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Patriot Docks Universal Dock Fender

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Mission Sentry Boat Fenders

Universal Vertical Boat Bumpers from V-Dock

Fenders quickly attach to boat cleats and docks, and provide protection both above and below the rub rail. However, Mission Sentry Boat Fenders are unlike traditional fenders. An innovating hanging system enables them to be positioned on a boat or dock more easily. Sentry fenders hanging point is lower than traditional fenders, too, which allows the fenders to hang at an angle becoming tangled on the top of the dock.

Sentry fenders feature a woven strap that stays dry and is mold-resistant. A large opening in the front face allows dock lines to pass through where the fender covers the boat cleat. Built for long wear, Sentry fenders are molded in an extremely durable, cross-linked closed-cell foam that resists fading from the sun’s harmful UV rays. These fenders don’t contain vinyl chloride or other corrosive chemicals, so they’re more environmentally friendly than traditional fenders.

Key Features:

  • Attaches to boat cleats and docks with integrated strap
  • Proprietary locking mechanism allows easy positioning
  • No-roll design
  • Made from cross-linked closed-cell foam
  • Non-absorptive/Fade resistant

Shop Our Wide Selection Of Bumpers

Boat dock bumpers come in a variety of different styles to protect different areas of your dock and boat. All of our dock bumpers are made with marine-grade flexible PVC compounds and are UV protected to help with cracking and fading.

Dock corner bumpers provide protection from the corner edging of your dock. These come in various sizes and thicknesses. A popular choice is the Attwood Softside Corner Dock Fender. It is constructed with a lightweight polymeric material that is soft and easy on hulls.

To protect the dock edges, you can shop from a variety of different options. Patriot Docks manufactures a universal dock fender that works on most dock setups. For a more aesthetic look, Taylor Made Dock Gard Dock Edging is a durable soft dock edging that is smaller than traditional dock bumpers but provides cushion and protection for your boat and dock.

Have questions about which boat dock bumpers will provide the best protection? Let our expert customer service team help you in making the right selection. Call us Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM until 6:00 PM at 877-388-2628. Order today and we will ship it today. Dont forget to check out our customer loyalty program for saving on your next order.

Top Features Of Patriot Docks

  • Ultra strong 12 dock frames that can be bolted together.
  • Modular design configure and reconfigure as needed or desired.
  • Strong and stable galvanized supports. No rust. No moving parts.
  • Tall rolling wheels for any terrain
  • Full height adjustment along the length of the entire pipe.
  • Safe dual set bolts on every connection and bracket
  • Most importantly, Rolling Pipe Docks are strong and mobile. They offer a lot to customers seeking to dump their burdensome heavy dock but dont want to sacrifice strength. In addition, when shorelines move throughout the season and water levels fluctuation dramatically, this Rolling Pipe Dock moves easily and raises with flexibility. Lastly, drop-in decking panels make these piers even more portable because docks can be moved without the decking, then later the decking panels nest into the frame effortlessly. Shop prices for Patriot Docks by selecting your ideal length, shape, and decking material to fit your customized needs.

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    Patriot Docks By Jack Docks

    Rolling Pipe Docks are ideal for most lakes and shorelines. These Patriot Docks feature a lightweight frame with galvanized pipes on wheels for the perfect mix of strength and mobility. Steel supports with full axles provide superior cross bracing and stability. As a result, conditions for Rolling Pipe Docks can be rougher and deeper waters. The wheels on our docks fill with water and operate well in all terrains, from sandy to rocky lake bottoms. If you are used to old docks with cumbersome and heavy installs, these rolling docks are super convenient.

    Need a dock with adjustable jacks? Check out our Jack Docks.

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