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Blue Ox Patriot Battery Replacement

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Reasons And Fixes For Blue Ox Patriot Problems

Blue Ox Patriot Supplemental Braking System – Installation

Many travelers and camping enthusiasts invest in large vehicles like RVs and motorhomes to travel long distances. Just like other vehicles, these RVs and motorhomes also have their own braking system and Blue Ox Patriot is one of the best choices.

It is an electric brake system with faster response and a lifetime battery. In addition, it has an in-coach controller, which helps adjust the braking rate.

However, there are various errors associated with this brake system that we have mentioned in this article, along with suitable solutions.

Blue Ox Patriot Problems

1. Power LED Flashes Orange

If the brake system is engaged for the first time and the power LED starts flashing orange, it only means that the system is not receiving sufficient current to start operating.

The solution is to wait because the super-capacitors in the brake system need to charge up, which takes around fifteen seconds.

So, wait for a few seconds and the orange light will stop flashing. In fact, the orange light will be replaced by blue and green flashing lights, which indicates a normal connection.

2. Solid Blue & Red Light During Setup

If the lights on the brake become solid blue and red during the setup process, it indicates excess pressure on the brake pedals.

Fortunately, the solution is easy as you have to pull back the brake unit and keep it away from the pedal. You have to pull back the brakes until the lights start flashing green and blue.

3. Squeaking Sounds

If the brake pedals start making a squeaking sound whenever you press them, its likely that the brake discs are worn out. The immediate solution is to change the discs.

In addition, you have to inspect the brake pads and calipers and make sure they dont have grit or rust. The grit can be washed away but youve to use a contact cleaner to clean the rust.

4. Check The Power Connection

The error codes of the Patriot brake system appear on the remote. This message appears on the remote when the brakes have an input voltage of less than 10V.

5. Blue & Orange Lights Flash Whenever The Brake Is Engaged

How Does The Blue Ox Patriot 3 Work

The Blue Ox Patriot 3 is a proportional control that uses a microprocessor to monitor the vehicles deceleration and apply the trailer brake accordingly. This means that applying your brakes will activate the trailer brakes at an appropriate level. For example, if you are driving down a steep hill and need to slow down quickly, your vehicle will automatically apply more braking force to both vehicles than if you were driving on flat terrain or just making slight speed changes.

The Blue Ox Patriot 3 has three modes:

  • Automatic mode .

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The Blue Ox & Rv Part Shop Advantage

Whether you are flat towing with a motorhome, towing an RV, or commercial trailer, towing doesnt have to be difficult, messy, or inconvenient. It shouldnt be a drag and this is the heartbeat of our partnership with RV Part Shop. Find out why so many people use Blue Ox to get on the road. Chances are you have seen us on the road too. Thats because at Blue Ox we design and manufacture the best towing products in the industry, and our dealers are proud to sell them because they meet the demands of the industry.

But dont take our word for it, just look around. You will find us on highways, campgrounds, and anywhere you find people traveling through life in the great outdoors. Blue Ox has a solution for everything you want to tow so you can stay focused on the road ahead and not whats behind you.

Solid Blue & Red Light During Setup

Replacement Gain Knob for Blue Ox Patriot Braking System Blue Ox ...

If you have a problem with your Blue ox Patriot 3 and the brake power light is flashing, its usually due to a loose connection or bad wiring.

The first thing to do if this happens is check the wires that connect your brake controller to your vehicle. Make sure theyre all tight and in place. If they are, try taking them apart and reattaching them with new wire nuts .

If it doesnt fix it, it can be a problem with the cars internal wiring. You may need to replace some wires or parts of the system entirely.

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Blue Ox Products Online

Our manufacturing line includes flat towing products, trailer towing products, and their relevant resources. Weve got industry-leading towing equipment like Tow Bars – which make it a lot easier for you to take your car, SUV, or pick up along for more flexibility and freedom on the road. Our Braking Systems such as the Patriot brake, are all-electric, self-contained, and designed to make towing safe and easy. Our Weight Distribution Hitches are designed for optimum performance and comfort, whether stationary or mobile.

Our flat towing products are recreational tow bars with supporting Blue Ox Tow Bar Parts. We also have Baseplates befitting for car models in the series – Baseplates 1997-2004 and Baseplates 2004-2006 Toyota for vehicles. Our flat towing accessories comprise the accessory kit, adapters, Blue Ox Braking Systems & accessories, cooled cables, covers, drop receivers, fuse bypass switches, hitch immobilizers, receiver locks, parts & repair kits, protective equipment, safety cables, EZ light wiring kits, and regular wiring kits like the Towed Vehicle Electrical. We make sure that you have a backup supply of various equipment parts just like the Blue Ox Fifth Wheel Parts or Fifth Wheel Parts, and Tow Bar Parts.

Does The Blue Ox Patriot Have An Internal Battery To Power The Unit During A Breakaway Event


Does the Patrior 3 have a self contained battery to activate brakes in a break-away situation. Jeep Wrangler 2009 manual for flat tow states to disconnect battery, therefore no power to activate brakes if break-away occurs.

asked by: Rollin

Expert Reply:

The Blue Ox Patriot Portable Braking System – Proportional does not have an internal battery so it will require you to install a 12v outlet since your 2009 Jeep Wrangler requires you to disconnect the positive battery cable. This outlet will run directly to the battery offering your Patriot a dedicated power source. This is a very common installation since a lot of vehicles will cut power to the 12v outlets unless the vehicle is running.

  • Not Power Assist Brake Compatible

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Power Led Flashes Orange:

If your Blue ox Patriot 3 trailer brakes indicator light is flashing orange, it means that there is a problem with the electrical system. This could be due to a blown a fuse or faulty wiring harness. If your light flashes orange, pull over and check the fuses on your tow vehicle and trailer. Replace any that are blown out and then turn on the ignition again. If you still experience problems with power, contact an RV repair specialist for help.

Transcription Of Patriot Braking System

Blue Ox Patriot II

1PatriotBrakingSystem Owner’s Manual & Installation Instructions BRK2012. Patent Pending THANK YOU. for purchasing a PatriotBrakingSystem from Blue Ox . We’ve organized this manual to make your . installation simple and as trouble-free as possible. Please read before operating the brake. Keep your sales receipt and this manual in a safe place so that both are available for future use if needed. 405-0260 Rev A Page 1 of 12 2/4/14 PatriotBrakingSystem Welcome to the Blue Ox Experience Congratulations! You are now the proud owner of a PatriotBrakingSystem . Welcome to the Blue Ox Family. The BrakingSystem that you have purchased combines quality components with the latest in technology and style. We are confident that these design features will provide you with the conveniences you expect during your travels. After you understand how to properly and safely operate and care for your Patriot , expect years of trouble-free operation and service backed by a two year limited warranty.

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Blue Ox Patriot 3 Braking System For Towed Vehicle

Item 96.4808 | MFR# BRK2019

The Patriot works for your motorhome and tow car by safely bringing it to a smooth stop with proportional braking. No more wires – Monitor all brake functions or manually apply brakes from the comfort of the driver’s seat through a wireless remote control. This remote continuously communicates with the braking system. No more power concerns – The built-in battery ensures power is always available to the brake. No more mess – By using an electric cylinder there are no air pumps, storage tanks or hoses therefore there is no chance for leaking and greatly reduces the power required.


  • All electric! No pump, tank, or air hoses to leak
  • No slamming of the brake, moves smoothly and proportionally
  • Adjust the amount of braking from coach
  • Manually apply brakes from coach with wireless remote
  • Breakaway comes standard
  • Electric actuator instead of air cylinder
  • Built-in battery
  • 15 lbs! Half the weight of similar braking systems
  • LED display on both the brake and remote control
  • Convenient carrying handle
  • Comes standard with on/off switch
  • Easy self-calibration with the push of one button
  • Unique, easy to use brake pedal clamp
  • Larger surface push pad on back of unit to seat
  • Wrap around cleat on side for safe storage of plug wiring


Causes And Solutions For Blue Ox Patriot 3 Problems

Its no secret that the Blue ox patriot 3 is a fantastic RV. Its spacious, easy to drive, and has a well-appointed interior. But have you ever faced Blue ox patriot 3 problems? If yes, this piece of article can be your solution.

If you are an owner of Blue ox patriot 3, you know how important it is to keep your RV in good condition. It can be costly to replace parts or take the Rv to an expert.

Thats why we will discuss Blue ox troubleshooting problems it is best before they become more significant issues. So, you will also learn to troubleshoot Blue ox patriot 3 problems yourself instead of hiring a mechanic.

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Blue Ox Brake Systems

The Blue Ox Patriot II Portable Braking System is an easy to install proportional braking system. The Patriot Braking System is an electric system with no pump, tank or air hoses. Additionally, the brake has a built in battery to ensure there is always power available for the brake.

With an improved wireless connection between the braking system and the monitor in the your coach, you have a continuous connection to apply the brakes in your towed vehicle or monitor your brake functions.

Installation is fast and easy. Simply place the Patriot II on the floor of your towed vehicle, open the brake claw and place it on the pedal , slide the driver seat forward against the push pads, plug in the power cord to a 12 volt source, turn on the power switch and push the setup button . The brake will stroke three times then remain in the ready position. Activate the RF in-coach controller and you are all set!

The Blue Ox Patriot II is the latest iteration of the brake. It features improved activation time and extended range for the in coach monitor. The BRK2016 activates in half the time of its predecessor. Another improvement comes in the way of a bank of six super capacitors capable of lasting the life of the brake. The sleek new outer shell and Bluetooth connectivity make this brake the most advanced by Blue Ox and one of the best portable brakes on the market.

Causes For Low Battery Error Code From Blue Ox Patriot Braking System Blu37tr

Blue Ox BRK2012 Patriot Towed Vehicle Brake System


Is there a internal battery in the unit? I keep getting error 4 low battery alert?

asked by: Rob M

Expert Reply:

The Blue Ox Patiot supplemental braking system and the original Patriot model BRK2012 do have internal batteries. Based on the error code you’re seeing you have the original model according to my Blue Ox technical contact.The 04 low battery alert code indicates that either the towed car’s battery is depleted or that there is another issue such as a dirty 12V power outlet that is not passing enough power. The cigarette lighter outlet that powers the Patriot must output at least 13.1 volts for proper operation.Check the condition of the vehicle battery to ensure it is fully charged you can use an AC-power charger like to ensure the toad battery is fully charged before heading out.

  • Wall Outlet to Vehicle Battery
  • Not Power Assist Brake Compatible

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How Important Is This Service

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Patriot Internal Battery Replacement

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Davison Michigan

anniemae said:We are also having a problem with our 3 year old Patriot. It will go code two has soon as I hit the brakes in the MH. Have tried everything. OEM says return to them only option. What type of problem are you having? I don’t think I have a battery problem.

Gary H said:JMHO, but I would send it back to Blue Ox. From a safety perspective it is worth it. You will have a like new unit with updates.

parttymer said:FWIW I sent my power cord back to Blue Ox and they repaired it for the shipping costs. Stan

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