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Alameda County Republican Voter Guide

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Landmarks And Historic Districts

Alameda County Voters Wait on Critical Materials Needed to Cast Their Ballots

165 buildings in Berkeley are designated as local landmarks or local structures of merit. Of these, 49 are listed in the National Register of Historic Places, including:

Historic districts listed in the National Register of Historic Places:

  • George C. Edwards Stadium Located at intersection of Bancroft Way and Fulton Street on University of California, Berkeley campus , 3 buildings, 4 structures, 3 objects added 1993).
  • Site of the Clark Kerr Campus, UC Berkeley until 1980, this location housed the State Asylum for the Deaf, Dumb and Blind, also known as The California Schools for the Deaf and Blind Bounded by Dwight Way, the city line, Derby Street, and Warring Street , 20 buildings added 1982). The school was closed in 1980 and the Clark Kerr Campus was opened in 1986.

Just Get Rid Of The Recall

Maybe one gubernatorial election every four years is enough?

This proposal isnt likely to go anywhere, no matter what might say. The recall remains popular as a general concept, even if theres criticism of the specifics.

Neither of us, Glazer said with Berman, are suggesting that the recall process be eliminated.

CalMatters reporter Laurel Rosenhall contributed to this story.

PostedByBen Christopher, CALmatters on Wed, Sep 15, 2021 at 5:12 AM

  • Anne Wernikoff, CalMatters
  • Gov. Gavin Newsom gives a speech following his projected victory in the recall election at the California Democratic Party headquarters in Sacramento on Sept. 14, 2021.

Gov. Gavin Newsom is poised to keep his job after months spent lambasting the recall as a Republican power grab feverishly fundraising, wooing likely supporters and wrangling fractious progressive activists sweating the odd, unexpectedly close poll fusing policymaking and politicking and calling upon big-name D.C. Democrats to come stump out west.

And after all that, it wasnt especially close. After initial returns showed the recall failing by a nearly 70 percent to 30 percent margin, the Associated Press and TV networks called the race for Newsom.

Now begins a new contest: To spin the results most favorably for the 2022 election which starts right now.

For Gov. Gavin Newsom and his political team, the last six months of campaigning offer an electoral blueprint to seek four more years.

Alameda County Green Party Voter Guide

Please note: Many of the links to websites in this online Voter Guide are clickable, when you place your cursor over them ! Also, for many of the local races youll find lots of additional information in the candidates completed questionnaires, so we strongly encourage you to read them here on our website, at:

For a quick summary, here is the back page card:

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Customizing the Progressive Voters Guide for your location…

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Pros & Cons Unbiased Explanation With Arguments For And Against

Feds investigating voter guides dumped in Berkeley ...

The Question

Should California law be amended to make changes to the process by which people are charged with certain crimes and the process for granting them parole?

The Situation

In the past decade, California has passed three measures AB 109 , Proposition 47 , and Proposition 57 intended to reduce the state prison population, as ordered in district court and upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court. AB 109 shifted people convicted of a variety of nonviolent felonies from state to local county jails . Proposition 47 redefined certain nonviolent, non-serious felonies as misdemeanors unless the defendant had previous convictions for certain violent crimes, and it allowed resentencing for people convicted for the redefined offenses. Proposition 57 increased opportunities for parole for people convicted of nonviolent felonies who had completed the sentence for their primary offense.

Though these measures have brought the overall state prison population below 137.5% of capacity, as ordered by the Supreme Court, many individual prisons are still operating above that percentage.

The Proposal

Prop 20 would change various provisions of AB 109 and Props 47 and 57.

2. Prop 20 requires the collection of DNA from people convicted for a variety of crimes, including some crimes that were redefined as misdemeanors by Prop 47.

4. Prop 20 expands the list of crimes classified as violent crimes in order to exclude those crimes from the provisions of Prop 57.

Fiscal effect

Supporters say

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Us Representative District 15

Seven candidates are vying to represent the district that covers much of Alameda County and all of San Ramon.

Incumbent and Democrat Eric Swalwell is running against Democrat challengers Samantha Campbell , Austin E. Intal and Tuan Phan .

Republicans Alison Hayden and Peter Yuan Liu will face off against each other.

Nonpartisan candidate Don J. Grundmann is also in the running.

Stay tuned to Patch as Election Day votes are counted in Alameda County and throughout California.

Patch Editor Bea Karnes contributed to this report.

Newsom Wins By A Little

Defeating the recall by a narrow margin significantly less than his 24-percentage-point beatdown of Republican John Cox in 2018 could weaken Newsom as he heads into reelection next year.

If he limps out of this, there will be some blood in the water, said Steve Maviglio, a Democratic political consultant. Another Democrat will think they could do better and they can take him on.

Hes taking it seriously and hes using a lot of resources to combat us Weve already won. Weve made our point.

Anne Dunsmore, a recall campaign manager

Republicans who backed the recall could claim a kind of victory from weakening the governor, even if they failed to throw him out of office. Some of them already are.

Hes spent $80 million, hes in the fight of his life, hes called in the president and the vice president, said Anne Dunsmore, a recall campaign manager.

Hes taking it seriously and hes using a lot of resources to combat us Weve already won. Weve made our point.

A narrow win would also likely trigger lawsuits over the validity of the election results. Conservative commentators have already begun saying, with no evidence, that voter fraud will be to blame if Newsom wins. Former President Donald Trump issued a statement Monday calling the recall another giant Election Scam.

Newsom called Elders stance an extension of the Big Lie that Trump stoked about his loss last year.

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Bayareagop 2020 Election Highlights

View the ballot measure results for the November 3, 2020, General Election, and the recommendations from the CAGOP at this link.

Below are the Republican nominees we highlighted in the November General Election.

Nisha Sharma

CD 11 Nominee

Ran Petel

CD 14 Nominee

Ran Petel is a financial executive, pension fund and private equity consultant, veteran, and a fiscally conservative moderate who believes in common sense policies. He believes that legal immigration, supported by secure and safe borders, protects our workers and families and positively contributes to our society. Petel says the recent push for Socialism is misguided and even dangerous because it takes away personal responsibility and accountability.

Ritesh Tandon

CD 17 Nominee

Ritesh has worked for nearly two decades in the Silicon Valley and proudly serves the disadvantaged both here in the Bay Area and abroad through nonprofit engagement. Seeing a lack of representation of our values in Washington, DC, Ritesh is seeking to serve the Bay Area in Congress.

Justin Aguilera

CD 19 Nominee

Justin was born and raised on the East Side of San Jose. He works in the family business and became involved in politics when the promise of Hope and Change never came to fruition. He looks forward to helping people become successful and to live their dreams. Justin wants to be part of the new generation of elected officials.

Carlos Santamaria

SD 3 Nominee

SD 7 Nominee

Dr. Alex Glew

SD 13 Nominee

Joe Rubay

AD 16 Nominee

Here’s What Pleasanton Voters Can Expect As Ballots Continue To Trickle In For Alameda County’s 2020 Presidential Primary Election

The Republican Party of San DIego County’s 2020 voter guide

PLEASANTON, CA With some 920,000 Alameda County voters registered ahead of the 2020 Presidential primary Election Day on Tuesday, March 3, Pleasanton voters are poised to decide whether to raise the county sales tax, vote on a schools bond measure, and vote for candidates running in county, state and federal races.

If the last election cycle is any indication, much of the county will have already received their vote by mail ballots. Nearly eight in ten Alameda County voters cast absentee ballots in the 2018 primary election, county records show.

Still need to drop off your absentee ballot? A list of Pleasanton ballot drop-off locations can be found here.

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Upcoming Republican Events In Alameda County:

**** **** **** **** **** **** ****

Secretary of State David CurtisController Laura WellsAttorney General No Endorsement, please see write-upInsurance Commissioner Nathalie HriziState Superintendent of Public Instruction Dont vote for Gutierrez or TuckBoard of Equalization, District 2 No Endorsement, please see write-upState Assembly, District 15 Eugene RuyleState Assembly, District 18 No Endorsement, please see write-upCounty OfficesSuperintendent of Schools No Endorsement, please see write-upSupervisor, District 2 No Endorsement, please see front page General County articleSupervisor, District 3 No Endorsement, please see front page General County articleAssessor No Endorsement, please see front page General County articleAuditor-Controller-Clerk-Recorder No Endorsement, please see write-upDistrict Attorney No Endorsement, please see front page General County articleSheriff-Coroner No Endorsement, please see front page General County articleTreasurer-Tax Collector No Endorsement, please see front page General County articleState Propositions41 Veterans Housing and Homeless Prevention Bond No42 Public Records, Open Meetings, State Reimbursement to Local Agencies NoLocal Measures

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Easy Voter Guide Summary For New And Busy Voters

The way it is now

Felonies are considered by the legal system to be the most severe crimes. Less severe crimes are called misdemeanors. When people get out of prison for a felony, they may spend time on parole. Over the past 10 years, lawmakers and voters have reduced punishments for people convicted of some nonviolent crimes. This has let some people out of prison earlier.

What if it passes?

Prop 20 would undo parts of the crime laws passed by lawmakers and voters over the past 10 years. Some petty theft crimes could be punished as felonies. People convicted of stealing items worth $250-950 could be sent to county jail for up to three years, in some cases. Prop 20 would also change the factors that can be considered for early release from prison and limit early release for people convicted of some felonies. The state would collect DNA from adults convicted of some misdemeanor crimes, such as drug possession, shoplifting and domestic violence.

Budget effect

The effects of Prop 20 would depend on how the law is applied and if it is challenged in court. If Prop 20 fully took effect, it could increase costs for law enforcement, courts and the correctional system in the tens of millions of dollars each year.

People FOR say

  • Prop 20 prevents violent criminals from getting out of prison early.
  • Collecting DNA from people convicted of drug possession or shoplifting will help solve more serious crimes, such as rape.

People AGAINST say

Alameda County Republican Party

Green Voter Card for Nov 2nd : Indybay

For Media Requests or Interviews:

The Alameda County Central Committee of the Republican Party is a formal elected body of Republicans serving five districts in Alameda County. There are six official voting members elected per district to four-year terms. Elections to the Central Committee occurs during the Primary of Presidential Election years. Each member proposes one alternate to vote in their absence. Area candidates who ran for partisan office are ex-officio voting members during that office’s term.

California does not have Precinct Committeemen as a voting office.

We welcome volunteers who walk their local precincts. Please visit our Volunteer page to sign up.

If you are a constitutionalist and registered as independent or decline-to-state, please re-register as Republican. It would greatly encourage Republican potential candidates to run within our five Democrat-heavy districts.

Visitors are welcome. Meetings are held on Third Wednesday – 7pm to 8:30pm – We hope soon to hold a hybrid meeting with Zoom and in person at 1039 MacArthur Blvd in San Leandro

To receive e-mails , please subscribe here.

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Get To Know The Republican Platform

WE BELIEVE that all of us are endowed by our Creator with certain inalienable rights, including life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. It is our fundamental belief that our morals, our values, and our culture are derived from Almighty God.

WE BELIEVE that maintaining American preeminence requires a world-class system of education in which all students can reach their potential.

WE BELIEVE in the right of Missourians to be secure in their persons, their homes, and their communities.

California And The Capitol Corridor

Judge denies L.A. police unions request to block vaccine mandate, by the LA Times Kevin Rector: A judge on Wednesday denied a request by the Los Angeles police union that he block the citys COVID-19 vaccination mandate for police officers from taking effect. Under the citys mandate, all city employees including police officers are required to be fully vaccinated by Dec. 18 unless they are granted a medical or religious exemption, and agree in the run-up to the deadline to submit to regular coronavirus testing if they are unvaccinated.

Richmond leadership in turmoil as city officials depart and mayor faces potential censure, by The Mercury News Annie Sciacca: Richmond City Hall is in turmoil, with the city attorney resigning, the city manager leaving and the council agreeing to consider censuring the mayor all within the past week.

SPENDING PLANS Biden infrastructure funds will help state bullet train, but not as much as boosters hoped, by the LA Times Ralph Vartabedian: The infrastructure bill that President Biden plans to sign Monday contains a historic amount of new funding for passenger rail service and aims to remake its role in American transportation, but any boost for the nations bullet train ambitions will be limited at best.

LISTEN IN How California schools plan to spend Covid windfall, by EdSources Zaidee Stavely and John Fensterwald.

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Primary And Secondary Schools

The Berkeley Unified School District operates public schools.

The first public school in Berkeley was the Ocean View School, now the site of the Berkeley Adult School located at Virginia Street and San Pablo Avenue. The public schools today are administered by the Berkeley Unified School District. In the 1960s, Berkeley was one of the earliest US cities to voluntarily desegregate, utilizing a system of buses, still in use. The city has one public high school, Berkeley High School . Established in 1880, BHS currently has over 3,000 students. The Berkeley High campus was designated a historic district by the National Register of Historic Places on January 7, 2008.Saint Mary’s College High School, a Catholic school, also has its street address in Berkeley, although most of the grounds and buildings are actually in neighboring Albany. Berkeley has 11 public elementary schools and three middle schools.

The East Bay campus of the German International School of Silicon Valley formerly occupied the Hillside Campus, Berkeley, California it opened there in 2012. In December 2016, the GISSV closed the building, due to unmet seismic retrofit needs.

There is also the Bay Area Technology School, the only school in the whole Bay Area to offer a technology- and science-based curriculum, with connections to leading universities.

Berkeley also houses Zaytuna College, the first accredited Muslim, liberal-arts college in the United States.

Increase The Requirements For Recalls

The Republican Party of San DIego County’s 2020 voter guide

A recall election against a governor qualifies for the ballot if its supporters can gather signatures equivalent to 12 percent of the turnout in the prior gubernatorial election. This time around, that number was just shy of 1.4 million recall proponents collected more than 1.7 million.

How can anybody with a straight face argue that its too easy or its being abused when its happened twice in 108 years?

GOP political consultant Dave Gilliard

Of the 19 states that allow voters to put a recall on the ballot, only Montana makes it easier, with a 10 percent threshold. Other states put the requirement between 15 percent and 40 percent.

The current cutoff may have made sense in 1913 when the recall was introduced as a popular check against the political influence of railroad interests, Newman said. But in the age of social media, he said hed like to see the requirement set at something more rigorous to adjust for political inflation.

Gilliard, however, dismissed the suggestion that its too easy to put a recall on the ballot.

In 108 years, two gubernatorial recall elections have qualified for the ballot, he said. How can anybody with a straight face argue that its too easy or its being abused when its happened twice in 108 years?

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