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Patriot’s History Of The United States

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A Patriots History Of The United States: From Columbuss Great Discovery To The War On Terror

A Patriot’s History of the United States
Saturday, January 14, 2006

U.S. history textbooks are important because they are a benchmark of what we as a nation value in our past and what we envision for our future.

After thumbing through a recent batch of texts, David McCullough, winner of the Pulitzer Prize, concluded that most of them, it appears to me, have been published in order to kill any interest that anyone might have in history. Whats more, he discovered that theyre often hilariously politically correct and they are not doing any good. Not surprisingly, students hate them and refuse to read them used book stores often refuse to buy them, or even to put one on their shelves.

Larry Schweikart and Michael Allen, authors of A Patriots History of the United States, observed this trend and tried to do better in writing their own text. The result is a magnificent achievementa readable narrative that persuasively explains the rise of America, and directly challenges the endemic political correctness in texts today.

Schweikart and Allen start by praising character and hard work as the building blocks of American success. Because Americans had a Christian culture, they took the right to life, liberty, and property seriously. The Founders, Schweikart and Allen remind us, wanted limited government, and that limited government, born in the 1700s, gave free rein to the triumph of entrepreneurs in the 1800s, which helped build the United States into a superpower in the 1900s.

Return To The Super Bowl

During the 2010 off-season, the Patriots drafted Arkansas quarterback Ryan Mallett. The team also made two trades for defensive lineman Albert Haynesworth and wide receiver Chad Ochocinco.

In the first game of the 2011 season, the Patriots played the Miami Dolphins on Monday Night Football, and New England won 3824. Brady set a personal single-game record with 517 passing yards, highlighted by an NFL record-tying 99-yard touchdown reception by Wes Welker. They beat the San Diego Chargers in Week 2 in their home opener, but their 15-game win streak against the Buffalo Bills ended when Tom Brady threw four interceptions, and the Patriots lost 3431 on a last-second field goal. The team then won three games in a row. During the Patriots’ bye in Week 7, an incident occurred where tight end Rob Gronkowski was seen in a photo with an adult film actress wearing his game shirt. Following a 2517 loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers, wide receiver was arrested for indecent assault following an incident in a Back Bay nightclub on Halloween. The Patriots won their last eight games to take the top seed in the AFC playoffs.

History Of The New England Patriots


The history of the New England Patriots began when Boston business executive William “Billy” Sullivan and Sullivan Brother Printers, owned by Joseph Sullivan, were awarded the eighth and final franchise of the developing American Football League on November 16, 1959.

The Patriots have had several notable players including defensive tackles Jim Lee “Earthquake” Hunt and Houston Antwine quarterback Vito “Babe” Parilli flanker-placekicker Gino Cappelletti defensive end Larry Eisenhauer, fullback Jim Nance, and middle linebacker Nick Buoniconti. Cappelletti and Nance were AFL Most Valuable Players, Cappelletti in 1964 and Nance in 1966. Buoniconti and Antwine were named to the American Football League All-Time Team.

The Patriots have been members of the AFC East for their entire existence the division was formed as the AFL East in 1960, and essentially became the AFC East after the AFL and NFL merged in 1970. The following year, the Patriots moved to a new stadium in Foxborough, Massachusetts, a suburb of Boston. The team also changed their name to the New England Patriots.

In 1985, they returned to the playoffs, and made it to Super Bowl XX, which they lost against the Chicago Bears 4610. Following their Super Bowl loss, they returned to the playoffs in 1986, but lost in the first round.

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Offseason: Bob Kraft Buys The Team

Throughout the 1993 season, rumors continued that the team was going to move to St. Louis. In the 1993 off-season, the issue reached its climax. Orthwein offered Robert Kraft, the team’s landlord since 1988, $75 million to break the lease on Foxboro Stadium, which bound the team to continue playing there until at least 2002. However, Kraft refused. Orthwein was not willing to continue operating the team in New England, and put it up for sale. Kraft knew that the terms of the operating covenant required any potential buyer to deal with him, and made an offer to buy the team himself for a then-NFL record $160 million in 1994. Although future St. Louis/Los Angeles Rams owner Stan Kroenke offered more money than Kraft, Orthwein would have been saddled with all relocation costs, as well as any legal expenses resulting from breaking the lease. With Kraft making it clear that he would seek an injunction that would have forced Kroenke or any other potential buyer to keep the Patriots in Foxborough, Orthwein was all but forced to accept Kraft’s bid.

On February 26, 1994, Kraft’s first full day as owner of the Patriots, the team sold a record number of season tickets. In September, the Patriots sold out the entire 1994 season.

Second Super Bowl Appearance

A Patriots History of the United States

In the 1996 NFL Draft, the Patriots selected wide receiver Terry Glenn with their first round draft pick. The Patriots started out lackluster in 1996. After an early-season loss to the Redskins at home dropped the Patriots to 33, the Patriots won their next four games, and finished the season 115. The Patriots won the AFC East and earned a first-round bye in the playoffs as the #2 seed. The Patriots defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers 283 in a divisional playoff game. They then beat the Jacksonville Jaguars 206 in the first AFC Championship game played in Foxboro. The team advanced to Super Bowl XXXI against the Green Bay Packers.

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First Super Bowl Championship

In 2001, Drew Bledsoe signed a 10-year contract extension and offensive tackle Bruce Armstrong retired. Wide receiver Terry Glenn didn’t show up to training camp in August and was suspended by the NFL for the first four games of the season due to violating substance abuse policies. During the training camp, quarterbacks coach Dick Rehbein died of cardiac arrest on August 6 at the age of 45.

The Patriots lost their opener to the Cincinnati Bengals, and in the first post-9/11 game, against the Jets, Bledsoe was injured, shearing a blood vessel in his chest after being tackled by Jets linebacker Mo Lewis.Tom Brady, a sixth round pick in the 2000 NFL Draft, took over for Bledsoe. He remained the team’s starting quarterback after Bledsoe was cleared to play two months later. During the season, first-round draft pick Richard Seymour anchored the defensive line and Antowain Smith, a free agent signed from Buffalo, ran over 1,000 yards. The Patriots won their final six games to capture the AFC East with an 115 record. The Patriots won a first-round bye as the #2 seed in the playoffs.

In the Super Bowl, the Patriots faced the St. Louis Rams, led by league MVP Kurt Warner. During the game, Bill Belichick used a defensive game plan that used the blitz sparingly, but chipped the Rams receivers and running back as they went into their patterns. This plan forced three turnovers.

Complete Patriots History Curriculum

Although we have many free teaching materials for you on this website, we recommend the excellent Classical Historian curriculum. We have entered into an arrangement for the Classical Historian Modern American History Complete Curriculum and the Classical Historian American Government and Economics Complete Curriculum.

As described by the founder of Classical Historian, John De Gree, ‘The Classical Historian high school history programs teach critical thinking, reading, expression, and compel students to take a stand on debatable topics using the Socratic discussion. We use the best texts as our source materials, such as Larry Schweikart’s A Patriots History of the United States of America, and extensive primary sources. Give your home school kids and classroom school students the best in history education!’

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National Review Online Interviews Dr Schweikart

NRO:So a Patriots Guide isnt all good?

Schweikart: Absolutely not. As we say in the intro/jacket flap, we reject My Country, Right or Wrong, but we equally reject My Country, Always Wrong. I think youll find us quite critical of such aspects of our past-such as the Founders unwillingness to actually act on slavery on at least three separate occasions or about Teddy Roosevelts paternalistic regulations and his anti-business policies. On the other hand, as conservatives, we nevertheless destroy the myth that FDR knew about the Pearl Harbor attack in advance. Instead, we try to always put the past in the context of the time ‘ why did people act then as they did, and was that typical? Read more

Sixth Super Bowl Championship

Book Review: A Patriot’s History of the United States

During the offseason, the Patriots lost left tackle Nate Solder, right tackle Cameron Fleming, wide receiver Brandin Cooks, starting running back Dion Lewis, and cornerback Malcolm Butler. Also during the offseason, they added left tackle Trent Brown, Bengals running back Jeremy Hill, and wide receiver Cordarrelle Patterson. The Patriots also drafted left tackle Isaiah Wynn and running back Sony Michel in the first round.

In September, the Patriots signed Josh Gordon. During the Patriots week 5 game against the Indianapolis Colts Brady became the third Quarterback to throw 500 touchdowns in his career. The Patriots had a six-game winning streak until losing at the Tennessee Titans in Week 10. In weeks 14 and 15, the team had back-to-back losses against the Dolphins and Steelers, both on the road. In late December, the Patriots lost Gordon, who left due to health reasons. They finished the season with an 115 record and a first-round bye.

In Super Bowl LIII in Atlanta, the Patriots faced off against the Los Angeles Rams. The game remained tied 33 until the 4th quarter, when Brady and Gronkowski completed two long passes to put the Patriots inside the Rams 5 yard line, where Sony Michel would score the game’s only touchdown, winning the game 133. Wide receiver was named Super Bowl MVP, with 10 catches for 141 yards. The sixth Super Bowl victory tied the Patriots with the Steelers for most all time.

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Dr Schweikart Discusses The Need For This Book

For a half a century, the interpretation of Americas story has drifted steadily leftward, sometimes almost imperceptibly and sometimes rather obviously. Whether through deliberate revision designed to question Americas unique place in the worldoften out of guiltor whether through the steady assault of race, class, gender, and other oppressed/oppressor scholarship, the overwhelming majority of U.S. history textbooks today have a distinct leftward slant. This became apparent to me more than a decade ago as I struggled to find a textbook that would emphasize the Founders and their visionary documents, analyze the New Deal critically , and deal with religion fairly rather than as a pathology. Read more

Playoff Losses In Afc Championship

In their 2012 season opener, the Patriots defeated the Tennessee Titans before losing at home to the Arizona Cardinals. In Week 3, New England lost to the Baltimore Ravens 3028 on a last-second field goal. The first three games of the season were officiated by replacement referees, as the regular referees were locked out during a contract dispute. The replacement referees were criticized, and at the end of the Ravens game, Bill Belichick made contact with a referee as he was leaving the field to argue a call, which the league fined him for. In Week 4, the Patriots defeated the Buffalo Bills 5228. After that, the Patriots went on the defeat the Denver Broncos 3121, but lost to the Seattle Seahawks 2423 the following week. The Patriots then defeated the New York Jets in overtime, 2926, and continued on a seven-game win streak. The Patriots ended the season as the #2 seed in the AFC. The Patriots were given a bye week before they had to face the Houston Texans, who they defeated 4128. They then had faced the Baltimore Ravens and lost 2813.

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A Patriots History Of The United States

#1 New York Times bestseller!

The official website of authors Larry Schweikart and Michael Allen

Patriots History is proud to partner with The Classical Historian at When you order a One Year Curriculum, e-mail John De Gree at and cc me at and mention Patriots History special. You will will receive a 15% Rebate when I ship them their curriculum. This offer applies to any curriculum, even those not containing any of the Patriots History books, but does not apply to any curricula already on sale.


History Of The Us Patriot Corps

A Patriot

The United States Patriot Corps is a organization that stands ready to help Communities, States and the Nation during Natural and Man-made Disasters and in times of need.

That statement above is our mission. Below you will find the history of how the United States Patriot Corps came into existence and this page will continue to grow and expand just like the U.S. Patriot Corps.

So here we are today in the year 2020. The United States Patriot Corps was originally founded on the bases to bring prior U.S. Armed Forces Veterans to an organization so they could continue to serve their nation, state, local communities and the citizens utilizing their leadership, skills and expertise that they learned in the military. All the while maintaining a well uniformed military structure drawing on the fraternal nature, dedication to purpose, and leadership skills inherent in a military organization.

As our journey began others began to reach out to the U.S. Patriot Corps wanting to serve. The majority of those reaching out have backgrounds in Law Enforcement, Fire Fighting, Search and Rescue, State Defense Forces, and more. After much debate we came to the conclusion that the United States Patriot Corps could use people like this to help achieve the mission goals.

So we opened our rolls to civilians with the understanding that they would have to go through military training and learn the military way of life to be a part of the U.S. Patriot Corps.


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Narrowly Missing The Playoffs

Following their victory in Super Bowl XXXVI, the Patriots won their first game in the new Gillette Stadium in the NFL’s prime-time Monday Night Football opener against the Pittsburgh Steelers. After three wins to begin the season, including a 447 road win against the division rivalNew York Jets, the team lost five of its next seven games. In the final week of the season, the Patriots defeated the Miami Dolphins on an overtime Adam Vinatieri field goal to give both teams a 97 record. The Jets also finished with a 97 record after a win over the Green Bay Packers. Due to their record, the Jets won the tiebreaker for the division title, which eliminated the Patriots and Dolphins from the playoffs.

Early Life And Education

Born in to a cattle ranching family, Schweikart graduated from in 1972 with a in . He entered the ASU Master’s program in 1977, writing a national prize-winning article on the Peary diaries. He received his in History in 1980. He then received a in History from the in 1983. By the time he had graduated, Schweikart had already written two books and several academic articles as a graduate student.

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Patriots History Of The United States


Over the past decade, A Patriots History of the United States has become the definitive conservative history of our country, correcting the biases of historians and other intellectuals who downplay the greatness of Americas patriots. Professors Schweikart and Allen have now revised, updated, and expanded their book, which covers Americas long history with an appreciation for the values that made this nation uniquely successful.

A Patriot’s History Of The United States

A Patriots History of the United States: 10th Anniversary Edition
A Patriot’s History of the United States

First edition
Media type
LC ClassE178.1 .S3795 2004

A Patriot’s History of the United States: From Columbus’s Great Discovery to the War on Terror is a 2004 book on American history by Larry Schweikart and Michael Allen. Written from a conservative standpoint, it is a counterpoint to Howard Zinn‘s A People’s History of the United States and asserts that the United States is an “overwhelmingly positive” force for good in the world. Schweikart said that he wrote it with Allen because he could not find an American history textbook without “leftist bias”.The Wall Street Journal said the book serves to “remind us what a few good individuals can do in just a few short centuries.”

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