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Lift Kit For Jeep Patriot 4×4

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Rough Country 25 Lift Kit 2007

2010 Jeep Patriot lift kit and tires

Lets get this informative review started with the Rough Country 2.5 Lift Kit, shall we? So, if youre seeking a fantastic Jeep raise kit for your beloved Jeep, this lift kit version could have what youre looking for.

It is not only compatible with the Jeep, but it is also an excellent replacement for a wide range of 4WD models made between 2007 and 2018.

When you open the package, youll be greeted by a slew of components designed to raise your 4WD Jeep to the ideal ride height and boost its performance. Among other things, youll discover the brake line, front/rear shock relocation brackets, coil spring spacers, rear track bar relocation bracket, and lengthened sway bar links.

Once fitted, this kit will raise your Jeep by around 2.5 inches, providing adequate room for 35-inch tires. However, the manufacturer recommends that customers keep to 33 tires to avoid friction owing to considerable articulation.

Aside from that, installing the Rough Country 2.5 Lift Kit is a simple operation that does not require you to be mechanically inclined. Because it is completely bolt-on, simple hand tools are required to complete this work in 2 to 3 hours.

The manufacturer, however, demands that the tightness of the fasteners be checked every 1,000 to 3,000 miles to ensure consistency and balance between the front and rear axles.

Patriot Lift Kit Yes Or No

Gavin said:Thanks Rosso Racer. I had a look at the Rocky Road kit and and they seem pretty confident but I’ve read so many bad reviews online on different sites about their lift kit that I got spooked. Average rating of 3/10 everywhere… so yeah… I dunno

Gavin said:Hey everyone. I know this topic has been brought up so many times but honestly I don’t have the patience to read through thousands of posts. Can anyone give me a definitive Yes or No regarding lift kits for the Patriot? Here in South Africa every 4×4 specialist company tells me my steering will “fall out” or “dont do it” or “Buy a wrangler” or “Patriots cant be modified”. Can a patriot be lifted without any steering/installation/handling/alignment problems or will I stuff up my vehicle having it installed? And if it can, what brand is the best? I’m a printer and not a mechanic/enthusiast so I really don’t have much knowledge about what makes a car go forward once you turn the ignition on Thanks in advance and sorry for bringing up this topic again!Cheers Gavin

Sam Normandy said:This is an old thread so I dont know if this is still relevant.I have the Rough Country 2″ lift and leveling kit. I love it. It allowed me to to mount 245/17/65 A/Ts. Over all I ended up with about 5″ of lift. It drives great and is a beast in mud and snow.

Jeep Patriot Lift Kit Description

With many thousands of lift kits sold, installed, and successfully running worldwide, Rocky Road Outfitters is the industry leader in parts and accessories for the Patriot. Our photos can’t really do justice to how great this vehicle looks with some lift and beefier tires, but you can begin to get the idea. Converts your Jeep to something truly worthy of the Jeep badge and nameplate!

Installs quickly . Anyone handy with a set of wrenches can install this system. No special tools needed.SPECIAL INSTALLATION NOTE: When installed properly, you will have no problems with this kit. If you read reports online of problems, this is because the installer did NOT follow the detailed instructions and notes on managing the axles. Please feel free to email us direct if you have any questions on this. Unfortunately, some installers are not very good at following instructions, but you can avoid this going in armed with information at the start of the install. Thousands of people worldwide are running this lift kit and love the hell out of it. Please email us if you have any questions or cencerns on this.

Clearance is the main reason we started work on this system. The Patriot has pretty much the worst undercarriage clearance of any vehicle in its class… much less anything with 4WD. Even a silly stock Subaru can get you further down a dirt road than a stock Jeep Patriot, that’s just not right. Rocky Road has your cure for the stock Patriot blues though…

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How To Choose A Jeep Lift Kit & Mods Youll Need To Support It

  • Go with What Makes You Comfortable
  • Shop Wrangler Lift Kits

    A lift kit is one of those essential modifications for anyone wanting more off-roading capability out of their Wrangler. There are a variety of options to choose from, depending on your crawling needs.

    When it comes to lift kits there are a lot of factors to consider. What it will be used for, budget, tire size, etc. All of these factors affect what height and type of lift kit would be the most effective for your Wrangler.

    Teraflex Jeep 4 Dr Unlimited 25 Suspension Kit

    2in Jeep Suspension Lift Kit (10

    If your budget permits it, the Teraflex Jeep JK 4 Dr. Suspension Lift is another lift kit worth considering. This device is compatible with the 4 Door Jeep Wrangler models from 2007 to 2014 and comes as a full kit with all the essential attachments like shock absorbers and specific steering stabilizers, among other things.

    This lift kit raises your Jeep to a height of 2.5 inches, allowing you to accommodate 35 tires. This not only provides your Jeep a more aggressive appearance but also allows you to navigate rugged terrain for special outdoor trips.

    The free steering stabilizer is designed to operate in conjunction with your Jeeps upgraded suspension and wide tires to eliminate front-end wobbling and bump-steer when driving.

    Because this kit does not include a plethora of accessories, installation is often simple. In the case of aftermarket wheels, a backspacing of 4.5 or less is required. Aside from that, Teraflex is a recognized business that backs up its products with warranties in the event of a problem.

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    Question: Are All Lift Kits For All Jeep Gladiators

    Answer: No! Lift kits are not appropriate for all Jeep Gladiators. Each gadget has its own set of specs. It should be noted that raise kits are available for both the front and back of the car.

    On the other hand, some lift kits are simply for show, while others are for the backside. Nonetheless, each gadget is best suited to a certain vehicle type.

    All you have to do is find the one that best suits your Jeep Gladiator.

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    How To Lift A Jeep Wrangler

    For any generation Wrangler, installing a body lift is going to be different than doing a full suspension lift. In most cases, the suspension lift will be harder to do than the body lift. For the JL, JK and TJ Wranglers, body lifts are performed as follows:

    • Remove the front lower shock bolts
    • Remove brake line bracketry and any other harnesses that might get pulled on while lifting/dropping the axle
    • Remove the sway bar end links
    • Remove the track bar bolts
    • Lower the axle to remove the coil springs. Be sure to keep an eye on everything under the suspension to ensure nothing is damaged while moving the axle
    • Remove the factory spring spacers. A pry bar is recommended, but be gentle
    • Install new coil spring spacers and reinstall the front suspension
    • The rear is the same as the front EXCEPT the rear has a transfer case breather you must remove and then reinstall as well as the parking brake lines

    As you would expect, doing a body lift on a JL, JK or TJ is fairly straightforward. Suspension lifts, however, is where things get complicated. Below is a simplified version of what you’ll see in most manufacturer installation instructions. NOTE: Some manufacturers include which tire sizes they used with their lift kits. If you’re trying to decide between two lift kits, check the installation instructions for the recommended tire sizes. The two kits might very well be different from each other.

    Question: What To Do After Installing The Lift Kit

    Installing Rocky road Outfitters Lift Kit on a 2017 Jeep Patriot

    Answer: It is critical to verify the steering alignment once you have set up your gadgets. Meanwhile, you must contact a technician to assist you in studying for appropriate alignment. This is because a lift kit hurts the vehicle.

    In most cases, incorrect wheel alignment increases fuel consumption and decreases vehicle stability. It also causes the Jeeps tires to wear out fast. It also makes the car unpleasant. Thoroughly examine the alignment to ensure the longevity of the lift kit and the car.

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    What To Consider Before Installing A Lift On Your Wrangler

    If youre not an experienced mechanic, it may be best to have your lift professionally installed to ensure it is done correctly to avoid any unintentional damage to your rig. If you install the lift yourself, you will likely spend hours under your rig tweaking everything over and over again… until it’s just right.

    If you’re going for a larger lift , then different lower control arms and longer shocks become a consideration. You will also need to lengthen the front and rear brake lines.

    If you lift 4 inches or more, then you’ll likely need longer upper control arms as well. Plus, you will need to replace the track bar, as well as longer emergency brake lines. As there are hundreds of kits to choose from, weve broken down the basics of each type to make it easier to decide.

    Keep in mind that the 2-door and 4-door kits are indeed different from one another. The main difference is spring rates. The 4-door springs are going to be beefier in order to handle the extra weight.

    How to Choose the Best Jeep Lift Kit

    What Size Lift Kit Do I Have On My Jeep

    Let’s say you just bought your first Jeep. You want to start modding it right away, but you notice it has larger tires than stock. Is it lifted also? How do you tell? Step one: grab your tape measurer. Step 2: measure your springs.

    Stock TJ Wranglers have 12 inch springs in the front and 8 inch springs in the rear. This holds true across all submodels. If your springs are larger than these heights, you have a suspension lift. Simply subtract the above values from the measured value and you have your lift height. Checking for body lifts is a function of seeing if you have coil spring spacers or not.

    JK Wrangler heights are far more complicated. Chrysler decided to shirk the idea of having one set spring height. The possible combinations are staggering , but the Jeeper community has settled on a tried and true method of finding out lift heights based on curb height. The below figures assume your JK has a full tank of gas and topped off on all fluids. First, put your Jeep in 2WD. Second, push down on the front five or so times to get the suspension to settle. Third, grab your handy dandy tape measurer and measure the distance between the jounce bumper cup and the top lip of the inner spring seat on the axle. Below are the stock measurement ranges for JKs.

    Front Curb Heights

    • Front and rear brake lines
    • Front and rear sway bar links
    • Top and bottom front and rear control arms
    • Front and rear track bars

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    Question: Is A Lift Kit For A Jeep Gladiator Easy To Mount

    Answer: Yes! Installing the Jeep Gladiator lift kit is simple if you know what youre doing. Do you know you can set up this gadget in the comfort of your own home?

    In fact, you dont need to employ a professional technician to properly repair this model. Furthermore, as long as you have the necessary tools, you are ready to begin.

    However, if your model comes with a user manual, you should be OK. Simply read the instructions attentively and follow the procedures. To be on the safe side, you may also search for videos on YouTube.

    How To Lift A Jeep Yj

    Jeep Patriot Lift Kit: 2.125"  Jeep Patriot Lift Kit and Compass

    Installing a body lift vs a suspension lift on a YJ boils down to body mounts vs leaf springs. Unlike the newer Jeeps, installing a set of coil spring spacers for a body lift isn’t going to fly. Instead, you’re going to have to remove all of the YJ’s body mounts and reinstall taller mounts. A suspension lift on a YJ requires separating the leaf springs from the axle, and installing new shackles and leaves. Detailed below are summarized installations of both lifts. First up is body lifts.

    • First, you’ll need to remove the air intake, coolant reservoir, and the power steering reservoir
    • Automatic models will need to have the shifter linkage removed from the frame
    • Remove radiator shroud bolts
    • Loosen all body mount bolts . There’s one at the center of the grille, three under each door, two above the rear axle, and lastly two at each rear corner
    • Remove old body bushings, and install old steel sleeves onto the new bushings
    • Install all new lifted bushings
    • Install new front bump stops
    • Install radiator shroud relocation brackets
    • Reinstall reservoirs and air intake

    As you can see, the body lift on a YJ is far more complicated. To make matters worse, there are two different steel sleeve diameters. Manufacturers will include diagrams denoting which body bushings require which sleeves and where they’re located. Suspension lift installations are detailed as follows:

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    Superlift 40051/25 Leveling Kit

    If you think well end this list without discussing SUPERLIFTs excellent leveling kit, youre mistaken.

    This model is one of the greatest Jeep Gladiator lift kits available. Look no farther than these products for consumers who do not want to spend a lot of money on these devices. The SUPERLIFT 40051/2.5 Leveling Kit is reasonably priced.

    This kit, like the previous generation, is manufactured in the United States. The greatest part is that this model is well-built, so you can be confident that it will not wear or tear very soon.

    Nonetheless, this gadget is simple to use and install. SUPERLIFT assures that the product is simple to install and does not require any cutting or trimming.

    It also includes all of the necessary Level-It components. SUPERLIFT 40051/2.5 Leveling Kit improves the stance of your car. Users may easily add extra tires or larger wheels to their Jeep Gladiator. More significantly, this leveling system works flawlessly on all types of 2020 vehicles.

    Another wonderful benefit of this kit is that it gives your automobile up to 2.5 inches of lift. That isnt everything! The SUPERLIFT 40051/2.5 Leveling Kit is designed for the Jeep Gladiators front sides.

    Great performance, affordable, great quality

    Jeep Suspension Lifts: Differences Between The Jl Jk Tj & Yj

    Jeep suspension lifts are sometimes called short arm lifts and are the most common Wrangler lift kits due to their mid-level price and effectiveness. Suspension lifts range from 2-6 inches. The main downside of taller suspension lifts is anything over a 2.5-inch lift will require a slip yoke eliminator and a CV driveshaft to prevent driveline vibrations and other issues.

    4.5-6 inch lifts are best suited for off-roading because they provide large amounts of ground clearance, articulation, and allow for some very large tires. This doesnt mean they can’t be driven on the road, however, it may be less comfortable and less safe due to the increased center of gravity.

    Short arm lifts generally include bigger coil springs, sway bar links, and shocks. Some may also use extended control arms, upgraded steering components, or more depending on the lift height and manufacturer. Coil lifts are often grouped with short arm lifts due to their similarity, however, coil lifts typically only include larger coil springs and possibly new shocks.

    YJ Wranglers: YJs use a leaf spring suspension on both the front and rear axles. The main component of the lift is a new set of larger leaf springs. YJ Wranglers do not use control arms thanks to the use of leaf springs which are able to hold the axles in place while acting as springs.


    • Increased ground clearance & wheel travel
    • Allows for larger tires
    • Doesnt require modifications to shift linkage
    • Easier installation than long arm lift


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