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2012 Jeep Patriot Rear Lower Control Arm

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How Does The Control Arm Work

How To Replace Rear Lower Control Arm 2007-2017 Jeep Compass

The control arm is connected on one end to the steering knuckle by a ball and socket called a ball joint. It is attached at the other end to the vehicle frame or body. When a car goes over a bump, the control arm pivots up and down with the wheel and allows the vehicle body to remain stable. On the frame/body side, the control arm has a bushing that allows it to pivot.

What Are The Symptoms Related To A Bad Control Arm

The actual control arm may last the lifetime of the vehicle. The control arm bushings, on the other hand, often wear out as a vehicle approaches 100k miles. A control arm is prone to damage if the vehicle is in a crash or encounters a large pothole. If the bushings are worn out, the suspension will make a squeaking sound when going over bumps. If they are severely worn, a knocking sound may be heard as the control arm makes metal-to-metal contact with the bushing bracket. If the control arm is damaged or bent, tire wear may be uneven and the vehicle may pull to one side or wander.

Can I Drive With A Control Arm Problem

If the control arm on a vehicle is damaged in a crash or impact with a pothole or parking block, the suspension will be out of alignment and cause uneven tire wear and poor vehicle handling. The control arm should be replaced as soon as possible. If the control arm bushings are worn, the result will be an annoying squeak when the car goes over bumps. In this case, the car can be driven. But if the bushings wear out considerably, metal-on-metal contact may happen between the control arm and the bushing bracket. This can cause further suspension damage and the control arm or bushing should be replaced.

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Rear Suspension And Cradle For 2012 Jeep Patriot


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How Urgent Is A Front Upper Control Arm Replacement MYSMOT 521

If your front upper control arm replacement is damaged because of an accident, then you need to get it replaced immediately. Quicker than immediately. Dont do any driving until then.

But if its just starting to give out on you, then you can drive it short distances safely. But dont test your luck. Just do the smart thing already and get it replaced.

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Uneven Wear On Your Tires

Pulling is often caused by uneven wear on your tires, and vice versa. A malfunctioning front upper control arm can cause your wheels to be improperly aligned, which will make your tires wear unevenly.Its a good idea to visually inspect your tires with some regularity, so you can spot issues before they get too severe.

What Is A Control Arm

The control arm connects the steering knuckle to the frame or body of a vehicle. The wheel is held on to a hub connected to the steering knuckle. The knuckle allows the wheel to steer left and right and is attached to the control arm. The control arm allows allow the wheel to travel up and down over bumps and helps to position the wheel in the proper alignment.

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Rear Suspension For 2012 Jeep Patriot

Installing a lower control arm on a Jeep Patriot


Patriot. 4wd. Compass. 4wd. With awd. Caliber.

4wd. Caliber. Compass. Patriot. 2wd.

2wd, with off road pkg. Patriot. With off road package. 4wd, with off road pkg.

Compass. All. Patriot. Without off road package. 4wd, without off road pkg. Caliber. 2wd.

Lower Control Arm Bolt, Left

Awd. 4wd. Fwd. 2007-11. 2wd, outer. Without heavy duty.

Lower Control Arm Bolt, Right

2wd, inner. 4wd, inner.

Lower Control Arm Nut

4wd. Without awd. 2wd. 2008. Sedan,. Convertible,. Link rod,nut. Awd control arms. Fwd control arms. FWD. nut.

4wd. Caliber. Compass. Patriot. 2wd.

4wd. 2wd. Rear. 3.8L. 2.0L, m8x20. Without 2.4L turbo. 3.0L diesel. 3.6L.

4wd. Caliber. Compass. Patriot. 2wd.


Patriot. With off road package. Left. 4wd, with off road pkg. 2wd. 4wd, all. Compass.

Caliber. Right. Patriot. Without off road package. Compass. 2wd. 4wd.

Caliber. Left. Patriot. Without off road package. Compass. All. 4wd.

Without awd. Caliber. Patriot. 2wd. Compass.

Lower Control Arm Bolt, Left

2wd, inner. 4wd, inner.

Lower Control Arm Nut, Right

4wd. Without awd. 2wd. 2008. Sedan,. Convertible,. Link rod,nut. Awd control arms. Fwd control arms. FWD. nut.

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What To Look Out For When Dealing With Control Arm Issues

If a control arm is damaged, the suspension alignment will be compromised. In addition, rubber bushings are adversely affected by heat and by petroleum products . It is important to periodically inspect the control arm bushings to make sure they are free from grease or oil. Also, in order to replace a control arm, the vehicle needs to be safely raised and supported on a hoist or a jack and jack stands.

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How Are Control Arm Issues Diagnosed

A technician may diagnose a worn lower control arm during a test drive of the vehicle. The condition may also present itself during a bounce test, where the technician will press down firmly on one corner of the vehicle to bounce the suspension and pivot the control arms. A damaged or bent control arm may show up during a four wheel suspension alignment since the control arm determines the position and angle of the wheel.

Can I Replace The Control Arm Myself

BOXI Rear Right or Left Lower Control Lateral Toe Arm for Dodge Caliber ...

Replacement of a control arm is generally an intermediate DIY repair. On some vehicles, the control arms come with the bushings already installed. On other vehicles, the bushings need to be pressed into their housings on the control arm before installation into the vehicle. In this case, the repair will be more difficult. Also, this repair requires that the vehicle be safely lifted and supported with a jack and jack stands. Failure to do so in a safe manner can result in serious injury or death.

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How Is A Control Arm Replaced

A technician will replace a lower control arm by first lifting and supporting the vehicle in the air on a hoist and removing the wheel and tire. A lower control arm must be disconnected from the lower ball joint and from the vehicle frame or body. An upper control arm is disconnected from the strut tower on the body and from the top of the steering knuckle. Some control arms come with bushings permanently installed in them, while others require the bushings to be installed. It is common to replace related components – ball joints, tie rod ends, sway bar links – at the same time that a control arm is replaced.

Did You Know

Jeep Compass Rear Suspension Lower Control Arms

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