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Patriot Lighting 120w Low Voltage Transformer Manual

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How Many Landscape Lights Can You Install On A Low Voltage Transformer

Low-Voltage Transformer setup instructions

Transformer power spec considerations: Calculating Voltage Amps as opposed to Watts, will show you the true power draw on your line, and this is why it is advisable to use this number to ensure you dont purchase a landscape lighting transformer that isnt adequate to power your lighting design installation, since it will only cause issues for you down the road eating into your profit and your customers happiness.

Wire Plays An Important Role In Your Lighting Design Considerations For Power

Additionally, when considering what wire gauge to use for your landscape lighting design installation, its best to understand that different gauges have their own pros and cons. Note: smaller wire sizes are often more economical and larger wire sizes are stronger, however the smaller ones will also reduce the distance of power being provided to your lights in the ground, and may require conduit to stay safe from dreaded landscaper cuts to your lighting connections.

In this example of installing your landscape lights with specific wire gauges as another consideration for which transformer wattage to buy, we can benchmark some calculations knowing that typically, a 300-watt transformer can power 100 feet run using 16 gauge, or 150 feet using 14 gauge, or 200 feet when using the most popular 12 gauge cables. Its always advisable to check with the lighting manufacturers territory managers and sales teams prior to purchase, to discuss any other factors and considerations to best determine the proper transformer and wire gauge to use for your specific landscape lighting design system.

Patriot Lighting Transformer Manual

Portfolio 200 watt landscape lighting transformer. Outdoor lighting transformer. Patriot lighting® 50w low voltage landscape lighting transformer at menards® patriot lighting transformer manual

Patriot Lighting 200 Watt Outdoor Low Voltage Transformer Manual – Outdoor Lighting Ideas. 6 Pics about Patriot Lighting 200 Watt Outdoor Low Voltage Transformer Manual – Outdoor Lighting Ideas : Patriot Lighting 200 Watt Outdoor Low Voltage Transformer Manual – Outdoor Lighting Ideas, Patriot Lighting 200 Watt Outdoor Low Voltage Transformer Manual – Outdoor Lighting Ideas and also Patriot Lighting® 50W Low Voltage Landscape Lighting Transformer at Menards®.

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Landscape Lights Wont Come On

If none of your outdoor lights are working, heres what we can try:

  • Inspect the power outlet by plugging a phone into it to see if its getting electricity
  • Make sure the transformer is set to ON
  • Check the circuit breakers on the transformer for a short
  • Open the breaker box and look to see if the switches are between ON and OFF
  • If there is an indicator light and its red that means its tripped
  • Switch it OFF and then ON. If it goes back to the middle turn it OFF and, call an electrician
  • Make sure the wires entering the transformer are tight and fully inside the terminal lugs
  • Check the voltage and amperage on the transformer to make sure its still getting power
  • If it isnt the transformer may need replacing
  • If youre using a timer or photocell, reset the clock or bypass the photocell
  • If that doesnt work you may need a new one
  • Look for a GFCI and hit the reset button
  • Mostly found in or near bathrooms and garages, it looks like an outlet but with 2 buttons on it that say reset and test
  • How To Install Solar Landscape Lighting

    Patriot Lighting Outdoor 200 Watt Transformer

    Solar landscape lighting looks great and offers you convenient installation without having to worry about wiring. Since solar landscape lights dont rely on an outlet for power, you can place them anywhere that gets good sunlight during the day.

    A quality installation of solar lighting depends on advanced planning:

    • Consult the manufacturerâs packaging or website for suggested lighting applications and spacing before you choose your lights.
    • Plan your fixture layout carefully. While many solar lights dont require constant direct sunlight, it is best to place them where they will receive at least six to eight hours per day of bright sunlight. You may also need more lights spaced closely together to illuminate a pathway.
    • Be sure to edge your walkway if you are planning for pathway lights or trim back foliage in other areas where you may be planning to add solar landscape lighting. Starting with a clean canvas will ensure nothing shades your lighting plan.

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    Check The Electrical Connections

    After you set up the transformer, plan the layout. Depending on the style of the light, you can assemble it and press it into the ground or drive the base into the ground and screw the light onto the base. Some lights have adjustable shades that help you direct the light onto specific areas. Connect the light by clamping the wires to the power cable. Turn on the power to check the electrical connections, and make the final adjustments at night.

    Lay Out the Lights

    After you set up the transformer, plan the layout. Depending on the style of the light, you can assemble it and press it into the ground or drive the base into the ground and screw the light onto the base. Some lights have adjustable shades that help you direct the light onto specific areas. Connect the light by clamping the wires to the power cable. Turn on the power to check the electrical connections, and make the final adjustments at night.

    Although most lights must be assembled, itâs easy to put them together. Start by running the wires from the light assembly through the riser base and attach the stake. Insert the light bulb, then attach the lens and cover.

    Goodsmann Low Voltage Transformer

    Goodsmann is known for providing high value for the money spent on their products whether its a spotlight or a hammer drill. Goodman deals with a range of lifestyle products that also includes domestic low voltage transformers.

    Here, we have yet another 300 watts low voltage transfer that can take care of your lighting system without making you worry about controlling them manually. The GOODSMANN Low Voltage Transformer has a built-in timer and clock that allows you to set the automation in 3 different modes.

    You can either select a certain time to turn off the lights or select a particular hours time period from the given options. It also has replaceable photo sensors that operate on lighting conditions and can be replaced easily if damaged.

    This metal transformer converts household 120 voltage as low as 12 volts and works right out of the box once few installation steps are carried out. The construction of the transformer makes it much easier to install and connect with your lightings.

    As for the safety measures, it has overheating and overload protection which is the most common problem. It also has a weather shield on the front that keeps the control panel safe from water droplets and direct sunlight. It has a 1 year warranty period from Goodsmann.

    Best Features:

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    Best Outdoor Low Voltage Transformers 2022 Reviews & Buying Guide

    You must have heard about transformers as these devices are quite common in many electrical appliances. As a matter of fact, a transformer is a crucial element of the electricity distribution system. There are generally two types of transformers that either lowers or increases the voltage of input current as per requirement.

    As the name suggests, the low voltage transformers are the step-down type of transfers that are usually installed outside homes and offices to control landscape lighting. The low voltage transformers support added load of different types of decorative lights as well as many external electrical components. Here are some things to keep in mind while buying an outdoor low voltage transfer:

    • Wattage: The wattage rating of a low voltage transformer describes its power capacity. In case you want to connect 12 different lights of 20 watts each, you will need at least a 240-watt transformer.
    • Voltage: The main feature of the low voltage transformer is to decrease the voltage to increase the flow of current. You will find a certain range of voltage mentioned with the transfer that is also its limits on maximum intake capacity and minimum output rating.
    • Automatic Features: If you are going to use the outside decorative lights on a daily basis, your low voltage converter must have an automatic timer that turns on the unit around the evening. This will save electricity and also keep the lights safe from electrical hazards.

    Volt 300w Led Low Voltage Transformer

    Sterno Home Low Voltage Garden Light Transformers: Set-up & Programming

    Last but not least is the VOLT 300W LED Low Voltage Transformer , which is a low-profile multi-tap player in the voltage converter production industry. Thanks to its slim and firm design, this transformer is made to last. It is matchless when it comes to set up and operate processes.

    Key Highlights Of The Volt 300w Led Low Voltage Transformer :

    This low voltage transformer can convert 120V input to different low voltage outputs that range somewhere between 12 V and 15V.

    It also comes in 3 different wattage ratings, including 100 W, 150W, and 300Watts ratings.

    This showcases how efficient this converter when it comes to voltage regulation outputs and the amount of power absorbed. This magnetic transformer is made for LED lights and fittings.

    Design-wise, the VOLT transformer has a relatively slim and light outlook. At the level of the Slim Line Transfer feature, the eyelets can be detached without using any implements, and they can also be substituted when needed.

    The overall design construction makes it more comfortable in the installation and mounting process, as you will save time and effort setting it up. Built-in with quality material housing, it easily beat harsh outdoor weather conditions.

    The toroidal core is the compact unit situated at the center of the unit. This component is usually quite effective, almost noise-free, and operates better than the EI Converters.

    What We Like About The Volt 300w Led Low Voltage Transformer



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    Check Inventory For This Product At A Store Near You

    This easy to set up low voltage transformer installs in minutes and is compatible with 12, 14 and 16 gauge low voltage cables. This kit features a slim profile with auto on/off and a built-in digital display with timer for easy operation.

    • Powers all low voltage light fixtures for consistent, steady light
    • Weatherproof and corrosion-resistant unit for outdoor use
    • Built-in digital display with timer for easy operation
    • Works with 12, 14, and 16 gauge low voltage cable
    • Easy to set up, installs in minutes
    • Restarts in case of short circuits
    • Eliminates buzzing sound
    • Requires low voltage powered light fixtures, sold separately


    Sterno Low Voltage Transformer

    Sterno is one of the most affordable brands in the country that keeps bringing fresh and budget-friendly products for its consumers. They have a lot of positive responses from past users so you must check this option out.

    In the 1st position, we are bringing you the most affordable low voltage transformer you can find in the market. The Sterno Home GL33120 is a great pick for your low voltage lighting needs without spending a fortune. It is compatible with almost all low voltage landscape lighting systems and an ideal choice for incandescent as well as LED lights. It also features an automatic energy-efficient timer which is great to see in such an affordable price range.

    The timer uses geographical location data and the suns location tracking to automatically enable or disable the transfer without any manual input. You will find 5 different modes on this 120 watts transformer that is on, off, time-based, automatic, and Sunwise which is exclusive to Sterno products. These modes make the product extremely user friendly as the interface is straightforward and easy to use. Sterno has backed Sterno Home GL33120 with 1 year of warranty.

    Best Features:

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    Lightingwill Waterproof Ip67 Led Power Supply Driver Transformer

    For those looking for a decently powered, affordable, and do-the-job low voltage transformer, you should check out LightingWill Waterproof IP67 LED Power Supply Driver Transformer. The best thing about this transformer is its easy installation process, super lightweight, and its small dimensions.

    Key Highlights Of The Lightingwill Waterproof Ip67 Led Power Supply Driver Transformer:

    Dont let the size of this transformer fool you. This Power supply Driver Transformer has more on its plate than you can think.

    Its wide range of input ratings can be used for various settings.

    One thing to note is that this transformer is not for heavy-duty operations. Therefore, if you are looking for heavy-duty units, just skip this one already.

    Unlike the other transformers we have seen so far, the lighting will Waterproof IP67 LED Power Supply Driver Transformer comes in 8 different Watt power packs, which are 30W, 40W,60W, 100W, 120W, 150W, 200W, 300W, respectively.

    Yet when it comes to low voltage conversion, this converter turns a 110V AC input to 12V DC output. It is generally applied for LED tape bulbs, led light tubes, and other 12V output led lights that are below the Wattage ratings indicated on the transformer.

    Design-wise, the transformer is built-in with an Aluminum metal cover combination to ensure its ultimate protection from harsh weather conditions. This material will make it super easy to distribute the heat and maintain its resistance securely.


    Assemble And Install The Lights Solar Landscape Lighting

    Patriot Lighting 200 Watt Outdoor Low Voltage Transformer Manual ...
    • Remove the cover tag over the solar battery of each light, then put the top of the light back together, if necessary.
    • Assemble the lights according to instructions. Usually, this requires placing the light top into the support and then attaching the light stake to the bottom of the support.
    • Expose the solar lights to full sun for 12- to 14-hours before starting installation. This will allow the battery to fully charge and uncover any lights that may be defective before you install them.
    • If the ground is hard or dry, lightly water the soil along the area there the lights will be installed. Allow the soil to soak for a few hours.
    • Once you have the fixtures where you want them, drive their stakes into the ground. Make sure they remain plumb. The lights should install easily. Dont force the lights into the ground as this might damage the stakes.

    Tip: Most solar lights install in generally the same fashion, but you should follow all manufacturers instructions for your choice of solar landscape light.

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    Receive Your Replacement Led Power Supply By Courier

    Why is the firm conducting this recall?


    We are conducting this voluntary recall to keep our customers safe.

    How can I tell if my is affected by the recall?


    See section Step 1 on this page.

    My LED transformer appears to be operating okay. Can I continue to use it?


    No. Even though your product appears to be safe, we are asking all customers to immediately stop using the product and participate in the recall by returning the product to us for a free replacement.

    I no longer have the receipt for the product. Can I still return it?


    Yes. You can still return the product without a receipt. Our customer service will ask that you provide a picture of the LED driver in order to ensure that you will receive the appropriate replacement.

    Will I be able to repair the product myself?


    No. We urge you not to attempt to repair the product yourself. Please return it to us immediately for a free replacement

    How long will it take for me to get a repair/replacement?


    Replacement may take from 4 to 8 weeks

    We apologize for any inconvenience and assure you we are working as quickly as possible to replace your product.

    Types Of Landscape Lighting

    Before learning how to install landscape lighting, choose which type of lights you want. There are three types of landscape lighting, which all have different install methods:

    • Solar landscape lights are powered by a photovoltaic cell that is charged during the day. They dont require any wiring, making them the simplest to install. They require six to eight hours of direct sunlight a day to fully charge.
    • Low voltage landscape lights are powered through a transformer that lowers the regular voltage down to 12-volts. These systems are safe to work with, energy efficient and easy to install and move. They are plugged into a GFCI outlet outside.
    • Line voltage landscape lights operate at 120-volts, the same voltage as the appliances in your home. Line voltage lights are hardwired to your homes electrical system with the use of an electrical junction box and a conduit that protects the wires. Due to the complexity of these systems, theyre best installed by a licensed electrician.

    Solar and low voltage lights are by far the most common landscape lighting systems installed today. In this guide, well show you how to install all three types of landscape lights.

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    What Size Landscape Lighting Transformer To Use To Power Your Design

    As a professional landscape lighting designer looking to install and operate a new low voltage lighting system, you need to consider what transformer will be required to convert your standard line voltage outlets using 110-120V into your outdoor low voltage 12V-15V lighting design. This consideration as an outdoor lighting installer allows your landscape lights to function properly for many years ahead and will reduce issues with lights failing or ending up with weak outputs further down the line of wire connections around the property landscapes, keeping your clients happy and referring customers for many years ahead.

    So, to answer the question about How Many Landscape Lights Can I Connect to which Transformer Wattage, we must first look at some of the basic lighting design specs and considerations.

    1) How many lights will I be installing?2) What is the total Watts and Voltage Amp draw of the landscape lights being installed in an area?3) What wire gauge size will I be using, 18/2, 16/2, 14/2, 12/2 or 10/2?

    If you want the super duper shortcut to finding the minimum wire gauge or the minimum transformer you can get away with, or the maximum load or the maximum distance of a run then grab your mobile device, open the app store and download Landscape Lighting Calculator. The app calculators take into consideration VA loss over length of wire by gauge, tap voltage and more. Learn more at .

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