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The Patriot Automatic Pool Vacuum

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Troubleshooting A Pool Vacuum


If you own a swimming pool and are using a pool vacuum system, you need to know what possible problems may befall it to be able to address an issue when one occurs. If your swimming pool has a Hayward ground, such grounds are usually permanent and the vacuums used look like cartoon critters. These vacuums can sometimes have problems like getting stuck around ladders and walls, or being too slow, overly fast or not moving at all. Here are steps that will help you determine the problem of your pool vacuum, as well as find its solution.

Step 1: Lack of Suction

If the pool vacuum has failed to move and the vacuum head has no suction on ityet everything appears to be well connected, the first thing to look at is the hose connection. The hose may not be attached properly to the vacuum head. If it is well connected, look at its connections at the vacuum plate and skimmer.

If all is well as far as hose connections are concerned, maybe there is air in them. If there is air in the tubes, the pool vacuum will not work properly and you will hear noise that is made by a dry pump running.

If that is not the problem either, look for cracks or leaks on the hoses, as these deter the vacuum from functioning.

Step 2: Failure to Make Forward Movement

Step 3: Removing the Cleaner Throat

Step 4: Increasing the Length of the Hose

Step 5: Cleaning the Screen

Pool Boy Auto Cleaner


This top-of-the-line automatic pool vacuum will scrub your pool spotlessly clean. Pool Boy will quickly clean any above-ground pool regardless of size or shape, including dished out bottoms.

The unit easily hooks up to your pools pump and filtration system to get its remarkable cleaning power. Pool Boy picks up everything in its wake including dirt, pebbles, leaves, and bugs.

The secret to this amazing cleaner is that Pool Boy has applied its state-of-the-art engineering and designed a pool cleaner with only one moving part.

There are no wheels to jam, gears to break, or loud diaphragms to replace. The result is a trouble-free pool cleaner that is very reliable and cleans like mad.

Pool Boy quickly installs on any existing pool and comes complete with the head and 30 feet of hose. Put the strongest name in vacuuming to work in your above-ground pool this season with Pool Boy.

Efficient product that helps to clean your above-ground pool more effectively while helping to sustain your budget while comfortably keeping your pool at its finest.

Backed by a 2-Year Warranty.

Cleaner Number

Whats The Right Option For You

If youre still unsure which automatic pool vacuum is right for you now that you know the pros and cons of automatic pool vacuums, dont worry. Our team at Narellan Pools is here to walk you through the selection process and answer any questions you may have about caring for your pool.And if its time to bring home the best fiberglass pool available, then Narellan Pools is here to make that dream a reality. Not sure where to start? Check out our gallery of stunning fiberglass pools to get your imagination going. Call us today at 1.888.342.7665 to start planning the pool of your dreams or request a free quote. Before long, your dream oasis will be a reality in your own backyard.

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Verwendung Eines Patriot Automatic Pool Vacuum

Der Patriot Automatic Pool Vacuum nutzt die Kraft des Zirkulationssystems des Pools, um den Boden eines oberirdischen Pools gründlich zu reinigen. Es wird als saugseitiger Reiniger bezeichnet, da er am Einlass oder an der Saugseite der Poolpumpe durch den Skimmer angebracht wird. Sie brauchen kein Werkzeug, um es zu installieren und einzustellen, und da es so wenige bewegliche Teile hat, ist die Wartung sehr gering, damit es jahrelang effizient läuft.

Legen Sie die Teile und Schläuche des Patrioten auf das Pooldeck. Der Vakuumkopf wird mit Ausnahme des flachen Gummifußpolsters und des Auftriebsrings vormontiert geliefert.

Bringen Sie das Fußpolster über der Unterseite der Vakuumkopfbaugruppe in der dafür vorgesehenen Nut an. Stellen Sie sicher, dass es sich im Kanal frei drehen kann.

Schieben Sie den Auftriebsring über den ersten Abschnitt des Vakuumschlauchs am oberen Teil der Vakuumkopfbaugruppe.

Bringen Sie genügend Schlauchabschnitte an, damit Sie die Vakuumeinheit in das Becken einsetzen und auf dem Boden abstellen können. Etwa vier Fuß Schlauch verbleiben auf dem Deck.

Beobachten Sie, wie die Baugruppe auf dem Beckenboden sitzt. Das gesamte Fußpolster sollte flach auf dem Boden aufliegen und die Baugruppe in einem Winkel von etwa 45 Grad von diesem abheben. Sie können den Auftriebsring entweder nach oben oder unten am Schlauchabschnitt einstellen, um die Vakuumeinheit richtig auszurichten.

Automatic Pool Cleaner Parts

The Patriot Automatic Cleaner for Above Ground Pools
  • Aquabot Refine by Manufacturer: Aquabot
  • Aqua Products Refine by Manufacturer: Aqua Products
  • Baracuda Refine by Manufacturer: Baracuda
  • Century A.O. Smith Refine by Manufacturer: Century A.O. Smith
  • Dolphin Refine by Manufacturer: Dolphin
  • GLI Refine by Manufacturer: GLI
  • Hayward Refine by Manufacturer: Hayward
  • Jacuzzi Refine by Manufacturer: Jacuzzi
  • Kreepy Krauly Refine by Manufacturer: Kreepy Krauly
  • Pentair Refine by Manufacturer: Pentair
  • Polaris Refine by Manufacturer: Polaris
  • Raypak Refine by Manufacturer: Raypak
  • Waterway Refine by Manufacturer: Waterway
  • Zodiac Refine by Manufacturer: Zodiac
  • Other Refine by Manufacturer: Other

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Pros And Cons Of Automatic Pool Vacuums

Your beautiful fiberglass swimming pool from Narellan Pools is your familys personal oasis. It provides relief from the heat and hours of fun in the sun for your kids, family and friends. But every pool owner knows that a pool requires regular cleaning to prevent the filtration system from clogging. To cut down on the amount of time spent cleaning, many pool owners look to automatic pool vacuums to do the bulk of the work. If youre considering buying one, here are the pros and cons of the most popular automatic pool vacuums robotic, suction-side and pressure-side.

Automatic Pool Vacuum/cleaner And Hoses

Please read entire post before replying- Used Pool Vacuum, in good condition. US Extreme power . This was not mine so selling AS-IS. A set of 8 hoses is included . Tried it in the pool and it works fine-Works like a Kreepy Krawly, Zodiac, Barracuda, etc. Side Climber style. I have two of these for s …

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Us Extreme Power Automatic Pool Vacuum W/ Hoses

Please read entire post before replying- Used US Extreme Power Pool Vacuum, in good condition. This was not mine so selling AS-IS. A set of 9 hoses is included , and flow regulator. Tried it in the pool and it works fine-Works like a Kreepy Krawly, Zodiac, Barracuda, etc. Side Climber style.Item …

Why Are De Filters Rated #1 In The Pool Market

How to hook up an Automatic Pool Vacuum to an Above Ground Pool

D.E. filtration systems are considered to be the finest pool filter in the industry because they are capable of removing much smaller particles than either sand or cartridge filters. The fine powder that removes particles as small as 2 microns.

All earth filters have internal elements that become coated with D.E. It is this ‘filter cake’ that strains dirt, dust, algae and some forms of bacteria from the water.

When a D.E. filter becomes dirty, it is cleaned either by backwashing or regenerating and draining the clogged D.E. to the ‘waste’ line. To restore filtration, a fresh ‘charge’ of D.E. is added to the filter. This typically is done once a month or more often if the pool is dirty or green. D.E. filters will pull iron and copper out of your water without the help of any metal coagulant products!

Hands down, D.E. filters offer superior filtration compared to cartridge or sand filters – no questions asked!

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