your solar panel OUTSIDE.
  • FREE Blackout Survival Library $20.00 Value: Critical information and tips to help Patriot Power Generator owners & their families can survive in an emergency.
  • FREE Shipping and Handlingto USA 48

Best Budget: Tacklife P50 500wh Portable Power Station


Courtesy of Amazon

Output: 500 watts | Weight: 13.6 pounds | Dimensions: 10.2 x 7.8 x 7.7in inches | Output Ports: 110 volt AC Output, DC 12V 10A, 12V 3A, 2 USB ports, PD 45W Type-C Port

The simple-yet-solid TACKLIFE 500 watt hour power station is an affordable, portable option that can serve as an outdoor electrical source or as an emergency backup for a medical device, like a CPAP machine, during a power outage.

Charge your phone, tablet, laptop, GoPro, or small appliances while recharging the generator with an AC adapter, car port charger, or solar panel . The handles fold for easy storage.

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Is A Power Generator A Good Investment

A power generator is not only a good investment, its a great one. Besides having a survival kit ready to go for emergencies, a generator is one of the most important things you can have on hand to keep you and your family safe. While you will ideally never encounter an emergency or disaster, it is likely you will experience a power outage at least once in your life, and our solar energy system will keep you on top of things.

Think about it: having food and water are the most essential things you can have during an emergency, but what if its the middle of winter and you need heat? What if you need to charge a phone to call for help? There are many instances where food and water are not enough, and a generator becomes essential.

Not only does our Patriot Power Generator last, but it also lasts longer than other brands of generators. This means you are truly getting the best bang for your buck with our brand. This sort of thing does matter when it comes to generators. You dont want to buy one only to have it fail when you need it most!

While many portable generators are within the same pricing range, you have to consider the quality and durability of the product, as well as how reusable it is, thanks to the solar energy it uses. Whether or not it will function as it is supposed to during emergencies is the biggest concern.

Another possible scenario is you have a fridge full of new groceries, and your power goes out. A generator will keep the fridge running.

What Are The Cons Of Patriot Solar Generator

If youre wondering is the Patriot Solar generator any good, youre going to want to take a look at the things customers have said about it that maybe arent so favorable.

For one thing, the company that makes this product sold another generator in 2016 that they had to recall because some of them were catching on fire.

So far, that doesnt seem to be a problem with this new generator but you might still want to keep that in mind when youre researching the 1500 generator.

There have also been complaints about the generator not working as long as the customers think that it should have. For instance, one customer claimed that he charged the generator fully then only got about 1.5 hours worth of time out of it.

This could simply be a flaw in that particular generator, especially since not a lot of customers have had this complaint again, its something to consider before you decide to fork out hard-earned money on the product.

There have also been a few minor concerns regarding this product, including:

  • There is no RV connection
  • It doesnt have a car charger option
  • It is not expandable with other batteries
  • It has no MPPT controller to increase its efficiency

Of course, when you think about it, these complaints are rather minor and easy to live with for most individuals however, they are things that you should know about before you purchase the generator.

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Patriots Power Generator Facebook Page Reviews

First of all, it is important to know that 4Patriots sells more than just its solar power generator. The company has a large, dedicated group of customers who purchase prepackaged meals for emergency scenarios.

The companys official is loaded with five-star reviews and company recommendations. Many posts, like the one above, cite 4Patriots customer service and products providing a high-quality experience.

Due to the popularity of its food products, it took a little bit of digging to find a review that related to its electronics. Above, you can see a review that claims the companys charger never worked properly. With this in mind, I feel that people may be reluctant to sink $2,000 into a larger 4Patriot power system.

Lie #: Get Off Grid With A 1500 Watt Solar Generator

Patriot Power Generator 1500 – Maintenance

Just when I think Ive seen it all, I see an ad promoting a 20 watt solar kit claiming it can be used for off-grid applications. Yes, off-grid for your phone, and maybe a few lights. However, for those who are unfamiliar with how to correctly size a system for actual off grid living, the term off grid applications can be very misleading. Normally, when you use the term off grid, its implying that you have the ability to live independent from the power grid. However, advertisers these days are using the term off grid so broadly that their headlines imply that a 1,500 watt generator will get you off the grid. And lets face it, 1,500 watts just doesnt cut it.

Simply put, generators are rated by the maximum watts its inverter can pull at any one time. The inverter is just one component of your solar generator, and is usually not upgradeable . Because of this, its recommended that you get a generator with an inverter big enough to run whatever you plan to run at any one given time, and consider appliances you may want to run in the future.

Im not even going to get into what would happen if you tried to heat your house with your 1,500 watt solar generator. Suffice it to say, it wouldnt even heat a small room. But it could run an electric blanket for a couple hours per day, if that is all you used your generator for.

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