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Am I Democrat Or Republican

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Taking The Perspective Of Others Proved To Be Really Hard

Am I a Democrat or Republican Test (Answer might suprise you)

The divide in the United States is wide, and one indication of that is how difficult our question proved for many thoughtful citizens. A 77-year-old Republican woman from Pennsylvania was typical of the voters who struggled with this question, telling us, This is really hard for me to even try to think like a devilcrat!, I am sorry but I in all honesty cannot answer this question. I cannot even wrap my mind around any reason they would be good for this country.

Similarly, a 53-year-old Republican from Virginia said, I honestly cannot even pretend to be a Democrat and try to come up with anything positive at all, but, I guess they would vote Democrat because they are illegal immigrants and they are promised many benefits to voting for that party. Also, just to follow what others are doing. And third would be just because they hate Trump so much. The picture she paints of the typical Democratic voter being an immigrant, who goes along with their party or simply hates Trump will seem like a strange caricature to most Democratic voters. But her answer seems to lack the animus of many.

Democrats struggled just as much as Republicans. A 33-year-old woman from California told said, i really am going to have a hard time doing this but then offered that Republicans are morally right as in values, going to protect us from terrorest and immigrants, going to create jobs.

Women Arent A Voting Bloc

A persons gender is not especially good at predicting party affiliation at least not on its own. When combined with age and marital status, though, it becomes more relevant. Seventy percent of millennial women identify with or lean toward the Democrats, according to a 2018 report from the Pew Research Center, and about 57 percent of unmarried women leaned Democratic in a 2015 Pew report.

The gender gap has fluctuated

The age gap developed recently

The early 2000s saw younger voters break for the Democrats, possibly because of opinions on the Iraq war.

The difference between men and women peaked in the mid-1990s and shrank afterward.

Single voters are increasingly important. In 1960, 72 percent of U.S. adults were married in 2016, only half were.


35 and older

The partisan gender gap developed in the 1980s as men drifted toward the Republican Party it widened in the 2016 Trump versus Clinton election. Much like racial resentment explains support for Mr. Trump, researchers have found that hostile sexism measured by asking questions like whether someone believes women seek to control men is increasingly dividing the parties.

This Kansas Democrat Likes Ike And Wonders How Many Republicans Still Would

C.J. Janovy
May 7, 2021 3:33 am

Kansas Rep. Dennis Boog Highberger breaks decorum by appearing at the front of the Kansas House without a jacket on Jan. 21, 2021.

Boog Highberger knew it was almost lunchtime. So when he stepped to the podium in front of the Kansas House of Representatives, he said hed try to be brief.

It would be a week of some very long speeches in the Kansas Legislature, and this was only Tuesday. That morning, the House had been considering a Senate bill involving tax preparers that included tax credits for the Eisenhower Foundation in Abilene and the Friends of Cedar Crest Association, among other things.

Highberger, a Democrat, represents the liberal bubble of Lawrence. Hed made a dramatic point back in the opening days of this years legislative session when, on Jan. 21, hed stepped to the same podium in a shirt and tie but no jacket, violating House decorum to make the point that pandemic decorum in the chamber should also include face masks.

Tuesdays speech was less immediately jarring. Highberger just wanted to read some short excerpts from a long document.

It may not seem relevant at first, but Ill explain when I finish, he said. These are some words from an important document in American history.

Its worth quoting the entirety of what Highberger said:

America does not prosper unless all Americans prosper. … Government must have a heart as well as a head. …

Rep. Dennis ‘Boog’ Highberger, Kansas House, May 4, 2021

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Democrat Vs Republican: Where Did The Parties Get Their Names

In the United States, the words Democrat and Republican are widely used to mean the two major American political parties: the Democratic Party and the Republican Party.

We often hear these words used to describe things the parties do or the people connected to them. For example, former Vice President Joe Biden is the Democratic candidate for president, and members of the Republican Party are often simply called Republicans.

The English words democratic and republicanactually have long, complex histories that go far beyond red and blue states or donkeys and elephants. Lets take a closer look at where these two words came from and how they came to be used in the names of the two political parties.

Reality Check : The Democrats Legislative Fix Will Never Happenand Doesnt Even Touch The Real Threats

I Am: Republican Democrat Having A Glass Of Wine. Having A

Its understandable why Democrats have ascribed a life-or-death quality to S. 1, the For the People bill that would impose a wide range of requirements on state voting procedures. The dozensor hundredsof provisions enacted by Republican state legislatures and governors represent a determination to ensure that the GOP thumb will be on the scale at every step of the voting process. The proposed law would roll that back on a national level by imposing a raft of requirements on statesno excuse absentee voting, more days and hours to votebut would also include public financing of campaigns, independent redistricting commissions and compulsory release of presidential candidates’ tax returns.

There are all sorts of Constitutional questions posed by these ideas. But theres a more fundamental issue here: The Constitutional clause on which the Democrats are relyingArticle I, Section 4, Clause 1gives Congress significant power over Congressional elections, but none over elections for state offices or the choosing of Presidential electors.

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Difference Between Democrat And Republican

Difference between Democrat and Republican is explained here in detail.

Democrat is a proponent of democracy, or democratic government. Democratic Party of USA is the worlds oldest active political party. They are more aligned towards liberal ideology.

Republican can refer to an advocate of a republic, a form of government that is not a monarchy or dictatorship, and is usually associated with the rule of law. Republic Party is one of the 2 major parties of the USA.

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Difference between Democrat and Republican UPSC Notes:-

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You may also read first the Difference between Democracy and Republic to understand the fundamentals.

The major differences between Democrat and Republican are:

Republicans Have More Friends Across The Political Divide Than Democrats Study Finds

When David Huzzards friend posted some QAnon conspiracy theories on Facebook in the fall, Huzzard first assumed the best of intentions. He recalls thinking: Maybe they just got tricked.

Huzzard, a 40-year-old pet store owner in Virginia Beach, is well-versed in the art of maintaining friendships with people who dont vote like he does. Huzzard is a Democrat in a city that narrowly went for President Biden in the 2020 election.

Then his friends rhetoric got stronger. Shortly before the election, Huzzards friend posted on Facebook again, this time sharing falsehoods about how mail-in ballots were subject to fraud. Huzzard and his wife were taking extra caution to avoid covid-19 as they were expecting a baby in November and planned to vote absentee. Huzzarddidnt address the issue with his friend directly, instead publishing his own Facebook post saying: If youre against mail-in voting, youre against my voting rights and youre no longer my friend.

Still, Huzzard and his friend remained cordial whenever they saw one another in person. He considered inviting this friend and her husband over for dinner. But as the other couple continued sharing online disinformation about the efficacy of masks and the coronavirus vaccines, Huzzard and his wife decided that for the safety of their family and their unvaccinated children, they would no longer socialize with them.

Emily Guskin contributed to this report.


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Republicans Cant Understand Democrats

Only one in four Republican voters felt that most or almost all Democratic voters sincerely believed they were voting in the best interests of the country. Rather, many Republicans told us that Democratic voters were brainwashed by the propaganda of the mainstream media, or voting solely in their self-interest to preserve undeserved welfare and food stamp benefits.

We asked every Republican in the sample to do their best to imagine that they were a Democrat and sincerely believed that the Democratic Party was best for the country. We asked them to explain their support for the Democratic Party as an actual Democratic voter might. For example, a 64-year-old strong Republican man from Illinois surmised that Democrats want to help the poor, save Social Security, and tax the rich.

But most had trouble looking at the world through Democratic eyes. Typical was a a 59-year-old Floridian who wrote I dont want to work and I want cradle to grave assistance. In other words, Mommy! Indeed, roughly one in six Republican voters answered in the persona of a Democratic voter who is motivated free college, free health care, free welfare, and so on. They see Democrats as voting in order to get free stuff without having to work for it was extremely common roughly one in six Republican voters used the word free in the their answers, whereas no real Democratic voters in our sample answered this way.

What Your Votes Mean

Am I a Democrat, Republican or Independent?

If you answer no to the first question, that means you want Newsom to stay in office and finish his term, which ends Jan. 2, 2023.

If your answer to the first question is yes, that means you want Newsom out of office and replaced within 38 days of the election. Newsoms successor would serve for the remainder of Newsoms term a little over a year.

Its worth noting that there is a regular gubernatorial election on Nov. 8, 2022, in which Newsom plans to run . So if hes recalled now, he could be reelected next November and back in office in January 2023.

Regardless of how you vote on the first question, the second question is a chance to vote for whom you want to replace Newsom if he is recalled. A total of 46 certifiedcandidates are on the ballot, and theres also a write-in option. Note that you cant write in Gavin Newsom state law doesnt permit him to replace himself.

President Biden:Biden released a statement saying registered California voters should vote no on the recall election by September 14 and keep California moving forward.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi:Pelosi said that recalling Newsom would not good for children and other living things, and urged Californians to vote no in the election.

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Am I A Democrat Or A Republican Quiz

Find out here if you’re a Democrat, Republican or Independent. Be involved.

  • Do you support the increase of minimum wage?
  • A.& nbsp
  • What’s your opinion on homosexual marriage?
  • A.& nbsp
  • C.& nbsp
  • What would you hate so much?
  • A.& nbsp

    Laws violating the 1st Amendment. For example, laws putting surveillance cameras in every house, too much censorship, and no free choice.

  • B.& nbsp

    Too much freedom. For example, flag burning, marijuana being legal, and no censorship.

  • C.& nbsp
  • Do you support the Death Penalty?
  • A.& nbsp

    No. “An eye for an eye makes the world blind.” -Ghandi

  • B.& nbsp

    Yes. It is a fitting punishment.

  • C.& nbsp
  • Don’t you just hate discrimination?
  • A.& nbsp

    Yes. Everyone should be given a chance.

  • B.& nbsp
  • Should women be given access to birth control?
  • A.& nbsp
  • Ok, last question. Which one of these phrases would you say?
  • A.& nbsp
    • Sample QuestionWhich animal do you like, a horse or an elephant?I don’t like both because can’t be pet inside a house.I like horses because I am into equestrian.I think an elephant is superbly huge but gentle. I like that animal certainly.

    The Relationship Between Education And Party Has Flipped

    College-educated white people have left the Republican Party over the past decade, but higher-income voters are, as ever, disproportionately Republican. Wealthier people tend to be more educated, too, but now these forces push in opposite directions. That complicates the traditional relationship between Democrats and the white working class.

    For decades, working-class people voted for Democrats, but recently, the difference in party affiliation between the white working class and other white people has evaporated. This trend, experts say, might make it difficult for the 2020 Democratic presidential nominee to mobilize voters by appealing to working-class identity.

    Among white Americans:

    Only white


    Some political scientists have attributed the emergent diploma divide to less educated white voters racial resentment. Dr. Sides, Dr. Tesler and Dr. Vavreck argue that during Barack Obamas presidency, less-educated white people who may not have followed politics began to link the Democrats to progressive attitudes toward race and fled the party as a result. Even education is, in a sense, a proxy for opinions about race, the brightest line in todays partisan conflict.

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    Keeping The Fight: Republican And Democrat Liberal And Conservative

    There is a similar attempt by the godless majority now. Their goal is to keep us fighting and fearful so we will not be focused and faithful. Oh Jesus, have mercy on us. We sheep are easily frightened and too quick to listen to anothers voice. What is God saying to US?! Is He asking us to fixate on the crisis du jour or to be unentangled and prayerful?

    My temptation is to feed these shouting voices with my attention and gaze. Theyve simply become carnival barkers, attracting curiosity to capture focus. I personally feel like Im a rubbernecker, ogling that train wreck you just cant pull your eyes from. But God says, What is My will? Just because I am a citizen of this country doesnt mean I owe anyone or anything free access to the revolving door of my heart. My heart and ear are for the Father and His Will alone. He must direct my attention and guide my consumption of information.

    No one serving as a soldier gets entangled in civilian affairs, but rather tries to please his Commanding Officer. 2 Timothy 2:4 NIV

    Reality Check #: The Electoral College And The Senate Are Profoundly Undemocraticand Were Stuck With Them

    Family Magazine: Am I A Republican Or Democrat

    Because the Constitution set up a state-by-state system for picking presidents, the massive Democratic majorities we now see in California and New York often mislead us about the partys national electoral prospects. In 2016, Hillary Clintons 3-million-vote plurality came entirely from California. In 2020, Bidens 7-million-vote edge came entirely from California and New York. These are largely what election experts call wasted votesDemocratic votes that dont, ultimately, help the Democrat to win. That imbalance explains why Trump won the Electoral College in 2016 and came within a handful of votes in three states from doing the same last November, despite his decisive popular-vote losses.

    The response from aggrieved Democrats? Abolish the Electoral College! In practice, theyd need to get two-thirds of the House and Senate, and three-fourths of the state legislatures, to ditch the process that gives Republicans their only plausible chance these days to win the White House. Shortly after the 2016 election, Gallup found that Republican support for abolishing the electoral college had dropped to 19 percent. The National Popular Vote Interstate Compact, a state-by-state scheme to effectively abolish the Electoral College without changing the Constitution, hasnt seen support from a single red or purple state.

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    Democrats Return The Favor: Republicans Uninformed Or Self

    The 429 Democratic voters in our sample returned the favor and raised many of the same themes. Democrats inferred that Republicans must be VERY ill-informed, or that Fox news told me to vote for Republicans. Or that Republicans are uneducated and misguided people guided by what the media is feeding them.

    Many also attributed votes to individual self-interest whereas GOP voters feel Democrats want free stuff, many Democrats believe Republicans think that I got mine and dont want the libs to take it away, or that some day I will be rich and then I can get the benefits that rich people get now.

    Many used the question to express their anger and outrage at the other side. Rather than really try to take the position of their opponents, they said things like, I like a dictatorial system of Government, Im a racist, I hate non-whites.

    Reality Check : Biden Cant Be Fdr

    Theres no question that Biden is swinging for the fences. Beyond the emerging bipartisan infrastructure bill, he has proposed a far-reaching series of programs that would collectively move the United States several steps closer to the kind of social democracy prevalent in most industrialized nations: free community college, big support for childcare and homebound seniors, a sharp increase in Medicaid, more people eligible for Medicare, a reinvigorated labor movement. It is why 100 days into the administration, NPR was asking a commonly heard question: Can Biden Join FDR and LBJ In The Democratic Party’s Pantheon?

    But the FDR and LBJ examples show conclusively why visions of a transformational Biden agenda are so hard to turn into reality. In 1933, FDR had won a huge popular and electoral landslide, after which he had a three-to-one Democratic majority in the House and a 59-vote majority in the Senate. Similarly, LBJ in 1964 had won a massive popular and electoral vote landslide, along with a Senate with 69 Democrats and a House with 295. Last November, on the other hand, only 42,000 votes in three key states kept Trump from winning re-election. Democrats losses in the House whittled their margin down to mid-single digits. The Senate is 50-50.

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