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How Many Republicans Voted For Obamacare In 2008

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List Of Candidates Who Ran In Us Congress Elections 2018

Senate Republicans fail to get necessary votes to repeal and replace Obamacare

The Republican Party held majorities in both chambers of the U.S. Congress entering the 2018 election. In the U.S. Senate, there were 23 Democratic seats, eight Republican seats, and two seats held by independents up for election in 2018. The Democratic Party needed to pick up two seats in the Senate in order to regain the majority they lost in 2014. All 435 seats in the U.S. House were up for election. In order to win the chamber, the Democratic Party needed to pick up 24 seats in 2018.

for the list of all candidates who ran in the 2018 U.S. Congress elections. For a listing of all candidates who ran in 2016, .

U.S. House
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  • How much are your senators and representatives worth?After heated budget debates, threats of government shutdowns and multiple votes to raise the debt ceiling, Congress has been dealing with fiscal issues on a regular basis. It is no wonder, then, that when the average citizen has the means to take a peak at each members ability to handle his or her personal finance, intrigue abounds.

    The latest data calculated by reports on disclosed information from 2012. The latest batch of numbers shows that the 113th Congress had a median net worth of $1,008,767. This is the first time in history that the majority of members are millionaires.

    For information on which members saw the highest change during their tenure, please see Ballotpedias page on the Changes in Net Worth of U.S. Senators and Representatives .

    Number Of Registered Voters By State 2021

    Voter registration is the requirement that a person eligible to vote registers on an electoral roll before that person is entitled or permitted to vote. Voter registration may be automatic or may require each eligible person to submit an application. Registration varies between jurisdictions.

    Almost 92 million eligible Americans did not vote in the 2016 presidential election. Voter registration and participation are crucial for the nations democracy to function properly and for the US government to provide fair representation.

    Low voter registration numbers and low voter turnout can be the result of several factors. To increase voter registration and participation, barriers to registering to vote, and barriers to voting must be eliminated, such as additional restrictions on identification forms and reforms to ensure all eligible ballots will be securely counted. Additionally, those alienated from the democratic process or discouraged from voting must feel that their voice is heard by their leaders and encouraged to participate in elections.

    Some pro-voter policies that have shown to increase voter registration and participation are:

    • Automatic voter registration.

    Mcconnell Reacts To ‘skinny Bill’s’ Failure

    We told our constituents we would vote that way and when the moment came, the moment came, most of us did,” he said.

    “This is clearly a disappointment,” McConnell added. “It’s time to move on.”

    The return of McCain to Washington after a brain cancer diagnosis added drama to the already tense proceedings. It was his vote the 50th that allowed Republicans begin debating the measure.

    McCain gave a heartfelt speech upon his return to the Senate on Tuesday, decrying the rise of partisanship. And it was McCain who put an end to the partisan repeal effort.

    McCain spoke to Trump last night on the phone and the president urged him to vote to for the skinny repeal bill assuring him it wouldnt end up passing into law, according to one source with direct knowledge of the call.

    Vice President Mike Pence, who arrived in the chamber in a bid to rescue the bill and in preparation to cast the deciding vote, stood alongside McCain’s desk and then joined the senator in the cloakroom. By the time they re-emerged, separately, the vote had begun.

    McCain went back to his desk and sat after casting his “no” vote. He eventually made his way to the Democrats’ side of the chamber and was greeted with hugs and cheers.

    “I believe each of us stood up for the reasons that we felt were right”

    Several Republicans said they did not know where McCain would fall, and there were audible gasps in the chamber when he turned down his thumb to indicate his decision.

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    About The House Of Representatives

    The United States is also divided into 435 congressional districts with a population of about 750,000 each. Each district elects a representative to the House of Representatives for a two-year term.

    As in the Senate, the day-to-day activities of the House are controlled by the majority party. Here is a count of representatives by party:

    What Is Your Analysis Of This Vote

    Most GOP Senators Will Bow to Ted Cruz on Obamacare
  • What trends do you see in this vote?
  • Members of Congress side together for many reasons beside being in the same political party, especially so for less prominent legislation or legislation specific to a certain region. What might have determined how the roll call came out in this case? Does it look like Members of Congress voted based on party, geography, or some other reason?

  • How did your senators vote?
  • There are two votes here that should be more important to you than all the others. These are the votes cast by your senators, which are meant to represent you and your community. Do you agree with how your senators voted? Why do you think they voted the way they did?

    If you dont already know who your Members of Congress are you can find them by entering your address here.

  • How much of the United States population is represented by the yeas?
  • GovTrack displays the percentage of the United States population represented by the yeas on some Senate votes just under the vote totals. We do this to highlight how the people of the United States are represented in the Senate. Since each state has two senators, but state populations vary significantly, the individuals living in each state have different Senate representation. For example, Californias population of near 40 million is given the same number of senators as Wyomings population of about 600,000.

    Do the senators who voted yea represent a majority of the people of the United States? Does it matter?

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    List Of Current Members Of The Us Congress

    Features of Congress
    Lifetime voting recordsNet worth of United States Senators and RepresentativesStaff salaries of United States Senators and RepresentativesNational Journal vote ratings

    The United States Congress is the bicameral legislature of the United States of Americas federal government. It consists of two houses, the Senate and the House of Representatives, with members chosen through direct election.

    Congress has 535 voting members. The Senate has 100 voting officials, and the House has 435 voting officials, along with five delegates and one resident commissioner.

    to find your representatives with Ballotpedias Who represents me? tool.

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    Majority Of The Public Prefer Building On The Aca Or Keeping The Law As Is

    Building on the ACA has been a focal point for;Joe;Bidens presidential bid, as he;has proposed creating;a government-run public option;health care plan;that will compete with private insurers and be available for all Americans.;The;December;KFF Health Tracking Poll;finds nearly;half of adults want the;incoming presidential administration and Congress to build on what the ACA does . A smaller share;wants;to keep the law as it is and about three in ten want to either scale back what the law does or repeal it entirely . Partisans differ on these approaches, with three in four Democrats wanting the incoming administration and Congress to build on what the law does and six in ten Republicans wanting the law to be scaled back or repealed entirely .;;

    Figure 5: Most Want To Build On The ACA Or Keep It As Is, Though Partisans Differ

  • This estimate is a household measure of all groups and does not classify pre-existing conditions by whether they are or not a deniable condition.

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    Most Say It Is Important That Pre

    If the Supreme Court overturns the ACA, a host of provisions could be eliminated, including the laws protections for people with pre-existing medical conditions. These provisions prohibit insurance companies from denying coverage based on a persons medical history and prohibit insurance companies from charging those with pre-existing conditions more for coverage . The KFF Health Tracking Poll found that a majority of the public says it is very important for many of the ACA provisions to be kept in place, including the guaranteed issue provision and community rating . While partisans divide over the importance of keeping many provisions of the ACA in place, majorities of Democrats, Republicans, and independence say it is very important to continue each of these protections for people with pre-existing conditions.

    Figure 3: Most Say It Is Important That ACA Provisions Remain In Place

    Efforts To Invalidate Premium Subsidies

    How the Obamacare repeal failed, in two minutes

    In King v. Burwell , plaintiffs argued that premium subsidies could not legally be distributed in states that didnt establish their own health insurance exchanges. The Supreme Court ruled in the governments favor in 2015, upholding the legality of premium subsidies in every state.

    Its notable, however, that Indiana, Oklahoma, Alabama, Georgia, Nebraska, South Carolina, and West Virginia all joined amicus briefs in support of the plaintiffs in King v. Burwell. Those states all of which use the federally run exchange supported the idea that premium subsidies should not be available in states that use the federally run exchange.

    If the challengers had won, the individual mandate penalty would no longer have applied to most exchange enrollees in states that use the federally facilitated exchange, as coverage would not be considered affordable without the premium subsidies . And the employer mandate penalty would also not have applied, since its triggered when employees receive subsidies in the exchange.

    But there are 1.09 million people in those seven states who were receiving premium subsidies as of 2019. Not only would their subsidies no longer have been available had the King v. Burwell plaintiffs prevailed, but without premium subsidies, the individual market would likely have collapsed altogether in states that didnt run their own exchanges. That concern did not, however, stop those states from siding with the plaintiffs.

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    Republicans Predicted That We Would Find Iraqs Weapons Of Mass Destruction Even Though Un Weapons Inspectors Said That Those Weapons Didnt Exist

    The Bush administration continued to insist that WMDs would be found, even when the CIA said some of the evidence was questionable. As we all know, the WMDs predicted by the Bush administration did not exist, and Saddam Hussein had not resumed his nuclear weapons program as they claimed. Ultimately, both President Bush and Vice President Cheney had to admit that there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

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    Cori Bush Becomes Missouris First Black Congresswoman Cbs News Projects

    Cori Bush, a progressive Democrat and activist, has become Missouris first Black congresswoman, according to CBS News projections. With 88% of votes reported, Bush is leading Republican Anthony Rogers 78.9% to 19% to represent the states first congressional district, which includes St. Louis and Ferguson.

    Bush, 44, claimed victory on Tuesday, promising to bring change to the district. As the first Black woman and also the first nurse and single mother to have the honor to represent Missouri in the United States Congress, let me say this: To the Black women, the Black girls, the nurses, the essential workers, the single mothers, this is our moment, she told supporters in St. Louis.

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    Trump And Congressional Republicans Have Spent Years Working To Undermine The Aca

    Democrats urge full review before Senate vote on Obamacare ...
    • Health insurance & health reform authority

    The Trump administration and Republicans in Congress have long said that the ACA is collapsing under its own weight. But the individual insurance markets in most states had begun to stabilize by 2017, and began to show profits by 2018.

    After steep rate increases in 2017 and 2018 , rate increases for 2019 averaged less than 3 percent nationwide, and average rates for 2020 were essentially unchanged from 2019. And while there were numerous insurer exits from the exchanges at the end of 2016 and at the end of 2017, that was not the case at the end of 2018; there was an overall trend towards insurers joining the exchanges for 2019, and that happened in many states for 2020 as well.

    While the individual market might have stabilized to some degree, Republican talking points about the problems in the individual market are not entirely without merit. The markets are note out of the woods insurers still have some concerns about the ACA-compliant market, and premiums can be entirely unaffordable for people who dont receive premium subsidies.

    Once the premium increases of 2017 and 2018 gave way to much smaller increases and even decreases in 2019 and 2020, it was no surprise that the Trump administration took;, attributing the lower rates and smaller rate increases to their own administrative prowess. But the recent premium stabilizations have come about despite the GOPs efforts to drag down the ACA.

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    Record High Percentage Of Voters Registered In California

    Voter interest continues to grow in California as officials announced Thursday over 83% of the electorate has registered to vote, the highest entering a general election since 1952.

    SACRAMENTO, Calif. Voter interest continues to grow in California as officials announced Thursday over 83% of the electorate has registered to vote, the highest entering a general election since 1952.

    Following a Super Tuesday in which a record 9.6 million Californians voted, Secretary of State Alex Padilla says the registration spike has continued even with the extended coronavirus shutdown.;;

    Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, California is on track to reach another registration milestone, Padilla said in a statement. California will reach 21 million registered voters before the November General Election-extending our current state record for voter registration.;

    After lawmakers bumped the primary up from June to March to encourage participation, California counted a record number of votes and notched its second highest turnout for a primary. Padilla and other officials said the move was a clear success as it forced presidential candidates to campaign in the nations largest state.

    In the first registration report since the primary, Padilla says 2.8 million more people have signed up to vote compared to a similar point in the 2016 election cycle. A total of 20.9 million of the states 25 million eligible are slated to participate Nov. 3.

    Additional Reads

    How Did Obamacare Pass In Congress

    The Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, could pass into law because the Democratic Party briefly held the White House, a majority in the House of Representatives and a supermajority in the Senate in 2010.

    Origins of Obamacare Officially known as the Affordable Care Act, Obamacare was President Barack Obama’s overhaul of the health insurance system. The concept of affordable care goes back to the 1980s, when conservative economists and senators championed a healthcare reform on the basis of individual responsibility.

    In 1993, president Bill Clinton proposed a healthcare reform bill, and in 2006 the state of Massachusetts enacted a state-level insurance expansion bill. By 2008, most Democrats backed the Massachusetts model as the basis of state reform, and the topic was one of the most important during the 2008 Democratic primaries. During the general elections, Obama committed to fixing healthcare during his presidency.

    Passing Obamacare Into Law The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act needed to pass through both chambers of Congress to become a law. The seeds for this passing were sown during the 2008 elections. That evening, the Democratic party came away with a 257 to 199 seat advantage in the House, and Obama was elected president.

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    Requirements For Insurance Companies

    Prohibit bans on pre-existing health conditions in children, lifetime and annual limits on expenses, and limits coverage exclusions of pre-existing health conditions in adults.

    Requires family policies to include coverage of children up to age 26.

    Allows states to form compacts in order to allow the interstate sale of insurance.

    Requires direct access to obstetrical and gynecological care, which might include abortion.

    Creates health insurance exchanges or marketplaces that will be state-based and state-administered, but states can opt out of this if certain conditions are met; insurance can be sold within the exchange only if government-approved. If a state fails to set up its own exchange, residents of the state can purchase insurance on a federally-administered exchange. Insurance can be sold outside of the exchange, but only policies purchased on the exchange will be eligible for a premium tax credit.

    Prohibits health plans from discriminating against providers, but plans are not required to contract with any provider.

    Requires health plans to develop politically correct language services, community outreach and cultural competency trainings.

    Requires “silver” insurance plans sold on the exchange to implement a premium tax credit program for individuals making less than $45,960 . The insurance company receives the credit from the federal government and is responsible for billing the difference to each insured person.

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