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Patriot Blueberry Plants For Sale

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Buying Options For Plants

Planting Blueberry Bushes Can Be Complicated – How to Plant Blueberries

Nature Hills sells a large variety of plants with several options available. Plants are offered in bothpotted containers and as dormant bare root without soil. Here is a helpful resource to understand youroptions as you create a beautiful landscape with help from Nature Hills.

Ever wonder what a larger plant will mean for your landscape? Container Sizes are really all about theage of the plant!

Seasonally, Nature Hills offers hand selected, high quality bare root trees, shrubs and perennials. Bareroot plants are sold by height from the top of the root system to the top of the plant. Plants may betaller than the height minimums.

  • Popular sizes of select trees are 1 foot, 2 feet, 3 feet, etc.
  • Popular sizes of select bare root plants is 1 foot, 18 inches, etc.

Watering Patriot Blueberry Bushes

The Patriot blueberry has moderate water needs and benefits from weekly irrigation whenever rainfall is insufficient. During hot, dry weather this bush may need supplemental water twice or more per week. Blueberry roots are quite shallow, so unlike most plants they prefer less water applied more frequently

Using The Patriot Blueberry In Your Garden

The Patriot Blueberry is considered one of the most attractive forms for landscaping, so plant it in a shrub bed anywhere in your garden. It can of course also be grown in your vegetable garden, or in a dedicated fruit-growing area. If you dont have suitable soil, and maybe not even a garden, you can grow it in a pot, an ideal way to grow blueberries anywhere. This self-pollinating variety crops well all on its own, but the biggest yields come when you grow two or three varieties together. This variety is perfect as a pollinator for the Jersey Blueberry, a wonderful late variety ready to harvest in August. Its a perfect partnership. Add in a Chippewa Blueberry which ripens in between them, and its fresh blueberries from June to the end of August berry heaven.

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Why The Patriot Highbush Blueberry

An All-American selection of the All-American Blueberry! Patriot Highbush Blueberry is the obvious choice for your Star-Spangled Fourth of July picnic cakejust add the whipped cream and strawberries. A consistently heavy producer, this stellar Accent will provide you with loads of tangy-sweet berries to use in all sorts of recipes. Each summer, youll look forward to enjoying them in muffins, cobblers, pies, and tarts. Not a baker? Simply eat them right off the bush, or throw a handful into a healthful smoothie. Start your own personal produce patch today!

So many of the plants we grow for food come from distant places. The Highbush Blueberry is a homegrown American native. It grows in the wild from Maine all the way to Florida, ranging westward to Minnesota and Louisiana. Over the years, plant breeders have worked to improve the size, flavor, and quantity of its berries. Patriot was bred by researchers at the University of Maine who wanted to develop Blueberry plants for cold climates. It was a big successPatriot is hardy to -40ºF! Its name stems from the fact that it was introduced in 1976, the Bicentennial of our country. USA! USA!

Patriot Northern Highbush Blueberry 3 Year Old Plant

Highbush Blueberry Plants for Sale

The Patriot Northern Highbush blueberry plant is a Northern Highbush, early-season harvest of large, aromatic, tasty fruit. Patriot is a superb variety for both container and landscape use. Low 3-5 feet bushes have attractive open, spreading habit with fiery red to orange foliage in the fall. It’s cold-hardy and widely adaptable.

Planting instructions: Bare-root plants need special care. Follow these instructions to get your plants off to a good start. Plants may arrive with little or no visible growth. This is normal. Check to make sure the roots feel moist. If they are dry, sprinkle the roots with water until they are moist but not soaked.

If you have any questions about the appearance or condition of your plants when they arrive, contact us immediately.

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How To Use In The Landscape

Take the time to appreciate Patriot Highbush Blueberrys exquisite flowers in the spring. The dainty pink-tinged white blossoms, shaped like tiny, upside-down urns, make a pleasing show.Youll also enjoy the glowing red-orange color that Patriots foliage takes on in the fall. A delightful Accent with or without fruit!

Patriot Blueberry Bush Care

The best time to plant blueberry bushes is in early fall or early spring after the danger of a hard freeze has passed. The fairly compact Patriot blueberry cultivar grows in a rounded form about 4 to 5 feet tall and wide, so space plants at least 3 feet apart. Choose a site with full sun and ensure the soil is moist but well-drained. Blueberries like the Patriot prefer soil with a pH between 4.5 and 5.5, so it may be necessary to work an acidifying soil amendment into the ground prior to planting. Routine annual pruning to remove dead or diseased branches and trim off some growing tips to shape the plant should occur in winter when the plant is dormant.

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Growing Patriot Blueberry Bushes

A Patriot Blueberry will typically not reach maximum yields until four years after planting, but begins to yield fruit in small but increasing numbers after just one or two years in the landscape. A layer of organic material mulch will help to conserve moisture around the plants roots and keep the bush healthy.

History And Origin Of The Patriot Blueberry

How to Fertilize Blueberry Plants Organically

The northern highbush blueberry, Vaccinium corymbosum, was the first blueberry to be grown as a crop, at the beginning of the last century, but of course Native Americans harvested them for centuries as a valuable food, and used controlled burning to encourage natural patches to give bigger crops. The first crops were grown with the guidance of Frederick Vernon Coville, the chief botanist at the US Department of Agriculture. He also selected and bred plants, and one of his early varieties was Stanley, named after his son, who was himself a blueberry farmer, released in 1921. George Darrow, a breeder with the USDA, took another heirloom bush called Weymouth and in 1952 crossed it with Stanley to create a new variety called Earliblue. Then, in 1954, Dr P. Hepler, at the University of Maine Agricultural Experimental Station, crossed Earliblue with a hybrid plant of his own, called US-3, that was probably at least in part a lowbush blueberry , to create Patriot. This variety was not officially released until 1976.

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Growing Patriot Blueberry Bushes In Containers

Patriot blueberries are more compact than many other types of blueberries, so it is possible to grow them in containers. You can gradually repot the blueberry in late summer or early fall every three years into larger and larger containers until it is ready for the ideal container size with a diameter of at least 24 inches and a holding capacity of 5 gallons of soil.

Patriot Highbush Organic Blueberry Plant

Short and stocky grower to 4-5, but can reach 6 if unpruned. Produces very large berries early, with later ripening berries decreasing to a medium size. Ripens intermittently for staggered harvest over 4-5 weeks. Fruit is formed in tight clusters, with firm berries and dry picking scars lending a longer storage life in the fridge than other cultivars. Patriot is great for homeowners who want to protect and pick from the same bush for a longer period of time, gleaning 10# of berries. Ripens early season, after Hannahs Choice and before Honey Creek, about early-mid June here in Brown County, Indiana.USDA hardiness Zones 3a-7FREE SHIPPING ON QUART SIZE PLANT ONLY

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Why Bower & Branch

We do the hard part. Our trees and plants are grown and cared for by only the best, local growers for years before they find their forever home in your landscape. Bower & Branch is known for having hard-to-find, substantial sizes and selection. The quality of our trees and plants are consistent in health and vigoralways ready for immediate impact in your garden and instant curb appeal. We believe in empowering homeowners with the truth about strong, healthy and structurally sound plants that are grown to perform in the ground after they leave the nursery for home delivery, always fresh inventory from the grower

Sun Exposure And Soil Conditions

Patriot Blueberry For Sale Online

The Patriot Blueberry will grow best in full sun, but it will easily take a couple of hours of shade each day too. It needs moist but well-drained soil, and it will tolerate wetter soils, including heavy clays, better than many other blueberry varieties. The soil must be acidic, with a pH value between 4.0 and 5.0, for good results. You can reduce the pH of your soil a little, if it is already acidic, but the best solution, if you dont have a suitable soil, is to grow your bushes in pots. Blueberries adapt well to pots, with their fibrous root systems, and this compact bush is a perfect choice for pot-growing. Use a container with drainage holes, and plant in a mixture of 1-part lime-free potting soil, 1-part shredded pine bark, and 1-part sphagnum peat moss. Mulch the top of the pot with more shredded bark.

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How To Fertilize

Incorporate Elements Starter Plant food granular form into the soil when planting. If planting in spring or summer, start fertilizing late fall using Elements Starter Plant food granular form on an annual basis each late fall. Continue this for the first three years to get your plant well established.

How To Plant

Acid soil is key to growing Blueberries successfully. These peat-loving Accents require very lowpH conditions in order to thrive. If your soil isnt naturally acidic, you may want to grow Patriot Blueberry in a large container or raised bed. Give it all-day sun if possible and use lots of organic matterboth as a soil amendment and as mulch. Water weekly if no rain falls. PatriotBlueberry is self-pollinating, but youll get bigger fruits and more of them if you plant another variety of Highbush Blueberry nearby so they can pollinate each other.

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